By Clyde Lewis

Stop for a moment and ask yourself if everything you have been taught to be true is false. Then, start thinking about those things you seldom think about. Ask yourself if all of those imaginary fears are real. What if a total stranger told you that you need to prepare for something that you often made fun of? What if that stranger had died sixty years ago? You'd listen wouldn't you?

Ephrain is a nine year old boy. He lives in Czechoslovakia near Prague. He speaks broken English and has mood swings. In some ways he's like any nine-year-old boy. He thinks about the world, he's excited for the Holidays, but there are certain things about him that are very sad.

He has confided in me that he is unhappy where he is. He questions the existence of God, yet he knows scripture and the Old Testament like a Rabbi. He secretly awaits the coming of Elijah and continues to tell me that he feels it will be in the next 13 years.

I have always been sarcastic when it comes to the end of the world. When people tell me their theories about it I often listen but remain skeptical because the future is so cloudy that I believe the living cannot possibly look into the fog and see what is ahead.

However what troubles me greatly is that Ephrain isn't your typical nine-year-old boy.

Ephrain is dead.

Through the use of an Ouija board , and a little parapsychic communication I was able to speak with Ephrain at a sťance on Halloween.

I am not usually called upon to be a medium but since I was the guest who had the aura of being a parapsychic I was chosen to begin communications with the dead.

Many people have explanations as to why these boards work. Some say that it is a switchboard where spirits love to play with the living. Others say that the boards are not needed and that these spirits can come to you and you can write what they are saying on paper.

I have talked about these boards before. This was the first time however that I was called to host and be the medium in charge of the board and while many will say that most Ouija experiences are nothing more than ideomotor responses, I must tell you that if the responses that were given on this board were from my subconscious then I have absorbed more in my lifetime and past lifetime than I could ever put down on paper. If the subconscious unintentionally manipulates an Ouija board then you would have to accept that somewhere inside me is a nine -year-old Jewish boy named Ephrain who lived in a place called Terezin which is near Prauge.

Ephrain claimed that he lived there with his mother Elifa his father Johannes, and his brother. He says that they were going to flee to Poland because there were rumors that they were preparing to send people east to camps.

I asked him if he lived in a concentration camp. He said no. Maybe he did not understand. Terezin was known by the Nazis as Thereisenstadt.

Thereisenstadt was a cleverly disguised concentration camp. From what I have researched since my encounter with Ephrain, Thereisenstadt may or may not have existed until 1941. Which is two years after his death.

So I don't know if it checks out. I do not know all the various details of the holocaust or how Czechoslovakia played into it. All I know is what background Ephrain told me through the board. He was hesitant because he knew I was of German descent.

I asked him what it was like on the other side and he said it was lonely. I asked if he believed in God and he said that he did not see any proof of God on the other side. That there was no Heaven and no Hell. He did say that he believed that liberation was at hand. That Elijah would return.

He was happy one minute and sad the next lamenting that he wished that Karl would have paid for what he did to his family. He claimed that Karl was an old man living in Argentina.

He also said that one of my relatives probably knew him since I was "Auf Deutsche." I told him I wouldn't know. He kept saying the words "Jew" "Pig" and "Dog." I felt that it was odd that he kept saying that. He would continue to say it as if I would understand what it meant. That perhaps he didn't matter because I would not like him or believe him because he was told that he was a "Jew" a "Pig" and a "Dog." I figured maybe the word Swinehund (sic) which is a German equivalent was what he was implying.

He scolded me and said that I probably didn't believe his story. He said that it would please him if I wrote about him. He also said it would make him happy if Karl would just die.

He mentioned that he knew that there was a war going on. He spoke present tense. He felt that this war would last 9-10 years. After the war he said that he knew Elijah would return to let the world know that there would be a great change and the messiah would come. He claimed that this would happen in 2012.

The session with Ephrain lasted until the early morning. I was getting tired and needed to rest.

