By Clyde Lewis

In the classic Dickens "Christmas Carol," four ghosts visit Scrooge. Three of which are your average everyday specters, but the Ghost of Christmas yet to come was draped, hooded and darkly foreboding. He is quite possibly the most famous "Man In Black." He gives Scrooge a vision of what his end will be like if he continues on his present course. Ground Zero will now give you the prophetic signs of what the future might bring, if we stay on our present course.

My favorite story among many is the story of Ebenezer Scrooge and how he was shown his life and what course it was taking. He was shown the past and how it affected his present. He was then shown the future and how it would become an ugly requiem if he did not change the way he was.

The ghost of the future was the original man in black. A time traveler who did not speak, but used sounds and pictures to convey a message of warning. He wore dark clothes and used images of negativity and worse case scenarios to show that the future that was on the horizon was a rocky one indeed.

I sometimes feel like the ghost of the future. I have been called the man in black, the dark radio host, a Satanist, boorish, and negative. My intentions are of the purest I guarantee you of that.

As this century draws to a close I can't help but be reflective about what my purpose is, and why I have set out to write what I write and say what I say.

I am not a devil, nor am I in the devil's employ. However I wouldn't care if you thought I was. I am not here to shatter your dreams, or to negatively berate you into believing that all hope is lost.

I, like many of you believe that I have a responsibility to my creator, which also includes a responsibility to the people that I associate with.

I have a fascination with all things good, evil, and ironic. I believe that God is not as complicated as we make him out to be. I believe that Satan if he exists, is consuming this planet. So I must point out why. I must show you how, and I do it with common everyday stories that can be absurd, or outrageous.

I have seen my share of criticism for allowing myself to be led away from traditional thinking. However I believe that you can learn many things by stepping out of your rigid state of mind. There are others that feel offended when I tell those other stories, when I share another view when, I go against the grain because they feel that I am trying to lie to them or destroy their belief system.

I really never thought that I tried to do that. I was only showing you visions of a future. A future that will happen if we do not evaluate what we are doing to ourselves.

The information Ground Zero attempts to give you is extremely important to some, and to others it is completely irrelevant to their daily lives. I admit this. I admit it without shame, or apology.

I am the spokesman for those who do not take for granted that the sky will always be blue.

If I sat down with someone who took for granted that the sky is blue and explained to them why, they wouldn't have an interest in what I am saying anyway.

So I do know that the people who continue to laugh or ridicule are those who really don't want to know the underlying truth and the reasons why we are the way we are. The reasons why there are conspiracy theories, the reasons why we wonder about aliens, the reasons why we feel like we are out of control.

I'm not in any position to pressure anyone into a belief system that is contrary to what they have immersed themselves in. I am not giving you an invitation to lose your faith, or lose your sense of where you belong in this world. I believe that with what I have attempted to convey to you through my writing and my radio programs you can piece together what the future will bring.

I am not telling you any secrets that have not existed for thousands of years. I am writing this in case the New Year brings with it a barrier where I cannot speak with you again. As 1999 draws to a close I give you the last Ground Zero theory of the century. Many people will have their faith tested after the turning of the clocks. But I can assure you that:

This is not a test. This is the Future.

If you think that the year 2000 will silence those who are considered whackos you are sadly mistaken.

The millennial turning of the calendar will bring about it's own psychological and spiritual changes. It will all happen on it's own. We have waited 2000 years for it. It has been marketed to us on television, radio, and in movies.

The United States will go through a complete change of attitude and government policy. It will eventually become an enforcer country that will eventually hold tight its grip on its people.

The people will demand this tight grip using the catch all explanation that internal security is more important than any violation of human rights. People will begin to disappear without a trace, and many Christians will think that it is the rapture. The truth will be uglier and less magical.

It will be discovered that those that are missing are in reality victims of a mass extermination. They will be armed dissidents, and subversives who openly speak of the rights of others, and are considered troublemakers against the new form of government.

People will rebel when they realize that the world governments will merge to form a constitutional dictatorship.

This new government will have a familiar air about it, some will claim its is similar to Nazism. People will not believe that their government would bring them harm, but one can only look at the past in order to determine just what form of government we will be edging towards.

We have pointed out in the past that the Communist stranglehold on Eastern Europe loosened, and then finally lost its grip. Either the United States has adapted to the fascists or the fascists have secretly filled the seats of power. When the Berlin Wall fell in November 1989 the world was becoming more and more threatened by an enemy within. An enemy that seems to be a familiar one.

