Demonic Plague

by Clyde Lewis

"Our generation won't be shocked by the demonic invasion. They are actually anticipating that extraterrestrial intelligent beings, who look very different from us, will some day contact the earth and help us with ecological, monetary, and political problems."-- Larry McLean

My morning routine is familiar to everyone who knows me. I awaken, check my e-mail, then throw on some clothes and walk to the corner deli and grocery store for a cup of coffee and something to snack on.

I sit at the largest table, hoping that someone will come in and talk to me about the daily news. There are times we all get into rants about politics and the world in general, soon attracting a large circle of people talking about the issues of the day. After a while the crowds die down, and then I read the paper and try to get through the morning.

And sometimes I hear a story.

I am the person you tell about That Thing That Happened That Time, to you or to your mom or your buddy, the thing that no one else would understand or believe. I am the one you ask to help you figure out whether you are going crazy, or did it -- whatever it was -- really happen? And why?

I don't always, or even usually, have answers. But we can start looking for some.

That morning, the story came from Tim. An architect who relocated to the neighborhood because they are working on designing a historic center in the area, Tim has white hair and is probably in his early 60's, but possesses a young and progressive attitude.

As I refilled my coffee, he came to me and said quietly, "Do you still do the occult stuff on your show?"

I smiled. "Of course I do. In fact, the whole world seems to have gone crazy and so now everything has a paranormal warp to it."

He laughed nervously, "Well, I have a strange story for you and I am not one to believe in such nonsense, but I saw what the devil does when he attacks people."

I was instantly alert. At that time I was doing some reading about theodicy -- the question of how a God who is good can allow evil in the world -- and about the epidemic spread of "satanic panic": fear of the devil, claims of portals to hell and demonic possession, and supposed satanic influences throughout our culture that are blamed for the evils we see and do.

From what I knew of Tim, he was an atheist and quite adamant about his opinions of the supernatural and conspiracy paranoia. Whenever I would talk about these things at the market, he would shake his head and walk away. Sometimes he would throw a dollar up on the counter and declares that he had bought my coffee because he finds me entertaining. To have him mention the devil, or even a paranormal experience, is rare.

It happened, he told me, when he and his girlfriend returned from a visit to Budapest, where they had been on tours of prisons. He described the tours as being like dark, demented Disney rides, and said that you couldn't help but feel a little claustrophobic in the elevators that took you down to the basement of these torture houses.

After they returned to the states, Tim's girlfriend began having loud outbursts at night. She was complaining of night terrors and awakening to see dark entities walking around in her room and some of them gathering at her bedside.

He never saw the entities himself, and wondered why his girlfriend, who was agnostic, would make up such a story. But one night, as they were talking in bed about typical everyday things, she fell silent. He thought she had drifted off to sleep, so he kissed her good night, and found that her body felt very cold and clammy. Was she sick? Dead?

Frightened for her, he put his fingers under her nose to see if she was breathing. Her breath was present but faint. He was about to get up and call 911 when she let out a shrill scream. The voice sounded nothing like her own.

She began speaking in a language that he could not understand. He turned on the light and saw that her mouth was opening, wider and wider, and he said it was the most unbearable thing to watch because it looked as if her jaw was being buried into her chest. Was she having some bizarre epileptic seizure?

He slapped her gently on the cheek to get her to come to, and she finally did. Tim rushed to get her some water because she had been sweating profusely and felt weak. He asked her if he should call the paramedics. She told him emphatically not to worry, that she would be okay, and somehow they finally calmed down and both slept without any more problems.

Describing the ordeal to Tim the next morning, his girlfriend said she felt as if something had entered her body. A strong tingling sensation had come over her and at first it felt like a sensual dream. Then it had turned violent. A hand seemed to grab at her bottom jaw, bringing it down to her chest. She also felt a cold hand around her neck, strangling her. It was as if some invisible force was raping her. The only thing she could think of doing at the time was repeating the Lord's Prayer over and over in her mind. Finally, whatever it was released her, leaving her weak and wrung out.

He told me that what happened to his girlfriend seemed very real and that he could not give a rational explanation for what went on.

He asked me if I had a theory or opinion about what happened; I told him that none of my explanations would sound rational at all. I told him what a synchronicity it was that he should tell me this story as I read about theodicy and evidence of evil.

For instance, shortly prior to the election of Pope Benedict XVI there was a call from the Vatican asking for 400 exorcists to be trained and ready to do battle with Satan. At the time, I thought it sounded like a great idea for a horror script or comic book where "Satan Squad" is equipped with all of the James Bond gadgetry to do battle with demons and monsters from the underworld.

But it no longer amuses me. It is becoming clearer to me that there is more to heaven and hell than just a bearded god and a horned devil.

Reactionary brainwashing by the networks of control have somehow shut down the ability of people to use reason and critical thinking when it comes to the possible existence of forces that do not necessarily act in the way we have been programmed to accept.

I explained to him that this is why it is understandable that faith in God is dwindling today. Not because there is no God, but because it seems that people are inviting the wrong God into their lives, and while they think they are worshipping a peaceful, loving God, they are truly summoning a chaotic force that allows entities to come in and trigger all sorts of tragedy. The more we fear and the more we hate, the more we open the doorway to the abyss.

What gods or devils may exist are far more interested in our character than our comfort as they watch us fight to survive in this death camp called earth.

Every day the portal opens wider and people who wouldn't normally meet up with shadow entities are beginning to see them and experience the terrifying feeling of their abusive nature.

I explained that an organized effort to open portals that welcome underworld entities has been a part of the elite networks since the time of the great magician Aleister Crowley.

His eyes seemed to glaze over; he wasn't at all comfortable with what I was saying, that I see that so-called demons beginning to make their mark in the world. I even injected that crazy idea that perhaps demonic attack could be considered an alien invasion.

