by Clyde Lewis

"Therefore I will not keep silent;
I will speak out in the anguish of my spirit,
I will complain in the bitterness of my soul.
Am I the sea, or the monster of the deep,
that you put me under guard?" — The Book of Job

A while ago, I had speculated that in the aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy, the United States had been left in a state of mental illness that would have us demanding harsher, more vicious measures to combat the unsubstantiated fear of an invisible enemy.

After I had written my last article, in which I discussed the statistics of risk for a terrorist attack, I was told by a few people that my comments were insensitive to the memory of those who died in the attack three years ago.

Other people have suggested that I use harsh words when I speak, and that I should try and be a bit more considerate. To whom? Apparently, to people who are not yet capable of comprehending what I have to say about our world, a world that has somehow lost track of what is really important.

As the evidence mounts that we have ignored major issues of life and liberty for the fear of terrorism, I have had a brilliant stroke of genius that I think the news networks would probably benefit from. Perhaps they could take all of the terror threat reports and war news, and put them on a separate channel, where those who want to see such horrible reports can go to watch them.

It could be a channel set aside for those who feed on the fear, letting them sit isolated in their homes and watch the constant beating of society. It would be a round–the–clock showing of soldiers killing Iraqis, bulldozers flattening protesters, and armored police who spray citizens with mace and then proceed to beat them with batons.

It could be the "Apocalypse Channel" hosted by Tom Ridge. It could have a crawl that alternates a constantly changing report of the terror level with demands that you still function like a good little consumer.

"Take your drugs. Be happy. Roll over. Play dead. Fulfill your mission. Remain vigilant."

In order to break the monotony of war coverage, the network can cut away to TV shows like COPS, where we can see police bring in their armored vehicles to have a standoff with a person who wants to get to his home after it has been destroyed in a natural disaster.

This actually happened in central Florida!

After Hurricane Charley laid waste to Fort Myers Beach, police deputies used a taser gun on a man that was trying to get to his home and check on his family, whom he was afraid might be dead. Those who witnessed it were telling the officers to leave him alone, that he was frustrated and that he needed to get to his home.

Officers did not listen, and used the stun gun instead. These new taser weapons fire an estimated 50,000 volts into the body and disrupt the central nervous system, incapacitating the target.

As a means of calming someone down, It was obviously overkill.

In the new America, however, we are going to witness more of these overreactions to perceived threats, because we are living in a cloud of endemic paranoia.

There will be more threats and rumors of threats. There will be actions that will terrify us, and in the process we will become more isolated and more susceptible to the whims of a government out of control.

In the wake of terrorist threats that are merely "possible", yet treated as immediate, it is important to realize that as long as we continue our overreactions to these threats, we are actually allowing the effects of terrorism to win.

Think about the definition of terrorism:

As defined by the FBI, Terrorism is "the unlawful use of force against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population or any segment thereof, in the furtherance of political or social objectives". This definition includes three elements: (1) Terrorist activities are illegal and involve the use of force. (2) The actions are intended to intimidate or coerce. (3) The actions are committed in support of political or social objectives.

By this definition, the terrorists have succeeded in their objective, and our leaders have demonstrated their cowardice in the face of a perceived enemy.

Our leaders are demanding that we change. They demand that we adhere to a "patriot act" that negates our constitution. They suggest that our elections may be suspended. They corral people into "free speech zones" that violate First Amendment rights.

There are leaders like Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York who are already tagging war protesters as "troublemakers who may abuse their privileges." Is free speech now a "privilege"?

If "X" says something we don’t like, we might have to get medieval on them. "X" doesn’t think the same way we do, so we must dismiss him by detaining him and stripping him of his civil rights. If he gets angry or agitated, it means that he is mentally ill and he must be medicated, or stunned, or be put to sleep.

The New York Times reports that FBI agents are already questioning people whom they suspect may have plans to be involved in protests at the Republican National Convention. Though agents claim they are only looking for information about possibly violent protests, there are others who consider it harassment.

Sarah Bardwell, a member of an anti–war group in Denver, CO, was visited at her home by four FBI agents and two local police officers, who claimed to be "doing some preventive measures and investigating." She was asked whether she had plans to conduct protest activities at the Republican National Convention later this year. Bardwell considers it an abusive intimidation tactic. "The message I took from it," she told Eric Lichtblau of the New York Times, "was that they were trying to intimidate us into not going to any protests and to let us know that, ’hey, we’re watching you.’ "

Big Brother is not only watching you, but mentally torturing you. He wants you to be intimidated and passive, and he will do everything in his power to make it so. The fear of another possible terrorist attack has brought some citizens to knuckle under to proposals that are far more frightening than any terrorist attack.

