By Clyde Lewis

A compendium of silly mistakes that are being made by dummies who are busily telling you that they are winning a war that cannot be won. At least in the way they are attempting to fight it.

Back in 1996 there was a survey that was taken in the November issue of George Magazine and out of 800 American adults 74% or three out of four adults were not trusting of their government and their clandestine activities. It was assumed that the United States government was involved in some sort of surreptitious activity.

This was to say that that the majority suspected that our government was somehow involved in nefarious operations and that perhaps there were many in high ranking positions using their power to get gain using whatever means necessary to secure their positions.

How times have changed and how quickly does one event change attitudes in the United States. The country's attitude may have changed since September 11th, 2001 but it is becoming more evident that the attitudes have not changed in government and the attitudes of the administration in power have not at all changed since January 20th, 2001.

Look back at the events leading up to the election of 2000. You can basically surmise that when George W, Bush was seeking the most powerful position in the country, he knew that war was looming on the horizon.

He stated that hard times were ahead in the country and there were many things that pointed to a possible conflict between an enemy that was at the time undetermined.

The war was being planned long before the confirmed win of the young Bush. Either way there was money being spent on terrorism protection because, even in the times of Clinton, the threat was looming for a possible attack and the thundering of hatred was already being heard in the east.

There have been political activists who point the finger at the Clinton administration for the woes we are experiencing now. Well take a look at the track record of Clinton. He did do a lot of bombing and he took part in stirring the hornet's nest. He was cut from the same cloth as the Elder Bush, the only difference was that Papa Bush was born into the preppy eastern establishment gene pool and Clinton was an illegitimate hillbilly. Both were card carrying members of the elite secret groups.

He had more in common with Bush than the media would lead us to believe. That is another story that can be dug up for another time.

While there are those who will blame the current administration for allowing the attacks on the Pentagon and the WTC to happen on September 11th, 2001 it is far more politically correct to say that the simple explanation is that it was the catalyst for what was inevitable.

It only solidified our resolve and gave an open door to an administration that already had some debt it had to pay back to high rolling campaign contributors. There are also unpaid debts of gratitude that have their balance due with the election debacle and I am sure we will hear more about connections with that in the dark future ahead. It has been the Bush way to fund dictators make money off of them and their resources and then vilify them to make money off the wars they create. Their friends have been known to benefit too.

It has always been the way of the power elite to take advantage of a situation and exploit it so that the American people will say "how high?" When the administration in power says, "jump."

Even if it means giving up public safety, public health, and economic stability. These things exist without war, however it is more difficult to get people to part with what they love when they are complacent.

As it is with day to day personal struggles, it has always been an unwritten rule that bad decisions are always made in times of crisis.

As the fear was mounting over Anthrax and as we were overreacting to the small number of deaths associated with the infections, the Anti-terrorism bill sailed through congress and became law.

Many of course not knowing what the new law entails. The knowledge to the general public could be sized up in a 15-second sound bite and the overall attitude from the ignorant was that if you fear being investigated or micromanaged you must have something to hide.

This of course is a tired argument because this implies that being a private person means that you are a suspicious person and that being suspicious in a time of crisis can give you the appearance of being criminal.

There are a lot of things that we do privately that will become an issue if our government pries into our personal lives.

But I am sure it is inappropriate to spout "rights" as terrorists are mailing Anthrax letters to Newscasters and politicians. Remember that. Also remember that the civilians that have died from anthrax exposure were workers that were not told to be careful, or were not told of the danger that they were in until it was too late. However government officials and the "big dogs" were safe, and were given their Cipro so that they can continue to rule our lives with impunity.

Ground Zero had exposed in its forum the judicial watch report that leaked about the classified nature of the anthrax attacks to government. It was inferring that many people in government were exposed to anthrax and that perhaps the President was already taking Cipro as a precaution. It was also reported that the anthrax attacks had already happened before September 11th and that the resulting hysteria would have garnered support for the radical anti terrorism bill that has now become law.

As of this writing 4 people have died after being exposed to Anthrax spores through the mail. This has sparked an overwhelming amount of fear. Better yet it has triggered an unprecedented campaign of fear brought on my the media without the forethought of wisdom. It seems to be an obvious ploy to create a Hegelian dialectic.

