By Clyde Lewis

It may be a little late to strike up a chord of paranoia about the food supply. However after the "mad cow" reports from Washington state and the killing of chickens to eliminate avian flu outbreaks it is time to remind everyone that we depend on nameless, faceless strangers to grow, process and ship our food. There comes a time when we have to admit that bio contaminated food is a weapon of mass destruction and that going to the supermarket or local fast food joint is now a crapshoot.

I have been holding back a bit with regards to the "mad cow" scare that hit the country around the holidays. I held back because I felt as though I had written the warning in other articles and essays and I really needed a new angle or a new way of looking at the entire mess.

I have been secretly harboring fears of a potential famine in the United states and in the age of paranoia and the Department of homeland security you have to be pretty careful about how you warn people of potential dangers that are lurking in the dark corners of reality.

The thing that is most unnerving is that the "mad cow" scare itself originated in the Northwest putting the Bovine Spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) in my own back yard.

This is the second time that this plague has affected me in a place that was so close to home.

As I have said countless times on my show and in my articles my grandmother died of what was then called BSE in the 1980’s.

When I heard of the "downer" cow with the disease and its subsequent distribution to markets all over the Northwest including Portland I did the most inconsistent thing in my life.

I went to a restaurant and ordered a thick T-bone steak.

Medium rare.

It was my way of giving a defiant finger to all of the fear that was being generated in the media. I felt like Cipher in the movie the Matrix. He sits down in with Agent Smith and reflects on the eating of a steak and how it is an illusion.

"I know this steak doesn't exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. After nine years, you know what I realize? Ignorance is bliss."—The Matrix

In the same way I know that Mad Cow exists, I know that when I put some beef in my mouth the system tells me that I could get BSE. I am aware that BSE can enter my brain and turn it into sponge. After eating beef for nearly 40 years I have realized that sometimes ignorance is bliss.

I am sure ignorance about the processing of your meats and the handling of vegetables is really a product of people taking for granted that there are safeguards in place that keep the food supply from becoming tainted in some way.

The U.S. department of Agriculture have done a good job at damage control after the mad cow fright and yet we ignore the fact that perhaps the USDA are not as dependable as we are led to believe. Perhaps they are taking orders for the same secret societal operation that controls everything we eat, and drink.

It is evident that we are being mislead into believing that "mad cow" disease is an anomaly and yet we already have a "logical reason" for this anomaly when there is other evidence to suggest that there may be a conspiracy behind the arrival of this new plague.

While reading this essay it may be necessary to put aside all of the alleged explanation behind BSE, AIDS, and certain cancers. I am growing tired of the inconsistency that I am hearing about these alleged new plagues.

There have been horrible diseases that have emerged in my lifetime. In fact it seems that more and more diseases are popping up everyday. In my lifetime I have heard of AIDS, Gulf War Syndrome, and now BSE. There have been other diseases like chronic fatigue, and Fibromyalgia, and certain cancers that have been harming people at an alarming rate.

These very well could be the last great plagues and they are culling the population little by little. I am learning that it all is according to social engineering and blueprints set in stone for the culling of the populace. It even smacks of Secret societal tinkering because of what these diseases target.

Most of these maladies are related to the blood.

It is now evident that the blood in the body is now being targeted as the carrier for newly found contaminants. In past articles and essays again I have focused on the importance of blood in the rituals of those in the power elite who are part of the secret societies.

Power mongers tend to have a peculiar reverence for blood. They have a fixation on bloodlines and genealogy. They have focused on blood as the powerful elixir for their nefarious endeavors.

I know that recently I have been focusing on the vampiric seduction and now you can probably figure out why.

Records of antiquity tell us that there were blood sacrifices offered for empowerment. There were ceremonies where those in power would drink the blood of the innocent in order to retain their power. Animals and children were sacrificed in the quest for that power.

Now the blood is being used to carry contaminants to possibly cull the populace. It is as if the power elite not only wants to control your thoughts, your soul, but your very life force.

This to me is a frightening prospect.

Looking back in the histories of the secret societies we see that the Templars, kings and contemporary world leaders have had this fascination with bloodlines. They have always been looking for the royal blood. It is the basis for power controls throughout history.

