Shadows of the Echthroi

by Clyde Lewis

"And man, self-castrated and self-frustrated, flees down the corridors of nightmares, pursued by monstrous machines, overwhelmed by Satanic powers, haunted by vague guilts and terrors all created of his own imagination. He escapes into absurdity, drowns his spirit in pretense, worships brass gods of power and tin gods of success. Then, shamed by his pretenses and frustrated by his self-denial, he projects his horror on imagined enemies, seeks release in scapegoats and false issues, thereby propitiating those bestial gods who have arisen from the shattered eidolons of his spirit with sacrifices of blood."—Jack Parsons

I have reached a point in my career where I see both the benefit of what I do and the liability that always seems to creep in when I see that the truth does not pay and in some cases does not earn respect.

When your report differs from that of the mainstream, you are immediately faced with insults. Eventually you become just one more silly idea in the deluge of disinformation, misinformation, insanity and satire.

It never ceases to amaze me how, out of all the alternate theories and challenging questions that abound, skeptics choose the craziest ideas of all to exploit.

They dig up the theorists with the flimsiest arguments to use as examples of "conspiracy theorists", holding them up as targets of ridicule. Skeptics are continuing proof that many people still have not let go of the playground taunting that exists when someone new or different decides to bring his marbles to the game.

The skeptics want the world to think like them. But they are just as rigid and gullible as the straw men they attack, and they never admit to being wrong.

Worst, they then paint everyone with the same brush, so they can laugh at those who warn us that our way of life is decaying, that our republic is crumbling, that if you haven’t felt the pinch of depleted resources yet, you will eventually and then maybe you’ll care.

It just might be too late by then.

The aliens, the invisible enemy, the predatory soul eaters, the tricksters, whatever you call them are already here. There is an evil that exists on a much larger scale than most of us realize, and perhaps it is time to question just where it comes from and why we humans continue to suffer without fighting for something as simple as joy.

When we strip away the fat on any conspiracy, we realize that it is either the work of aliens, or of demonic forces.

Both skeptics and true believers fight over minutiae while the domino effect continues. More ideas and conspiracy theories begin to stretch the story to the point of banality.

The true conspiracy is the engineered group effort to bring down and otherwise belittle the conspiracy theorist, as well as those who want to sift through the opinions of the conspiracy analysts.

If you discuss the evil acts committed by the CIA, or the criminal activities that go on in governments and religion, you are considered a conspiracy theorist or a paranoid, even when you can show cause for believing that something wicked this way comes.

Why is it so hard for people to understand that men whose portraits hang in our government buildings and religious offices can become amoral monsters and eager collaborators with that which we can call alien or evil?

The term alien can be used as a metaphor for that which we do not want, to teach us to reject it as a perversion of all that we keep sacred. The alien has been anthropomorphized in books and movies, portrayed as a benevolent creature that is here to protect us. I fear that we have been far too trusting and if we are having relationships with these beings we cannot afford to be so gullible as to think that they all mean us well.

Even our relationship with God can be suspect. Can it be that God is really an extraterrestrial entity whose unpredictability has been, all along, a threat to the well–being of our planet?

If humans have duality, and God made us in his image, then perhaps God has a duality as well. Perhaps man created the devil because he could not handle the idea that God can be mean–spirited and crazy at times.

Using some circular logic, we can see that the mysteries of God include the possibility that parts of the creator are rebellious and destructive. I know the very idea would be blasphemous to some, but it has to be considered that God might be responsible for evil as well.

What kind of God demands that you fall to your knees and gives you no choice but to worship him?

I know of which God demands this.

Do you?

What is the purpose of being brought to your knees if not to be whipped into submission?

I know that I have an idea of what God should be and I never think of God as being a warrior or an ill tempered being who will strike me down if I do not obey. There will be many that will read this and say, "God has always killed indiscriminately."

Well, ancient texts do explain that all tragedy and death comes from God. However it is quite possible that the God that we read about in the Old Testament and ancient scrolls is a chaotic alien God.

Perhaps God has always been as chaotic and insane as the Gnostics have been trying to tell us.

I have always been taught that God does not require submission or suffering to please him. The promise made by God in the Judeo–Christian writings included impassability, the idea that there would be no pain, sickness or suffering and he required no enslavement.

I was always taught that God was a merciful parental figure and that we were his children. Sure he would give us challenges from time to time, but no God that I would worship would send me to hell.