In addition to its traditional, science-fiction meaning, alien invasion is a metaphor for a plague or mental illness that has us all in its grip. Small entities that we are unaware of enter into the minds of humans, making them feel helpless and trapped. Aliens don't have to have large eyes and big heads to be effective at rendering a human helpless. They can be as small as a tiny virus, entering its host and eating away at its ability to keep its sanity.

Some who are infected cower in fear, some die, and some kill. It is the great game of the universe and it is being permitted as we begin the path to self-annihilation.

Dr. E. Fuller Torrey, a noted psychiatrist, claims that we are seeing mental illness increase in the world at a faster rate, and he thinks that it has nothing to do with environment. He believes it has everything to do with an unknown virus that somehow has come through and is now increasing the rate of instability.

He and his colleagues suspect that such an unknown infectious agent is responsible for not only that increase, but possibly other biological factors as well, such as "changes in diet" and "exposure to toxins." Growing population and urbanization allowed the infectious agent -- a virus or parasite -- to spread more rapidly.

Could we be seeing a possible alien infestation that triggers each of us to manifest seemingly demonic activity, and is it responsible for the reports of abductions and demonic possession?

Can our physical struggle with powers unseen be the will to fight against that which uses our life force as a tool for chaos?

We see more and more people around us who have some cosmic rationale for accepting, as the simple nature of the world, the constant grinding of bones and ripping of flesh for some nebulous crusade that results in destruction.

It is carried out for an unseen God.

Good and evil have now blurred together, and those shades of gray continue to baffle even those who claim to know the mysteries of God or to understand the Devil. The mysteries remain mysteries.

However, there seems to be some indication that the reason why the planet is in a chaotic state is because of some alien thought processes that have slipped in under the radar resulting in what I can only see as a demonic plague.

This goes beyond satanic panic and pointing the finger at suspected devil worshipper in some half-baked militant Christian witch-hunt. This is evil on a grander scale. This is a concerted effort to change the rules and encourage treachery and barbarism for the promise of a reward from an unseen God.

The question you need to ask yourself is: which God is getting the adoration of our religious and government leaders?

The book of Daniel, which is part of the biblical Old Testament, described a future time where there would be a corrupt government that would espouse barbarism and declare it ordained by God. It is to be a worldwide government that has at its helm a prince that pays homage to the god of fortresses.

"He shall not regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women nor love any god, for he shall magnify himself above all. But in his place he shall honor the god of fortresses, or the Ala Mahozim and he shall honor a god whom his fathers did not know." – Book of Daniel

When one refers to the Ala Mahozim or the god of fortresses, they are literally speaking of alien gods or warrior gods. These gods have been called other names and all seem to have the same characteristics. Many of them have connections to Mars, Egypt, Sumer and the constellations Canis and Ursa Major.

The Testament of Solomon is a great book for learning about demons and their abilities and traits. As you read the text you begin to notice that certain "alien" or "reptilian" behaviors are described for every demon or Djinn that is mentioned.

Aeshma-Daeva, the Persian counterpart of Set, is also known in demonology as Asmodai or Asmodeus. I have written many stories about this particular demon and his character. Asmodeus is identified with Ursa Major. The seven demons of Sumer, and later of Babylon and Assyria, were identifed with Ursa Major and the Constellation Draco as well. Idpa, Namtar, Utuk, Alal, Gigim, Relal and Uruku.

All of these demons were associated with the seven heads of the archetypal Dragon. The Seven-Headed Dragon of Egypt has been identified with Tiamat, the Great Dragon of Sumer, slain by Marduk.

In ancient writings about all of the so-called "gods", their dealings with mankind seem to follow a certain blueprint. Many of their dealings are horrific, and feature many people taking their lives and the lives of others to try and please these gods.

And so my mind begins to wander into a territory that I save for those who really want to know the scary end of what is going on behind the scenes. It is a place in my mind where every monster and dark creature resides. It is where I tell myself that even though dad and mom told me that there were no monsters, I tend to see them and I want to tell others that I see them too.

They aren't necessarily the hairy beasts or slobbering zombies that beam into my bedroom in a late night B-movie festival on some UHF channel. These denizens aren't the monsters that come knocking on my door late at night. These are truly the shadowy figures that creep in through my open windows when I am not looking.

In various commentaries and studies of biblical or primitive cultures, I have been looking for patterns in belief systems that go back many millennia, and have uncovered what seems an inescapable truth.

This truth is that this planet has a rich history of cataclysm and rebirth, and that mankind has earned its right to evolutionary supremacy. However, that supremacy is temporary, predicated upon an agreement of mutual permission between mankind and an order of godlike beings that go by several names.

Zecharia Sitchin has written about the ancient "gods" and has produced evidence that purports to demonstrate that the ancient gods of Sumer were truly space-faring aliens.

While Sumer and the surrounding lands of the Middle East are the theater for the wars of today, in the past Hitler and the Nazis believed that the people who lived in this area of the world were the true descendants of the gods. The Nazis believed that they had the knowledge of the secret rulers.

In their quest to find the alien connection, millions of people were murdered. There was the occasional story that claimed that Hitler himself had been haunted by visions of alien entities demanding that more had to be killed.

"I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator" --Adolf Hitler.

The knowledge of these beings has been suppressed and the churches have corrupted the histories and accounts of these entities. Religion has covered up the various stories that conclude that we are not alone in this universe and that we are at the mercy of beings that have no bias or regard for what we may consider to be morality.

The histories of these entities and their character have been manipulated. We are told that we are supposed to love them or they will arrive with wrath to slay those who do not obey their whim.

History is determined by the bias of the dominant hierarchy.

This hierarchy sees the information of these beings true character as a threat to religious control. How could they control the world if it were to be discovered that the gods that they have offered are truly ancient Babylonian gods with unstable personalities and a craving for human blood?

Are we not told to follow and participate in rituals where we eat of bread and wine in remembrance of flesh and blood? Isn't this the ritual of the gods and hasn't it been passed down before the arrival of Jesus?