  • Step one: CREATE A "PROBLEM": The idea is to create an agreed upon threat and magnify it so it is to have greater importance than it truly possesses.

  • Step Two: PUBLICIZE THE "PROBLEM": Make sure you use the media and other resources to generate "buzz" about the so-called threat. A story about this problem should be reported in every media source until the consensus can agree that there is a problem and something should be done to stop it.

  • Step Three: OFFER A "SOLUTION": A solution that will guarantee that the power elite will gain control and power over you. They will be your big brother and offer you protection. However it is protection with a price. If it takes away one or more of your rights it is justified in your eyes and it merely empowers them even more. If you were not conditioned for the response you would have never accepted the proposal in the first place. It is a decision made under an proposed or created duress or crisis.
Why would I propose that this "threat" is created and overblown? The facts and numbers do not add up to a crisis that warrants a disembowlement of the constitution and the removal of civil liberties.

There were 41,821 traffic fatalities in the year 2000. As far as I can tell people still drive their cars without fear. Out of those fatalities 16,653 were alcohol or drug related. This means that nearly 40% of those killed probably didn't even have the fear that they would have ended up dead at the hands of a drunk driver.

Yet 4 people die from Anthrax spores sent through the mail and this is enough to have a bill pass through congress restricting our privacy. 41,821 deaths are even more deaths than what we witnessed at the WTC.

Ask yourself, when you get behind the wheel do you think about your death? Do you worry about whether or not you are going to make it to your final destination?

It probably seldom crosses your mind.

That is why it is safe to say that we have been duped.

It would be nice if someone could write up a book that can explain to you how war can be used to the advantage of those in power. Something that can reveal the truth about what is really happening. Something that can cut through all of the flag waving and repetitious images of horror that are continually played on the nightly news.

It's too bad that someone hasn't written a book like "War for dummies" so those who haven't been exposed to it can read about it like a science and see where this war we are in now is going to end up. There needs to be an attempt to reveal just what is "reality" and what is "spin."

There needs to be some sort of book that can cut through the cornball speeches of George W. Bush, you know the ones that sound like a cross between John Wayne and Bela Lugosi in an Ed Wood movie?

Maybe there is someone out there with patience and testicular fortitude that can call the leaders on the carpet. I have heard that the best book to read now to find out what the war all means is the bible. Christians are agreeing that the outcome of this war has already been revealed. Nostradamus gives blurry Haiku's and people try to fill in the blanks to get a hold of some kind of peace of mind -but where do you look if you want a less esoteric look into the ugliness of what appears to be a totalitarian war effort?

Well there are several other books that have been eerily prophetic. Two books by George Orwell, "Animal Farm" and "1984" seem to be awkwardly familiar when we look at how the world is today compared to what was predicted in Orwell's dystopia. The books single handedly mimic our politics, perpetual war for the outcome of peace. While many hunt down the latest Nostradamus quatrain to try and fit into today's headlines, Orwell seems to have a nightmarish second sight.

When George W. Bush declared a "permanent war" he raised the red flag for those who were fortunate enough to read "1984" in high school. This war has no geographical limits, it has nebulous goals, and a far more nebulous outcome. It is as if the United States has become Oceania and that our war with Eurasia or Eastasia has begun. The enemy will be different but the war will be constant for the reasons of controlling dissent and in the same process nurturing fear, and hatred.

I know that it sounds a bit cliche for a person in my position to take the Book 1984 by George Orwell and shake it at you and say "See? See? Life imitates art"-I'm going to do it anyway because I think that it is important to demonstrate that if you insert certain names into the paragraphs of the book, it reads like the nightly news.

The following is from the First Chapter of Orwell's "1984." The names have been changed to update it to 2001. As you read you can see the creepiness unfolding and you can also see how Orwell somehow knew what the future would hold.

"The hate had started.

As usual, the face of Osama Bin Laden, the Enemy of the
People, had flashed on to the screen. There were hisses
here and there among the audience. The little sandy-
haired woman gave a squeak of mingled fear and disgust.
Bin Laden was the renegade and backslider who once, long
ago (how long ago, nobody quite remembered), had been
one of the leading figures of the Cold War, almost on a level with
Big Brother himself, and then had engaged in counter-revolutionary
activities, had been condemned to death, and had mysteriously escaped
and disappeared.

