By Clyde Lewis

A Tennessee Radio station is puzzled by the freak occurrence of what appears to be an EMP detonation. Ground Zero investigates a case that when applied to past reports begins to unravel the inescapable conclusion. Intentional or accidental electronic beam detonation and environmental gerrymandering may be happening here in the United States.

I recently attended a party where I had an interesting conversation with a man who claimed that he worked for Area 51. He really didnít divulge much about the facility except he felt the compulsion to tell me that the weapons that are being tested there are far beyond the imaginations of the best Science fiction writers.

He said that all kinds of weapons were being tested there and hinted that quiet, more covert weaponry were being developed. Something he jokingly called "passive aggressive" weapons.

During the conversation my mind began to reel. I was compelled to probe him for more information and asked about Electronic Pulse weapons and he became silent. He asked me what I knew about the weapons. I then began to spew out all kinds of information based on research that I had done about deployment of such weapons for riot control and possibly for weather control, mind control, and communications jamming.

His eyes were getting bigger like a child looking at the new puppy at Christmas. He couldnít believe that I was telling him all this. He wondered how I knew about all of this stuff.

I just told him I hear secrets at parties.

He laughed and nervously fumbled for the potato chips.

Actually until a mainstream investigation is printed on the front page of the New York Times or the Washington Post, the very insinuation that these weapons exist put you in the realms of either being "in the know" or "out to lunch."

It needs to be said that in a world of innovation we must not dismiss too quickly some of the ideas that may not be readily understood. There seems to be circumstantial strangeness that is permeating throughout the world and whether or not you label it as paranormal, it is relevant no matter how absurd it may be at first.

It is imperative that you become flexible and embrace the possibilities of new weapons being devised. From weapons shields to weather control, psychic warfare, to frequency manipulation that can cause hallucinations, pain, and even death.

I never really paid attention to frequencies and their affects on people, animals and the earth until I spoke with Author Nick Begich. Begich aquatinted me with the HAARP project and itís potential to become a powerful weapon.

It was Jerry E. Smith that acquainted me with the possibilities that HAARP could be used for weather control and mind control.

If this project was being used for manipulation of the weather and of human beings or if the side effects of the tests are harmful to humans then we must pay attention.

This may be the ultimate Trojan Horse.

I have been trying to warn everyone that these weapons and their after effects may be the very reason why we are having warmer than normal winters, cooler than normal summers (as I write this it is a brisk 52 degrees at night outside in July! Last week it was 86 degrees at this same time) destructive tornadoes in places where they are scarce, devastating hurricanes, earthquakes, and agitated and sick people.

I remember that the months of February and March of 2001 were months where it seemed to be blatantly obvious that something weird was happening across the United States and eventually all over the world.

A number of coincidences were happening all around me and I had to stop and evaluate every single event and marvel at the synchronicity.

I had planned to do a show about the HAARP project and afterwards I saw the beauty of how things seem to fall into place when you feel that you are putting puzzle pieces together to create a bigger picture.

The HAARP is a compound of about forty-eight 72-foot tall metal towers situated about 200 miles east of Anchorage Alaska. These towers act as a huge transmitter designed to beam more than a gigawatt of energy into the Ionosphere. Zapping the skies hundreds of miles above the earth with high frequency radio waves the experiment is the worlds largest "ionospheric heater."

HAARP according to alternative researchers may be the prototype for a ground-based 'Star Wars' defense system. Military documents say it is intended to disrupt portions of the Ionosphere by heating it with powerfully pulsed radio frequency beams. Radiation that bounces back to the surface of the planet would be in the long wave ELF range.

Using the Star Wars moniker is only half the story. With its potential applications the HAARP project and other Electric beam weaponry can act similar to the "Death Star."

A weapon that when fired can cause strange anomalies to take place such as the jamming of guidance systems on missiles. Creating strange atmospheric disturbances, which can alter weather conditions. It allegedly can also cause tremors when these magnetic waves are fired into the earth for communication purposes.

