By Clyde Lewis

The Oklahoma City Bombing is a Conspiracy. It is also a case that has been tidied up so that other questions about how it all happened can be silenced. We are now going to kill one of the perpetrators. While what Timothy McVeigh has done is the worst crime against the United States, the other crime is the way the Government has literally closed down all speculation as to why 169 people died, when it is obvious that these people were not only "collateral damage" in McVeighís eyes, but also the same collateral damage to a more sinister agenda.

When Ground Zero was in its infancy we dabbled in myth, metaphor and synchronicity. We still do in a sense, and we still have our comic book philosophies. In the beginning questioning the absurd, and strange was the nucleus of the show. It sprang from the b-movie logic that I accumulated while publishing a "zine" called B-lame. From it sprung interviews with aging B-stars, and Science fiction writers and their ideas for the future . I was never even thinking at the time that I would end up reporting on conspiracy theories, and UFOís.

I guess it was a logical jump.

Maybe not.

I believe the reason why the show evolved in the way that it did is because I went from being a writer of comedy and morning show sophomore antics, to being a serious reporter for a CNN affiliate, and a Metro news unit that provided news for several stations in a large and over saturated radio market.

I was bombarded with stories about all kinds of ugliness. Waco was one of those stories that kept returning and the Oklahoma City Bombing was another. I had heard the rumors that were reverberating in the newsroom about a possible conspiracy. I also heard rumors about more than one bomb and more than one suspect but I paid no mind to silly theories because I could not find a motive.

The overall attitude in the newsroom was that there were always stories behind the stories. It was as if every reporter was obliged to use an ugly evil stick to beat out the underground story, or an ugly evil magnifying glass to examine a story.

I managed to avoid the first wave of Conspiracy theories winding their way through the underground. I guess maybe the story was kind of begging to be talked about. Other talk shows were doing it, but I wanted to keep Ground Zero in the fun zone and people dying and militia mentalities were something for the Black Helicopter paranoids. I secretly was wondering if any or all of this type of thinking had validity, after all my father and all of his friends were these right wing conservatives who entertained what I called Barber shop paranoia stories.

Oklahoma City and the Tim Mcveigh story was heavy and I was struggling with it and all of the watchdogs who wanted to create another "innocence lost" conspiracy tale.

My show had only been on a couple of times and in 1995 I was in no position to take on a conspiratorial buzz like the one that was developing like a storm in fringe and militia circles. So for the years that followed I never spoke about the Armageddon, fringe Militia stories that existed, from Waco to Ruby ridge, to Oklahoma City.

In 2001 Timothy McVeigh is going to be executed and it is unavoidable in my state of mind to not look at all of the alleged stories that have generated since the 1995 bombing of the Murrah federal building.

There are a few things about the case that I am sure my collective memory has overlooked and so I hope that I can put down a few of the things that stick out, and hopefully I can ask the questions that need to be answered.

It is hard to recall what my state of mind was back in 1995. I was a different person then. I wasnít as immersed in Conspiracy theories, but as I say, I knew enough about them, and I knew enough about The Freemen, Bo Gritz, and the militia and what itís purpose was.

I also was noticing a change of attitude in the people. We had seen some pretty ugly things with the John Singer compound raid in Utah, The Waco fire, and the terrorist bombings at the World trade center.

It was also evident that with the Rodney King incident, the riots, and the OJ Simpson trial that the Press was beginning to take on a new responsibility. That was to shape and mold public opinion.

People were beginning to accept the media version of everything. I came from a background of questioning and responsible reporting. After all of the tragedies that were made to order in the mid to late 90ís it seemed that there was a sanitized and convenient explanation with everything. I saw the trend and realized that this needed to be exposed.

What I do remember is that for the first time I really was paying attention to a "trial by media" as magazines were publishing pictures of the flat topped McVeigh and in bold letters the words FACE OF TERROR were plastered everywhere.

There were TV documentaries that were already trying to condition people to a speculated day in the life of McVeigh so that there was no doubt that the story that they were presenting was the only story. There was no other possible explanation in their opinion. After the continuous telling and retelling of the same story in the press, it became evident that if anyone came forward with anything that was contrary to the sanitized tale, they would be labeled as conspiratorial militia whackos.