This is all being done because people are too frightened to stand up and say "No more!" Many feel that we need these harsh safeguards, not realizing that they are merely allowing terrorism to coerce drastic changes and division in a country whose law mandates unity.

How does this lead to victory over terrorism?

It doesn’t.

The United States needs to heal. Our handlers won’t let us. They want to continue to perpetuate the idea of vulnerability, convincing us that we need their protection through their new and improved system.

The truth is that there will be more tragedies, more horrors, more loss of life, and more acts of inhumanity. They are inevitable. Anyone is capable of taking advantage of the moment and pointing the world’s order towards dystopia.

While trying to process feelings of anger and trauma, it is healthy to pause and contemplate the next move. We are often told that in the midst of such feelings, it is difficult to make rational decisions. It is recommended that we stand down, take in a deep breath, and wait for the initial shock to the system to wear off.

Making a decision under duress leads us to say things we do not really mean, or to do things without considering the consequences.

These consequences, when added to the original trauma, can virtually throw you into a sense of victimization.

This leads to a chronic persecution complex.

It happens quickly. Before long, we become so used to the imbalance that we can’t remember a time where we had balance. The imbalance of thought and the rapid changes of polarity become addictive, and soon we are stuck in some dysfunctional habit that needs to be changed or reprogrammed in order to progress.

In the vicious cycle of mental persecution complex, this imbalanced mind gets held up in some mental prison, and, perversely, fights to remain in it.

Whatever plays out in the human mind eventually manifests in the world of the real.

Soon, the mental prison becomes a physical one, and those who are sick and prone to thinking they are victimized tend to feel the most free when they are kept in a prison world that they have contributed to creating.

Isolation becomes an attractive alternative.

In order to find freedom you demand imprisonment.

Think for a moment how the majority of people live their lives today.

You wake up and shower. Perhaps you had sex last night, perhaps not. You may have time to gulp coffee and nibble on toast or a bagel if you are lucky, and then you are on the road to work. In order to get into the building you have to use a security key.

Most workers who spend their day in an office rarely talk anymore. They send e–mails from their 6X8 cubicles. They bury themselves in busy work to keep the boss from standing at the entrance to their cubicle and chastising them for not being productive.

In the office you are constantly under surveillance.

When you take your break, you have anywhere from a half–hour to an hour to get your food, and usually you have to go some distance to buy it. You then return to your cubicle hell and are again required to look busy. You are not allowed to surf on the internet because it is monitored by the boss, or by corporate executives that judge what is and what isn’t appropriate for work. If you play any games on your computer you can be fired.

If you take time off work in the so–called free world outside of the prison, it just means that your workload is piling up while you are gone, and you have to come back.

All this is done for earnings that barely pay your debts, and for health care that you work for until your dying day, when there is no guarantee that the life insurance company will pay the benefits to your loved ones when you die.

Now let us take a look at what prison is like.

The guards open the doors and turn the lights on in the morning, awakening you, and you shower. Perhaps you had sex last night, although it wasn’t exactly the type of sex you wanted. You dress and are taken, by a guard with a security key, to breakfast served on time every day. Then you go back to sit in your 8X10 cubicle. It is interesting to note that there is a bit more room for you in this particular space than in an office cubicle.

In the prison you are constantly under surveillance.

Lunch is served on time as well, and you don’t have to pay for it. You can watch TV and play games without having to worry about getting fired or punished. In fact, for good behavior you may get time off. For prisoners, time off means going home early, and, if you keep out of trouble, you don’t have to go back.

In prison you get free, guaranteed health care. All your expenses are paid for by taxpayers. You are being cared for by the system and you become a statistic in the machine.

The whole idea of being taken care of sounds inviting.

Being in a position where all things are done for you by the system is beginning to look more like freedom. In a system where the government gives you your basic needs, you will never have to question or worry again.

They will keep you under constant surveillance and it will be a never–ending cycle of playing X–box and watching football games. Just outside your prison cell the masters of war will be protecting your "freedom."

