An Exclusive Investigation by Clyde Lewis

The Djinn are not angels that have fallen. They were created from a smokeless flame of fire. The first recorded Djinn to be disobedient is Iblis. Disbelieving, disobedient jinn and humans are known as Shayateen a name that is simulacrum to Satan. If one is mentioning the Djinn purely of themselves, the are called Djinni. If one is mentioning the Djinn that live among mankind, they are called Aamar whose plural is Amaar. If one is mentioning the ones that antagonize the young, they are called Arwaah. If one is mentioning the evil ones that antagonize humans they are called Shaitan for the singular and Shayateen for plural. If they cause even more harm and become strong, they are called Ifrit. The ones who come at night are called the Ghul or Ghula. The Ghul has a connection to the embodied horror of death of the grave and the graveyard. This where the story beginsÖ The graveyard.

Throughout time, in every part of the world stories that can only be categorized as incredible are recorded every day. Lately it seems that there are many people who look at stories of the paranormal as flights of delusion and so they are either dismissed or ridiculed. This type of behavior creates a barrier for the investigator who truly wants to discover and reveal that this world is an incredible world of wonders and miracles.

The stories that could be told only if we would listen.

In these times of PhotoShop, and magical special effects it is hard to differentiate between the fraudulent and the rational.

There is also science and those who claim to be critical thinkers that demand to be heard, however it is unfortunate that they have not yet learned that science has never been able to take account of everything that happens on the earth, or in space for that matter.

I have always urged those who listen to my radio shows to not take such a narrow view of stories that seem incredible because they may teach us something about or give us a nugget of faith in something that may be bigger than any of us.

In the time that I have been writing about such incredible stories I have realized that it is the healthier mind that questions the efficacy of the scientific approach and at the same time question the gullibility of the true believer.

I believe that both seem to have an ideology to push and an agenda to fulfill.

Even though investigators of the paranormal say that all things are not neatly put in a box, they tend to hypocritically throw all things into categories that are either alien or ghostly without taking into account the many legends and mythologies that surround phenomena that is unexplainable.

I am grateful that in the time that I have spent studying these fascinating subjects I have opened my mind to all kinds of ideas and terminology that is not just based in a limited world of just ghosts demons, and other bogey men.

When approaching an unexplainable or even fantastic event I first try to make some sort of simple explanation. If the simple explanation doesnít work I have to open my mind to other possibilities.

I have to admit that the other possibilities are more fun to speculate about but sometimes the truth can get in the way of a good story and you have to surrender to the mundane.

This doesnít mean that a look into that which is paranormal is a worthless endeavor. I have had a most enriching life looking into reports of the bizarre. I also have had amazing discussions with people who are aware of the hidden meanings behind such things and there is nothing more enjoyable than a piece of apple pie, a cup of hot coffee and good ghost story with either one special person or several people.

However there are ghost stories that simply donít play by the rules. They donít seem to be typical by any means. Such is the case of Arkansas native Tommy Johnson. I was first acquainted with Tommyís "ghost" story when the newsroom was buzzing about an auction on e-bay. The auction was one of those bizarre offers that sounded too good to be true. Tommy was claiming that he had a ghost in a jar and he insisted that he only wanted serious inquiries and bids on this product.

Derisive snickers were heard through the office and I was handed a note saying that this story was right up my alley. I went to e-bay to do a search on a "ghost" in a jar auction.

I was surprised to see that there were many auctions for ghosts in jars including a silly offer for a baby food jar with the ghost of television star Donny Most who starred in the television show "Happy Days" as Ralph Malph.

As of this writing Donny Most has not died.

I thought that I was being made fun of and that this story was just a ruse.

I searched further and stumbled upon an offer that had a closing bid of $50,000 dollars. I knew this had to be it. I thought that this had better be good for the closing bid of $50,000.

I looked at the product description and as I was reading the sentences that ran together I was feeling a sense of urgency in the description of the product. Whoever had the "ghost" in the didnít want it any more and he felt it was time to sell it to someone who might be able to figure out just what he had.

There were some photos that accompanied the story. A shot of a jar with some strange writing and symbols on it and some pictures of what looked like a cemetery and some strange ghostly figures hovering around the various tombstones.

The story that was written was a quick rundown of how the seller happened upon the strange jar and the photographs.

He claimed that back in the 1980ís he was using a metal detector near an old abandoned cemetery. He walked along the area and he claims that there was a foundation of a building or perhaps a church, he wasnít sure.

While doing his search the detector indicated that there was something near the foundation. He relates that he began digging near the southwest wall of the foundation and after digging in about 2 feet deep into the ground his shovel hit something. It was a box that was made of wood. The Box had been nearly rotted out.

The metal hinges and hasp were all that were keeping the box and its contents intact.