Since the alleged fall of the symbol of fascism the number of organized right-wing extremists jumped from 32,000 to 40,000. Not surprisingly, the number of violent racist incidents also increased in 1991. There were 1,483 of these violent incidents recorded that year 10 times more than in 1990.

Even more frightening are the surveys indicating that police officers and some military personnel sympathize with the Neo Nazi movement. We began to see police brutality (mostly against people of color) on the nightly news. The cases of OJ Simpson and Rodney King have shown us that the police have a few members who are nazi sympathizers.

Crimes against blacks and homosexuals are on the increase. Children are also becoming victims, and it is being proposed that they should be corporally punished to keep them from becoming victimizers, and murderers.

It has also been revealed that Martin Luther King's murder was an act of conspiracy, however it will not be pursued and there will be no justice for this leader of peace.

It doesn't take a psychic to figure out just what kind of future is on the way unless we change our lives. The chronology of events, coupled with some alarming statistics since the Wall came down, should serve as a wake up call that the Nazi fascist ideas that we thought were dead are indeed alive and well.

If you are waiting for a confirmation from the media on these ideas, you will wait in vain. The Media has already become the mouthpiece for government. They will spin whatever stories necessary to create the sense of fear amongst the populace. Fear will be the ultimate enabler for the police state. Anyone who protests against the new fascism will be labeled terrorists.

News organizations will use watered down euphemistic jargon in the future, that will be designed not to offend the authorities, The major networks will not report certain sensitive materials for fear that it will show our government in a bad light. Those who report stories contrary to major news organizations will be considered fraudulent, and conspiratorial. These stories will be policed and black listed by people who feel that they will lose their lives, or their fortunes if they do not discredit them outright.

The education system will be slapped with tighter intellectual controls. People will be told to watch what they say in public, and outspoken people will have to go underground or on the Internet to speak out against the new filtered information.

Be ready to read about witch-hunts, and look out for more people being placed in jails for non-violent offenses.

Take a look at who will end up in these jails, and what they are being placed in jails for. You will find that many of them will be in jail for securities fraud, drug offenses and tax problems. Some of them will be jailed for protests and disorderly conduct. This will cause a number of people to act against their will. It will cause a conformist attitude.

People will make public appearances of being good, and patriotic, for fear that they will not be considered enemies of the state. Investigating authorities, cameras in various locations, and other means of spying will keep tabs on anything that even looks suspicious.

There will be a rebellion against this form of government and it will eventually be abolished. In it's place will be a Global government that will eliminate borders and we will realize that it is time to actuate our goals in the universe.

There will be indeed a one-world government. It will be inevitable. Whatever your feelings are about such a government are your own; if you choose to fight against it that will be your choice and yours alone. There will be many of us who will not fight. We will accept it, good or evil and will stand behind it, as any patriot will.

The push for DNA sampling will eventually happen in the near future. This will take place in order to restore the blurred lines of pure bloodlines.

There will be a definite swing towards looking at dynasties and their importance in choosing the new leadership. There will also be an interesting restoration of bloodlines and the reestablishment of all the tribes and scattered groups that will claim lineage to the House of David.

There will be a perceived hostility to right wing Christianity in the future. Many denominations will fold and many will combine. There will be many things revealed about Jesus and these things will be called the great lie. There will be a falling away of these religions and a new view of God will eventually appear.

It will eventually be accepted in most religions that God is an extra terrestrial being, but he will not be the same extra terrestrial that we have seen in Hollywood movies.

This extra terrestrial God will be accepted by all religions and this will begin a unified global church.

There will be a philosophical war on how we should continue our species. There will be the opportunity to seed a planet with life, created from Earth. It will be placed in a capsule, and sent to another planet that science will establish to be hospitable.

This will be our next step in evolution.

Once this is accomplished, there will be another phase.

We will be ready to welcome our extra terrestrial creator.

There will be a project similar to Seti that will use the same rudimentary blue print that was used anciently to contact extra terrestrials. It will be similar to the Ark of the Covenant and will eventually communicate with our creator.

Our Creator, will return.

Some of us will be taken away with our creator. Others will stay behind. Those who leave will be the chosen custodians of the new life forms on the planet far from the earth.

The earth will eventually pass away. But that event is thousands of years away.

Its inner core will boil and explode. Our solar system will change and a voice out of heaven will say,

Let there be light.

So there you have it a view of the future. An end where the King and the pauper will be equal. But as good old scrooge asked

"Are these the shadows of the things that will be, or are they shadows of things that May be?"

The only answer I can give is that no future is mysterious when one plants his feet in one place where all things considered have equal value.

That place is Ground Zero.


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