If by chance you awaken one morning and realize you are imprisoned, and your soul becomes anxious or otherwise inattentive, you will be given the right dose of medication to keep you in balance. This way you will not have to challenge the system and your endemic paranoia will be alleviated. No longer will you be person "X" thinking against the grain. No longer will you be individual "X" crossing the opinions of individual "Y." "X" will begin to think like everyone else thinks.

Lately, I have watched movies and read chapters of books that deal particularly with the so–called dystopic future. I see there a time when humans become isolated, giving up their individual freedoms to governments and religions that have run amok. Huxley’s "Brave New World" becomes a blueprint for life; movies like THX 1138 by George Lucas become crystal balls for a sterile future where humans are kept in a virtual prison and are drugged to keep them form "thinking outside the box."

I sat and watched THX 1138 and realized how difficult it was to watch. Its sterility and its writing sometimes overshadow the performance of the actors. Most of the scenes are filmed in ice–cold blues and whites, and the constant pill–popping of the characters in the film, no doubt meant to add atmosphere, is unbearably distracting.

Much of the film is seen through the fish–eyed lens of a security system. It is forbidden to have any sexual contact in this future world because of how unsanitary it is, and there are many people who are taken into custody by robotic police officers for "drug evasion."

Can anyone even imagine a world where you are required to take drugs in order to keep you from becoming too panicked or overly anxious? How about a world where being drugged curtails creativity and where, eventually, outside stimulus is needed to trigger certain types of emotions?

A character named THX 1138 is troubled. He goes into a small room to confess his sins to some holographic image of a religious figure, which apparently has been created by the "controllers." He doesn’t get the entire confession out before the robotic voice encourages him to further the progress of the programmed and sterile government.

"Work hard, increase production, avoid accidents, and be happy."—THX 1138

THX 1138 goes home to his mate, an androgynous form who, like him, has a shaven head and wears an equally sterile jumpsuit. There they live in an adequate cell and watch TV.

The programming is a sterile barrage of sexual images, or, if he chooses, there is another channel of meaningless violence, which consists of a police officer beating a worker like him with a baton.

His mate keeps giving him pills to take, and yet again THX 1138 is troubled and goes to the confessional and says that he thinks that he is dying. He throws up in the booth and once again the God that has been created by the controllers gives him a sterile bit of comfort.

"Let’s be thankful we have commerce, buy more, buy more now and be happy."—THX 1138

The story takes place in the 25th century, a torturous ride through a totalitarian state that strips people of their individuality. Unfortunately, in films or stories such as these we are led to believe that the characters were forced into their individual prisons.

The truth is, many of these characters were lured into the trap of thinking that imprisonment was a far better alternative to freedom.

The Chinese linguist and philosopher Yutang Lin commented that antagonism and fear of daily murder can result in the demand for mental imprisonment, which leads to physical imprisonment on a grand scale.

He said that the people who witness the murdering of the innocent on a daily basis will have no choice but to demand that the guard be increased.

"Stirred up antagonism, created enemies on a wide range, To secure safety of life built up multiple layers of guards. Even though on high throne with power over the world, What could be the pleasure in light of self–imprisonment? Stirred up multitudes of emotions, intensified antagonism, thus creates foes on a large scale over a wide range, and results in lack of peace in daily life. Even though power is said to have control , They are constantly worried about murder attempts, cornered within multiple layers of safeguards, isn’t this imprisonment?

Causal consequences of actions and intentions would not be mistaken even in minor details. Plotted for profits in disregard to justice, one could hardly expect an end of such jail sentence." — Yutang Lin (loosely translated from Chinese)

It is an eerily peculiar coincidence that our society seems to dance in the periphery of dystopic tales told by Huxley, Orwell, and, in this case, George Lucas.

We are looking at a time when our leaders make proposals to curtail our civil liberties. Other proposals violate our cognitive liberty; these are some of the most bizarre. It is as if they have been taken directly from the pages of science fiction novels.

In the movie THX 1138 the characters were forced to take drugs that kept them from feeling sexual desire. The drugs were required because sexual activity might get in the way of progress. They were prescribed to insure passivity and compliance. No one would want to engage have sex or do anything else that would bring them out of their stupor and perhaps become defiant of the system.

It is interesting to point out that THX 1138 was originally released in 1971. It will soon be shown in theaters with newly restored sound and added footage to make it look more like the blockbusters of today.