If you were a parent, would you send your child to hell? I think you would do everything in your power to keep them from hell, unless you were a dysfunctional parent or a parent that was insane or otherwise mentally disturbed.

The secrets of the God that the majority of Christians are truly worshipping now can be seen as something far more horrifying and alien if you dig deeper into the secrets of the so–called Judeo–Christian creation.

The God they want you to worship is crazy, and as you follow this God you will wind up being just as dysfunctional and just as unsound.

It all goes back to that little "secret" about the God that all of the elite worship.

The great secret is like a revelation in a science fiction movie. The secret is that the dark lord you that have been fighting against all along is your father, your God. He is the dark side of forces and he will give you the knowledge that may cause you to lose all of your faith. Eventually, if you are not strong, you will suffer until your life is taken.

The great secret is the Luciferian conspiracy. It has been there all along and the deception has been cunning programming by rebellious souls and knowledgeable manipulators that have hidden themselves amongst the shades.

"Lucifer represents life, thought, progress, civilization, liberty and independence. Lucifer is the Logos, the serpent, and the savior. "–The Secret Doctrine by Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

I have said many times that this is not what I believe, it may not be what you believe, but it is what most of the people in the highest realms of power believe and they will eventually lead the entire world into believing the subtleties of the doctrines of Luciferian obedience.

It is not comforting to realize we may have been lied to or manipulated into believing a sugar–coated fantasy about the true origins of man and his relationship and kinship with a real God.

The story has somehow been mixed and manipulated into becoming some perversion that has been well organized by the mystery religions. So, it may be necessary to examine different versions of the story in order to understand the similarities between a real God and an alien overseer.

It has taken thousands of years, many books and so–called sacred texts to continually wire the human mind for the arrival of Gods, angels, demons, extra–terrestrials, aliens or whatever metaphor you choose to use.

Whoever is behind it has had the sound knowledge of social engineering and a clear view of the intended goal. Keeping a mystery is a subtle weapon and keeping a secret is a manipulative tool to get the reptilian mind working to try and reveal the secret.

The Nag Hamadi scrolls, which were found in Egypt around 1945, have another perspective that shows that perhaps there were more "gods" performing bio engineering on what is now man. It also demonstrates that they (the Gods) were working on an evolutionary change where man needed to leave behind a reptilian or R–complex brain that is territorial and impulsive.

The texts describe that in the beginning man was a beastly looking creature with leathery and horny skin. After the transformation man was removed from his repulsive crust and brought forth with a new skin. In other words, he became "naked."

"She looked at the tree and she saw that it was beautiful and magnificent and she desired it. She took some of its fruit and ate and she gave to her husband also and he ate too. Then their minds were opened. For when they ate the light of knowledge shone for them. They knew that they were naked and became enamoured with their new bodies. When they gazed upon their creators they loathed them since they were of beastly forms."

Who were these beastly looking "gods" that modern scripture avoids talking about?

Could it be that in that nebulous Genesis we read about there were many mysterious superior beings with attributes and motives that were both chaotic and orderly? While the UFO phenomena and the alien phenomena fascinate us, it should be noted that in times of great signs in the sky there is an upheaval that looms in the future.

Something that can alter the way we perceive and conduct ourselves.

The myth or legend tells us that man gained knowledge during his evolutionary trail. It reported that knowledge was the very thing that caused man to fall or decay.

How is it that obtaining knowledge causes anything to fall? If anything, God would expect us to gain knowledge, in order to better ourselves. But of course the confusion is that man obtained his knowledge from the "serpent."

The "serpent" was Lucifer, an upright walking reptile.

The Biblical story says that the walking creature was later condemned to crawl on his belly and eat dust the rest of his life. Now here is something most people do not know. According to the Jewish Breshit Rabbah, not only was the serpent condemned with the task of crawling on his belly, but angels came down and cut off his arms and legs.

"When the Holy One Blessed be He said, "On your belly you shall crawl", the ministering angels descended and cut off his hands and legs, and his voice traveled from one end of the earth to the other. -Genesis 3:14

The more different interpretations we read, the more we begin to understand the schism between the entities of divinity and profanity. We understand that the so– called beginning of man or the creation is really the rebuilding and reorganization of a world that had been destroyed and later claimed by different entities that needed some sort of slave race to rebuild.

These beings were at the mercy of these Gods and many of the inhabitants feared them. In the ancient writings it was forbidden to have knowledge because tampering or mocking such entities became a dangerous game.