This technology is allegedly capable of lowering power levels in targeted areas, or wiping out power capabilities completely. The way a weapon such as HAARP and other similar technologies acts on the human body is also well documented.

Magnetic disturbances on the brain can trigger headaches and hallucinations both visual and auditory. It can create nausea, and limbic disturbances. It can enrage, or render a target passive.

The government claims that HAARP does not do this. However documented evidence about Electro Magnetic pulse illustrates that there are tell tale signs that can indicate an accidental or intentional EMP detonation or side effects from a test have been detected after alleged firing of Super collider technology and even HAARP itself.

During the week of February 16th 2001, Former NASA Engineer Marshal Smith claimed that HAARP power array that is located in Alaska was fired at full power.

The Government denies that the array is operational and that it does not have the power capable of causing any anomalous events.

However it needs to be reiterated that the events that took place after the Smith report still have me scratching my head about whether or not these magnetic weapons were somehow showing their side effects after they were allegedly deployed in random tests.

Soon after the alleged firing of the HAARP array, the weather began to change in the northwest. Riots began in Seattle and a major 6.5 (debatable) Earthquake hit the Seattle Portland Area.

Seismologists determined that the quakes could have been much worse but fortunately the quake happened 40 miles below the earthís surface.

The earthquake was felt as far away as Salt Lake City some 700 miles away.

People who lived in the Northwest who were not injured reported strange sensations other than typical shock after the quakes. Many people reported headaches, acute body pain, and stomachaches. Others complained of tingling sensations, hot flashes and muscle tightness.

Weather systems were forming in the Northeast and the Southeast and forecasters said that this Noreaster Super storm was about to dump up to 3- 5 feet of snow on the East Coast. It missed New York as meteorologists scratched their heads as the storm temporarily shifted and moved from east to west.

A rare occurrence when we all know that storms move from west to east in the United States.

After the full onslaught of coincidences that pointed to a EMP weapons test I felt I could now sit back and assess the situation hoping to find some closure on whether or not my imagination was jumping completely outside the realms of sanity.

Then something creepy happened that gave me chills.

Hundreds of Starlings fell out of the sky on Tuesday March 5th, 2001 near Montauk.

Montauk of course is a place that is well known for allegedly carrying out magnetic pulse experiments, and that Brookhaven National Labs nearby has been firing their super collider and carrying out experiments dealing with Lasers and pulse beams as well.

While reporters such as myself were looking at possible links to pulse detonation there were many armchair skeptics claiming that the birds fell out of the sky as a result of an electric spark that fried the birds while they were sitting on the high tension wire.

Michael Lowndes, a spokesman for the Long Island Power Authority said in his report that the birds were found just east of the LIPA substation in Bridgehampton. He stated for the record that the only way a bird on a power line could be electrocuted is if it were grounded, and it would be highly unlikely that a hundred birds would be grounded at once.

Of course it was reported that somehow the birds were electrocuted in some freak accident. The authorities threw out the whole logic of "grounding" and how it was impossible for the birds to all be zapped at once off of one high-tension wire. That of course was given as the final explanation to avoid any unnecessary questions regarding their freakish deaths.

Francis Hernandez of Sag Harbor, said he was driving in the area about 8 a.m. on March 5th, 2001 and saw birds spiraling down from the wires and onto the roadway. However it was reported that there were no burns on the feet of the birds. They were however very warm and were struggling to breathe. They had blood in the backs of their throats.

Were the birdís deaths a result of some freakish magnetic pulse detonation from one of the facilities nearby? Was it as simple as a freakish grounding which sent a surge through the wires causing hundreds of birds to fall to the ground struggling to breathe through the bubbling blood that inexplicably rushed to their heads?

It is still a mystery.

On July 6th, 2001 what can only be speculated as a similar incident took place. It must be indicated that HAARP was most likely not involved with this particular case, however there are other reasons to speculate that a secret EMP project may be going on near Hartsville Tennessee. The circumstantial evidence surrounding incident could implicate that a HAARP type relay facility may be in operation in the area.

