By Clyde Lewis

"I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions".

Do we ever stop and listen to what our inner voice is telling us?

It has never been my style to open one of my essays with a question. But now is the time to ask the question because I believe inside of all of us is the inner truth that we are somehow compelled to keep inside of us for fear of not being believed.

We do not want to experience the ridicule of those who are ignorant, or cruel.

I contend that there is intuition in all of us and that many times we receive all kinds of signs and messages that guide us towards our goals. That is if we are willing to pay attention to it.

I have talked with many friends and acquaintances who have shared with me in private what they perceive of the future and what is in store for all of us. They tell me that they know that I will listen to them. Probably because of my firm belief that all of us can tune into each other and realize that we are all part of something bigger than just what we can see in front of our own two feet.

I can't count the times where my loyal listeners have met up with me somewhere. Whether it be on a bus or at a gathering, or at a station party where they have told me that they try and tell people about their gut feelings and how they are often laughed at or told that they are crazy.

They have dreams that are premonitions, or they sense things or see patterns in images and metaphors and try to ascertain just what it is the universe is trying to tell them.

They wind up having a mounting sense of fear and anxiety.

In the meantime we tune into our local television and radio stations to hear that we need to find ways to suppress these responses that may just be the very warning signs we need to get motivated.

I remember when I had a panic disorder. I was on medication to take care of it. While on the medication I was losing my intuitive abilities. I was having a bittersweet relationship with the medicated state I was in. I didn't really sense anything and it actually helped me become an obeying little drone, focusing in on material wealth and having the perfect little life. All the while I was taking for granted that there was absolutely nothing in my way. It was like having blinders on. After I was taken off the medication I had lost a lot of things but I realized that I had this intuitive sense for a reason.

It was there to help me understand the truth. It was there to help me understand that something was amiss in my life and that I had to somehow find the motivation to move on and to move forward into the future no matter how scary it was to become. I learned to listen to my inner voice and I learned that it was a gift from God and that all the drugs, and ways to medicate myself were not the best thing for my well being.

I still get panic attacks from time to time, but they are rare.

I think I have mastered my fear by not allowing it to consume me. I have done this by choice and I have learned to embrace the Cassandra that is inside of me.

The events of the past couple of days and the portent of Mars in the sky sets into motion all kinds of possibilities for revealing what the inner voice is saying to all of us. If you are feeling a sense of momentum, or if all of the circuits of your brain are synchronizing to see the outcome of transformation in the future then you may have a gift of prophetic sight.

In this time of confusion however you can tell everyone what is to come and it will not be believed. You have to accept that these are times where many inner voices are being turned down by the noise of all kinds of destructive distractions.

If you familiarize yourself with the Greek tragedy of Cassandra you will understand the curse she had and how she would predict the future and having her prophecies fall on deaf ears.

Her tale involves a blessing that is also a curse.

Cassandra received the power to foretell the future from the god Apollo.

Apollo taught Cassandra how to be a prophet. However he had an ulterior motive. He had hoped that if he taught Cassandra he could win her affections. Cassandra only saw Apollo as a teacher and not a potential lover.

The rejection of the affectionate overtures was an insult to Apollo. So he punished Cassandra. Every marriage or relationship she had would end in disaster and her gift of prophecy was never believed.

Everyone who heard her true and accurate predictions of future events would think that the predictions were lies.

She predicted the outcome of many disastrous events.

In one memorable example, Cassandra warned the Trojans about accepting gifts from the Greeks. Eventually there was a gift given to the Trojans in the form of a White horse.

The Trojan Horse was an instrument of war used by the Greeks to gain access to the city of Troy.

The Greeks built a giant, hollow horse. A handful of armed Greeks climbed into the hollow opening, and sealed it up. The Trojans came out of Troy to receive the huge horse as an offering of peace. The Trojans were happy because they had believed that they had conquered the Greeks and that they had won the war.

Troy had declared victory and celebrated.

They ate and they drank. They eventually slept. In the wee hours of the morning the Greeks opened the hollow belly of the beast and killed the Trojan sentries at all the city gates. The gates were then opened to the Greek army. By daylight, everyone in Troy was either dead, or sold into slavery.

I use Cassandra as the metaphor for everyone who has felt compelled to tell the truth and have had the frustration of not being believed. The Cassandra metaphor is for someone who is alone with the truth and whose truth will not be accepted or believed.

The Trojan Horse is also a metaphor for the pale horse and it's appearance in prophecy.

"And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him."---Book of the Apocalypse

As I have pointed out earlier I see the pale horse as a signal or metaphor for biological weapons. It is the surprise attack, hidden in a gift of revelation. We will receive a message about the biological threat, and then we will start seeing the repercussions of what the threat truly is and what it truly means to all of us.

There is also a Mars connection. One needs to remember who led the invasion of Troy.

It was Odysseus.

Homer wrote about his adventures in "The Odyssey."

It is synchronicity to mention that Odyssey is the name of the probe that is now orbiting Mars sending us pictures back of the planet that is approaching us. Mars will reach its closest point towards the end of August and we will soon see how it affects our behavior here on planet Earth.

The intuitive will dream dreams and will get visions and messages that will be of warning. It is important to keep an ear to the ground for the thundering of the pale horse. Death is a metaphor for Mars and hell following will be the aftermath of the appearance.

Those with the curse of Cassandra will begin to feel a sense of unrest among the people in their geographical area.

I am often asked why I am telling people to avoid protests and gatherings when public officials arrive. There is a reason for this and the only reason I can give people is that it leaves them open for danger when incendiary civil unrest occurs.

With Mars on the approach it is best to be in places where they can avoid any attempts at domestic terrorism or even assassination attempts.

Listen to that triggering, and nagging voice that is saying you are about to go through the refiner's fire of change and transition. It is time to try and tap into the "anima mundi" or the spirit of the world and how it all affects you. Be aware that global events that unfold will directly affect you.

Beware of people who claim that they have found the Holy Grail, or better still the smoking gun. The reason I say this is because it will be a tool of manipulation and it may even convince you to doubt your intuition.

It is wise to note that cool heads always prevail and that heads filled with fear do drastic things, and most of those things are dangerous to their lives and other lives as well.

It is important not to over burden yourself because when we reach the flash point of all that we have been sensing we will need time to rest and reflect on what the consequences are of the event.

Remember the poem by Yeats that I posted in my last essay:

"What revelation is at hand! "What rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches toward Bethlehem to be born?"

The White horse gallops across the sky. Bringing with it revelation of toxins, viruses, and plagues. We may see the revelation given by opportunists to get us to cave in and act in manners that are selfish, and dangerous.

We need to stop and understand that we have all been infected in some way. We must help those who are in need. We have to look at everyone as a child of God. We need to stop thinking that our pain is worse than someone else's pain.

By this time we will all be feeling a sense of loss in one way or another. We will have to stop and mourn for the spiritually weak, and those who did not listen to the inner truth that reverberates inside their souls.

We will then breathe a sigh of relief when the shadow of unrest passes over us like the whirlwind of a passing super storm.

You will then find out what part of you life is thirsting and hungry. Then you will have the need to replenish yourself with food for thought.

Always remember to share the thought so that in the future no one will thirst and no one will hunger.

Maybe then you will be believed.

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