These unknowns would come down and tinker with the evolutionary process.

The accounts of childbirth and reproduction in the book of Genesis explain that perhaps it was not painful to give birth at first, but after man had gained knowledge his brain grew and his head also became larger, therefore causing great pain for the woman as she gives birth.

This is only based on interpretations and cultural beliefs from the Greek and the Hebrew.

In Islamic belief there was no curse or pain and man was charged with the task of being a vicegerent of the Gods, having the dualistic ability to discern both good and evil and the freedom to choose between the two.

Man entered a material existence for a purpose known only by these entities, and these entities intervene in the affairs of man. The intercessions of entities both good and evil are permitted by one being, the being that controls all entities that have affairs with man and the planet Earth. Every era will have to deal with these entities which are all part of some divine plan or construct.

"And they encompass nothing of His knowledge except what He pleases."—The Quran

Carl Jung wrote about the alien intervention and how it is a part of our consciousness. It is quite fascinating because it seems that the so–called alien invasion happens because we summon these chaotic beings. They come to torment us because we send the signal to them without even knowing it.

In Jung’s analysis, the concept of alien intervention and the UFO phenomena represented a form of alienation, with one’s "self" projected into the sky. According to Jung, "the aliens" act as harbingers indicating that something is terribly wrong with the world.

Some of these so–called aliens bring inspiration and revelation to certain individuals. The contactee attempts to point out how we can save the planet and reconcile our relationship with the universe.

But if this reconciliation does not take place the alien intervention can backfire and become malignant. The result is blight and destruction.

"It depends on us whether we help coming events to birth by understanding them, and reinforce their healing effect, or whether we repress them with our prejudices, narrow–mindedness and ignorance, thus turning their effect into its opposite, into poison and destruction."—Carl Jung

History demonstrates that Jung may be right about the alien consciousness and what it can do to civilization.

Searching through other writings like the Atrahasis Epic you can see that when an alien infestation occurs and there is overpopulation of vile or mentally deficient creatures a fall takes place and man is either destroyed or made to go back into his beastly, or, to use the metaphor, "alien" state.

Many of these epics or myths speak of the times before the cataclysmic cycle begins, and a destruction of the earth brings about mass death in order to balance nature.

All is controlled and planned by these beings with an effort to leave behind frightened survivors, This way the remaining inhabitants can be reminded of these mysterious ones and their power.

The fear is then wired into the consciousness and soon the Gods recede into the background, their functions assumed by human surrogates where cosmic conspiracy rests with the secret combinations and pacts that are made by man with these mysterious beings.

There always has to be a pact with the Gods. It seems to be a repeating theme in all ancient texts. Then something alien arrives to cause deterioration or a falling away. Blight and decay set in and then there is a cycle of destruction.

In fact, if you are to read all ancient writings that deal with the end of an age we see that the Gods wired us with gifts such as:

As time passes some unseen enemy gets through and the alien thought processes begin to remind man of his beastly nature and if he gives consent to the decaying process his gifts are replaced by:

Could it be that what we are worshipping now is not truly the God that we think we are worshipping? Look at the ignorance, conflict, suffering and death that are encouraged by our spiritual and government leaders.

Can we even understand that if God is more alien than divine our very existence is the greatest conspiracy of all?

We have become players in the game of the Gods. We are someone else’s property programmed for harvest.

Programmed for self–destruction.

Governments and religions are now encouraging the ideologies that tip the scales towards destruction. It is all a part of a great Luciferian conspiracy where everything is a permitted act and the only reality they give you is death. Then they take death, nail it to a cross, and expect you to kneel before it.

The alien consciousness that wishes to enslave us has already taken hold, and those in power will use it to take away your cognitive liberty, making us all equally ignorant and dependent on their word.

They control the alien threat and they call it by different names. People can describe it, write about it, and even attempt to give proof that exists; however, until powerful governments and religious authorities acknowledge it, the alien reality will be shown to be the result of some mental deficiency or magical thinking.

The truth is that the decaying process has begun and many feel that it is now out of their control. In order for them to feel free, they must become slaves to the alien stronghold.

The Declaration of Independence, in all of its arcane glory, tells us that the truth written in it is self–evident and that all men are created equal.

However, as civilization makes its plodding course through the first century of the new millennium, we see that time has ceased to progress and that the course we take now is more self–evident: the majority of men prefer to be on their knees.

