By Clyde Lewis

I was watching CNN the other day and I noticed that the three ring circus in California is now being called a "Battle for California." I see it as a farce. It is a prologue for what is to come. It is an election where the voter's best tool is a wastebasket. I have been noticing that the news has been leaking information in puzzle pieces. George W. Bush is on vacation. The country is on the verge of a major revelation and it may not even be worthy of trusting because no one will challenge it. Prepare for the great I told you so!

The past couple of weeks have been so loaded with clues about what is to come that I could probably write a book about them in one setting. However this would prove unwise because sometimes even my fingers tore and my back aches when I am haunched over the keyboard. My zealous writing sometimes gets overwhelming and I suffer because of it.

I can't get over the urge to look at the clock and realize that it is two minutes to midnight and that when the clock hits zero hour there will be a revelation given to the people. I know that many will fall for this new revelation and others will realize that they may not be able to trust it.

There have been a number of things transpiring in the political realms that remind me of the time when I was living in South America. At the time I was there, I was a witness to political upheavals, civil unrest, and a barrage of propaganda made to extol the virtues of governmental body that was placed into power by a coup.

The leaders at the time were not elected officials and there was constant turmoil and rumors that were passed along as whispers and people were actually frightened to speak to the guy at the fruit stand or even their local butcher about political debacles.

Political parties still existed however they became sideline mudslingers giving clues as to who is corrupt and why.

Recently I happened upon a speech by former Vice President Al Gore.

"Millions of Americans now share a feeling that something pretty basic has gone wrong in our country and that some important American values are being placed at risk. And they want to set it right.

The way we went to war in Iraq illustrates this larger problem. Normally, we Americans lay the facts on the table, talk through the choices before us and make a decision. But that didn't really happen with this war -- not the way it should have. And as a result, too many of our soldiers are paying the highest price, for the strategic miscalculations, serious misjudgments, and historic mistakes that have put them and our nation in harm's way.

I'm convinced that one of the reasons that we didn't have a better public debate before the Iraq War started is because so many of the impressions that the majority of the country had back then turn out to have been completely wrong."-Al Gore

There was also another voice that made a very strong opinion about what he sees as a dark and ever looming cycle of bad decisions and crisis. George Akerlof the 2001 winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics made statement in the German magazine Der Spiegel that our Government policies and our attitudes are not normal, nor are they acceptable.

"This is the worst government the US has ever had in its more than 200 years of history...This is not normal government policy."-George Akerlof

However there are still a number of Americans that believe that these spokesmen are attacking us because we have been convinced that other countries hate us.

Could it be that perhaps they are concerned for us? Could it be that they love America too and can see that what is about to happen is a flash point where all things we thought we could count on will automatically become less trustworthy?

There are other Americans who feel trapped because they no deep down, that there is no turning back. They know that somewhere the deal with the devil was signed in blood and that the ignorant America will demand a police state and a total shredding of the constitution.

They silently realize that thousands of people have died due to a lie. The lies about weapons of mass destruction have people wondering if we were manipulated into cheering on a massacre and that we have to accept that the end justifies the means.

It is sad really that most Americans do not take great care in seeking out the truth. They want to hear whatever is comfortable. They accept only what makes them feel good about themselves. No one wants to accept that if they willingly supported the thrill kill wrapped in a lie that they too, have blood on their hands.

No one wants to admit that. No one wants to admit that they were manipulated.

"Americans have always believed that we the people have a right to know the truth and that the truth will set us free. The very idea of self-government depends upon honest and open debate as the preferred method for pursuing the truth -- and a shared respect for the Rule of Reason as the best way to establish the truth.

The Bush Administration routinely shows disrespect for that whole basic process, and I think it's partly because they feel as if they already know the truth and aren't very curious to learn about any facts that might contradict it. They and the members of groups that belong to their ideological coalition are true believers in each other's agendas". -Al Gore

It seems inevitable that we will be surprised with one of two things. The Bush Administration will have the body of Saddam Hussein, or there will be a surprise announcement that evidence of weapons of mass destruction will be found in Iraq.

This surprise announcement is not that much of a surprise when you read beyond the mainstream servile American press. It is not that much of a surprise when you realize that if our president doesn't find the evidence needed that he could be tried for treason.

When this so- called evidence is produced history will forgive them and we can all shut up after it is well documented that Weapons of mass destruction have been found. The servile media will not challenge the findings and once again we can all be happy in knowing that what we are doing is not murder, but liberation.

