By Clyde Lewis

The government, the media, and special interest groups are redefining the truth every day. We trust without wavering, without questioning the motives of who is giving us the information. There is always the "black" or "covert" agenda, which can cloud the truth, even in times of technological advancements. Where did the conspiracy begin? Is there really a conspiracy? Were the legendary "Men in Black" involved in the very organization of the United States of America? Do they hold the keys to our destiny?

America is indeed a nation that is afraid of its people. It is also a nation that is also afraid of other people in the world because of its heritage. Not the heritage that is in every history book. Not the heritage that is celebrated with fireworks, and parades with Shriners in their little clown cars on the 4th of July, but a heritage that is riddled in secrecy and blasphemy.

The very idea of criticizing a country that represents "freedom" may turn off many people who have been brainwashed into believing in manifest destiny, however the very words "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" only exist in spirit. The letter of all we hold sacred is evidently a cover for an even bigger lie that goes unchecked because there is no way to put checks and balances on anyone who has the power and the money to carry out what is known in some circles as the "Black Ops" or covert agenda.

It is said that freedom has a price. While blood has been spilled and lives have been lost in past conflicts it becomes more and more apparent that the price tag for freedom was already bought and paid for. The conditioning processes have all been put in place for an outcome that puts us all in the black. An outcome that leaves us wondering why we were never told the truth.

It is written history that has been reorganized and convoluted that people believe in today. The further we go into the future without exposing the past frauds, is the further we go to what awaits us and the outcome will not only be survival of the fittest, but preservation of the destiny of mankind.

The ultimate secret is that life must be preserved. Everything needs to be numbered and filed so that when the Earth is on the brink of disaster there will be a way to continue the process of life. No one can fight the future.

It seems that the past, present, and future have been divided into eras and these eras have been symbolically placed in a hypothetical timeline that when stacked like a pyramid places the Earth on a collision course with destiny in the year 2010. This symbolism is nothing new and has been talked about for centuries. The "experiment" of democracy is about to make its transfiguration within the next 10 years and eventually a New World will emerge.

This world will be ready to accept the idea that it is more feasible to be a world of one thought, rather than a warring world. Those who oppose such an ideology will either be killed, or will be ostracized by their peers. This is happening now.

Arguably it is happening on a small scale, but it is happening. There will also be a great equalizer that will have the population of earth evaluating its place in a more universal consciousness.

The conditioning process is taking place and little by little, whether you know it or not everyone who wants to live and be happy will have to conform to the new social conditioning.

All of the warnings about electronic and technological checks and balances will be ignored until one day something slips through the cracks and takes over rendering us technologically handicapped. Something as simple as a solar flare could wipe out our technology. Something as outrageous as an alien invasion could paralyze us with fear.

The Y2K computer hysteria obviously was planted in the public consciousness for a reason. That reason was simple. It was the seed used to encourage a healthy fear in technological breakdowns and misfires. It also guaranteed the efforts of fear and paranoia campaigns. It illustrated that even in times of alleged information overload that the bigger the lie the easier it is to fool a group of paranoid people.

In a world of instant information access it is encouraged to not question what we see and hear. People may not realize that it is important to question what we receive as information. However in a time where we race against the clock the information given is absorbed and discarded without allowing the consequence to sink in.

Some people will not stop their busy day to hear that perhaps they are being toyed with. This is the advantage of the power structure that has advanced in America. The Power elite that have used deterrent practices to cause people to look the other way when reality tends to get a little shaky, and the veil which shuts off the real programming has become worn and is need of repair.

At the risk of sounding too fringe, one must realize how we all ended up being a part of this huge conspiracy we call America.

The Conspiracy that refuses to tell the truth about worthless Constitutions, and nebulous rights, which have become selectively enforced in the fading republic.

It appears that the contract binding people of the past died when they passed away and many more contracts are lapsing which could pave the way for full disclosure of why we are racing to get small countries to join our little empire. Other questions are being answered like why we are mapping the human genome, why we are racing to find a place outside of earth to terra form, and the alien question.

All of these questions will be answered in our lifetime. What was once science fiction will become fact and the human race will have to adapt, or be trampled under the unforgiving wheels of "progress."

The question that will never be answered is just who are the guardians of these secrets that rule our destiny?

Who are the shadowy figures behind the curtain, observing our actions? Who are the ones who bring order from the chaos in order to make the world function as one entity?

If these secret rulers and covert bodies do in fact exist then their purpose has always been to maintain a constant social consensus of ignorance, and instability.

They also have shown us that in order for a nation to fall in line there actually has to be a base of mysticism involved. Symbols and tokens are powerful tools. Iconography can in fact affect people in many ways. Just as the Cross represents Christ, the inverted Pentagram represents the perversion of life. Symbolism in our country's heritage is equal to that of a mystic cult rather than a government.

Each symbol has its own geometric meaning, and those taught in the secret schools are the only ones who understand the points, signs, and tokens really mean.

Our founding fathers of the United States knew what all of the symbolism stood for however where did it come from and what does it mean?