The man had thought that this was buried treasure. Maybe it was money or gold or jewelry.

What he had uncovered was about to change his life.

There were two jars and a small journal in the box.

Both jars had strange symbols and writing on them. There was a Pentagram and a Pyramid with an eye above it painted on the sides and wax covering the top. There were also other symbols that he didnít recognize.

The journalís pages were faded. While pulling the box out of the ground one of the jars fell to the ground and cracked open.

A thick black mist was released from the jar and the story went on to say that the man realized that he might have opened something that he shouldnít have. He felt a chill as if he had done something horrible. He looked at the jar and noticed a candle inside. He paid no mind to it and left it there on the ground. He took the remaining jar and the journal back to his home.

He attempted to read the pages in the journal and the pages crumbled in his hands. He says that what he read he couldnít repeat but he knew then that he had something that was valuable. He knew that in one of the jars was quite possibly a ghost or spirit that had been kept there for a long time.

That night he retired to his bedroom and prepared for sleep. Out of the corner of his eye he claimed that he saw a black shape. He called the malformed object "The Black Thing." This black thing attacked him on his bed pushing him into the mattress and the pillows. He struggled with the object and claimed that while he was struggling with the shadowy figure he felt his body being pushed through the bed and through the floor into what he describes as a pit.

He managed to struggle with the entity and the entity disappeared. The entity would then visit him two more times before he decided to see someone who he trusted would give him an idea s to what he had in his possession. The person that he spoke with didnít want him to get too close. He claims that it was woman that was a psychic and she told him that the jar had to be passed to someone else in order for the shadowy entity to disappear.

This he claimed was why he was selling the bottle on e-bay.

He started the bidding at $99.00. His offer included the jar, the original Photographs of the cemetery and some papers with what he could recall reading from the destroyed book. There were pictures of the cemetery and what he claimed to be an untouched photograph of ghostly figures that he claimed were at the cemetery watching him.
He left his explanation on the e-bay website by stating:


Another warning was given to the buyer that the seller refused to send the jar through the mail. He also refused to be paid to deliver it.

By the time I got to the auction I had noticed that the final bid was at $50,000 dollars.

I then e-mailed the seller because I thought that story, if indeed real would be great for my show.

I asked in my letter if the seller, then known only as "teajay" would come on my show and talk about it.

I responded and said that he would think about it.

I then offered him my home phone number.

After I had returned to the office I noticed a message on my machine.

An older gentleman with the humblest of southern accents left a message saying that he would come on my show.

I wasted no time in calling him back.

He said his name was Tommy Johnson and that the whole deal with the jar went sour. The guy who made the bid of $50,000 dollars didnít come through and now he was being besieged with e-mails and phone calls from radio shows that wanted nothing more than to get him on the air and poke fun at him.

It is at times like this that I hate shock jocks.

I once lost an interview with Terri Sherman, the man who was being attacked by entities at his ranch in Utah because a shock jock decided to interview him and attack him verbally.

The story nearly faded out of existence. Thanks to some competent reporters the story survived.

That was then.

I noticed in the "chuckle" section of the paper that Tommy made the news. The news item in small type had the typical air of sarcasm that always is the norm for reporters who donít have the ability to pick up the phone and hear what the story is and what may be happening.

While talking with Tommy I was beginning to understand that something frightening had happened to him and that he was thinking about not speaking to any journalist. The whole affair had basically taken its toll on his family situation and he felt that he needed time off from his job as a janitor at a local elementary school.

I didnít know exactly what to say to him. I wanted his story for my show but I didnít want to be just another reporter who was going to abuse him and assassinate his character.

I then assured him that I would call him when I found out anything about his case.

After I hung up the phone I stopped for a moment and thought that it was just a simple ghost story and that maybe I should leave him alone. I figured it was just his word and that maybe he was losing his mind thinking he was being haunted by some hallucination.

I remember that I had saved on the desktop of the computer at work the pictures of the jar and the cemetery and I went to the office late to have a look. To my surprise the pictures were gone. I then tried to do a search on the e-bay site and they had been removed.

I was angry because I remember they had writing on them and occult symbols like a Pentagram and other things.

I then checked my recycle bin and there they were.

I clicked open the files and paid close attention to the writing on the side of the dusty, sealed jar.

It was painted black red and white.

I tried to make out the words on the side of the jar and I came up with the words:




Words that meant nothing to me.

I felt like I did when I was using that Ouija board and I was getting all kinds of words that were gibberish to me and later some Hebrew Scholar wrote me and told me that they were real words in Hebrew.

I started running word searches and came up with nothing.

I realized that the only time I heard the word Shara was when I was doing stories on the middle east about the Israeli and Syrian peace talks.

It hit me that perhaps the Middle East was the key.