I was told that this attitude and handiwork was nothing new and immediately I thought, why am I not seeing this? Why have I not awakened to see that what was going on was merely a repeat of History. A stepping stone to all sorts of liberties being taken by public demand?

I really hadnít seen the evidence of extremes and extremist views until the Oklahoma City Bombing. It was as if war had been declared on the Militia Movement and anyone who even thought about looking beyond the word of the law would be made fun of and ridiculed.

Being a reporter you had a chance to hear all of the concerns, the feverish speculation, and somewhere in the middle were the facts, and the truth was at Ground Zero. Thatís what they were calling Oklahoma City. They were calling it Ground Zero and I was weirded out by the sheer coincidence of it all.

I was being contacted by militia men, and conspiratorial writers who were urging me to get the word out that war had been declared on the right for patriots to organize against government tyranny.

The whole idea of organizing a show to bring down the government was in my opinion, ludicrous. I am not someone who wants to change the world. I am no leader, I am not looking for followers, and talk radio is not something you use for that purpose. I wanted my listeners to have their own opinions. That way if I said anything that may be incorrect they could come on and kindly tell me that I was nuts or at least misled.

It was being related to me that the Government had pulled a shenanigan of the highest order, similar to the Reichstag Fire incident that happened in Nazi Germany that eventually led to the suspension of freedoms in Germany. The perpetrator claimed he set fire to it in protest.

Militiamen were claiming that the FBI blew up the building to create a reason to finger private armies.

The Bombing did in fact cause the enactment of strict anti terrorist laws.

Is it any wonder?

The massive explosion ripped the front of the building, and killed 169 people including 19 children that were in a daycare center.

The BATF, The FBI, the DEA, and other alphabet agencies were housed there. There were also Social Security and the US ARMY and Marine recruiting offices housed in the building.

The bomb had been described as an ANFO bomb or a bomb that consisted of Ammonium Nitrate and fuel oil, similar to the one used in the 1993 bombing of the world Trade center.

Federal investigators had speculated that the bomb had been delivered in a car and weighted about 2000 pounds. However it became apparent that a bomb of that size couldnít have caused that much destruction so the story was changed to a Bomb weighing twice as much. The Car that apparently carried the bomb to itís target was changed to a Ryder Truck after witnesses say that a yellow Ryder truck was seen near the Entrance, before the explosion.

Some Witnesses claimed that three men in jogging suits exited the truck before the explosion occurred. There were also witnesses who say that two men left the area in a yellow car.

Later an axle of a truck would turn up in the debris, which allegedly had a vehicle identification number that they traced to a Ryder truck that had been rented from Kansas rental office.

Sixty miles north of Oklahoma City Police officer Charlie Hanger was about meet up with the man that the media tarred and feathered as a suspect Timothy McVeigh.

In a situation that almost sounds like a Lee Harvey Oswald warped mirror bio, Hanger pulled over a yellow Mercury Marquis that he clocked at moving 80 miles per hour. The car had no License plates.

McVeigh, the driver of the car was not even hiding the fact that he was packing a .45 caliber Glock pistol. The gun was loaded with hollow point bullets. He also had a hunting knife.

McViegh had Hangerís Gun to his head and without a fight surrendered and cooperated with the policeman.

With all of the other offenses like transporting a loaded weapon, and driving without plates, McVeigh would eventually be charged with carrying out the worse terrorist attack in the United States.

His appearance matched the eyewitness testimony. A tall man with a military haircut. He had dropped a business card in the police car during his arrest advertising a Military supply store in Wisconsin. the FBI also claimed to have discovered in the glove compartment of the mercury a letter that was addressed to a fiend that vowed revenge for the raid on the Mt. Caramel Compound in Waco Texas. McVeigh had a phone debit card that was given to him by the Spotlight Newsletter. The Spotlight is a Conspiracy theory zine, that was produced by the anti-Semitic liberty lobby. The investigation showed that McVeigh used the card to order the materials for the bomb.