"He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life; and I will raise him up on the last day. For my flesh is true food, and my blood is true drink." --John 6:54-55

Many are unaware that these practices began with the ancient Mithraic beliefs. It began with the baptism of blood, in which the blood of the sacrifice was allowed to drip upon an initiate as he lay in a pit. It later developed into the eating of the flesh and blood for renewal. After the initiate ate of the blood and flesh of the sacrifice he became as or like the Gods.

In the Old Testament story of Cain and Abel, Cain gave a sacrifice that was considered unworthy to the Gods. It was the fruit of the ground. Abel, however, offered flesh and blood to the Gods and they were pleased.

In ancient pagan Greece, in the earliest cults of Dionysus (also called Zagreus), Orpheus, and other gods torn apart in their myths, there was the practice of omophagia, the eating of raw meat, which literally means "eating into the belly" of sacrificial victims both human and animal. The worshippers would tear the victims apart with hands and teeth. They ate the victim raw, believing that they could eat and drink their way to godhood by partaking of human flesh and blood.

Perhaps they witnessed this when some of the ancient gods came down from the skies?

They did not understand the practice, but merely did as they saw their gods do: find a victim, kill it, eat of its flesh and blood, and burn it on the altar.

Is the sacramental ritual a grooming for what our fate might be? Will we all have to understand that the harvest and sacrifice are for the greater good? That it is noble to be the sacrificial lamb of the slaughter of the gods?

All of these rituals and all of the spattering blood are part of an ancient plan. The secret is not so secret if we perform the same ritualistic bloodletting over and over again throughout history.

There seem to be a few people getting the message that religion and politics have adopted a somewhat Luciferian agenda. However, the more I research the more I realize that this Luciferian subterfuge has been a threat to the human existence for millennia and that deep inside of all of us is a mechanism that when triggered sends a message in the brain to begin acts of self-destruction.

Many ministers and independent thinkers claim that the mainstream religions of the world are slowly allowing for the teaching of doctrines that are against the basic principles that keep a society intact.

They fear that a subtle push for teaching an alien connection to creation and human seeding is contrary to the true nature of God. I am beginning to see that the connection has merit and that both good and evil are perceptions of how the universe treats us. It is merely a question of what is fair and unfair. These Luciferian philosophies have been a part of religion for thousands of years.

Many will claim that God moves in mysterious ways; it is much closer to the truth to say that the Gods may not be so mysterious and that their followers are far more mysterious than they are.

We are learning that our so-called Gods are connected to the stars. They were known to travel from the skies to the earth. Ancient symbology found in Syria, Babylonia and Egypt all reveal beings traveling in glowing spheres or discs with symbolic wings.

Ancient writings have predicted a time when these Godlike entities would return. While there are so many perceptions of what these beings might do to the inhabitants of earth, the repeating cycle that appears in history is that these entities are harbingers of death and destruction. They are the agents provocateurs that generate tragedy and suffering. It can be said that with all the UFO sightings, reports of abduction and demon possession, the invasion has begun.

However, thoughts of an alien invasion can easily be dismissed if we rationalize through consensus that what is being experienced is merely a normal reaction to the eruption of millennial paranoia and madness.

The shadowy entities that fly at twilight remain a bewitching force to be reckoned with. Even though you are told that the battle of good and evil is weakening their resolve, the truth is far more dismal.

Christianity has been able to convince a critical mass that the shadow entities or demon forces are inferior to God's power. Ancient traditions held that the beings or entities that came down from heaven to manipulate creation were the oldest and wisest deities.

They were called the Elder Gods.

Today's Christian religions, and many others, have called these Elder Gods demons, the Luciferian brotherhood, or the fallen ones. If this is all new to you, you may want to reopen your bible and read about the interactions of humans with entities that possessed unlimited power.

The Hindus even write in the Mahabhrata about these entities fighting great wars with their Vimanas, large flying machines that roared trough the skies at great speeds.

In other epics and mythologies the elder gods arrived on beams of light, selecting women and children for slaughter. They were described as upright, vicious, lizardlike creatures. They were also depicted as being the size of children, but had the faces of old men.

Anciently they crept along, resourceful and mindful of the habitat in which they wished to conquer.

In many epics and antiquated texts it is written that sylphlike demons and shapeshifting entities tormented the peoples of the Near East, the ancient Babylonians, Assyrians and Sumerians.

Many of them moved in quietly to slay the unborn, or abduct and molest young children at night after killing their mothers and feeding upon the flesh and blood of their fathers.

The word would spread and none would dare name the demon that "erases the young and the animals with poison plants."

Eventually the name would be whispered in the ears of those that would take the time to hear. The name uttered among the ancients was Lamashtu.

Great is the daughter of Heaven who tortures babies
Her hand is a net, her embrace is death
She is cruel, raging, angry, predatory
A runner, a thief is the daughter of Heaven
She touches the bellies of women in labor
She pulls out the pregnant woman's baby
The daughter of Heaven is one of the Gods, her brothers
With no child of her own.
Her head is a lion's head
Her body is a donkey's body
She roars like a lion
She constantly howls like a demon-dog. --Mesopotamian Incantation Prayer against Lamashtu

Lamashtu is the Egyptian Sekhmet, the wrathful manifestation of Hathor. She is also linked to plagues and famine. The god whom so many wish to come back is not gentle Jesus, but Sekhmet, who rends the flesh of those who refuse to worship the Sun God, Ra.

Several other mythologies would spin from this one, and eventually we would understand that vampiric flesh-eating predators walked the earth, cloaking themselves in the skins of their prey in order to fool them. They would arrive from the sky unannounced and mingle with men, using their cunning to act upon base appetites of destruction and fear of death.

The predator would convince its prey to give up its blood and life affirming energies willingly, allowing a darker, more reptilian side to overcome the body. The attitude that grows within the victim is one of enormous ego that is capable of killing someone psychologically and robbing them of their virtue. The attitude is demonic and chaotic and soon it spreads like a plague throughout an area. Eventually, a critical mass of people has all been infected in some way.