But why would something Middle Eastern wind up in hole buried in the Ozark Mountains?

It didnít add up.

I probably was on some wild goose chase.

So I did another word search on ShaĖra.

I found a Muslim passage that defined it into detail:

"The word shari'ah is derived from the Arabic word 'shara'a' which means 'the path'. Literally, Shari'ah means 'the way to water' - the source of life. In its religious usage, it means 'the highway to good life' i.e., religious values, expressed functionally and in concrete terms, to direct man's life. Thus, shari'ah signifies the path that leads man to Allah, the Al-Mighty"óal Hadaf

I was not able to find any Arabic connection to the other words. However there were some definitions that seemed to be coincidental to the symbols on the jar. The word Penta means five.

Pentagram, pentangle and pentacle are all names for a five-pointed star. The mystical symbol is on the other side of the jar. It is supposed to keep away devils and witches. I was curious if perhaps gypsies lived in the area because I do remember from my studies in paganism that women would wear something known as a pentacle headdress. It was folded in such a way to create a Pentagram and was worn as a defense against demons. The Pentagram itself originates from Egypt. This symbol apparently originated as the symbol of a Goddess who was worshipped by the name of Kore or Cor.

Is this leading to Cor-ta?

This Goddess is also known as Car, Cara, Carnac, Ceres, Core, Kar, Karnak, Kaur, Kauri, Ker, Kerma, Kher, Kore, Q're.

Kore had a sacred fruit. It is probably no coincidence that it was the apple. The apple has always been the metaphoric evil fruit taken by Eve in the Garden of Eden. When an apple is cut through its middle, both halves will reveal a near-perfect pentagram shape at the core, with each point on the star containing a seed.

A metaphor for the seeds of knowledge.

"You can count the seeds in a single apple. But you canít count the apples that come from a single seed."óOne my favorite quotes.

I was so stuck in this track of the Middle Eastern connection and realized that a devout follower of Islam worships five times a day. He faces the holy city of Mecca. The Islamic creed is the Five Pillars of the Faith. They are the framework of the Muslim life: faith, prayer, concern for the needy, self-purification, and the pilgrimage to Mecca for those who are able.

As I was passing through the searches and looking in books I reached an epiphany.

Tommy was about to find out about what he had. I was about to have a unique story.

I realized that Tommy had stumbled upon two jars that housed a Díjinn.

I was convinced of it because of the detail he gave me about the candle inside the bottle and the black smoke that continues to harass him and his family.

According to the Quran God made man from the mud and the Djinn were created from smoke and fire.

According to the Encyclopśdia Britannica, a djinn, a jinn, or a genie is, a supernatural spirit below the level of angels and devils in Arabic mythology.

There are also the Ghul which are shape shifters and dream invaders, The ifrit which are diabolic, evil spirits, and Sila was a spirit that takes on different forms.

They delight in punishing humans for any harm done to them, intentionally or unintentionally, and are said to be responsible for many diseases and all kinds of accidents; however, those human beings knowing the proper magical procedure can exploit the Díjinn to their advantage.

Díjinns are to this day held sacred by many Muslims, It is as natural to believe in the Díjinn as it is for Christians to believe in demons.

I gave Tommy a call and explained to him the revelation I received about his find and he explained to me that it explained a couple of things.

He related to me that his 15-year-old grandson named Boo had been having disturbing dreams. Tommy told me that his grandson was in his art class and would draw pictures of a curious entity that would visit him in his dreams. Tommy told me that this entity was long and skinny. Sort of a half man half dragon with long fingernails and long toe nails.

Tommy was a bit confused because he claimed that his grandson told him that the being called himself "Marcello." The name was Italian in origin and I knew that the name itself was from the word Mars. I checked it out and most certainly there is a connection. It is taken from the name Marco.

I told Tommy that I would get back with him on other information and interpretation and I told him to rest and prepare for my show.

The next morning I received a phone call from a producer friend of mine from Hollywood. I had asked her to call me because I had the most unique story that needed to be heard. I then find myself on a conference call with well known movie and Television producer in the U.K. We talked at length about the story and I was concerned for Tommy.

He was becoming more and more despondent and I knew that he felt like a laughing stock because he felt no one understood him. We all talked for a while about the story and I was hoping that this story would get some exposure.

I tried calling Tommy the next day and kept getting an answering machine.

I had some other errands to run. I checked my telephone messages and it was Tommy.

This time Tommy seemed very troubled.

He was explaining that he did something that he hasnít done in a while. He went out drinking. He wanted to die. He sounded suicidal. He explained in the message that this had tormented him too long.

In all of the excitement of getting the story I had forgotten that Tommy and his family had been tormented by this Djinn for nearly 20 years.

