By Clyde Lewis

Nostradamus says the seventh month will see a sign in the sky. In Century 10, Quatrain72 it reads "From the sky will come a Great King of Terror." Ground Zero has said thatJuly would see some terrible changes that would have us thinking about our mortality. Others have claimed that a Meteor will hit the earth. Some have said that aliens willinvade. We were all wrong. New Information has led us to believe otherwise. The newGround Zero theory is not any better. But Nostradamus is as cryptic as a StarGazer in the morning paper. Never the less keep your eyes to the skies.

I have a problem with Nostradamus. One of the reasons I avoided talking about him on my talk show is because everyone is an interpreter and usually people will quote him after something strangely coincidental or serendipitous happens.

Arguing over interpretations is as bad as arguing religion. There are some that are not ready to admit that their "hobby" has turned into an obsession. If there is some sort of discrepancy a lot of dime store interpreters will find themselves being an apologist for the 16th century seer.

Michel de Notredame (Nostradamus) was an enigmatic character, he was recognized as a great healer during Europe's great plague. During the Inquisitions he was forced into hiding. He wrote in code phrases to avoid being tried as a witch.

Hundreds of years later people look over the quatrains. Epistles, and Centuries, trying to connect the dots and in some cases make parallels with Christian revelation given to John the beloved when he was exiled to the Island of Patmos. The findings go from outrageous to racist and make no sense.

That is why the topic never made it to Ground Zero. I just can't with good conscience give a forum to crackpots and charlatan hobbyists who base their interpretations on some old 70's movie that was a triple bill with "In search of historic Jesus" and "Chariots of the Gods."

It appears that the Nostradamus menu has served up the same old hash for years. Sadly enough people love to repeat the worn out interpretations. Anything from Volcanic eruptions causing nuclear winter to a blue Turbaned Anti Christ that comes from the Middle East.

Why couldn't the AntiChrist come from The United States or Great Britain? It's always possible. How about a Catholic Antichrist or those bombastic Christ Supremacist Luciferians like Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell?

Why can't the Americans or the British been corralled with the Muslims and the Middle Eastern "menace"? It's because everyone needs more than what the Bible gives them. I always can hear the hypocrites say that the Bible is the only word of God. That there is no other prophecies after Jesus. These people are the same types who follow Edgar Casey, or Jean Dixon. They are the same people who revere Nostradamus as a Prophet. It's Okay, everyone wants to cover their bases.

However I find that people will go all out to prove the accuracy of Nostradamus after the event. Isn't a Prophet or a Clairvoyant supposed to predict the future?

A Perfect example of cut and paste prophecies deals with a number of Quatrains that have become in my opinion old and fraught with all types of flaws. Such is the case of this Quatrain that, according to believers foretold the Space shuttle Challenger disaster. Notice how the connections were made after the fact and not before:

From the human flock nine will be sent away,
Separated from control and advice
Their fate will be sealed on departure
K-Th-L makes an error; the dead banished

Nine will be sent away from the flock. Even though there are Seven on board. Okay I guess that almost counts for some people who want so badly for it to be true.

Their fate sealed on departure could mean that the special O-ring seal, sealed their fate when they were sent away.

K-Th-L make the error, don't know who "K" would be, Nor "L" , But the "Th" could only be Thiokol the company that made the Rocket Boosters and the O-Rings.

So How much of Century 1-81 is true? Is it possible that someone tried to make it fit after the explosion?

The other annoying things about these interpretations is that they take on this overwhelming us and them attitudes where Satan and his dark followers (The Muslims) and God and his followers (The White Catholic, Protestant elite) have their battle. Would it be out of line to surmise that Satan and God have been at war for millennia? What if The Jews are the Evil ones? What if Americans are the Great Babylon? Wouldn't' that be an interesting interpretation.

It seems like hundreds of years after Nostradamus any body can mix their agenda into the predictions and they just sound unbelievable to me. I see a very ugly habit where interpreters Mix biblical prophecy with Nostradamus and most Christians have Quoted him as if what he says is in the Bible. It gets so confusing when you don't read the Bible.