The all-seeing eye pyramid symbol on the back of your dollar bill is the most mysterious of all symbols. Its origin is a matter of legend. The story goes that a man dressed in black, his face shrouded by a black kerchief, handed this symbol to Thomas Jefferson in his garden. While this story is probably a darker version of Reverend Weems' cherry tree tale, it becomes an even more eerie symbol when you read the Latin inscriptions and then ponder the subtle hints. Annuit Coeptus translated means "He has favored our undertakings" and "Novus Ordo Seclorum" is the buzz word for "New Secular Order or New Order of the Ages. "

The Original founders of this country and founders of several other countries were Freemasons. Freemasons were well versed with the basic laws of physics allegedly handed down from the times of King Nimrod. Nimrod of course was the very man who attempted to build a tower to meet God . The real reason for this edifice or so the story goes was far more sinister. Nimrod wanted not only to meet God, but also to kill him with his arrow.

As in the times of Nimrod the Founding Fathers knew the power of a strong edifice. One of the more stronger and mysterious edifices is the pyramid. The pyramid is symbolic in many ways and its geometric beauty has been a mystical icon for millennia. It has a starting point that is broad at its base and then narrows to a point or a predictable ending. That one seal symbolizes the future.

It symbolizes our destiny.

The eye has been described as the eye of God. Perhaps the shadowy men in black have a common goal to find God or our creators. The goal has been to find the knowledge that our creators possessed and then preserve it and continue the process of life. The ultimate power is to be able to hold the power of life and death in one's own hand.

This is only a theory but it seems to make sense as you look around you and see science creating methods by which they can create artificial life, and use genetic research to further the life processes. Man also has the power to destroy and lay to waste anything that gets in his way.

If we are to believe the story of the shadowy figures in history that pull the strings then perhaps using their own symbolism we are figuring out the future of mankind.

The truth however is hard to grasp.

Many people believe that the new era of the ages is said to be within the next 10-15 years. There will come a great "god" or "anti-god" with the power to create chaos. This chaos will dissolve when another power comes down from Space and changes everything. This is also spoken of in Biblical texts as the battle between the Anti-Christ and the armies of God.

However if we use the symbolism provided by our forefathers we will see that a unifying body will emerge and soon the world will become as one.

There is always the deep philosophical question that lingers. How will a world of differing views rise up from the ashes to become a united planet? The other symbol like unto the pyramid has answers. The Eagle rising like a Phoenix and the words Epluribus Unum give us a hint. The Latin Epluribus Unum means, "from the many comes one."

This means that perhaps our destiny is to become a world unified body of one thought and one mind single to the eye that shines above the edifice that will not tumble.

This mystic iconography has been looked upon with disdain by other people.

They figure that these symbols are a part of a darker conspiracy of world take over. It is no secret that the world's movers and shakers have become a part of a brotherhood that is arguably dark and sinister. If they are all a part of the brotherhood then they control what you think hear and say. They will tell what to believe and what not to believe. The Brotherhood exists in your churches, in your communities, and of course in your government. Their mysticism is spread throughout the world and all you have to do is look for it.

From pyramids, to obelisks, sunbursts, and pentagrams, the symbols of the powerful are hidden in your money, on your churches, and in your architecture. It is a subtle reminder of just who is in control of you.

This is where we ask if God truly is on our side. This is where certain God fearing Christians wonder if the Christian God is truly on the side of Government. This is where we can argue that the United States was never founded on Christian beliefs. It was founded for another reason entirely. It was formed so that the "shadow organizations" could thrive. That secrets would be kept from people. That religion would be controlled in order to indoctrinate many into giving up their individuality? That the sociopolitical structure was set up to give the illusion of choice without real choice?

Isn't it fundamental that religion serves only to unwittingly promote Gnostic attitudes? That an imperfect earth has to "fathered" and in the process a virtual enslavement exists between a perfect God and an imperfect mankind? Doesn't government see itself as the great parent of a lost nation that needs protection from itself?

Isn't the shadowy fraternity a silent police force whose main purpose is to remove all things that they see are imperfections?

It is a global cabal. The agents exist and watch the earth every day. They know the secrets that are locked away in secrecy and only reveal them when necessary. They have always had the charge to manipulate history and control the world.

That is why it is imperative that we as a people become a group who can see the signs and symbols and not fear them. We need to find an understanding about just who we are and what these symbols and "shadow groups" are up to. We need to know what our purpose is in their game. What the outcome may be.

It is also important to know that there are truths hidden in the complexity of our species. They may be outrageous to some degree, but that is the beauty or ugliness of truth.

The black operatives that exist in the shadow world use fear, panic and confusion to lure you away from what is real. Now it is time to demand what is real.

Doors have been opened to us but it comes as know surprise that they have been painted black with half-truths, twisted truths, and partially obscured truths.

Do you trust those in power to know the difference between The new Order of the Ages and World Domination?

Do we care?

Many do not. They have already surrendered control to the dark side.

Don't go thinking that joining a church and shouting "Jesus" is going to make you self assured. Wolves have already taken over the flocks.

There is a very precious commodity that is taken away from most people when they succumb to organizations that use the destructive group dynamic. That precious commodity is your self-reliance.

Sometimes true heroes must face the world alone.

Sometimes it takes all the courage you can muster to walk through the black door.

What waits on the other side?

Freedom? Truth? Or our destruction?

The black door is our future and like it or not someday you will have to pass through it.

That will be your destiny.


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