By Clyde Lewis

The Elephant's Graveyard is place where elephants go before they die. The elephants are rumored to be drawn there by a mystical force. It is as if they are sensing that they are about to die and so they find a place where the others agree is the place where life has to end. Using this as some twisted metaphor, there is a critical mass of human beings that believe in a place that is similar. A place where everyone will gather and await the coming of desolation.

The messages are being sent to you. They are everywhere and everyone needs to stop, watch and pay attention. Something far more sinister and frightening this way comes, and you need to listen for the call in order to take action. People used to laugh at me when I said this. Now they are waking up and I am beginning to notice that people are becoming more awake. Little by little we may win this Great War of wickedness and chaotic principles.

The truth is not out there. The truth is in you.

Forgive me if I sound like a broken record. I am in an obsession mode and I am continually seeing more and more things and reading more stories that give me mini epiphanies. There are so many things to be said; so many things to talk about that I don't know where to begin.

My friends are even beginning to see what I see, and they call me and tell me to pay attention to certain things that show up in news reports, magazine articles, television shows and movies.

I find it interesting that certain legends seem to mimic others and how I have been noticing that memes and mythologies are bleeding together again in modern literature and films. The collective consciousness is reflecting at us like mirror. We are transmitters and receivers. We just need to all be on a frequency that is productive and not destructive.

I seem to be tuned into a frequency that continues over and over in my head and the metaphors and players are all the same. I have pointed them out many times on my show and in articles so I won't bore you with academic parlance.

There seems to be this running theme of death, rebirth and the journey into the cradle of life to find antiquities that are somehow seen as keys to unlock the doors to immortality. However the places that our leaders choose to invade may create some future problems to consider.

The war is becoming a catalyst for our own extinction.

The quest for ultimate power could bring about an extinction level event. An event that would eliminate most of the populations of the world. All of the earth will not perish. It is inevitable that some of us will live. After all, someone needs to tell the story. Someone needs to create the legends, the mythologies and the future scripture.

Who will it be?

I can only assume that most Americans would hope that it would be the good old United States of America.

Think again.

In the end there will be no account for government or religion. It will be a fight between the army of darkness and the army of the one.

It is in similitude to David slaying Goliath or if you choose to look into apocalyptic tales, Michael bruising the serpent. But take away all of the regal titles and it is a war of power against power. Spirit against spirit. Blood against blood.

Bodies crushing bodies and brains being cracked open to hideous massacre and megadeath. Battles do not come easy and many Americans are used to quick fix wars that end with the victory and history being recorded and biased toward the American ideal.

I have demonstrated in previous articles that the war in the Middle East would not end and that our soldiers would become tired and spent and that our armies would eventually fall because of the unknown dangers that exist in these places.

Unknown plagues and diseases exist in these locales. The weather is extreme, and the soldier that is our enemy can hide anywhere and ambush at will. He has his traditions and he also has his religious conviction. He can draw on the powers that every man has. These powers can deliver his enemy. These powers can make his enemy sick, and disoriented. Eventually this simple soldier will not have to use any weapon at all.

He can use what can only be called "Psionic Warfare" to bring down his opponent.

If the "powers that be" are looking for a God vs. God showdown then they will get one and then we will see just what we are made of. Firing weapons of thought and mysticism may have far more power than conventional weapons.

The war is already taking its toll on our soldiers.

News stories of suicides have surfaced amid slumping morale among troops faced with daily and deadly attacks. This is after our President has lied and declared the conflict over. As of this writing there have been differing numbers of casualties since this declaration.

Once again the proof that perhaps our "primitive enemy" is gaining power.

The dangers are not only confined to soldier against soldier. There is pestilence that will bring down our men who are fighting a never-ending war. Doctors are saying that American soldiers are contracting a mysterious illness. So far it has taken the lives of at least seven soldiers.

Doctors are baffled.

I know that this is all "routine" for war. I am not ignoring the diseases that soldiers had during Vietnam or the suicides that were reported there. I am just pointing out that the cycle has started again. However in this neck of the woods there are diseases and powers hidden in the cradle of life that are legendary.

Many forget that this area is the area of the biblical plagues. It is the place where ancient artifacts are said to be buried. Some of these artifacts are said to have powers that can bring down entire armies.

Powers that can level cities.

There are also new frontiers where our soldiers are going to be committed to. Africa seems to be the next area that our soldiers are being sent. Soldiers will be dispatched to the jungles and rainforest areas of West Africa. An area that is known as "the bush."

There they will encounter a new breed of soldier.

One who answers to yet other unseen powers. A soldier that has lived all of his life in a killing field. If we decide to move into Liberia we will be hearing about attacks far more hideous than suicide bombings.

Liberia has been a place of bloody coups and gang rule.

In 1980 it was reported that a bloody coup was carried out against Liberian President William R. Tolbert. Samuel K. Doe carried out the military takeover. No one had heard of him until he surprised Tolbert in his bedroom, cut his eyes out, quartered him and executed his cabinet.

Doe assumed the presidency and his regime eventually became spoiled with all of the privileges of power. Liberia received more political and military assistance from the USA in the decade of Doe's rule than it had ever received, despite an increasingly deteriorating political climate and human rights record.

Ten years of abuses of power were his downfall.

Prince Yormie Johnson captured Doe in April of 1990. Doe was tortured, mutilated and finally brutally killed. The incident was all caught on videotape. The tape later found its way all over West Africa, images of the videotape shocked civilized people all over the world. The video showed hideous images, that seemed to be a huge hit in Liberia and in neighboring Sierra Leone.