The programs of the Two Minutes Hate varied from day to
day, but there was none in which Bin Laden was not the
principal figure. He was the primal traitor, the
earliest defiler of the Party's purity. All subsequent
crimes against the Party, all treacheries, acts of
sabotage, heresies, deviations, sprang directly out of
his teaching. Somewhere or other he was still alive and
hatching his conspiracies: perhaps somewhere beyond the
sea, under the protection of his foreign paymasters,
perhaps even -- so it was occasionally rumored -- in
some hiding-place in Oceania itself."-Orwell's 1984

It was Orwell who wrote that man could be brainwashed and that at a moment's notice he can shift allegiances. The Book 1984 demonstrates that whatever oligarchy of power exists there will be a time where moral issues and civil liberties are no longer a concern. Orwell wrote, "Humans will fall in line, like so many sheep."

Bush has told us that our enemies are hidden in 60 countries.

How convenient.

He has declared a bellicose all or nothing agenda that states "If you are not with us (for the war) you are with the terrorists."

This speaks volumes of "Big Brother's" authoritative agenda. It is carte blanche for censorship, unlawful searches and seizure, secret police forces and many other limits that he sees fit. All he has to do is declare that it is for the war on terrorism and you must support it and pledge to it or face the scrutiny of being labeled a traitor.

The President can designate whatever enemy he chooses without democratic debate or due process of law. Negotiation is not a factor; diplomacy seems to be non existent.

"Big Brother" was an entity that was supposed to be loved and feared. I actually caught myself in the paradox of both loving and fearing George W. Bush. When George walked on to the baseball diamond during the World Series to throw out the first pitch I truly feared for his life. My love for him was somehow mixed with my love for my country and at the same time his actions and his demeanor as a leader ate at me. It was this love hate relationship that Orwell spoke of in "1984."

It is chillingly reminiscent of the stories of the antichrist that were force fed to me in Sunday school.

It is important to note that the governing principles in Orwell's Oceania are hauntingly familiar in today's wartime philosophies and they are:

  • War is peace: The charge has been that this war is necessary to insure safety and inner peace. The question needs to be asked, "how peaceful do you feel when you are being told to live in fear?"

  • Freedom is Slavery: In order to be free you must be convinced that you need to give up freedom. Bush claimed that the attacks on the United States were attacks on our freedoms. It is true. However the very government that is out to protect us is the very government that offers protection at the cost of perpetual servitude. You are literally spied upon and micromanaged and will lose your ability to freely move about. You are a slave to your own fear.

  • Ignorance is Strength: Bush has said that this new war will be fought with unprecedented secrecy. The information will be on a need to know basis and even then you have no right to question. It is said to be to our advantage. The Pentagon has said that there will be heavy restrictions on the press and I am sure this will eventually lead to the Internet as well. People say that it will be virtually impossible to control it. Well always remember from "chaos comes order" and all it will take is a virtual Pearl Harbor to demand a "public standard" for internet practices and policy. In this perpetual war you have no right to question policies. You will be hearing many lies from here on out and government will use whatever means necessary to secure omnipresent controls on a fearful people.
The regime that is empowered would sleep with a murderer, or make deals with Satan himself if it suits their purpose. These however are grave mistakes in a time where the public propaganda has stated that the war we are a part of now can be won.

Can it truly be won in the way we are handling it now?

Well let us put the pieces where they belong and as you can see there seems to be some trouble on the horizon. Even though we are told to be patient, we are also told to fear what might be lurking in the shadows.

There are confusing messages being sent and no one wants to look foolish.

So they do nothing.

Some however follow blindly and believe everything that the government tells them. Even though before the September 11th attacks they were probably in the 74 percentile that did not trust the very government they now choose to embrace.

They want a simple solution to their unanimous vengeance, fear and guilt.

Putting a bullet between the eyes of an Afghani or dropping a bomb on the doorstep of the Taliban can really make you believe that our victory in the war is certain. There are many other factors involved to wage a successful war and if you go through a tried and true checklist you can see that we may be falling a bit short.