They choose now not to function independently but to find themselves indentured to popes, presidents, kings, holy clerics and dictators. All in recent history have demonstrated that while they claim divinity and mandate, they continue their betrayal and they rob the innocent of their virtue.

They are predatory animals that collaborate with some of the darkest alien philosophies ever seen. They have tipped the scales in one direction, throwing the balance between the reverent and the profane now out of synch. In this state they are spiritually and mentally retarded.

They no longer function as humans. They no longer answer to their divine nature. They are being programmed to become beastly and alien. The reason may be as simple as the outrageous theory that the conspiracy of alien collusion is a reality.

How would you know if the lunatics were running the asylum? It would be hard to convince the world that the seedpods have been placed under the beds of the elect. It would be similar to the frustrations of the screaming man in Jack Finney’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers when he tries to tell the authorities that people have lost their emotional abilities and fallen victim to an alien hive mentality. It is also similar to the frustrations of the Nietzschean madman who lit the lantern on a bright day and screamed that God is dead.

"The insane man jumped into their midst and transfixed them with his glances. "Where is God gone?" he called out. "I mean to tell you! We have killed him, you and I! We are all his murderers! But how have we done it? How were we able to drink up the sea? Who gave us the sponge to wipe away the whole horizon? What did we do when we loosened this earth from its sun?

"Whither does it now move? Whither do we move? Away from all suns? Do we not dash on unceasingly? Backwards, sideways, forwards, in all directions? Is there still an above and below? Do we not stray, as through infinite nothingness? Does not empty space breathe upon us? Has it not become colder? Does not night come on continually, darker and darker?

Shall we not have to light lanterns in the morning? Do we not hear the noise of the grave–diggers who are burying God? Do we not smell the divine putrefaction? – for even Gods putrefy! God is dead! God remains dead! And we have killed him!"–Nietzsche

Society tends to opine that it is only the paranoid individual that worries about whether or not the aliens have taken over and the malignancy is growing. However, it is the most revered religious cleric who is constantly looking for demons under your bed.

It is blasphemy to question whether or not we have killed God.

No one would entertain thoughts of this idea, because if you expressed it there are many psychotropic drug companies eager to squelch any thoughts that the cultural mainstream considers mentally deficient.

You can believe in an unseen God, but you can’t believe in UFO’s that are seen, or aliens that arrive at your bedside waiting to take you away and molest you against your will.

You can believe in prophets that have visions or presidents that talk with God on a daily basis, but you can’t tell anyone about the silvery faces that press up against your window at night tapping on the glass with their lanky fingers wanting your sperm or ova.

Those in power permit belief. They can also shut it down. They can make you laugh, make you cry, and even ask you to lay down and die for them. They have deep pockets, and they have their own public relations firms to tell you that what they want will not harm you.

The frightening aspect is that these alien–minded individuals have somehow found their positions in the network control centers of our culture. Many of them have lost contact with the past and refuse to see what might be a bright future.

So they have decided that it is the moment to take all they can and hoard it because there will be a time where resources will eventually dry up. Including human resources.

Like any alien organism they invade their host, consume its most vital resources, and, once it is all dried up, leave it behind and ignore it because it no longer has a use for them.

You would think that with all of our technical advancement and the quick information it provides, people would be more aware of what is happening around them.

Yet ignorance still has its grasp on the consensus reality because there are those who refuse to use our new technology for solitary study and will not commit to getting a well rounded story because it interferes with passive forms of entertainment and socialization.

The collective prevents you from taking time out to think about whose side you are truly on.

Spiritual self–reflection without the aid of religious badgering is a rarity now. People are beginning to experience anxiety, depression, self–absorption, emptiness and a loss of self–esteem.

Why is it that this is becoming a psychological plague?

Could it be a response to alien–engineering?

I have now concluded that theodicity, the study of evil in a larger circle of our reality, has become an interest of mine. People seem to think they know what evil truly is. I am wondering if we have been so desensitized that we no longer have the ability to understand that we have been manipulated into thinking that we are above any alien behaviors.

I always have felt that self–destructiveness was evil, and now I see that it is rewarded, encouraged and praised because people are beginning to accept that they are just ordinary and not anything more than emotionally charged bags of water.

Culture and society have been made confused; our words and actions are riddled with all kinds of contradictions.

Many associate evil with the lack of joy, or a time of suffering. Many consider their suffering to be an affront to them, but to others it is becoming more apparent that human suffering on a larger scale is accepted as a part of life. If we see someone else suffer we breathe a sigh of relief and decide collectively that it is best that they suffer and die so that we do not have to.