The next day was uneventful. When Halloween falls on a Sunday no one really is motivated to do anything extraordinary. So after Lunch I decided it was time to see how old Ephrain was doing.

I opened the board and immediately, I received a hello from Ephrain. He said that he knew that I was curious about what he said and told me that I needed to educate myself about the Old Testament. I told him that I have read the bible and he said that it was time that I read some scriptures that he loved.

He said that I should read Malachi, that it was filled with information about Elijah. I told him I knew of the scriptures that dealt with Elijah and he then spelled out


I asked him if he had misspelled Malachi and the planchette moved to the word


I said to spell it again.

M-A-L-A-C-H-I-M I then asked if it was Hebrew.

The planchette then pointed to the word


The planchette then spelled the word

A-N-G-E-L- S-P-E-A-K

I asked The angels are speaking? To whom?


I then asked tell the Earth What?

He then spelled out a singsong type word group that gave me the creeps. It had the meter of a nursery rhyme:

"No one is right"
"He brings us new light"
"Thief in the night."

"Elijah! Elijah!"

I asked where he had heard that and he spelled out


I asked the Rabbi's name and the planchette pointed to the word


It then spelled out


And then the words

F-U-T-U-R- E-V-N-T-S

I was curious about the future events and I asked him once again about his misspelling.

He chided me by writing

I- A-M-N-I-N-E

Which was a little reminder that he was nine years old and of course the thing we need to consider is that these communications were being given to me in English which is something that had me skeptical.

That was until he began spelling out words that showed my limitations as an Investigator.

The Words he spelled out for me were:


Words that I have never heard before. He also spelled out the word


And then the word


And the Numbers


I figured that Job of course was the biblical character that was tormented by Satan and yet kept true to God.

Even though I have read the Bible I never remembered a book called Joel but I gave it a shot and sure enough it was a book in the Old Testament. I know that sounds haphazard but the bible is like a phonebook. You can read every name in the phonebook and still not remember every name and every phone number.

So I looked up Joel and read some fascinating doom and gloom prophecy that gave me the creeps.

The Book of Joel is a book that deals with end times prophecy. It talks about how the Holy Spirit will be poured out upon the earth. However before that happens there will be tragedy and calamity . That there will be pillars of fire coming down from heaven (Solar Flares?) Darkening of the sun (Eclipse?) moon turning to blood (Lunar Eclipse?) Wonders in heaven (UFO's, Comets, Meteors. Asteroids?).

Young men will have visions and old men will dream dreams (Remote viewing?)

It was surreal.

He then spelled out


I asked what to prepare for?




I was only able to surmise that we are to prepare for the signs to come. That doorways and portals will open and the spirits will come to the earth. He mentioned that the place he was at was like a spirit bank of souls that have died and have yet to be born. However there were more souls that had passed and fewer souls that are waiting birth.

It was then that he mentioned something that was a New Testament prophecy. The arrival of a White horse.


"And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer."

Many people argue that the white horse prophecy means two things, the peace of Israel or the arrival of the anti-Christ. The whole conversation switched to New Testament metaphors.

Ephrain also spelled out

H-O-R-S-E-S -4



I thought it was another rhyming phrase;

"Horses Four Spirit Door"

I could only think that he was referring to the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. However there is also an Old Testament story that includes four horses. It was Zechariah who had a vision of horses-

"And I turned, and lifted up mine eyes, and looked, and, behold, there came four chariots out from between two mountains; and the mountains were mountains of brass.

In the first chariot were red horses; and in the second chariot black horses; And in the third chariot white horses; and in the fourth chariot grisled and bay horses."

Notice that Zechariah says that chariots or vehicles were pulled by these horses.

There are different horses that represent certain things. The general opinion is that the White horse is the harbinger of false prophets and spiritual rejection. This horseman has the ability to convince people of his divinity and is will eventually change much of humanity. His prophets and ministers will preach that "end is near" and advocate a new gospel that will change the face of what the world believes.