With all of his strong links to the bombing, the prosecution had an open and shut case.

There were however some questions that were beginning to surface. Police sketches pinned McVeigh as one of the perpetrators of the crime. However there was a sketch that showed a John Doe number two who looked like he was of Middle eastern, with dark hair and dark skin. McVeigh said it was his Army Buddy Terry Nichols but Nichols didnít look anything like the sketch of john Doe Number 2.

The FBI later determined that the man in the picture probably perished in the explosion.

Nichols had all kinds of explosive devices on his farm. Including the Blue drums that were used in the making of the ANFO bombs. He also had ties to Armageddon happy Militia groups and also it was believed that he was a body guard for Michigan Militia Leader Mark Koernke.

There is no doubt that what was done was horrific. Even as I write this I can concede that calling it horrific is an oversimplification.

However now as we edge closer to the execution of Timothy McVeigh there seems to be some unanswered questions about the case.

It is obvious that when we put McVeigh to death, we will not only be killing a murderer, but we will be killing a witness to what many people believe is a Conspiracy of greater proportions. Cynics will say, that he probably wonít talk anyway, but it seems to me that we are dealing with someone who wants to die and quite possibly wanted a "suicide by cop."

Why else would McVeigh be so negligent as to driving 80 miles per hour in a yellow car with no plates, and a holstered Glock and knife in plain sight?

Beyond speculating as to why McVeigh was so incredibly stupid we need to also point out some very strange anomalies with the case of the Oklahoma City Bombing.

The government says that Terry Nichols and Timothy McVeigh mixed a bomb at Geary park on April 18, with McVeigh driving the Ryder truck filled with explosives to Oklahoma City on April 19. But the prosecution has never produced any evidence to back up this assertion, or explained how just two men could mix 4000 pounds of explosives in such a short period of time.

The Press speculated that there were more people involved. That something just wasn't right. There were reports of possible John does totaling up to at least 4. In the McVeigh trial the defense attorney's were not allowed to produce evidence that a wider conspiracy had taken place.

Was there a wider conspiracy?

No one will know because the evidence has been ignored and soon McVeigh will be dead.

You may disagree with the Conspiracy angle but one can look at the inconvenient data and conclude that perhaps we are overlooking some blatant cover-ups, or at least overlooked holes in the governmentís official statement regarding the case.

Other accounts say that a seismograph at Stillwater some 50 miles away measured two tremors after the bomb was detonated at the building. This would indicate that perhaps there were two bombs. There were bomb experts that also recovered three other explosive devices on the scene as well.

Bomb experts say there is no way to direct a car bomb to utterly destroy a federal building and leave the YMCA across the street unaffected (window washers weren't even knocked off their scaffolding). Several militia watchdog groups also reported that no DEA people were in their offices at the time of the explosion the FBI and BATF offices were also empty.

The thing that troubles me is that if this was an attack to retaliate for the Waco fire then the intended targets were the BATF. Why blow up an entire building especially a building where all of the intended targets were conveniently not in their offices?

Some BATF personnel said at the bomb scene that they had been tipped off in advance.

Witnesses also say that there were police bomb squads outside the Murrah Building an hour before the blast?

However the government says otherwise, an all too familiar case of who do you believe?

According to the Portland newspaper the Oregonian, dated April 20,1995, Judge Wayne Alley was advised by unidentified government security investigators that the staff of the Murrah Building, which was across the street from his offices were taking special precautions because of an alleged threat of a bombing.

Alley of course had some other background that gave the conspiracy theorists some leverage such as the fact that Alley was a former U.S. Army General and that he was scheduled to preside over the Trial of both McVeigh and Nichols before they moved their hearings to Denver Colorado.

There were several other Government personnel who on television said that they were tipped off that a bomb was going to go off on April 19th.

So far there has been no formal investigation into these claims and so it can be said that if they are passed around in hushed tones or appear on Conspiracy theory websites that they are only rumors and not facts.

I get it all the time.

There are many who can generate all kinds of "facts" to further their agendas.

They are the same kind of facts and propaganda that tell us that we are happy with "our choice" for president.

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