To Americans who are too young to remember the taste of War it is important to know that there are resources that explain basic principles in war.

"The Art of War" by Sun Tzu is over 2000 years old and can be applied to all warfare. It is among the classics of military literature ever written. When you read the text you will understand that war is not always as simple as "evil doers" versus the "good guys" there are more factors in the mix that make war a more complicated practice. I have taken some exerpts from Sun Tzu and I will italicize his words so you can see how we are doing in the new war according to the 2000 year old writings of a Chinese warlord.

Remember Sun Tzu wrote: "All war is based on Deception."

Therefore in order to win a war you must act as though you are incapable of winning, even though you are very capable.

We here in the United States have failed there. We act like we are the mean dogs at the fence and we bark loudly and bite hard as well.

So are we showing that we are strong, even though deep down we have been wounded?

We as Americans assume that our Enemy is weaker than we are. They wait, they are patient and they will attack again when you least expect it. Which of course is covered by Tzu when he says "Attack where he is unprepared sally out when he does not expect you."

Before the attacks on the World Trade Center, did anyone even think that something as simple as a commercial jetliner could be used as a bomb?

Sun Tzu said, "you should use bait to lure your enemy, win his confidence and then strike him."

We have managed to drop food in Afghanistan and we are doing this as a "good will" gesture. Many people have questioned why this is being done, if we are at war. Well now you know why. Because we wanted to win the confidence of some and hopefully use that to have the people turn on each other.

We then struck Afghanistan with a relentless barrage of firepower.

Sun Tzu says that "in order to win a war you must pretend to be inferior. The arrogance of your enemy will be his undoing."

Well give that one to the Taliban. They seem to be acting pretty inferior now but you should never underestimate your enemy.

Furthermore "in order to win a war you must put your enemy under strain. The object is wear your enemy down, and use whatever means necessary to cause stress and strain in his life."

Well there is another one for the terrorists. People are more fearful of attacks now that they have buckled and have given in to loss of freedom and the American way of life. You may want to make the argument that our firepower has put the fear of God into the Afghanis. Well guess again, they are used to attacks such as these. They are a country torn by war. They are used to seeing casualties and seeing aggressive attacks from superpowers.

"When he is united divide him."

At first the war effort was seeing all kinds of support from the American people. Now there seems to be some division as to the purpose of the war. There are many coming forward and pointing out that this war may not be just war on terrorism. The critical mass is seeing the anti terrorist laws for what they truly are. The introduction of the police state. Many people are realizing that not only have terrorists in foreign lands become suspects. So are American citizens.

Finally the biggest mistake we are making according the writings of Sun Tzu is our penchant for keeping this war constant and secret. Sun Tzu warned that a protracted, long and drawn out war will lead to our destruction:

"Victory is the main object in war. If it is long delayed, weapons are blunted and morale depressed. When troops attack cities, their strength will be depressed. When your weapons are dulled and your ardor dampened, your strength exhausted and treasure spent, neighboring rulers will take advantage of your distress to act. And even though you have wise councilors, none will be able to lay good plans for the future. Thus while we have heard of blunt swiftness in war we have not seen a clever operation that is prolonged. For there has never been a protracted war from which a country has benefitted."-Sun Tzu

This is why it has been my opinion that an escalation and perpetual war will destroy this nation. Unless we speak up and demand accountability in this action we will face the threat of losing the very principles which we hold dear.

We have lost most of our civil liberties with the signing of the anti terrorism bill. The longer we feed on fear and hysteria the more the grip will tighten around our necks.

It is painfully evident that this war is being lost here at home.

The longer we allow our leadership to move about without questioning their motives the more our freedoms will slip through our fingers.

It is healthy to feel a sense of loss after the tragedy in New York, Pennsylvania, and in Washington D.C.. It is human nature to demand retaliation. However, allowing all of this anger, guilt, and vengeance to lead us on a path of self-sabotage will seal the fate of the United States of America. That is truly "War for dummies."

It is our patriotic duty to save our way of life. No terrorist should be powerful enough to convince us to knuckle under to slavery.

Even unto an enemy foreign or domestic.

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