They first showed President Doe sitting in a chair. One of the attackers shot Doe wounding both knees. They stripped him naked tied him up and kicked him in the face. They also beat him with sticks and gun butts. He begged for water and the soldiers poured beer all over him. They were taunting him asking him if he could make himself invisible.

They cut off president Doe's ear and forced him to eat it. Then they castrated him.

There are many other ritual killings that soldiers in the "bush" carry out. Many have been known to cut out the hearts of their enemies and eat them to gain power.

Others have been known to use hallucinogenic drugs and folk magic or Voodoo to endow them with magical powers. They believe that they are the rulers of the earth and are invincible. The eating of the flesh is supposed to release the power of the animal or human being into them.

Men in the "bush" claim that this practice give them courage and makes them strong. Some of the men wear testicle amulets as well. The testicles are taken from an enemy, smoked and dried like fish. They become hard and are later hung from a chain around the neck. There are also women who gain sexual energy from eating the genitalia of their enemies.

While Voodoo is a religion of healing there are those who practice it with the left hand. If it were used to create an army of powerful soldiers this would give new meaning to the Zombified or controlled soldier.

The methods of death would be more horrible than anyone could imagine. We would be hearing of torture and bloodlust on a grander scale than before.

As you can see our march for "freedom" will find itself in a blood bath. The brave new world awaits us and the brave will be the only ones standing.

There is a need for independent scribes to record the truth there is a need for witnesses and messengers to warn us against this type of confrontation. We need to continue to warn against the gathering of the armies at Armageddon. We need to be vigilant.

We need to defend our freedom and ourselves. This doesn't mean that we have to knuckle under to controls that power hungry leaders want to impose on us. The fear is that if this type of government continues there will be bloody coups and assassinations being carried out here in the United States. Could we be piling our hatred and mistrust as fuel for a civil conflagration?

Terrorism breeds more terrorism and the thirst of blood is only quenched by the drinking of more blood. We certainly are breeding our own type of vampire.

How frightening would it be to see our progeny become flesh eating, and blood drinking primitives, the survivors of a nuclear holocaust or biological apocalypse?

Our prologue has to be kept somewhere so that when most of this civilization passes away, there is someone who can interpret the reasons for the carnage and why mankind decided to destroy itself. Why it decided to gather in a desolate area and set the spark that would annihilate and destroy the planet that was given to them as a gift for the purpose of continuing the life cycle.

Somewhere in Saudi Arabia it is widely rumored that there is a place where Elephants go to die. It is said that this place is hidden somewhere in the deep desert near Yemen. Many men have sought this legendary place where Elephants are mystically drawn to, but the expeditions that go there disappear.

Some have speculated that the groups that seek out the graveyard die of dehydration, or are killed by the raiders that exist in the desert. There is even a more fantastic explanation. There is the tale of the Guardian that is there to slaughter those who are not allowed to enter into the hallowed ground. It has been called the Guardian ghost.

The storytellers and the mythmakers are not exactly sure what dark shadow guardian is there. However they do know why it keeps its vigil. According to legends, a treasure exists inside the Elephant's Graveyard. It is a magic book, which has many spells and incantations that are keys to bring about a transformation to the planet. The Transformation is either a peaceful one or a violent one depending on the spell given.

Life's mysteries are magical and even though there doesn't seem to be any answers, the mythologies and stories that make us who we are may need to be retold or even reread in order to fully understand why we act the way we do. Why we believe what we do.

The Story of the Elephant's Graveyard was an epiphany for me as I am pondering the reasons why we are focusing our attentions on the Middle East and Africa. I know that all things boil down to economics. I know that everyone assumes that we are there for oil. However in our cynicism we forget that there are other things there that many men desire. We should not forget that our leaders are designed to look for pieces of the puzzle. They are looking for the secret combinations, and tokens that can be used to open the dimensional doorways to ZION.

The area that our troops have been ordered to maintain is now truly is the cradle of life and hidden there are all sorts of powerful tools that when used in faith can bring about transformation.

In this place there is no good or evil, only destiny. Our leaders will go any length to possess ultimate power. They claim to be seeking the doorway to the kingdom of God. They are storming through countries, in a last crusade to eliminate those who thwart their progress in finding these artifacts.

However there are some powers and tools that when used can create chaos. The powers and tools are hidden in the Middle East and the Jungles of Africa. They relay information about our origins. They can give us insight as to who our Gods might be.

However moving into such areas can carry a very heavy burden. These areas are also places where desolation can be released, and Pandora's box can be opened. Some of these places have been untouched by man. Circumstances make most of the areas off limits to mankind.

This may be the faceless shadow guardian. A protection unseen and yet deadly to anyone who comes near the earthly laboratory of creation. If anything gets in and finds the metaphorical book, graveyard, or box we may see the beginnings of Armageddon.

While these examples are merely metaphor, they teach us about the folly of men who are drunken with power, who continue in their careless wasting of lives in order to find the keys to the kingdom.

Maybe we are similar to the elephant that senses his own demise.

Deep down we may know that our civilization is ready to shut down and that perhaps we are sensing an extinction level event in the not too distant future.

Perhaps our leaders are racing against time to seize the keys that will open up the doorway to another dimension. They know of the dangers, they know that there are certain rules, but they are willing to risk all in order to find it. It is evident that whatever is eating at them has consumed them and that they are willing to leave behind in our history the record of nothing but geological wreckage.

They are willing to leave behind the collateral damage. They are willing to gather armies together at a place knowing that many will die.

This place has been called Armageddon. The place of the Great War and the spreading of the great fire and pestilence that will leave behind the bleached bones of the desperate warriors. It will be a virtual Elephant's graveyard where a book will be opened. The book will not be a book of spells.

Ironically, It will be the book of life.

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