By Clyde Lewis

In the Ground Zero Article Nostradamus and the Doomsday Matrix we discussed many interpretations of the 1999 prophecy of the King of Terror. The odd thing is the time has passed and no one has been able to put their finger on what the prophecy was even talking about. Everyone was waiting for an extinction level meteor or comet to come out of the sky and destroy the earth in July of 1999. Ground Zero has now uncovered what may be the definitive interpretation.

Ground Zero may have unwittingly unraveled the mystery surrounding the Nostradamus King of terror prophecy. It could be linked to Salt Lake City and the rare occurrence of a summer Tornado that devastated the downtown area. The rarity of such a whirlwind in Utah should be regarded as an anomaly worth looking into as possible fulfillment of Nostradamus' Prophecy. The rare F2 Tornado touched down in Salt Lake City on August 11th 1999 at approximately 12:41 p.m.

The revelation came to me on a cab ride home from Gresham Oregon after a long night of chatting with David John Oates of Reverse Speech on his Internet Radio Broadcast.

On Tuesday November 9th David John Oates met with me near Portland Oregon to tape a program for his Internet show that would air on December 3rd 1999. While taping the program with Conspiracy theorist RadioMan, David expressed his disgust with doomsday prophecies that turn out to be bogus. He was referring to a recent doomsday prediction that has made the rounds on many talk shows that November 7th was supposed to be the day that a massive meteor would hit the earth and cause large tidal waves.

Ground Zero never reported this "theory" however those familiar with the Art Bell show know exactly what the prophecy dealt with.

In a nutshell The Enterprise mission website was playing a doomsday connect the dots which included:
  • A story about a NASA programmer that camped in a cave because he had been told by other NASA workers that Comet Lee would impact in the Atlantic at any moment.

  • Anonymous calls that claimed that a meteor was going to hit the earth on November 11th 1999.

  • The X-files season opener cliffhanger was called "The 6th extinction" which somehow all ties into some half baked prophecy that now has been delayed to 2003 since the meteors did not drop and ruin a great night in front of the tube with all of our geeky friends lusting after Scully and her luscious lips.

David asked Radio Man what has happened to all of these prophecies, and what ever happened to this "King of Terror" That was supposed to come down from the skies and kill us all in July of 1999?

Of Course David was referring to the prophecy:

"The year one thousand nine hundred ninety nine and seven months
From the sky will come a great King of Terror
To bring back to life the great King of Angolmois.
Before after Mars to reign by good fortune."

Radio man was stumped as to why these prophecies never took place as was I. However I left the interview with a renewed interest in the prophecy.

One of the things that David always talks about is the metaphor known as the Whirlwind. I had often teased David that when he had moved from Denver to Salt Lake City that a Tornado touched down in August after he had moved there. The rarity of the Tornado in Utah I felt was synchronicity.

I told David "All this time you talk about the whirlwind and when you arrive in Utah a disastrous Tornado touches down and kills one person and injures many."

David would laugh and tell me that it was ironic. However it may have been more than just coincidence. Perhaps the Tornado fulfilled prophecy. The Great King of Terror Prophecy.

I pointed out in my previous Ground Zero Article that Nostradamus interpretations are frivolous because they are so cryptic that no one can really figure out what they are until after the event takes place.

However that has never stopped me from trying to figure out Nostradamus and now I believe that a rarity like a Utah F2 Tornado could be the very King of Terror that came out of the skies.

Now you may stop and say "Clyde you are completely wrong here, the very prophecy clearly states that the Great King of terror was to come out of the sky in the year 1999 and seven months. The seventh month is July, the Utah Tornado took place on August 11th 1999."

I did report in the "Doomsday Matrix" article that perhaps July was not the month that prophecy was to be fulfilled but August:

"Nostradamus used the Julian calendar, This means that the 7th month is the 8th month in the Gregorian calendar. The Gregorian Calendar is the calendar we use today. That would mean that August of 1999 was the date he talked about."