It was nearly 11 am and WJKM, a country music station that calls itself the "Hart-Beat" of Tennessee was given what can only be described as a defibrillation jolt from invisible paddles.

According to station manager Ted Randal, WJKM was knocked off the air by a strange energy blast. He says that the sky was crystal clear that day and that the surge was certainly not a lightning strike.

The damage that the energy blast caused was extensive.

All the radio station's lines were knocked out including the phone lines for the newspaper offices of the Hartsville "Vidette," the local farm co-op and several other phones in the vicinity. All of the computers, motherboards and network cards were fried at both offices and in the general vicinity.

There were power transformers that were blown out several blocks from the radio station and one was on fire. Witnesses say that they saw smoke billowing out of one of them.

WJKMís transmitter lost all of its output and tuning capabilities. Their ISDN lines were taken out as well. The Zephyr codec, which is a piece of hardware that is used for network broadcasts, was destroyed and the station lost all of its Emergency Alert System capabilities.

This is frightening because if the blast had been something that could put the entire area in immediate danger there would have been no Emergency Alert broadcasts to alert the public to official information and what to do to avoid further danger.

As the station and surrounding offices were trying to cope with this strange anomaly it was noticed that in the area behind the that station dead birds were littering the grass.

Their wings, tails, and feet were severely burned. The wings on some of the birds were melted to the bone.

Some of the smaller birds were still alive but were gasping for breath.

Immediately the station called Tri County Electric and Bell South to get an explanation but even they couldnít figure out what happened.

Residents of Hartsville and those in the surrounding areas echoed experiences and witnessed anomalous activities that put me in a state of Dťjŗ vu.

If you are at all familiar with Ground Zeroís first warning regarding Electronic Pulse detonations the details of this case are academic. However it needs to be recorded so that we can point out that these cases demonstrate similar attributes.

Either they have simple explanations or we are witnessing the intentional or accidental releasing of EMP beams that you canít see. Pulse beams that can cause damage and health problems. Beams that trigger aggressive behaviors, hallucinations, malfunctioning computers, and knock out power grids.

The radio station in Hartsville has been experiencing many surges and has purchased all sorts of surge protectors. According to WJMKís sales manager this event was more than just a surge.

A loud electrical roar was heard just before the systems all failed and a witness at the Vidette claims that she saw a ball of energy fly through the office and literally explode throughout the building taking out computer systems and calculators in itís wake.

This sounds like ball lightning but according to Ted Randall the station manager there was not a cloud in the sky, so he rules out lightning. There was also a small tremor before the surge took out the station and the phones and power circuitry in the area.

On the surface, this story sounds like a typical transmitter overload however there is more to this story than just a mysterious power surge.

I have surmised that this is another related incident to the others where strange activity takes place and appears to be related to EMP tests or side effects from some kind of microwave ELF frequency modulation.

Ground Zero has been investigating the connection between Black triangles, Chemtrails, HAARP technologies, weather-forced multipliers, various health maladies, and seismic tremors.

They may not even be congruent factors in our investigation. But they uncannily seem to happen in tandem when these strange occurrences take place. It is like a cosmic domino effect where simultaneous disasters or anomalies take place after an alleged pulse or test has been conducted.

In order for you to see the circumstantial evidence of an EMP surge and all of itís strangeness we must give you some more background as to why I am sticking with this hypothesis.

Near the radio station, which is located some 30-35 miles northeast of Nashville. There sits an abandoned Nuclear Power Plant.

The community spent millions of dollars to construct this plant and now it is a virtual ghost town. The cooling tower is an impressive tombstone that is situated some 5 miles away from WJKM.

The Tennessee Valley Authority has said that this plant is now being used as an equipment storage facility, however according to the residents nearby there seems to be some strange activities going on in and around the alleged abandoned plant.

The residents of Hartsville have claimed that strange humming sounds can be heard emanating from the plant. There have also been reports of Military activity near the plant. Black Triangular aircraft and C-130 planes have been seen flying around the area. However to the knowledge of the residents there is no suitable place where planes that big could land.