The abuse is used in the same way a terrorist uses bombs. Their physical and sexual abuses affect not just their victims but also blight the development of community and the public's trust. Even if you sense that you are not affected in some way by the continuation of these alien behaviors you may want to look around you and pay close attention to certain attitudes being developed by others whom you associate with.

Think of what you are seeing in general; observe the overall attitude of your community, your city, state and even your country. You may come to ponder the idea that the world is being manipulated to become like passive cattle.

Think about why we are constantly being asked if we have chronic fatigue syndromes, difficulty with concentration and comprehension, sleepless nights, anxiety attacks, sexual dysfunction or indifference to sex, and memory lapses. Asked if we have them, or simply told that we have them.

These are all part of the psychological breakdown tactics of predatory monsters, who wish to see humankind suffer as they are forced to deal with depletion of their resources and the idea of self-destruction as a path to liberation.

It seems that today, human beings are once again becoming passive prey for the vampire, marching zombie-like to the harvest, to the traps, and offering themselves willingly to those with the cunning ability to convince a critical mass that the act of submission is noble.

The Mars, Sirius, Sumer, and Egypt connections to the so-called Elder Gods have been used many times by the secret organizations as a chief belief system, still practiced by many of those who are in power today.

We hear accounts of Bohemian Grove, a club where the elite gather every July to participate in a ritual known as the "cremation of care" which takes place at the base of a 40-foot owl. The ceremony is quite bizarre and concludes with a child effigy burned in the belly of the owl. The child effigy is known as "dull care."

Now, many will dismiss the pageantry of men frolicking in Klansman-style robes as a way that these great thinkers can blow off a little steam. However, keep in mind that this ceremony resembles the ancient Canaanite worship of the idol, Moloch. The ancient Ammonite idol Moloch was a towering larger-than-life edifice. Moloch worship consisted of the ritualized sacrifice of the first-born infant son of every Ammonite newlywed family. Building a fire in the belly of the beast until the flames poured out of the mouth, the high priest mounted a scaffold and tossed the first-born male child into an aperture in Moloch's chest, to the incantation of drums and droned chanting of the priests of Moloch.

Of all of the deified aspects of Nimrod, none struck more terror into the hearts of Babylonia than that of Moloch.

He was later known to the Israelites as Tammuz.

In order to show their adoration to Tammuz the priesthood offered, as sacrifices to this god, many innocent children. The ritual sacrifice was of blood and fire.

The name Tammuz is derived from two root verbs: Tam, which means to perfect, and Muz, meaning to burn, and purification took place through burning, or the cremation of care.

The Elder Gods have always demanded sacrifice. They continue to demand it today. And that could be why we see our leaders pay homage to ancient gods like Moloch.

In the Wisdom of Solomon, a book of the Bible that some Catholics still use today there is actually a passage that condemns the idea of giving sacrifice to idols. It even mentions that there are those in power that are aware of the mysteries and call their "evil" peace.

"And this became a hidden trap for mankind, because men, in bondage to misfortune or to royal authority, bestowed on objects of stone or wood the name that ought not to be shared. Afterward it was not enough for them to err about the knowledge of God, but they live in great strife due to ignorance, and they call such great evils peace. For whether they kill children in their initiations, or celebrate secret mysteries, or hold frenzied revels with strange customs"—From the Wisdom of Solomon

The connections still exist in our modern religions. The practices of such brutal ritual are seen in governments of the world, in countries where wars continue to be fought and no one really knows why the fighting continues. The blood is still shed.

Many people now claim that they are listening to demonic voices, voices that tell them to go against everything they have grown up believing about human life.

Our wars today are fought by mandate from God or a "god" that tells those who commit acts of terror to kill. Our president even claims that God speaks to him, commanding him that he should strike to protect our country.

The logical goal of all of this war is to purify the world with a mass burning or scorching of the earth. The fear is that the burning and scorching can be accomplished with global thermonuclear warfare.

By developing nuclear weapons, governments put us on the brink of self-extinction. Then, after the bombs are used on unsuspecting citizens, the Joint Emergency Action Plan will conveniently "rapture" away our government leaders. They already have their tickets secured.

Pray all you want, but you will be left behind to die in the conflagration. The world will then be left to the rulers who believe their blood is divine. Your blood is expendable and will be used to fertilize the newly purified earth.

As our hate and mistrust multiplies, the world will continue its division and the cheerleaders don't realize that they are promoting their own deaths. They have been overtaken by their own prejudice. This is how the alien thought form enters us and spreads like some malignancy.

As our country continues its never-ending war in the Middle East, we now have a focus for hatred and a scapegoat that can easily be blamed for all of the horror in the world.

We see terrorists as the embodiment of demons, a plague, and a cancer that needs to be wiped out in order to guarantee paradise for those who consider themselves chosen to rule.

The terrorists see us the same way we see them.

The basis for most of the hatred can be found in text that is allegedly left behind by warrior extraterrestrials, Elder Gods, and maniacal prophets that talked with these beings and were told that they were expendable.

How can we ignore a massive culling of the planet when it has all been programmed into people through religious prophecy? Prophecy that has been misinterpreted and skewed to fit certain biases or prejudice?

Organized religion used to give you peace and hope for a better tomorrow. Now that message has been clouded by horrific prophecy that encourages hopelessness, suffering, and death by a great fire that will consume those that are deemed wicked.

"Religion has actually convinced people that there is an invisible man, living in the sky, who watches everything you do every minuet of every day. The Invisible man has a special list of ten things that he does not want you to do and if you do any of these ten things he has a special place, full of fire and smoke and burning and torture and anguish where he sends you to live and suffer and burn and choke and scream and cry forever and ever till the end of time. But he loves you!"—George Carlin

Christian fanatics see fanatic Muslim terrorists as evil. Muslim fanatics see the West and their religion and culture as evil. Evil as a thought form creates a wave, sends out a signal and invites the alien horde to arrive and they begin to do their handy work by convincing people that there is no hope. When hope is gone there isn't much else to lose.