As I am writing this there are many people who are dying in the throes of war. There are people starving to death. There are people who are lonely and have given up on God. These spiritual thoughts are being sent into the ether. They are accumulating like pus in an infected wound. Little by little these profane attitudes and thought forms build and you don’t even realize it.

Until it is too late.

The tool of fear is causing the reptilian receptors in our brains to fire and we are more into the hoarding of resources because deep down we know that depletion is beginning. Soon we will see that there will be an overall attitude of eat or be eaten.

How far do we have to fall in order to be in this mindset?

Probably not too far and probably very soon.

We are so fearful of what we might lose that we forget that our material goods do not make us human.

We are truly becoming the snake that eats itself. Every single one of us opens the gateway for the arrival of an alien threat that uses all of the tools of the cosmic trickster.

I have mentioned the cosmic trickster before and how he is a simple archetype in our collective history. The destroyer of worlds and yet the savior to many. He is the serpentine Superior God and yet he is the least of all Gods. He is the necessary foil in order for you to understand what it means to be successful and triumphant over that which brings chaos into your life.

When you are abusive and negative, that is the trickster taking hold of you. He can only have power over you if you succumb to the weapons and tools he uses. When you allow yourself to be abused and remain stagnant in your life, the trickster aspect of you is in control.

You are capable of controlling the trickster and it is important to do so because the trickster will thwart all things of order in order to bring about an evolutionary upheaval. The Trickster is the side of God that allows things to suffer.

Things can go very chaotic, and the very nightmares you have can be made real with the help of the trickster.

Somewhere in the void of night the trickster tears a hole in space–time and allows his shadowy henchman to arrive and secretly manipulate things with silent weapons in a quiet mind war, a war in which your cognitive liberty is sucked out slowly and your mental and physical slavery begins without your being aware of what binds you.

Perhaps we can imagine a time like in the biblical Genesis when creatures came down from space and chose the elect to be slaves. The women were used for breeding stock, giving birth to a degenerate band of hybrids that later fled the earth, only to return again in order to bring chaos and pestilence to mankind.

Wired into our subconscious is the knowledge that this tiny world has been watched closely by entities drawing up plans to render the earth unto ashes as they wait for their moment to pounce and conquer. . . ready to rebuild a fortress for a New Kingdom, a New World Order.

Circumstantial evidence indicates that there is a far more esoteric band of demonic forces than we imagine, positioned above our various empires and national governments.

Waiting in the darkness are the heartbeats and eyes of an alien threat that remains unseen but is felt, much like a wind of death waiting for you to open your door. A hole opens up in the heavens, and the sun darkens as the enemy descends upon the earth. Draped and hooded with pale skin, they appear at your bedside watching and waiting for the moment to strike.

Their screams are heard only for that split second as your last breath is drawn and their dark eyes reflect your terrified visage.

There are many people who have rejected the idea of evil entities and their power to enslave. Many believe that their churches will protect them. Many people believe that their rituals and schemes will protect them. It is the folly of human beings to think themselves into a false sense of security when even the Old Testament speaks of those "lords that dwell beside God" and their power to control even the most faithful.


The other lords spoken of were the shape shifters, the phantoms, the Djinn, alien entities and the shades. Just how strong can one be when they are face to face with the "shades" and realize that the alien threat is real?

The dictionary defines a "shade" as a phantom, spirit or ghost, stating that "the shades" are the inhabitants of the nether world, or Hades, the abode of disembodied spirits.

When the shades of the underworld declare war, the veil will be thinned down and Hell’s overflow will begin as a trickle, and then the deluge of spiritual chaos will arrive where the phantoms shall seek refuge in the temples of mankind. Once occupied, the temples will be desecrated and then eventually destroyed.

It has been written about many times down through the ages. Civilizations emerge and then they disappear. It is quite unnerving that in a flash a civilization can be rendered to coals, and later blow away like dust in the wind.

When the next Pandora’s box is opened, the locks will be knocked off by those who will say in their last breath that they only meant well.

It will be one revolution.

It is the great cycle where the angel rides in the whirlwind and brings the massive storm of spirits and alien entities ready to wage war. The spirits are the phantoms and they bring with them the scourges of famine, pestilence, and cultural decay.