However there are a few people who claim that there maybe an abandoned roadway that is secluded by a hill that may be able to sustain a landing or take off of a C-130. Itís a roadway that is at least 7,000 feet long.

There have also been reports of 18-wheeled trucks moving in and out of the facility late at night and black unmarked helicopters that fly around the area.

Near the cooling tower there is what appears to be a radio Tower. The NOAA is allegedly using the tower. According to Ted Randall a friend of his used a spectrum analyzer on the tower and it never has been used for reporting tornado activity.

So what is the tower being used for?

The question may be answered as we dig even deeper into the case.

Ted Randall reports on his website that he called the TVA and the chamber of commerce for answers and he didnít seem to get any satisfaction.

There was a public meeting held and the questions about the Nuclear Facility and the strange activities were being levied.

Stories of the Military activity and other strangeness were brought up at the meeting and the residents were describing some of the same anomalies that are familiar with people who have ever investigated the goings on at Camp Hero near Montauk. Or the John Keel story about the infamous Point pleasant sightings of Mothman.

A farmer in the area was telling a story of how he was confronted when he got too close to the Hartsville Nuclear Plant.

The Farmerís dogs had wandered off, and one his neighbors said that the had seen them near the cooling tower. The elderly farmer jumped into his truck and drove out to the facility to chase down his dogs and bring them back home.

When he got into land surrounding the facility he jumped the fence. He could hear his dogs barking in the thicket and so he moved in closer for a look. After about 10 or 15 minutes a black helicopter held in a stealth position over him. He couldnít hear it until it was overhead. This upset the man so much that he had to pop a Nitro pill. 30 people who appeared to be a mixture of civilians and military then confronted him. They escorted him off the property.

There have also been sightings of strange creatures near the tower. One resident even claims to have seen a shadow, hairy creature that he says looks like a Bigfoot.

So the big question is what is going on at the Hartsville Facility?

We have our speculations as to what may be happening. We have talked about this type of experimentation before. Is it a mixture of Electro Magnetic experiments with weather modification? Ground Zero reported in March that the CBS Special "Eye on America" reported that environmental and weather experiments were being conducted where particle beam technology is being used for possible weather control. The U.S. Department of Defense, Sandia Research, and The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) had a joint interest in weather control experiments. The research was being carried out on violent storms.

FATE Magazine coincidentally released an article about weather modification in their July 2001 issue. In the article "Sky Pilots of the Apocalypse" by Scott Coralles talks about "Project Storm fury" where planes would lay trails of Silver iodide in Hurricanes to lessen their intensity.

He also relates that a CIA report released in 1977 hinted that world governments are already able to control weather using Electro Magnetic pulses for Military purposes. The Russians already had the technology in place to conduct geophysical weapons research that would trigger earthquakes for military purposes.

HAARP technologies, or Electronic beam generators used for weather modification are still being called Science fiction, however we have pointed out in the past that other experiments were underway that would alter storms and their velocity.

Moreover the CBS report that Ground Zero cited in itís past investigation into possible frequency tampering showed that Microwaves can be used to destroy Tornadoes.

The idea was that a weapon or device could fire a Microwave particle beam at a tornado causing the inside of the vortex to heat up, making it disappear, saving property and lives.

There was however a major drawback to this experiment. Government analysts feel that using this type of technology is risky because not only would the Microwave beam heat up the Tornado but it could also cause birds and planes to explode or heat up in mid-flight if hit by a microwave beam.

Can we connect the dots and perhaps theorize that weather experiments are being covertly conducted at the Hartsville Nuclear facility?

Well according to Randall a new twist to the story involves a meeting with the Chamber of Commerce where a man met with representatives and admitted that a new project was underway at the facility. It would entail an 8-year environmental study and hiring a crew of about 150 plus individuals a week to carry out some kind of energy tests and environmental studies.

Randall was not sure if it would be a study on fossil fuels or another kind of energy.

There have already been environmental studies conducted for the feasibility of the Hartsville nuclear facility on the Cumberland River. What kind of environmental study needs to be conducted now?