The only hope you hear about is paradise -- some sponge-painted world where everyone wears terrycloth robes and spends an eternity praising God for taking them out of the horrible experience that was their earthly life.

No worries, you have this wonderful life waiting for you on the other side, so what does it matter if you die for some other maniac's cause, or better yet, kill for some other maniac's agenda?

We are all quick to point out the "heresy" of Islam and their maniacal leaders without looking at the truth behind Armageddon and what it means to the millions of Christians preparing for a supernatural event.

It is all written in the Bible that there has to be a mass slaughter of Jews and Muslims, making genocide an imperative in order to fulfill prophecy. Demons and angels are to go head to head in a battle that will wipe out two thirds of the population.

So we permit alien and malicious behaviors to go on as long as they are encouraged or otherwise condoned by our leaders and our clergymen. We allow for the "cremation of care" to continue as long as it fulfills the prophecy of genocide that has been written by men with hallucinatory visions that are irrelevant and cryptic.

Is this something to stand for? Is it healthy to believe that a God is talking to a President or even a Muslim Cleric and telling them to kill?

It is simple grooming for your own destruction, grooming that is encouraged, helping destructive group dynamics to change a normal person into a fiend that no longer sees people as human beings.

We have begun to see a pattern in which those who commit acts of murder and molestation are admitting that they have killed while under the influence of a demonic entity or alien force.

Convicted sex offender Joseph Edward Duncan spent months on the Internet documenting his internal struggle over right versus wrong. Four days before two Idaho children he was accused of kidnapping disappeared, he wrote, "The Demons have taken over."

Scott Krause is facing life in prison after he admitted to murdering a man by crashing a car he had stolen into a UPS truck in Nevada City, California. He claims that when he killed the victim, Drew Reynolds, in 2004, he was being chased by subterranean alien creatures he called "hemadrones" or blood drones.

The Fresno, California horror story of Marcus Wesson seems to be taken right out of a chapter from "House of a 1000 corpses" and "The Devil's Rejects" two horror films that feature sadistic killers who seem to be under the control of some demonic rage. The story of Wesson is filled with horrific tales of incest, child brides, vampire aliases, coffin beds and an apocalyptic obsession that resulted in the deaths of nine of his children including seven he sired with his own daughters and nieces. Wesson has been charged in those deaths and is also charged with molestation and rape.

The murder victims, ranging in age from 1 to 25, were discovered in the family's home March 12, 2004, after a standoff with police over a custody issue. Each had been shot once through the eye and piled in a back bedroom ringed with antique coffins.

The prosecutor claims Wesson had preached that it was better for the family to die and "go to the Lord" together than be separated by child protective services.

The self-named BTK Killer, who terrorized a Kansas town for decades, said that he bound, tortured and killed 10 victims because of demons that he claimed were within him. He claimed that a dark entity was inside of him, controlling him, and that his Christian beliefs told him that it was a demon.

Could this be true? How many times have you heard about so many cases going to trial where the killers are using what I call "the demon defense?"

How many well-publicized cults have wound up dead because their prophets have heard the voices from beyond telling them to annihilate the women, children and men because the beasts await them just outside their door?

Jim Jones, Marshall Applewhite, and David Koresh were all men who believed that gods or aliens spoke to them. All lead their followers to a journey of self-destruction.

Could a forced "rapture" cult manifest on a massive scale while the fanatics hijack our planet to oblivion?

How would we react to 30,000 or 40,000 people being killed by a 10-kiloton bomb detonated in a port city? Let alone when we realize that radiation sickness could eventually kill 200,000 to 400,000 more?

This is where we are headed. This is what we are forced to face if we continue this response to the demonic plague, alien sacrilege, and cosmic conspiranoia.

What alien being has control of our planet and how easy is it for you to be triggered into a violent response against your brother, sister, father, mother, or neighbor?

The influence of these beings has been slowly trickling into all religious activity. Muslim fanatics who commit acts of terror, and fundamental Christian religions that facilitate persecution, are slowly giving in to the alien thought process of suffering and dying in order to bring about the well-prophesied Armageddon.

These powerful entities have used their triggering mechanisms to get their human agents to get their message across. Amid the frilly words and the warm, fuzzy euphemisms, the chaotic and hateful message is creeping in slowly. Eventually, the entire world will be convinced that the God that they are offering is the same God today, yesterday, and forever.

He might just be. He might just be the same evil, relentless, angry, self-serving God that they have always worshiped. That great Sun God, that was jealous and chaotic, demanding flesh, blood and bones, demanding sacrifice and the burning of flesh to satisfy its twisted desires.

This God, the cunning warrior and mass murderer who justifies the deaths of those whom the leaders determine are enemies of God. The God that has all of the attributes of the ancient alien gods. The Gods that return with blood of humans on their hands. A God to whom every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that he is God, because there is no choice. You will declare your servitude or die.

If you are looking forward to this type of future, I am afraid that we are lost.

In John's horrific account of the Second Coming of Jesus, he clearly notes that the man who is the prince of peace will return with bloodstains on his white robes.

"And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God."—Revelation Chapter 19

If you read carefully you realize that the blood is not symbolic. This is not the blood that was shed on the cross. This is the blood of the "evil doers." God has to determine who these evil doers are.

However I can assure you, that there are many people whose prejudices will tell them who these evil doers ought to be. There are many people in power today that are using passages such as these as a mandate for the New World Order.

If you read further it gets a bit scary. The bloodied Christ returns with armies to destroy governments and topple empires. Their carrion is then left in the streets. Later the Sun God tells the birds and the insects to eat their flesh.

"And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean. And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.

And I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God; That ye may eat the flesh of kings, and the flesh of captains, and the flesh of mighty men, and the flesh of horses, and of them that sit on them, and the flesh of all men, both free and bond, both small and great."—The Book of Revelation 19

What I am talking about is some frightening speculation and it may be hard to comprehend. However, if your mind is opened you will realize that perhaps we are helpless against Gods that have many faces and that we are quite possibly being fooled into worshipping ancient Babylonian gods that are alien and vicious.