"After the Declaration of Independence was signed, Virginia statesman John Page wrote to Thomas Jefferson: ’We know the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong. Do you not think an angel rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm?’ "-George W. Bush Inaugural Speech

The whirlwind is a metaphor for judgment and is associated with Lucifer and Tephras. There is a book known as the Testament of Solomon that is considered to be apocryphal, but seems to describe demons and their positions in the underworld. Tephras (the demon of the whirlwind and of the ashes) is mentioned in passage 33 of the text:

"But the demon answered me (Solomon): "I am the spirit of the ashes Tephras. " And I said to him: "What is thy pursuit?" And he said: "I bring darkness on men, and set fire to fields; and I bring homesteads to naught. But most busy am I in summer".—Testament of Solomon

Furthermore Tephras is not just a demon that comes to your door like the wind; he can also creep into your room like a thief and wait for you as you sleep.

"However, when I get an opportunity, I CREEP INTO CORNERS OF THE WALL, BY NIGHT AND DAY. For I am offspring of the great one, and nothing less."—Tephras speaking to Solomon about his nature

Reports of shadowy entities, and alien grays take on new meaning now as we see that the phenomenon has many names and many interpretations. The thoughts of Carl Jung again illustrate that we have not yet learned how to combat the chaotic aliens and the beings that creep into the corners of the walls.

The shades, the demons, the Djinn and the "aliens" have a very strict deadline and as doomsday approaches they get more and more forceful. The longer we continue to be fearful and isolated without universal reconciliation, the more painful and pathological the world becomes.

We are unknowingly preparing for an all out War of the Worlds.

In the creeping gnosis that is being infused by mainstream occultists and science fiction pop culture we are beginning to understand that there is an air of fear, hatred, jealousy, and wrath that is destroying the balance of all things. These types of attitudes are linked to that of the Archons, to use Gnostic parlance.

The Archons are the alien or extraterrestrial entities that attempt to divert the course of humanity from its proper evolutionary process. Their doctrines of fear and slavery are chaotic but effective in creating the "deer in the headlights" mentality where cultural inertia and banality takes place. People surrender their freedoms for safety, and become incapable of creatively finding their way out of the ultimate peril. When those who are creative surrender their freedoms, we will see the return of the dark ages.

If you are fearful of terrorism or nuclear holocaust it will surely come. If you fear that there will be an anti–Christ, then there will be one. If you suspect that an alien threat has taken hold of our world, then it probably has happened to a certain degree.

It seems that we can imagine a great deal, and as I have said before, thought forms can bring reality, and many of the things we fear can and will materialize.

The collective obsession with terror has sent a very loud message out into the ether and that so–called alien threat or terrorist threat that we are thinking about will evoke a very terrifying reality.

"What’s coming at you, may be coming from you"—Meatball Fulton "The Incredible adventures of Jack Flanders"

It is through our consent that these fears take hold of our everyday lives and opens the way for the shades to enter in places that we thought were immune to their presence.

The truth is, crosses just don’t do the job on vampires any more, and holy water only gets a demon wet. Holding your hand to the square and declaring that by the name of Jesus all evil should disperse only antagonizes a "shade" that doesn’t even recognize who Jesus is or what praying is.

Do you really think that an alien entity that has been brought in through thought forms of war even shudders when someone mentions the prince of peace, especially a prince of peace that is depicted as a dying and powerless failure?

Think about what you are being forced to believe in.

A dead God or a powerful God?

Fanatical genuflecting doesn’t get the job done. Fanatics are the biggest targets for their divisive methods.

The demons and the Archons love a good fanatic because all fanatics believe about as much as is necessary to fill their egos. The biggest example of how this clouded fanaticism has destroyed common sense is in our Government.

The rise of fanaticism is clouding the minds of those that we place in our highest esteem. These are so–called patriots, or good Christians who are providing a red carpet welcoming those demons that they "know" are persecuting them.

Without the persecution of demons these born–again religious fanatics can’t perch themselves on their crosses and bleed to death emotionally and physically when the cameras roll.

Without the shadow of the World Trade Center and the black smoke spewing from the towers, fanatics can’t even produce a shred of evidence that our country is despised and hated.

They can’t produce a crumb of evidence that suggests that we should be going into country after country bombing them back to the Stone Age. Without their horrific visions of attack the fanatics wouldn’t be able to get people to demand that a police state should be in place to protect everyone. Without their burning towers they wouldn’t be able to push their "Project for the New American Century" their "New World Order" or their new "Empire."