Let me assure you that there is an amount of circumstantial evidence to suggest the weapons have been planted and that the hauling of these weapons has taken place.

The only evidence I have is the testimony of one father, several soldiers who have been diagnosed with a strange illness. These stories are well documented and while they have been buried in the frenzy of the collapse of California and the Arrival of Arnold Schwarzenegger as a candidate for governor, one needs to pay attention to the stories surrounding the main story.

Arnold can wait. We will get to him later.

First of all the Chronology of the planting begins with news that soldiers in Iraq had developed a strange Illness. The father of Josh Neusche, one of the soldiers who lost his life from the "mystery illness" while serving in Iraq is now speaking out about what his son had told him before he passed away.

Mark Neusche was interviewed on a radio show and told the reporter that his 20-year-old healthy son, a former track star and non-smoker, had written home on June 26th explaining that he would be going on a 30-hour "hauling" mission, but that he could not disclose what they would be hauling. The son had stated that he had been to the Palace of Saddam Hussein, and it was later learned that he was "hauling" at the Baghdad Airport.

Neusche stated that while his son was in a coma at Landstuhl Hospital, the father overheard the nurses say that they were expecting numerous sick troops to be brought in all at one time. In fact, the father actually witnessed approximately 55 other troops being received by the hospital after a military ambulance (bus) transported them.

According to the father, the transported troops were exhibiting varying degrees of the illness. Some walked, some were in wheelchairs and others were on respirators. In the commotion, a doctor reported to the father that his son was suffering from a "toxin." No mention of pneumonia was ever made to him, nor was it ever reported in the medical record.

Josh was healthy and then after the hauling mission he wound up in a coma.

On that day Josh was suddenly classified by the military, as medically retired from the Army without Josh or his family's consent. Josh did not die until July 12, 2003. Among other problems that this new classification created was that the DOD was no longer obligated to assist the family in getting to Germany to be with their son as he lay in a coma. Because the DOD would not provide even so much as plane or taxi fare for the Neusche family, all 650 members of the 203 Engineer Battalion each contributed $10.00 to make the family's final visit possible.

Meanwhile as Mark Neusche was making his claims on the radio another story appeared in the Drudgereport.

Robert Novak had reported that David Kay who is now seeking Iraqi weapons of mass destruction for the Pentagon, has privately reported successes that are planned to be revealed to the public in mid-September.

Kay has told his superiors he has found substantial evidence of biological weapons in Iraq, plus considerable missile development. He has been less successful in locating chemical weapons, and has not yet begun a substantial effort to locate progress toward nuclear arms.

Senior officials in the Bush administration believe Kay's weapons discoveries should have been revealed as they were made. However, a decision, approved by President Bush, was made to wait until more was discovered and then announce it -- probably in September.

When is President Bush Planning on announcing his candidacy for a second term?

That's right September.

This is a Bush tactic from way back. Anyone want to say September Surprise?

Al Martin who has been a Guest on Ground Zero released a report that states that a DOD Whistleblower came forward with information about a previous group of soldiers who tried to sneak weapons in under the radar and was killed by "friendly fire."

Nelda Rogers, is a 28-year veteran debriefer for the Defense Department. She has become so concerned for her safety that she decided to tell the story about this latest CIA-military fiasco in Iraq.

The majority of Americans will be shocked, others will be relived. There will also be the many that will say, "I told you so" to the so-called new "traitors" who question the motives of a power hungry government.

Remember what Cassandra in the mythologies warned about accepting gifts from the untrustworthy.

Bush has lied before, and he would more than likely create another lie to cover that one up.

This new revelation concocted by the Bush administration will be no gift. It will be no smoking gun, or Holy Grail. If you trust the offering you will open up the gates for the Trojan horse.

This will be declared yet another victory. Bush will once again be regarded as a hero as he stoops for the vote on the buried and charred bodies at Ground Zero.

I am realizing that I am becoming quite good at multitasking the multi layered realities that we are being fed. On one hand we are being told that we are being victorious in the war on terrorism.

We are being told that our adversaries are now becoming our friends and that they are happy that we Americans have liberated them and are offering them a superior way of living. We are told everyday that we Americans have our act together more than any other country in the world.

This continued cheerleading is something that we are exposed to on a nightly basis as we are told that the news we are receiving is fair and balanced in Rupert Murdock's ministry of truth.

One other hand there are confusing messages being sent and the cloud of future shock is causing our brains to speed out of control. The end result could be a flash point where our entire country has a nervous breakdown.