The diseases that have appeared on the horizon could very well be another force or tool for control by the power elite.

For many years many people in the field for the paranormal have reported that cattle mutilations and other strange happenings were something that could only be carried out by aliens. Now it is beginning to be quite clear that perhaps there is an even more sinister aspect to cattle mutilations and experimentation with humans and other animals.

It is time to stop focusing alien agendas as the only answer. It has always been far more complex than that. Every report has probably shown only pieces of the entire puzzle.

I am beginning to see that these experiments have been carried out in order to further a very dark agenda similar to Hitler’s final solution. The final solution includes the practice of controlling the bloodlines and perhaps eliminating what the eugenicists call the bottom feeders.

In Hitler’s time it was the Jews, now it seems that there is open season on the bewildered herd of humans that have been well groomed to consume.

If you trace the histories of eugenics you begin to see a pattern where AIDS, mad cow and other maladies of the blood seem to have a connection which increases the probability that these diseases were created in a lab for the soul purpose of culling the population.

There are many people who have encouraged me to read the "Report from Iron Mountain" and to be honest I have avoided it because I was told that it was a hoax. Now I am beginning to wonder if these so called hoaxes are attempts at getting the truth about the nefarious activities of the power elite.

After reading it for the first time a chill ran up my spine and now I am wondering about this report which is the blueprint for population control and the culling of a populace for the soul purpose of what the document calls "world peace." I see it as a primary document for the prospect of a New World order with the agenda of eliminating members of the populace that are considered bottom feeders and subversives who do not see the vision of a Utopia or New World Order.

Leonard C. Lewin, a New York freelance writer, wrote the introduction "Report From Iron Mountain" and in he explains that the report had been compiled by 15 experts known as the Special Study Group (SSG) who had been brought together by the U.S. government.

Iron Mountain was allegedly a place where a think tank met in a secret underground bunker to make plans for a turbulent future.

They had held periodic meetings during the next two and a half years to discuss the problems that would confront the United States if it entered into a period of permanent peace.

The report documented the conclusions of the Special Study Group concerning whether peace was possible, given the economic condition of the world. The SSG decided that peace "would almost certainly not be in the best interest of stable society." War, they argued, was simply too important a part of the world economy, and therefore it was necessary to continue a state of war indefinitely:

"War has provided both ancient and modern societies with a dependable system for stabilizing and controlling national economies. No alternate method of control has yet been tested in a complex modern economy that has shown itself remotely comparable in scope or effectiveness."—Report from Iron Mountain

The report also pointed out that the authority of the government over the people stemmed from its ability to wage war. Therefore, without war the government might cease to exist.

This theme is similar to that found in Orwell’s 1984. Orwell explained that after splitting up the world into three great superpowers by their oligarchical governments, the three super states, Eurasia, Oceania and Eastasia, developed a permanent state of war between them.

Big Brother himself, the omnipotent but elusive leader of Oceania, proclaimed in the official Newspeak language that "War is Peace."

"War, however, is no longer the desperate annihilating struggle that it was in the early decades of the twentieth century. It is a warfare of limited aims between combatants who are unable to destroy one another’—1984 George Orwell.

Stuck somewhere in the memory hole is a time where the United States was in a perceived state of peace. There were small wars of course, but none of them were enough to affect top of the mind awareness. After 9/11 the game had changed and Americans were feeling like victims and so it was decreed by the majority that our troops be called in to carry out a culling of the world population abroad by using divisive propaganda to dehumanize those who lived in the middle east.

We were able to look at the deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan as collateral damage for the effort of restoring peace to an area that has been at war for thousands of years.

In the meantime the American citizens were unaware that there were agendas and blueprints that put them in the crosshairs as well.

The Iron Mountain report basically set a precedent for genocidal population control, if peace were to go on for long period of time.

The report included a number of recommendations that the government should follow just in case peace did break out. For instance, it suggested that a number of expensive institutions be created that would mimic the economic function of a war, such as:

  • A comprehensive social-welfare program directed toward maximum improvement of general conditions of human life.

  • A giant open-end space research program, aimed at unreachable targets.