Without any of their tools the "shades" with their alien thought forms wouldn’t be able to convince us that we are doomed. That we should prepare for our surrender now.

Those that demand that we surrender our freedoms for security are widening the gyre for the shades to give us more atrocities and further violence as they challenge the wills to guarantee mental and physical slavery. The majority of men will reap the whirlwind as they begin to see the horrible slaughter unfolding in a cataclysmic domino effect.

The end of the age is soon to be upon us, and the fanatical elite are now preparing for the mass holocaust. Pay attention to what is going on in other countries. The final war for resources has begun. We will soon become the witnesses to one of the most horrific events in human history.

The demons of the medieval times have returned and they are now in alien clothing. By our own indifference we have given them the keys that unlock the very doors in our hearts that we never knew existed.

They are in the hidden places where we keep all of the skeletons and the past pain and suffering and they will unleash famine, plague and pestilence until a critical mass of the planet is destroyed.

Are there more human lives in the balance? Of course; they are merely collateral damage in their plan.

All the ballast is dropping stone by stone.

The weight will pull down the weak and unprepared.

By our own choice we have empowered these demons by allowing the lie of "Peace Through Death" to take hold of our cultural character. Those who praise war and suffering have reduced their contribution to all that is living.

They have participated in the crimes against humanity by not demanding an elimination of the brutal behaviors of the powerful elite. Denying freedom or demanding that freedoms be eliminated for safety is an act of cowardice.

How do we defend freedom by denying others their ability to live as they choose?

It is time to name what we are seeing in the world. It is time to call it what it truly is so that people may see its true form.

We must name it barbarism!

In self–reflection we must realize that we have been misled. We have been misled by clowns leading a carnival of Fausts making bargains based upon phantoms, fears, and desires that have been shaped and forged by a network of warped and devalued social controls.

Manipulated by merciless, dark forces and alien philosophies.

What more evidence is needed to demonstrate that there is a dark force that rips through space–time and consumes us gradually and painfully digesting us until we are nothing more than a heap of waste waiting to be disposed of?

The idea is similar to that of the Echthroi (Greek for Enemy) in the book "A Wind in the Door" by Madeleine L’Engle. The Echthroi tore holes in space with their screams. They would come down as empty souls and unnamed things making them meaningless and eventually all things they unnamed were ignored and unloved.

In the book, to be named or considered was an act of love. To be heard was an act of love and to be recognized was an act of love. The Echthroi, the enemy or the unnamers, tried to destroy individuals by turning someone into no one, something into nothing, gradually making all things meaningless and banal.

The Echthroi would take all things that were important and destroyed them. Eventually these important things and important people would be ignored and their contributions to the world null and void.

Names have power. Giving consideration and appropriate respect has power. It is the power of good that fills the emptiness. The emptiness and the chaos are so easily obtained that most people today choose it because of its convenience.

The Echthroi represents inertia against all things that can be creative and helpful in our lives. They fight against that which moves us toward new life, health, new love, wisdom, risks, openness and truth.

As I have said in the past, the truth may set you free, but it may piss you off trying to get to it. Now the word "truth" seems to be an abused word, and the word "free" also has to be looked at with a jaundiced eye.

These words have been reduced to meaningless, watered–down euphemisms for tyranny. They have been bastardized because of the human tendency to make absolutes out of what limited truth we can grasp at any particular time. The "truth" most people grasp is the half–truths and disinformation that have been infused into the consensus reality through the network of social controls.

It has always been my policy to try and present ideas that are provocative in order to find the ultimate truth. In the decade that I have been working on my radio program, it has been an underlying objective to find this truth and understand that the truth is not necessarily "out there" but in your heart.

Although it may be implied or assumed, I have never said that what I say is the ultimate truth. To do so would be far too disingenuous. If I did claim to have all of the truth, I would ask that you do not trust me.

Having a radio show is a humbling experience and at times I am made aware of the responsibility that goes with such a position. I know that the topics I present may sound a bit crazy.

However, it is the modus operandi of the debunker to align people in my position with crackpot straw men. It is important to understand that this is how the powerful keep their network of social controls in place.

I always say that my shows are about the human experience. I like topics that deal with the mind, the body, and the soul. I challenge all of the so–called facts about such things. The mind is limitless, the body is temporary, and the soul is the most valuable thing that we possess.

Those who are in positions of power have constructed a network of social controls that they can manipulate and they create idols of respectability that they hope will convince you that what they have to say is the ultimate truth.