It's evident that most Christians have never read the Bible, they want their leaders to do it for them. This way the ignorant can say that anything is in the Bible. Tell me if you had heard any of these worn out prophecies.

Nuclear weapons will be used by an antichrist against New York. A major nuclear confrontation will occur in the Middle East.

This is such a worn out Interpretation. The bastard who fires a Nuke at New York has to be an antichrist. Where do the antichrists live? Iran, Iraq, Libya? Yea It figures. It doesn't take a monkey to easily pin all of our woes on the evil Middle East.

The U.S. will have a Democratic president at the time. He will get involved with the conflict as a way of trying to stimulate the economy from a depression.

Hmmm, if Armageddon is as close as these whackos say practice saying President Al Gore.

The British prince, a member of the English royal house, will be eager to lead his troops into battle to defend his own and neighboring countries that have treaties with Britain. He will confront the Antichrist's forces in two major engagements and will be defeated in one. He will be outflanked and will have to retreat in disgrace.

So anyone who crosses the line of the wonderful guys at NATO does that make them antichrist?

It is my opinion that Nostradamus should be used as food for thought, not Gospel. Personally It's kind of fun to try and pin current events to his predictions. Some times the events take patience and wisdom to make them work.

Just throwing out dates, names, nationalities without any challenging thought makes Nostradamus as cheap as a penny Arcade fortune teller at an amusement park Midway. Some of the Interpretations I have heard from those "in the know " force me to ask these questions:

  • How do we conclude that the antichrist is a Middle Eastern king?

  • How do we figure that the Middle East can have any power at all when they are the poorest countries on the planet?

  • How can the middle east go from country to country bringing people to its knees, when we have powerful leagues of nations like NATO who strong arm other countries into joining their club of war and tyranny?

  • What if the predictions only affect France?

  • What if his predictions are made with another calendar?

  • If one of his predictions are wrong, wouldn't that void the rest?

  • If the interpretations were wrong wouldn't it be wise to fess up and say so?

  • Can there be several right scenarios applied to a prophecy?
The interpretations and worn out fear prophecies are much like the comic book rantings of a Jack Chick ministry tract. I get very skeptical when I start hearing of Middle Eastern antichrists, Blue helmeted UN soldiers and Saddam Hussein wearing a blue turban.

I have never seen him wear a blue turban and yet people swear he is the Antichrist. If not him, people point to Osama Ben Laden as the Blue turbaned Antichrist. It's nice to know that a Construction worker with a big mouth is the incarnation of Satan on Earth. He could be but it's highly unlikely.


Is this Millennial Hysteria at its worst or what?

I also get very offended about people who say that Nostradamus gives the date when Jesus returns. Isn't it supposed to be this big Secret? Well not anymore. If I recall the Nostradamus interpreters, it's supposed to be around 2027. (I just felt like I gave away the ending to a ludicrous movie.)

Don't get me wrong. Just because I am irritated with Nostradamus fanatics doesn't mean that I haven't studied and familiarized myself with Nostradamus. I have pointed out coincidences in his prophecies and toyed with Interpretations of my own in the past. But I have only pieced them together when I am confident that at least one of my predictions will come true.

Last November when I was writing the stories about the Leonids I got an email from a concerned listener who said that in July of 1999 a meteor would hit the earth. I asked her why she felt that way and she told me that Nostradamus said so. I didn't want an argument about Nostradamus so I decided to help in any way I could.

I then picked up my book on the Quatrains and Centuries of Nostradamus and found the Century and Quatrain she mentioned and read the following.

The year one thousand nine hundred ninety nine and seven months
From the sky will come a great King of Terror
To bring back to life the great King of Angolmois.
Before after Mars to reign by good fortune.

Im not a qualified Interpreter if their really are qualified Interpreters. I really couldn't give it justice at the time. It was the first time I ever saw a Quatrain that was so precise to the month and year. I felt that if I gave her a direct interpretation without thinking it through I would sound like any other charlatan who speaks like they are an "impartial" authority on Nostradamus.