  • A permanent, ritualized, ultra-elaborate disarmament inspection system, and variant of such a system.
The report also recommended that the government invent "alternate enemies." For instance, it could mobilize the population by scaring them with reports of extraterrestrial threats, massive global environmental pollution, or "an omnipresent, virtually omnipotent international police force." Alternatively, the population could be roused by "socially oriented blood games" done "in the manner of the Spanish Inquisition and the witch trials of other periods."

The underlying agenda was to covertly orchestrate the horrors of an all out war with one particular accelerator event followed by a series of shocks in order to socially engineer fear in the populace.

The shocks would be given as societal triggers strategically placed in sequence in order to maintain the illusion of war, and there would also be and introduction to an alternative of a more "satisfactory" or "desirable" death sentence including terrorism, alien invasion, famine or incurable disease.

These triggers would mold a civilization into falling into a more fascist order and guarantee the crushing of subversive thought. If the government were to hold all the secrets of warfare, astronomy, health and agriculture we would have no choice but to follow the controllers in order to maintain our sanity and our well being.

Stanley Milgram, a psychologist at Yale University, conducted a study focusing on the conflict between obedience to authority and personal conscience. He examined justifications for acts of genocide offered by those accused at the World War II, Nuremberg War Criminal trials.

You may remember that in history that Nazis defended their genocidal agenda on just obeying orders form their superiors. The experiment shows that when a trusted "leader" tells people to act in an inappropriate way , some may not question the motive or the underlying agenda.

In the experiment, so-called "teachers" (who were actually the unknowing subjects of the experiment) were recruited by Milgram. They were asked administer an electric shock of increasing intensity to a "learner" for each mistake he made during the experiment. The fictitious story given to these "teachers" was that the experiment was exploring effects of punishment for incorrect responses.

The "teacher" was not aware that the "learner" in the study was actually an actor merely pretending to feel discomfort as the "teacher" increased the electric shocks for every wrong answer.

When the teachers asked whether increased shocks should be given, Milgram verbally encouraged them to continue giving the shocks to the "learner". Sixty percent of the "teachers" obeyed orders to punish the learner to the very end of the 450-volt scale! No subject stopped before reaching 300 volts!

At times, the worried "teachers" questioned the experimenter, asking who was responsible for any harmful effects resulting from shocking the learner at such a high level. Upon receiving the answer that the experimenter assumed full responsibility, teachers seemed to accept the response and continue shocking, even though some were obviously extremely uncomfortable in doing so. The study raised many questions about how the subjects could bring themselves to administer such heavy shocks.

They did it because someone told them it was okay. They told them it was for the good of the social experiment. It was that easy to coerce them into participating in some abnormal behavior.

There are so many ways that the power elite can force you into doing something that is against your better judgement. All they need is a few triggers to force you into moving in a certain direction.

If many people have to die to further the agenda then there will be those in high positions to claim plausible deniability when it comes to activating or releasing immune suppressive diseases in the food supply, or even in the blood supply.

What is the agenda?

The agenda I can only assume is to further the abuse of humans with drugs, and or lethal vaccinations that contribute to a secret genocidal conspiracy similar to Hitler’s final solution.

If you are brainwashing the population to accept that there is a horrible disease out there waiting to kill vast numbers you can coerce them into accepting vaccinations, cloned livestock, and engineered vegetables to avoid these diseases.

Through the fear of AIDS the populace has decreased sexual activity, and those who are infected have set themselves up to be guinea pigs for more experimental drug cocktails.

It would be counterproductive for the frightened bottom feeders in the food chain to find out that they were part of an experimental population control program that has been devised to decrease human numbers. It seems a bit peculiar that there are now many new deadly consequences that go with being human.

We now can catch deadly diseases from sexual contact, we get cancer at an accelerated rate, and now consuming beef can result in the exposure to deadly prions that can turn your brain to sponge. Where were these diseases in the 1930’s? Where were the AIDS scares of the 1950’s? In the 1960’s was there any reticence to consuming a Burger at a Malt shop and getting laid in the backseat of a car?

These diseases have surfaced and the result is becoming a political tool. Having sex is now a political endeavor. Eating is also becoming a political statement. It seems that basic needs like eating and sex are becoming regulated because of the likelihood of disease.