We have heard of the Nephilim, the Mazzikim, and the Djinn. All are known to be the blend of reptile, human and spirit. They often would wage war because it was their nature. Generations would see great battles that were created by the Elder Gods that lived from beyond the stars.

Ouranos pitted against Cronos, Cronos fighting Zeus, Tiamat versus Marduk, and Allah versus Jehovah. The names are interchangeable but by their fruits, you begin to know them.

This knowledge is the forbidden alien sacrilege, the cosmic blasphemy, the doctrine of those that are told that they are insane and filled with conspiracy paranoia, or conspiranoia. With that said it is important to point out that while it is easy to write off what I am saying as contrary to your reality, keep in mind that reality is what those in power agree upon and social norms are more or less permitted.

You can choose to follow like a lamb to the slaughter. Remember, you can't blame the hangman if you go willingly to the gallows.

Our realities are controlled by a network of control groups that program us with information that we acquiesce to. Sanity and insanity can and will at times switch places in a society.

While you are comfortable with the thought that your mind is in the right place, you could eventually find yourself isolated in some mental ward writing the word "help" on the wall using your own blood as ink. While you are scrawling your last words you may end your life wondering what went wrong with the world.

The mental health of the world is evolving and our leaders are encouraging the alien and barbaric mindset with all of its chaos and death. The result is a demonic power taking hold of people. Average people with bright futures kill impulsively and indiscriminately.

This crisis of mental state, this demonic plague, has somehow taken hold of the world and the mainstream news reports countless stories of satanic, ritualistic rape, murder and cannibalism.

When George W. Bush gave his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in 2004, he spoke of the death and destruction of the September 11th attacks and how he stood on the rubble of ground zero. He reiterated how he would do whatever it would take to "defend America" by creating a more secretive government, a shadow government capable of wiping out anyone that got in his way, and of the agenda that he believes is blessed and ordained as righteous by "God."

He has declared countless times that whatever decisions are made by him or his cabinet are given through a divine link between them and God. However, in this speech, he mentioned something far more esoteric, and upon examination reveals some very interesting insight as to the belief systems of our President and those that serve him.

"Like generations before us, we have a calling from beyond the stars to stand for freedom. This is the everlasting dream of America. And tonight, in this place, that dream is renewed." –George W. Bush

As all things in government and religion, the words spoken by our fearless leader were well scripted and were no accident. The speech was crafted to suggest that beings from beyond our realm have control of what we are experiencing in the world. They are creating a New World Order based on the tenets of Luciferian dogma. These dogmatic views and secrets have been written about over and over and there are many that believe them to be illuminated Satanism.

The Elder Gods of the New World Order have been written about in various books and stories of fiction and in biblical text. These Gods are being called upon and worshipped by our leaders and if you read and pay attention you will start to see patterns emerge and you will notice how their words mimic satanic writings. In Lovecraft's Necronomicon we read of the Elder Gods, and while the names have been changed the archetypes still exist and take their place as controlling entities.

I hear the Crawling Chaos that calls beyond the stars.
And They created Nyarlathotep for Their messenger, and They clothed Him with Chaos that His form might be ever hidden amidst the stars.
Who shall know the mystery of Nyarlathotep? For He is the mask and will of Those that were... when time was not. He is the priest of the Ether, the Dweller in Air and hath many faces that none shall recall. The waves freeze before Him; Gods dread His call. In men's dreams He whispers, yet who knoweth His form? And at the last from inner Egypt came the strange dark One to whom the fellah bowed; Silent and lean and cryptically proud, And wrapped in fabrics red as sunset flame.

In the above statement we read about Nyarlathotep the messenger, the unseen and unknown Elder God. While a character of fiction, he still takes on the attributes of one of the Ennead or nine original Elder Gods of creation, whose chaos and voices from beyond the stars dictate the actions of mere mortals.

The "Dark One" moves in wearing garments of red, representing the blood of those who have crossed him. This passage reflects through a glass darkly the arrival of Jesus Christ in the Book of Revelation. Do the unknown, unseen god wearing the red fabric, and Jesus, wearing the vesture of blood, share the same archetype?

The statement that Bush made about the "calling from beyond the stars" had to have been a reference to the Elder Gods of Babylon. These are the same beings that are referred to in the Necronomicon. H.P. Lovecraft created the Necronomicon or Book of the Dead and it still debated as to whether or not the text was fiction or written in Syria about 730 A.D. It is generally considered a Satanic work and while it is a figment of his imagination it is based on the ancient stories taken from texts about the Elder Gods and their relationship with mankind.

"The amulet that I held in my hand, and hold to this very day, around my neck as I write these words, is this: (after seeing the so-called picture of the symbols you can probably understand why I did not attempt to show you the amulet.) Of the three symbols carved, the first is the Sign of our Race from beyond the Stars, and is called ARRA in the tongue of the Scribe who taught it to me, an emissary of the Elder Ones.

In the tongue of the eldest city of Babylon, it was UR. It is the Sigil of the Covenant of the Elder Gods, and when they see it, they who gave it to us, they will not forget us. They have sworn! Spirit of the Skies, Remember! The second sign is the Elder Sign, and is the Key whereby the Powers of the Elder Gods may be summoned, when used with the proper words and shapes.

It has a Name, and is called AGGA. The third sign is the Sigil of the Watcher. It is called BANDAR. The Watcher is a Race sent by the Elder Ones. It keeps vigil while one sleeps provided the appropriate rituals and sacrifice has been preformed; else, if called, it will turn upon you.

These seals, to be effective, must be graven on stone and set in the ground. Or, set upon the altar of offerings. Or, carried to the Rock of Invocations. Or, engraved upon the metal of ones God or Goddess and hung about the neck, but hidden from the view of the profane. Of these three, the ARRA and the AGGA may be used separately, that is to say singly, and alone.