Some biblical scholars argue that the White Horseman is here and that he is the antichrist who is establishing a new religious philosophy based on false doctrine, manipulation and deception. They believe that Satan and his false prophets will rise to rule the world spiritually and perhaps conquer the weak.

There is of course another white horse and it is more pale and it is the horse of death and hell.

That horse comes after a red Horse which takes peace from the earth And a Black horse that will bring disease, epidemics and famine to the whole world, allowing superstition and ignorance to spread in the resulting chaos.

We see that perhaps these metaphors exist right now. That perhaps they represent an unseen war. The war that Ephrain spoke of.

We are beginning to see that there is an unseen war between the classes. The corrupt upper classes controlling the world economy will prosper as the world's poor will be forced to pay excessive prices for the necessities of life. The sick and afflicted will die as prices soar for treatments. There is also a war of words, the war for your mind, and the war where weapons of mass destruction are being readied and loaded. These wars will generate famine. Not just a famine of food but a famine of knowledge and spirituality.

Some argue that the four Horsemen of the apocalypse represent the purification of spirit through fire and blood. The tools used for this to take place are simple according to Bible prophecies. God will use Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death in order to prepare the world for the coming of the messiah. The messiah waits at the door and awaits the building of the new temple.

Aristotle commented that "From time to time it is necessary that pestilence, famine, and war prune the luxuriant growth of the human race"

Could it be that Ephrain was speaking through Malachim to me and tried to warn me of the harvest that is about to take place?

Or was he referring to the holocaust where Jews were pruned out of existence by the Nazi third Reich and that the Harvest of the Jews continues and will get worse before the arrival of Elijha.

Who or what is Malachim and what significance does it have to this account?

Well, after research I can tell you that perhaps Ephrain was speaking on behalf of the Malachim.

I looked up the word and it's various definitions and I can see why a nine year old with limited understanding became a mouthpiece for such complicated phrases and philosophies.

Jewish tradition calls the Malachim emissaries or angels that translate the word of God through Hebrew symbols. Since the Ouija board was not furnished with Hebrew, the Malachim had to make clear to me what the purpose of the communication was.

It was a warning call to prepare for the pouring out of the spirits that live in this purgatory or intermediate state between birth and death.

It was a preparedness admonition that states unequivocally that there are soon to be great things in store for the earth and bad things as well before the restoration of all truth. Elijah is the great emissary that will appear on or about 2012 will bring the news of a deliverer.

Mankind is about to make a transition after 9 or 10 years of violent wars.

The Word Anakim is a Hebrew word for the Giants that lived in the Old Testament. Goliath was a giant that was a descendant of the Anakim. They are the great giants that fell to earth in the Old Testament. The significance of the word is till unclear to me.

I can only think of David and Goliath as a metaphor meaning that David (Israel) will rise up against a Goliath. The Giants who persecute them.

As far as the significance of the other words I could not find anything online that would define the words exactly perhaps they are misspelled. If anyone reading this can find words similar and give me a definition it would be helpful.

Ephrain's final words to me were to read the bible again. Especially the Old Testament. He spelled out


And the number 8

I obliged by opening the bible and looked.

The caption above the chapter said

"An end has come."

The planchette then moved to the word GOOD BYE. I have not tried to contact Ephrain since. I have picked up the Bible and read Joel 2:29 and while the chapter and verse tell of the pouring out of the spirit , moving on to the other verses I felt a sense of familiarity that still rings all too true in this age of apocalyptic thinking:

"Even upon the menservants and maidservants in those days, I will pour out my spirit. And I will give portents in the heavens and on the earth, blood and fire and columns of smoke. The sun shall be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood, before the great and terrible day of the LORD comes."

Ephrain did speak in present tense. Perhaps the three of the horseman have arrived. The pale horse is due. Who will be next? What do you think about the Ephrain's warning?

Keep your mind at Ground Zero.


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