It looks as if the Iron Mountain Report is not a work of fiction but another blueprint for gaining control of agriculture and using it to further the agenda of making a nation needy and in most cases sick.

People wonder how keeping a nation sick can be profitable for the elite. Now it is becoming evident that if you spoil a nation long enough, you can later remove their comfort and then tell them that they can bring it back. In the meantime the bewildered herd will continue to drink, smoke, eat, and have sex with the evidence of their nefarious tinkering.

There is evidence to suggest that many of the new force multiplied maladies such as AIDS and BSE are simply engineered diseases to weed out those that are deemed unfit by the power elite.

Declassified studies have surfaced and have been used as proof that there are plans being carried out to reduce the population in some nefarious biological holocaust.

One particular Memorandum that has a forward written by Henry Kissinger is Memorandum 200 calling for a population reduction across the planet.

"World policy and programs in the population field should incorporate two major objectives:

(a) Actions to accommodate continued population growth up to 6 billions by the mid-21st century without massive starvation or total frustration of developmental hopes; and

(b) Actions to keep the ultimate level as close as possible to 8 billions rather than permitting it to reach 10 billions, 13 billions, or more".—Memorandum 200

This memorandum was first conceived in the mid 1970’s. It stands as a prologue to the deadly, new biological maladies that crept into the lexicon in the mid 1980’s, the 90’s, and now in the 21st century BSE has become the new buzzword for one more sanguine-centric plague that can wipe out billions.

As far back as 1978 there were biological labs that had interest in a little something called Transmissible Viral Dementias. Litton Bionetics, a biological lab that is well known for it’s experiments with cancer and other ravaging viruses had an interest in Kuru for use as a biological weapon.

Kuru is a disease that can be found among the Cannibals of New Guinea. Kuru was also being investigated for use as a silent weapon of mass destruction by the Japanese during World War II.

We now know that Kuru is a prion disease that is the same as "mad cow’ disease. They appear as crystal capacitors that are store houses for energy and they start their work as if intelligently controlled firing little holes into the brain causing the breakdown of faculties, rage, coma, and then death. The disease causes the strong to fall and a hideous grin can sometimes appear on the victim as the muscles pull back on the face.

"And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth." –The Book of Mathew

Why was Litton Bionetics so interested in Kuru when it only affected a small number of cannibalistic tribesmen? Was there an interest in creating yet another biological weapon of mass destruction that could be turned loose on the world to control the populace?

If you doubt that paranoid scenario I can hit another ball out of the ballpark that you can chase.

During the defense Appropriation hearings held in 1969 there was talk of creating a stealth weapon that would attack immune systems for the soul purpose of genocide.

"We can take 24 years of biological research, use 76 of our bio-warfare labs in operation, add ten million dollars on top of the 31 million dollars going into nefarious warfare research this year, and come up with the ultimate stealth weapon, a synthetic bio-agent for which no natural imunity could have been required"—from H.B. 15090, Dr. Macarthur DOD Subcommittee 1969.

The documentation from the closed-door hearing made quite clear that at the time all biological agents used in weapons systems continued naturally occurring diseases. The codes of these diseases could be cracked and cures from the effects of such crippling agents can be found. All of the components of lethal weapons were known by scientists throughout the world. It was then proposed that perhaps it would be time to create a new infective microorganism, which could differ in certain important aspects from any known disease-causing organism.

One that mainstream science could not crack.

After these meetings we began to read about HIV, AIDS and BSE.

It is a strange synchronicity to take note of.

"And behold joy and gladness, slaying oxen, and killing sheep, eating flesh, and drinking wine: let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we shall die". — The Old Testament

The cycle of life has been tampered with. The diseases incubate in the flesh we eat from animals, those diseases incubate in every infected soul. They in turn eat the flesh and blood of their host until it dies. The body is then interred and the worms eat the evidence.

It can only be appropriate to end this prose of doom and gloom with an observation from Poe:

"That the play is the tragedy, "Man," And its hero, the Conqueror Worm."

The final solution, where the true bottom feeders clean up after the criminal by consuming the only proof we have of a global genocidal conspiracy.

The body count.


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