Is this becoming obvious?

Do you think there is a strange connection to what Ground Zero has been talking about since February of 2001?

We pointed out in the Ground Zero Article "Heavenís on Fire" that the incident at Montauk in March of 2001 rings familiar with the case in Hartsville. The "Camp hero" facility on the tip off Long Island is allegedly abandoned as well. However people have seen all kinds of weird glows and have heard all kinds of humming sounds coming from the abandoned radar facility. There have also been reports of a hairy beast lurking in the shadows at the Montauk facility and sightings of UAP (Unidentified Arial Phenomena) that of course is Black and Triangular.

Are sightings of beasts and other strange anomalies hallucinatory? Could the electro-magnetic testing have an effect on the human body?

There have been numerous studies that claim that above average exposure to, Electro magnetic waves, radio waves and microwaves can cause brain function change, which can bring on hallucinations, sleep disruption, chronic fatigue, immune system impairment and cancer.

A surge of electromagnetic energy hit Hartsville on July 6th, and the people there are now experiencing trauma. Listeners have phoned the radio station complaining of Chronic Fatigue and Fibromayalgia. This is a disabling disease that causes pain all over the body. There are also people in the area tha thave had sharp head pain that mimics a Migraine headache.

Alfred Webre a scientist from Vancouver B.C. appeared on Ground Zero and told the radio audience that EMP is being used by the government and that exposure to such frequencies can cause damage to the brain and limbic systems of the body.

I my opinion this correlates perfectly with what is happening in Tennessee.

According to Australian Defense analyst Carlo Kopp the effects of an Energy burst over a populated area would have devastating effects and irreversible electrical damage, particularly computers and radio or radar receivers exposed to the High voltage discharge.

"The damage inflicted is not unlike that experienced through exposure to close proximity lightning strikes."

Some will probably report that the incident at Hartsville was indeed a lightning strike but keep in mind that Randall says there was not a cloud in the sky and no storms were in the area.

Kopp also states that Computers used in data processing systems, communications systems, displays, industrial control applications, including road and rail signaling, and those embedded in military equipment, such as signal processors, electronic flight controls and digital engine control systems, are all potentially vulnerable to the EMP effect.

"Other electronic devices and electrical equipment may also be destroyed by the EMP effect. Telecommunications equipment can be highly vulnerable, due to the presence of lengthy copper cables between devices. Receivers of all varieties are particularly sensitive to EMP, as the highly sensitive miniature high frequency transistors and diodes in such equipment are easily destroyed by exposure to high voltage electrical transients. Therefore radar and electronic warfare equipment, satellite, microwave, UHF, VHF, HF and low band communications equipment and television equipment are all potentially vulnerable to the EMP effect."

I feel that with the research that I have produced it is not too farfetched to conclude that perhaps an EMP study is underway in Tennessee. It appears that the area was accidentally dosed with an electromagnetic charge and that perhaps the environmental studies that will be carried out will include the impact on the weather in the area near the plant.

It is also possible that something less out of the ordinary took place in Hartsville. However with all of the data pouring in we may want to take another look at what might be going on with new weapons.

Always remember that History has shown that unknown weapons were tested in secret before they were revealed to the public at large. Many of them were covertly tested on human beings without their knowledge or consent.

As we move along the unsure path that is the 21st century, one needs not scoff at the new weapons that we know the government has lying in wait for the enemy.

It may be weather modification, it may be human control, and it may even be the nightmare of eliminating our tools for communication.

One day you will wake up and suddenly you will feel a pain in your head, your stomach will churn, and the hair on the back of your neck will stand on end. By then it will be too late, the flash and the roar will throw you to the ground. All of your electrical equipment will be destroyed.

You may suffer after effects of the pulse such as cataracts, muscle tension, joint pain, and brain damage.

With the use of electronic weapons it becomes more and more of a reality that wherever you go, whatever you do, you are always the target. When the bomb is dropped, or the pulse is detonated, more and more people will find themselves at Ground Zero.

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