Beyond the flash of the colorful graphics and the big- breasted blonde giving the war report many people are oblivious to the sharpened smile and the fangs that sometimes leave a small trickle of blood running down the chin.

There are body bags coming home form Iraq. There are soldiers dying from strange diseases, and are committing suicide. Prisoners of war are still being held without trials, and the terror alert keeps moving up and down until it becomes irrelevant.

Yet we are being told that our way of life will be good for those small poor countries because we are the best. Our way of life is better than their way of life.

Is it really the truth or are we constantly being told that our life is better? If you monitor your television you are being sent many different realities.

The unchallenged media continues to set the agenda for what you believe and the organized money machine and utilized their bottomless pockets to get you excited about trivial things.

The average American is bombarded with all kinds of triggers and mechanisms that that tell you that you are too fat, too ugly, not popular enough, and not rich enough. Your teeth aren't white enough, your penis is too small, your breasts and buttocks aren't firm enough, you're bald, you're a candidate for a heart attack. You need a juicer, You need a knife that will cut through marble, tin cans, and tennis shoes, but won't cut through a tomato.

We are being told to get with the program or be ready to be walked on by the pretty people.

Is this the way of life that awaits the Iraqis?

A way of life where your decisions are being influenced by put downs and the thoughts of being inadequate?

This is the ultimate manipulation.

This type of manipulation creates isolation. It creates bitter tensions among the populace and lends itself to suspicion of others. It creates a critical mass of people who will develop a deep distrust of fast changing explanations and distractions. There are a few people who do give in to the "flavor of the weak" and feel as though that they have been coerced to do so.

This is the America we are offering to the nations of the world who are fighting us. We are being told that they hate us, when in reality they are confused by us and in most cultures, people fear what they don't understand and take a stance of defiance.

The biggest joke of all that we are in the middle of this swirling whirlwind of trash trivia, and we actually believe that we have never had it so good. Yet we are looking down at our feet, popping our antidepressants, and being told that we need to get more insurance because the rates for being buried in the ground, are being blasted into the stratosphere.

The signals and the triggers make you stop and ask yourself, am I in danger? Will I wind up in a death dance with a gunman, or worse a terrorist? Why should I have to worry about this? Why do I have to worry about my liberty creeping silently away?

Sometimes it's a lot safer for the sanity to just tune out and ignore the mounting sense that a flash point is about to occur.

But you can't just crawl underneath a rock and still be aware. To ignore the news, is to ignore your reality. Even if it is a simulation. Even if it is up there propped up on a screen to get you to act, to jump like a frightened dog in a thunderstorm.

What a masterpiece collusion.

The trap once again is being set and the maze now has a new and improved, super sized piece of cheese, although the cheese is riddled with holes.

When you learn that you are being manipulated and when you break away from it, is when you will truly be free.

Edward Bernays the nephew of Sigmund Freud was known as the father of public relations and was probably most well known using psychological manipulation in order to sway the popular opinion of the critical mass. He was able to use third party "experts" in order to manipulate people into making decisions based on some sort of unseen peer pressure.

"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society". -Bernays

America has learned that if you can't make it, you have to fake it. That master manipulators will tell you that you are worthless, and then go on to tell you that they have the answer to making you worthy. Our President will land on an aircraft carrier dressed as an elite aviator and tell you that we are victorious in the war, and yet the body bags and the coffins draped with American flags are loaded silently into planes and the families mourn quietly. In another reality we cheer on the arrival of Jessica Lynch, whose story is still being evaluated for true heroism rather than an urban legend?

We later learn that our president will now have his monumental lie made into effigy by a doll company that convinces you that this will be a collectors item and a historical heirloom. Meanwhile the story of Jessica Lynch is being optioned for a movie of the week, so that we can continue creating the hollow cult of personality.

Most Americans are not even aware the cult of personality du jour is becoming a distraction, and the ugly realities ignored by the mainstream carnival barkers leave the average American in denial and ignoring the negative outcome of his thrill of the moment decisions.

The frightening thing is that we want to believe in a savior. We don't challenge or question it, even though there are other layers of reality that have said that what we are witnessing is an orchestrated manipulation that our saviors are creations being made in Pentagon think tanks.

A cult of personality is a generally derogative term to criticize the worship of a single leader or so called hero. When we look at our current situation in the United States we begin to see that the cult of personality has been the replacement for a dignified, and sound leadership. It has been the substitute for true heroes.