The BANDAR however, must never be used alone, but with one or both of the others, for the Watcher must needs to be reminded of the Covenant he has sworn with the Elder Gods and our Race, else it will turn upon thee and slay thee and ravage thy town until succor is to be had from the Elder Gods by the tears of thy people and the wailing of thy women."—Taken from the Necronomicon

While the bible seems to be immune from scrutiny by most prejudiced Christians, it needs to be pointed out that the concepts of illuminated Satanism are hidden in the words that have somehow been interpreted as coming from God. These are not coming from God but from the other alien gods of the Old Testament and the secret schools that communicated with man anciently.

"And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown."—Book of Genesis

If this is the word of God, then we must understand that this God had no control over the actions of the Elder Gods or even the so-called ancient Demons or Djinn and their travels from beyond the stars to create a degenerative race of beings. God could not control the hybridization of the planet.

"We are told that Adam lived to be 130 and begot sons and daughters after his own likeness. From this we learn that, until then, he begot sons and daughters not after his own likeness."—The Talmud

We also may want to consider that these alien hybrids exist today and that they have tried many times to consume the planet's resources. These resources include mankind itself. To this day these beings still dictate to the consciences of those who are willing to give up their souls for a price. After the souls are taken, the bodies will follow, and soon everyone can be fooled into becoming food sources for the alien gods.

It is all a permitted conditioning process in which a few give in to the wishes of the alien and destructive "group think."

The process is a labored effort by those in power to convince the world that self-destruction and murderous activities are noble, and please the gods who live amongst the stars.

The endeavor is Luciferian, and in order for it to succeed there has to be a concerted effort to convince the religious world that the Luciferian subterfuge has no power over religion today.

It is becoming evident that all of the nefarious tenets of satanic ritual and the constant encouragement of suffering is the bulwark of religious and political organizations in the 21st century.

Who has the power to stand up and demand accountability for the constant murder and torture that is done in the name of God? Who can have the wherewithal to stand before the altars of God and declare them desecrated because of the acts of sexual abuse against the children of the various congregations?

In the movie "The Usual Suspects" there is an axiom that I had heard long before the crime boss Keyser Söze uttered it in the film

"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist"

I am now beginning to see that there is an even greater trick that the devil has pulled: convincing the world that he is God, leaving most people are unaware that they have been worshipping Satan or the reptilian Sun God all along.

For example, many people who pray in churches use the word "amen" to end a prayer. The word itself has evolved into meaning "firm" or "it is done" and even I have read that it is a term similar to the phrase "So mote it be" used by Wiccans and Pagans.

However one of the strangest links to the word and its origins leads to the Sun God Amen-Ra. Like Lovecraft's reptilian Nyarlathotep, Amen-Ra was known as the great unknown or he who is hidden. The word or root "amen", then, means "what is hidden," "what is not seen," "what cannot be seen."

There are also references to Amen-Ra being the God of the sunset and the unseen power of the primordial abyss. Amen-Ra is known as the god that has the final say. "Amen" appears to have been connected with the root meaning, "to abide, or to be permanent;" and one of the attributes which were applied to him was that of eternal. Amen is represented in many forms. He is often seen as a great god seated on a throne and holding in one hand an iron scepter and in the other the caduceus, the entwined snakes that represent life.

In this form he is one of the nine deities who compose the company of the ancient reptilian gods that are connected to Egypt, Mars and Sirius. The other eight are Ament, Nu, Nut, Hehui, Hehet, Kekui, Keket, and Hathor. It is also curious to note that Amen-Ra may also appear in the form of a man with the head of a reptile and his female counterpart Ament appears with the head of a cobra.

In the Ground Zero article "X" it was pointed out that there were many coincidences linking Pope John Paul II to Sun God worship. Pope John Paul II, coincidentally, was laid to rest during a solar eclipse or at the time of Amen-Ra or the dark sun.

There were other coincidences linking John Paul II to Amen-Ra the Pope John Paul II was born on May 18, 1920. On that date in the morning there was a near total eclipse of the sun over Europe. Like the Sun, he came from the east – Poland – and circled around the globe as the most traveled Pope. He was also the Pope that eventually pardoned and apologized for the Catholic Church's treatment of Galileo.

News came from that Vatican after Pope John Paul II death that before the Pontiff passed away he was able to whisper the word "Amen" before his death.

Moses also used the word "amen' to end his prayers. He was only doing what he was taught in Egypt, and do you really think that Moses completely abandoned the ways of Egypt after he heard on the Mount that he should not address any other Gods but the god of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?

That alone is evidence that there were other gods and that they watched us as we went about our business of tilling the ground, mining the mountains, and building our various empires.

Yet it is "God" that gives our leaders carte blanche to kill in his name and in the same breath say that it is for peace and harmony throughout the world.

There is no peace and harmony, there is no future, not with these fanatical maniacs interpreting ancient writings that are irrelevant now.

The Bible and the Quran have become weapons in the hands of the powerful. The words of peace that are found in the ancient texts have been rejected for the rationalization of death and destruction for the cause of paradisiacal fantasies.

The words of death, killing, incest, rape, and other morbid atrocities that seem to be condoned by "God" are in fact words that have been given by ancient gods that have no love for human life. They consider the inhabitants of earth as cattle awaiting the slaughter.

Those who quote these passages of the bible without understanding where they come from have been duped into using their prejudice as a faith-promoting experience.

What we perceive as the word of God is in fact a history of the personalities of the entities that watch us and wait for their moment to return to this planet and deal with its inhabitants.

If one reads between the lines they will be able to understand that the so-called "Gods" of the Old Testament are not merciful or just. They are entities that demand blood sacrifice and enslavement.

They forfeit the ability to love and demand that they receive all power and glory for just being observers of a planet that they continue to tinker with for their own sport.

Biblical text often speaks of the watchers and observers who we all know have had hostile intent toward mankind and have acted in a diabolical way in order to keep the world in a constant flux of terror, dread, and danger.

The watchers and their visits to our earth and their relationship with mankind are older than history itself.