The timing is just too perfect to be an accident.

Recently there has been a discussion about a new vaccine being developed that would be required for children that guarantees an aversion to nicotine, and other drugs that give the body a euphoric feeling.

The Department of Trade and Industry in the United Kingdom has set up a special project to investigate ways of using new scientific breakthroughs to combat drug and nicotine addiction.

Under the plans, doctors would immunize children at risk of becoming smokers or drug users with an injection. The scheme could operate in a similar way to the current nationwide measles, mumps and rubella vaccination program.

Immunization during childhood would provide us as adults with protection from the euphoria that is experienced by users, making drugs such as heroin and cocaine pointless to take. Such vaccinations are being developed by pharmaceutical companies and are due to hit the market within two years. Scientists are already conducting trials for drugs that can be used by doctors to vaccinate against cocaine or heroin addiction.

Doctors in the United States have also found excuses to prescribe antidepressants like Zyban and Wellbutrin to help their patients quit smoking. Many anti–depressants have the unfortunate side effect of sexual dysfunction. While Wellbutrin is said to have less impact upon sex, there are still incidents where this medication does alter one’s sex drive. It also creates a danger for seizures when used with drugs such as Marijuana or even alcohol.

There is a new anti–depressant that is not yet even on the market, yet it is causing controversy because it has been linked to a girl’s suicide. A new antidepressant called Cymbalta was linked to the February death of a 19–year–old. Traci Johnson, a 19 year old healthy volunteer with no history of depression, committed suicide by hanging while testing Eli Lilly’s drug, Cymbalta (duloxetine), at Eli Lilly’s Laboratory for Clinical Research. Johnson took a scarf placed it around her neck and hung from a shower rod in her bedroom at the laboratory.

She was in perfect health, had no mental disorder, and was not suicidal. The student was a volunteer in a study receiving the drug in high doses.

For unexplained reasons, the FDA has continued to drag its feet and has delayed any action to protect children in trials of their drugs. Antidepressant drugs are the darlings of the drug industry. Under pressure to act, FDA convened an advisory committee meeting to review the evidence –– but announced that no votes or action would be taken.

The FDA alleges that Johnson, a Bible student from Pennsylvania, was actually taking a placebo for four days and that the antidepressant did not contribute to her death.

Lilly can actually pay up to $5000 dollars to people who enroll in the trials. Johnson dropped out of school to take part in the Lilly trials so she could earn enough money to return to college.

Aldous Huxley, who wrote the book "Brave New World", said in 1961 that in the generations to come, there will be a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude. He declared that drugs will be the silent weapons used in the final revolution for the oligarchic takeover.

"There will be in the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them but will rather enjoy it."—Aldous Huxley

This will facilitate a dictatorship without tears. A passivity towards perpetual war.

They will enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel. It will be used in tandem with propaganda, brainwashing, and conditioning.

It is obvious that this new war we are in the midst of is meant to be continuous, to engender a mounting sense of fear and vulnerability that will put a strain on our minds and force us to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion.

After we are exhausted, we will eventually succumb to anything that looks like it will relieve us of our inner turmoil.

Many of us will resort to violence, murder, even taking our own lives. Our morality will dwindle and we will become like drones similar to those seen in THX 1138. We will demand to be tased or stunned in order to feel alive. Our imprisonment will be a relief from the fight for true freedom.

The recipe for doom is evident. We are following its spirit every day that we don’t speak up and tell people to quit this destructive and divisive path.

Take a society of people who feel they are happy and free. Give them leaders they trust. Then introduce drugs into the society to render them passive and pliable.

Find a way to psychologically frighten a society. Use the threat of death as a constant reminder of their vulnerability. Create an endemic paranoia where the majority feels victimized and angry. Find a scapegoat where the people can blame certain groups and people that don’t think as they do.

Marginalize these people and then create a schism in which all people are at odds philosophically and politically. Take from them that which they hold dear, take away their liberties and rights. Show them what happens to those who do not comply.

Give them more reason to start feeling paranoid, by telling them that if they do not behave or if they do not allow a police state to take over then the demon horde will infiltrate and take away what little you have left.

Demonize those who rebel, watch the breakdown begin.

The final solution is deadly.

Revolt, mass murder, chaos, and a final mop–up slaughter.

Welcome to the new America, was it all worth it?

It’s a brave new world out there…

At least we hope so.