I can tell you that I am not an authority on Nostradamus, but I can give you a rundown on what could be the keys to the prediction and let you decide what it might be saying to you.

At first glance of the Quatrain the words "one thousand nine hundred ninety nine and seven months" one would think that Nostradamus is saying July of 1999.

He didn't, however there will be those that will tell you that it is Impossible to tell what calendar he used.

Nostradamus used the Julian calendar, This means that the 7th month is the 8th month in the Gregorian calendar. The Gregorian Calendar is the calendar we use today. That would mean in August of 1999 is when the prophecy is to be fulfilled. There is also the idea that Sept means seven. September is the seventh month in the Hebrew Calendar. So lets be practical and make a window between July and September where these prophecies allegedly will take place.

"From the sky will come a great King of Terror
To bring back to life the great King of Angolmois."

These two sentences get a little tricky but there are some news events that are developing and may be of significance. The King of terror could be a rouge Comet that could crash into the earth, causing an unbelievable tidal wave.

On April 16th 1999 Stephan Lee discovered a Comet while he was at a star party near Mudgee, New South Wales. The comet is described as 9th magnitude, diffuse and with no tail. It his heading near the earth. It will come within one degree of the Moon and in Astronomical figures close enough to be seen by the naked eye and possibly capable of dropping debris on the earth.

This comet may have an affect on the Moon's orbit and may break down the magnetic field on earth. The window for all of these Fireworks happening is July through September 1999! Look for the lines of people that will sell books about the coming destruction. Too bad they won't be around to enjoy their money!

Here are some other quatrains that may point to Comet Lee as being the King Of Terror because of how close it will come to the moon and the earth.

After great trouble for mankind, (wars and rumors of wars?) a greater one prepared ( an even greater threat ) The grand mover the centuries renews (Reference to the Sun and the changing of the century) Rain, blood, milk, famine, iron and pestilence (results from Solar flares and solar plasma) In the sky fire seen. a long spark running ( Comet Lee?)

My interpretation seems convincing however while Comet Lee will have everyone questioning their mortality, the Line about the resurrection great King of Angolmois suggests that another war is on the way. This one alot bigger than the conflict in Yugoslavia.

"To bring back to life the great King of Angolmois"

The word Angolmois could mean the Mongols, Mongolia or the Chinese. The country of Mongolia is near China and the former Soviet Union. The resurrection of the Great King of the Monguls would then have to be Gehngis Kahn. So does this mean that Gehngis Kahn will rise from his dirt nap for the arrival of the Great King of terror? Of course not.

It's clearly a Metaphor meaning the Chinese will rise up against the King Of terror. Who might be the king of terror at this time? Well could it be the United States of America? Oh perish the thought that the US couldn't usher in World War III and become the King of terror. It had to be a King of terror evil enough to drop bombs from the skies on the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia. There could be a great war beginning in the summer of 1999.

Before after Mars to reign by good fortune. Mars of course is the God of war.

Hope that you find these to be plausible interpretations. But they are not the only ones. There are a number of things that will be happening in space that will cause every hysterical millennialist to start saving food and buying their cool radios that run thirty minutes on thirty wind up crankings.

So In order to be fair I needed to figure more events into the prophecy. I looked at other Nostradamus ramblings surrounding 1999 July through September and came up with this:

When the eclipse of the sun
will then be In broad daylight the monster will be seen:
Everyone will differ on the interpretation
High price unguarded: none will have prepared

Century 3 Quatrain 34

Is it a coincidence that there will be a Solar eclipse over Europe in August of 1999? People can interpret that and the apparent alignment of the planets in August as an omen of doom. Others will interpret it as a sign of the Second Coming. Some will see it as a unique Phenomenon.

However I am also leaning towards the Idea that the Space Station MIR will come out of orbit and burn brightly as it comes toward the earth. This will create an artificial sun. Where it crashes is anyone's guess.