I was watching CNN the other day and I noticed that the three ring circus in California is now being called a "battle." I see it as a farce. It is a prologue for what is to come. It is election where the voter's best tool is a wastebasket.

I commented on my radio program that the events that are transpiring are a prologue and that the people demanding a recall in California is a precursor to a possible revolt in the entire country.

The actions that are happening there may lead to even more changes in the way we elect our leaders. Soon we may be seeing Presidents and rulers that may not even be natural citizens of the United States.

It brought to mind something that I saw in a Science Fiction Film called "Demolition Man."

The Movie begins in the year 1996 and Los Angeles has become a war zone. The Hollywood sign is on fire, and the rest of the city is in worse shape. John Spartan, the "demolition man" is played by Sylvester Stallone. Simon Phoenix is the sadistic Villain played by Wesley Snipes. Phoenix gets his kicks in by committing acts of murder. Spartan and Phoenix chase each other killing people in their wake, and even though Spartan catches Phoenix he gets blamed for the deaths of innocent hostages, and so as a punishment both are cryogenic ally frozen.

Later in the year 2032, the bad guy gets thawed out, and the only guy that can catch him is Spartan. There are bullets, and fire everywhere, and a bit of dialogue that is eerily prophetic, uttered by both Spartan and Lenina Huxley played by Sandra Bullock.

Sylvester Stallone: "Hold it! The Schwarzenegger Library?"

Sandra Bullock: "Yes, the Schwarzenegger Presidential Library. Wasn't he an actor?"

Stallone: "Stop! He was President?"

Bullock: "Yes. Even though he was not born in this country, his popularity at the time caused the 61st Amendment.

Back then we all wondered how Arnold could become President of the United States when the Constitution prohibits immigrants from holding or even running for the Office of the President.

Article II of the Constitution establishes the Executive Branch of the national government, to be headed by the President of the United States of America and the constitutional founders required that the President be a natural born citizen of the United States.

With Arnold Schwarzenegger running for Governor of California now the lines from the movie take on a new meaning. The founders apparently thought this provision was necessary to protect our infant democracy from political attack by foreign governments; it was rumored that a European monarch, such as King George III's second son, the Duke of York, might be imported to rule the United States.

Now there are people who believe that this part of the Constitution is antiquated and needs to be changed. Senator Orrin Hatch, a republican from Utah believes that perhaps we should allow immigrants to become president.

"With the advent of Arnold Schwarzenegger running for Governor of California we need to ask ourselves if this restriction has become an anachronism that is decidedly un-American."-- Orrin Hatch.

The Amendment that he is proposing is not being called the 61st amendment but the Equal Opportunity to Govern Amendment.

If we were to pass the Equal Opportunity to Govern Amendment permitting any person who has been a U.S. citizen for at least 20 years to be eligible for the Office of the President, the following people could be eligible for President:

Henry Kissinger and Madeline Albright come to mind right off the top of my head. Then there is Elaine Chao who is the labor secretary born in Taiwan. Michigan's new governor, Jennifer Granholm was born in Canada.

Then of course Arnold would be eligible as well.

No wonder they are comparing him to Ronald Reagan.

At the risk of sounding xenophobic, I don't believe that this is such a good idea. I feel as though that this country is in no position to allow a foreign born immigrant to run it.

At least not now.

At a time when we are concerned about terrorist 'sleeper cells,' can we guarantee that any foreigner power whether a nation-state or terrorist group - would not try to take advantage of such a loop hole.

Doesn't this sound like an idea that would actually push forward the agenda of a New World order?

This amendment isn't for Arnold. It's for someone else.

Arnold is just the personality needed to get the nation enthused about the possibility.

Think of it, a President of the United States who isn't even originally from this country!

This is stuff that New World Order believers would see as a wake up call.

In May of 1994 President Clinton signed a presidential directive called PDD25. This opened the door to direct and unprecedented intervention by UN troops within the borders of the United States in case of a crisis. Commanders of these troops could order our troops. The Commanders would more than likely be from foreign countries.

Who needs presidential order PDD25 when the President himself could be both a U.S. Citizen and a citizen elsewhere?

A paranoid Conspiracy theorist could very well conclude that if these measures are enacted, our government could surrender to world control either from the UN or some other cabalistic puppet master.

Perhaps a member of the Royal Family could become President? Prince William has expressed interest in leaving England and taking up residence in the United States. Maybe he has interests in becoming our President?

Wouldn't that make him the President formerly known as Prince?

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