I frantically tried to call him and finally he answered. He seemed calm. I asked if he was okay. He told me that he couldnít even drink all that much so he slept.

He told me that he was being harassed by some internet Ďstalker" and that people were driving by his home on the dead end street. He explained that hardly anyone comes by his home. He started to get paranoid. He also was fighting with his daughters. The tension was at a fever pitch. His reputation and the reputation of his family was being tarnished. He explained that he felt that whatever the shadowy black figure was it was trying split up his family and tempt him to commit suicide.

I told him once again to rest and that everything would be fine. I told him that I would call him the Thursday before the show.

The next Thursday afternoon I had trouble-reaching Tommy at his number.

I started to worry.

Tommy seemed okay when I hung up the phone the night before but he did mention that he was getting his life in order and was preparing some things for the future.

I started thinking, that maybe he was preparing his suicide note. I was getting angry because I just wanted to find the people who were harassing him and the "shock Jock " morning show that made fun of him.

I then called just after 3:00 PM Pacific Time on Thursday.

The phone picked up and on the other end of the phone was this warm and friendly voice. It was a woman with that southern drawl that just screams charm and grace.

I introduced myself and she said her name was Vivian, Tommyís wife.

You can imagine what was running through my mind. His wife had never answered the phone before and I was waiting for some bad news.

Luckily Vivian said that Tommy was out and that she was over at the house. I asked her some questions about the case to see if the stories matched.

They did.

However Vivian was more detailed in talking about the troubles this was causing her family. She was saying that the daughters had seen the entities as well. They had seen the black entity and a wispy white entity that would play with the hair of the one daughter.

She also told me something else that was most interesting.

Vivian told me that she did not live with Tommy.

They were not separated or divorced. She could not live with him because Tommy would keep her up at night. She related that Tommy would toss and turn and sounds would come out of him. She said the groans were unbearable and then she claimed that she heard voices coming out him speaking in different languages.

I told her that I had encountered a similar man who had the same problem.

In 2002 I was introduced to man named Rudy who had the horrible curse of speaking in a dark sounding language when he was tired. His wife also couldnít sleep because the strange voices and sounds coming from his body awakened her.

We offered him an opportunity to go through regression to see just what was going on. We aired the session with Hypno-therapist Lexi Parrot.

Voices were coming out of Rudy and each voice seemed to speak in a gibberish that seemed to be uniform. It was as if he spoke in a different language. The voices seemed very demonic. After the session it was learned that there were several "spirits" that were inside his body.

Vivian told me that Tommy was speaking in these languages since 1998 and she just couldnít handle it anymore. Vivian gave me her feelings on the matter and told me that she reassured Tommy that everything would turn out for the best. I felt as though Tommy was in good hands with his wife. She seemed very spiritual and was aware that something was trying to tear the family apart the only thing that puzzled her was how to deal with this entity.

She told me that it seemed different than any ghost or even any demon that she had been taught about when she was a young girl of faith in the Church of Christ.

I told her that the Díjinn can be controlled. She told me that this one seemed to be taking away Tommyís soul and that it canít be controlled.

Perhaps what we have is Ghul or perhaps the Ghula, which is the female version.

These creatures are fearsome shadowy beings. They have the same characteristics as the Succubus or Incubus. The legends begin with Lilith the mythological first wife of Adam, and the feminine dark side of the divine.

They also are seen in the personality of the Bala yaga or the Granny-witch of Russian folklore. Etymologically the "Ghul" is a harbinger to a calamity, a panic fear; and the Ghul has a connection to the embodied horror of death of the grave and the graveyard. They appear in human or animal form at the gates of the sanctuary of the dead. I was curious about the photos of the cemetery. I could see the image of a man with a split beard. I wondered about a possible turban or linen bandanna on his head perhaps a pentacle headdress?

The appearance of the Ghul or Ghula in dreams is a result of disappointment and vain hope.

Both Tommyís grandson and Tommy had encounters at bedtime and both describe beings that can be interpreted as Díjinns or the Ghul.

As you can see Tommyís story is unique and deserves better than the intolerant attitude and the jeers from those who donít understand.

This is why I despise cruel and unworthy debunkers who label themselves skeptics. The fiercely defended divisions amongst the believers and non-believers is becoming a hindrance to investigations such as these.

A rigid and limited view of any event is an affront to the miraculous world in which we live.

These events while unexplained have an impact on the way we live.

It is imperative that we remain wary of ignoring what evidence their might be and being cruel to those that are having a hard time understanding why the universe has decided to rack them with the pains that are evident in this world of the damned.

We should strive for a contrast to the combative and jeering attitudes that seem to rise to the surface when something paranormal is reported. We may be ignoring the very story that could open the door to a whole New World within the world or the dream within the dream.


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