While parts of this network can be used for greatness, it seems that in the wrong hands the network of control has been successful in convincing us that destruction is far more acceptable than creativity.

There are many people in power today who abuse your trust and good faith in order to move along their agendas. They wrap themselves in protective myths and they are able to wrap you up in them as well. They tell you that they have royal bloodlines, that the blood of God flows through them. They think this gives them a mandate to rule over you. Even Christian bibles warn Christians that they should not fall for such lies. However, it seems that the attitude now is that a messianic king should rule over the world as long as good Christians think that this powerful ruler is doing what God wants.

Charge some that they teach no other doctrine, neither give heed to legends and endless genealogies, which minister questions. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, and they shall turn away their ears from the Truth and instead shall be turned unto legends. Now the Spirit speaketh expressly that in the Latter Times some shall depart from the Faith and instead listen to seducing spirits and doctrines of demons.—The New Testament

Once again I ask: Which God is truly ruling our world? What God are fanatical Christians and Muslims worshipping? From their own bibles comes the word and the word is rejected out of fear; faith is destroyed through convenience.

God is truly dead. We have killed him.

He has been replaced with the Echthroi. Little by little all things will be abandoned and unnamed. The reptiles will verily descend and man will once again know the bitter taste of being like a child, helpless and cold in a world that eventually becomes void of familiarity.

The veil will be lifted and those who hide behind their masks will be seen. Their dark visages will reveal that they have been under the influence of the shades all along.

Their idol of respectability will be revealed to be a sham.

Anyone can fall prey to a lie or a half–truth. It happens to the best of us when we fall for something called the idol of respectability. People can fail you. Even those that we hold in the highest esteem can manipulate and abuse people to retain their powerful and respected positions.

It is hard to explain to people that some of the most evil entities hide behind the mask of respectability.

Thomas Merton, a well known poet and monk, said that perhaps we should look at those in power and ask if they are truly sane. He poked fun at the "pop cultures" creation of idols of respectability.

"Now it begins to dawn on us that it is precisely the sane ones who are the most dangerous. It is the sane ones, the well–adapted ones, who can without qualms and without nausea aim the missiles and press the buttons that will initiate the great festival of destruction that they, the sane ones, have prepared."—Thomas Merton

We must stop and wonder how sane the powerful truly are when they go about the business of killing and maiming people because their might dictates that they can. How sane are these idols of respectability when they molest children, and continually steal money from the poor and the sick and ignore them as they are forced to starve to death on their watch?

Why do we enable these truly alien monsters?

Our past tells us that a generation of people fought against this alien threat and many lost their lives. For a relatively short time this threat had retreated. Slowly it found ways to return and quietly it has assumed power. Now it has its grasp on the very core of our belief systems.

Allowing this reptilian thought and alien activity to return unabashed is a great betrayal to those who gave their blood and agony for the cessation of the influences of the spiritually wicked in places of power. The destructive mindset is a worldwide phenomenon. It is an attack against all that builds confidence in a truly merciful God and the forces of good.

The shades, the Echthroi, the phantoms, demons, and Djinn can be controlled. They only tell you that they are invincible.

We try to put all the blame on these entities for the wars and the tyrannies of the world. But a demon or an alien entity does not appear unless it is empowered. It can not enter in unless it is invited in. It will go on being an obstacle unless it is removed.

The Echthroi are here because we have asked them to come. The way to remove them is to demand that they leave.

We cannot blame that which we have allowed to enter our lives like a death wind at the door.

Today we are seeing acquiescence to alien ideologies given to us by religious leaders, government officials, law enforcement, teachers and parental figures. The pop culture is also grooming us with alien and destructive messages through sound bites and news shows that tend to marginalize groups and individuals, making it fashionable to be cruel and otherwise prejudiced to the value of their lives. The non–critical thinker accepts these attitudes without taking time to think or investigate what they truly mean.

On the surface they can only appear as bait for those who are unable to see that these ideas may conceal terrible traps that lead the individual into becoming an alien monster, a monster that can only think of hoarding and consuming both the material and the spiritual resources that are provided for life, liberty and balance. They find themselves taking from others, occupying places where they do not need to be, and using half–truths and lies to get others to join them.

It is easy to get a collective to accept their wishes because the ideas they present have a surface–level agreement with the things in which the collective believes.

The alien dictum has always been a simple ultimatum.

Change or perish.

But do not forget that the choice of change is ours.

The way to combat the alien threat is simple.