-- From Nostradamus and The Doomsday Matrix

That would mean that August of 1999 could very well have been the date he talked about.

Tornado is a Spanish root word meaning Terrible or Terrifying storm. Perhaps a "King of terror?" The King of terror indeed came from the skies as Tornado's touch down from the clouds.

Now I know that many people in the alternative community will say that it has to be a comet or a meteor. Well I say No it doesn't and here is why.

I go on in my previous article with some more prophecy that is cross-reference to the King of Terror that includes an Eclipse that happens the same day that this King of terror will be seen in broad daylight.

In Century 3. Quatrain 34 we read the following:

"When the eclipse of the Sun will then be, In broad daylight the monster will be seen: Everyone will differ on the interpretation, High price unguarded: none will have prepared"

In my opinion this little piece of prophecy is the puzzle piece that confirms my suspicions about the Salt Lake Tornado and how it's rarity is what Nostradamus was talking about.

For example:

"When the eclipse of the Sun will then be, In broad daylight the monster will be seen"

The Great Tornado of 1999 in Salt Lake City touched down in broad daylight after a total eclipse of the Sun occurred over Europe. It was a Monster Tornado for Utah standards since Tornadoes have been known to occur but cause very limited damage and seldom measure an F2 on the Fujita scale.

Also it was a rare Tornado considering it touched down in a Metro area and laid a devastating path through a religious Center of the world. Salt Lake City is the location of the headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day Saints (Mormons.)

"Everyone will differ on the interpretation:"

Everyone's interpretation of the King of Terror Prophecy centered on a space anomaly. There was never anyone who would have even suspected that a King of terror from the skies could have been a Tornado.

Everyone has differing interpretations and not one person has agreed on the significance of this Prophecy. People are still trying to find the definitive answer by pointing to NASA Scientists camping out in caves and X-files premieres. People also have been arguing the times and dates of the fulfilling of the prophecy many claimed July, others August, and others September. Many Interpretations and of course a Tornado just one more interpretation that seems to be the definitive one.

"High price unguarded: none will have prepared"

No one would have ever predicted that a Tornado with such magnitude would have hit a mountainous area like Salt Lake City Utah. I am from Salt Lake City and we never prepare for Tornadoes as possible disasters. We are too busy putting money into heavy snow removal and Earthquake prevention.

However it was reported that before the Tornado, the national weather service had just installed a highly priced storm tracking system that would track severe thunderstorms in the Utah area.

However the system was not prepared to track a Tornado and so the tornado touched down without warning.

Bill Alder, meteorologist in charge of the National Weather Service, said the location of the tornado was unusual. He said the state experience only two tornadoes in a typical year. None were as severe as the Utah Tornado of August 11th 1999. One man was killed in the storm and several more were injured.

The black funnel cloud uprooted trees and temporary buildings set up for a retailers convention. It also damaged the roofs of the Delta Center, home of the Utah Jazz, and the Salt Palace Convention Center. At the nearby Wyndham Hotel, windows were blown out.

In my previous Nostradamus Article I merely played with the popular interpretations and predictions that were popular on talk shows before the due date of 1999 and seven months. Once again Nostradamus' creepy little stanzas are clearer after the date has passed. The thought of a Tornado coming out of the sky had never crossed my mind because of the interpretations of all of the "experts" who claimed it could have been Comet lee or some other space anomaly.

The uniqueness of the event would definitely be spoken of in prophecy if Naostradamus were indeed a prophet. To back it up with another prophecy claiming that the monster would be seen the same day as an eclipse is uncanny.

The differences of interpretation have already been written about in newspapers and talked about on fringe talk shows.

The Utah Tornado of 1999 should known as the King of terror. It is a storm that will not be forgotten in Utah or anywhere else.

No one was prepared for this interpretation because not everyone has their minds at Ground Zero.


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