What they demand now is no different from what they have demanded from man in the past. They have demanded blood. When they couldn't get it from humans, they would demand it of animals. In the biblical passages of Leviticus we see how the sacrifice is to be made.

"If he offer a lamb for his offering, then shall he offer it before Jehovah. And he shall lay his hand upon the head of his offering, and kill it before the tabernacle of the congregation: and Aaron's sons shall sprinkle the blood thereof round about upon the altar.

And he shall offer of the sacrifice of the peace offering an offering made by fire unto Jehovah ; the fat thereof, and the whole rump, it shall he take off hard by the backbone; and the fat that covereth the inwards, and all the fat that is upon the inwards,

And the two kidneys, and the fat that is upon them, which is by the flanks, and the caul above the liver, with the kidneys, it shall he take away." –Leviticus

Now compare that passage with the reports of cattle mutilations.

"The cow is found lying on its side. There is no blood on the scene. The animal's rump has been completely cored out and many of the vital organs are removed. There is a removal of the ear and several tissue samples removed with precision."

The Bible goes from being a how-to book for sacrifice to a blueprint for murder and demonic subterfuge. People read these scriptures and follow the instructions and soon we have a product known as a sadistic ritualistic killer.

Look at the murder accounts of Jack the Ripper.

"All the victims had their throats cut, often from ear to ear. One victim's tongue had apparently been torn out by its roots. One had her breast torn open, and her heart and vitals were taken out. Four of the victims had their abdomens cut open and their intestines or bowels taken out and, in one case, burned to ashes." – The Jack the Ripper Murders and their Masonic Connection by Paul M. Bessel

Here is a letter written by David Berkowitz "The Son of Sam" Killer:

"I am the "Son of Sam." I am a little brat. Sam loves to drink blood. "Go out and kill!," commands father Sam.....I am on a different wavelength that everybody else -- programmed to kill. However to stop me you must kill me. Attention all police: Shoot me first -- shoot to kill or else. Keep out of my way or you will die! I am the monster -- "Beelzebub, the Chubby Behemoth." I love to hunt. Prowling the streets looking for fair game -- tasty meat. I live for the hunt -- it's my life. I don't belong on Earth. I'll be back! I'll be back! Yours in murder, Mr. Monster."

Now take a look at the example of the handiwork of Charles Manson and his family.

"The Family consisting of Tex Watson, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel and Linda Kasabian , butchered Steve Parent, Abigail Folger, Voityck Frykowski, Jay Sebring and a pregnant Sharon Tate. After the killing Tex ordered Susan to return inside and, "write something that will shock the world." Using a towel soaked in Tate's blood she wrote "PIG" on the door. She also thought of carving out Tate's unborn child and bringing it to Charlie wrapped in the towel. How proud Charlie would be if I presented him with the baby cut from the womb of the woman. She later considered cutting out the heart and eating it or skewering the baby and roasting it in a bonfire."

Here now are the words of Osama bin Laden:

"We are certain - with the grace of Allah - that we shall prevail over the Jews and over those fighting with them. Today however, our battle against the Americans is far greater than our battle was against the Russians. Americans have committed unprecedented stupidity. They have attacked Islam and its most significant sacrosanct symbols.... We anticipate a black future for America. Instead of remaining United States, it shall end up separated states and shall have to carry the bodies of its sons back to America."--May 1998 interview, Frontline

And of course President George W. Bush talks to his god about killing as well:

"God told me to strike at Al Qa'ida and I struck them. And then he instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did. With the might of God on our side we will triumph" –George W. Bush

Pat Robertson, known evangelist and presidential candidate, calls Episcopalians, Presbyterians, and the Methodists "Spirit of the Antichrist" and refers to non-Christians as "termites" in need of a "godly fumigation." This is no different than Nazis calling Jews "rats" and gassing them.

"It is interesting, that termites don't build things, and the great builders of our nation almost to a man have been Christians, because Christians have the desire to build something. He is motivated by love of man and God, so he builds. The people who have come into (our) institutions (today) are primarily termites. They are into destroying institutions that have been built by Christians, whether it is universities, governments, our own traditions, that we have.... The termites are in charge now, and that is not the way it ought to be, and the time has arrived for a godly fumigation."—Pat Robertson New York Magazine, August 18, 1986

The biggest lie is that either side will triumph. As long as we keep demanding war and bloodshed from people who can't see beyond their fanaticism and fundamental ignorance, this world is doomed.

There may be a few people who will take what I am saying with a grain of salt. I am sure that there are many people, who read my articles and laugh at me because they think that they are immune from any temptations to kill, molest or harm anyone.

I am sure that they are pretty secure in their faith or their spirituality and think that they would never find themselves in a situation where they would have to act in a manner that goes against their character.

The demonic or alien virus that I have been demonstrating is as easy to catch as the common cold or flu.

Always remember that Hitler went from being a starving artist, an ex-soldier, a good Christian and a minor political activist to the Evil Monster that history remembers him as.

And the hows, whys and wherefores are primarily due to the nasty little secret no one ever publicly acknowledges: when the alien thought form and the demonic infection enter into the equation, we all have it within us to be just like him.

From animals, to women, to children, to babies, to nations, to peoples, through us, their human emissaries, they kill as Lamashtu, they feast as Sekhmet. And soon it will be all of humanity that is consumed by a fire that will burn forever as a reminder of the great sacrifice known as the world wide cremation of care.

The carriers of the demonic plague and alien sacrilege have increased their body count over the years and it is becoming more apparent that they are far more organized now, and that they are in positions of power.

They also have armchair warriors who cheer on the carnage and criticize those who see the perpetual human sacrifice in acts of war. When we mix this demonic plague with apocalyptic overtones Jonestown, Ruby Ridge, Waco and other calamities will be prologue. They will go down in history as mere rehearsals to the more dramatic eschatological scenarios to follow.

This adds new meaning to the age-old axiom of "practice makes perfect" or even worse "practicing what one preaches."