High price unguarded: none will have prepared

The Space station is going into deorbit because of the high price of maintaining it. Russia has no money to keep it in operation. It has also been a danger to its crew. However there are some that believe that the rickety old station should remain in Orbit. No one will be prepared for where it hits.

A recent CNN Article reports that a french fashion designer named Paco Rabanne is fearing the worst. He believes Russia's Mir space station will crash down and destroy Paris. He also worries that there is Plutonium in it. He concludes that English speaking military men -- in this case, Americans -- would try but fail to prop Mir up in its orbit. They will accidentally cause it to fall to Earth more rapidly and lose control of it. The Americans will not be prepared for the accident and it will crash in Paris.

It's interesting to note that the King of Terror falling from the skies has been interpreted as a nuclear danger. Whether it's by atomic bomb or like Rabannes explanation a space station.

There also is another space threat. There is also a nuclear threat coupled with it.

On August 18 1999 NASA's probe Cassini will pass Earth. This is that probe that is loaded with Plutonium. Plutonium of course can kill you. How much does it take to make a person turn to worm food? Just a small drop. A 1 milligram drop. On August 11th there will be an eclipse. August 18th Cassini passes near the earth, Comet Lee almost misses the moon and Mir will fall out of the Sky. This is not surprising when you consider that Nostradamus appears to say that everything will happen at once.

The great star for seven days
will burn, The cloud will cause two suns to appear:
The big mastiff all night will howl
When the pontiff changes countries

I think that The pontiff or the Pope will probably go back to Poland to die. The New Pope could be in place by fall or winter of 1999. This could put Catholics in a vulnerable position. Perhaps an Antichrist could lead the church and develop a state theology. Is the antichrist even real?

If we go by the King of Terror War scenario, bad grudges die-hard and the home of NATO could find itself in the cross hairs of some sort of fiery weapon. Could the Chinese rise up against the United Kingdom? With the queen mother dying, would there be a question as to whether or not the Monarchy will survive? After the destruction of England who will organize the relief effort? According to Nostradamus it will be the United States.

USA shall exert a great effort
Across the Atlantic Ocean to open English shore
The sovereignty of England shall be reinstated
As London is trembling in discovering enemy sails

If there is an attack on Great Britain rest assured World War Three will begin and the War will be the longest and bloodiest war in History. One third of the earths inhabitants will die. If World War Three begins in the summer of 1999 it will last 27 years and all those who rebel against their governments for this war will find themselves dead in the streets.

The antichrist by strong three shall annihilate a third
Twenty seven years of blood endure the war
The heretics dead, prisoners exiled
Blood, dead body soak land with red

Now after reading all of what I have interpreted ask yourself Is all of what Nostradamus says prophecy, or a matrix for a self fulfilling doom? I believe it's the latter when you consider this.

I have pointed out several alternative interpretations that apparently seal the fate of the world in the latter part of 1999. I have shown that many of the 900 or so Quatrains of Nostradamus have enough similarities to them that many of the events mentioned can or will occur by chance or coincidence.

Keep in mind that there is a 1 in ten million chance that in 400 years Nostradamus has had a fully accurate "hit" when it comes to Prophecies.

Do you consider the Space Shuttle prophecy accurate, even though we bend the rules a bit for it to fit?

We all know that even the prophecies most revered by the Scholars have their flaws. You always hear of a prophecy coming true after years of argument.

Which raises the fair question, how useful are predictions that are only fully understood after they've occurred?

What about all of the other prophecies that have been overlooked? Are they merely creepy, cryptic 4 line poems?

If something falls from the sky in July 1999, Nostradamus will be hailed once again as a great prophet. I have pointed out that there are several different scenarios that may occur. In my interpratations I gave many possibilities using the same strategy as the great Nostradamus.

If you are in a dark room with a gun and you want to hit a target just shoot in every direction eventually something will hit the bulls eye.

Keep the prophecies of Nostradamus in perspective. The survival of our civilzation depends on our philosophy on life. When men fight wars for selfish reasons and they coincidentally happen in places that have been foretold by a 16th century prophet. One has to wonder if the warlords read Nostradamus too.

I believe that they do.


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