By Clyde Lewis

"He who fights monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. When you gaze long into the abyss the abyss gazes long into you." -- Friedrich Nietzsche

The other night I found myself closing the windows of my small basement apartment. A blade of cold air cut deep into my skin and my blood was not warm enough to take away the icy chill.

I realized that we were nearing the equinox and that soon the unforgiving cloak of darkness would come early as the sun lowers in the west too soon and everyone's faces do the same.

Winters in Portland are not all that bad, but the rain and the cold can sometimes throw you into a seasonal depression. The whole world seems to slow down and you find yourself in a therapeutic detachment.

The body moves but the brain is on a sabbatical.

In the winter I feel the need to be with friends. When they are unavailable I go to places where there are people. I sometimes go to the theater, or the mall, sometimes the library.

I am finding some new places to visit and I am meeting many fascinating people. Many of them are beginning to recognize me as the guy who always has something weird to comment about. I am often asked about ghosts or where a person can find a competent exorcist.

I was sitting in a coffeehouse where a few people gather to play games of scrabble and read the latest local independent rags and have discussions about politics and the weather.

However when I am there the conversations become a bit more mystical and locals wired on caffeine are willing to basically open up and talk about the things that frighten them the most.

The autumnal season is the time for everyone to tell their favorite ghost stories and with a fire in the fireplace and the spicy Chai tea, I was enjoying the moment.

When it was my turn to talk about my experiences I declared that my experiences have all been a matter of record every week and that people have probably heard everything that I have talked about before.

So I decided to draw upon a story that ranks up there with "Mothman" or "The Kelly Kentucky Goblins."

I begin the story by asking a question.

"When you were a child, did your mother ever say to you, close the door you'd think you were born in a barn?"

Then someone grins and says:

"My mother would say Close the door dammit we aren't paying to heat the whole neighborhood!"

Well this story will teach you a valuable lesson about closing doors. Especially doors that lead to the underworld. A door that has been left ajar so that every ugly and foul entity can creep into the world. Anything foul and repulsive can sneak in through the crack.

The story I am about to tell may convince you that the entities that are associated with dark forces are very real and that they can be used as weapons of terror keeping the bewildered herd frightened and controlled. I also want to point out that if you feel that things around you are surreal, then perhaps you should take heed and realize that perhaps those who control us could be circumstantial evidence that the "Mighty Ones" are revealing themselves.

You may also want to consider that you are under the spell of the dark orders and that they are in control of many things that you take for granted.

John Whitesides Parsons was a young chemist and was the man behind the creation of the Jet Propulsion labs and was one of those brilliant scientists that was an innovator of solid Fuel for Rockets.

His colleagues knew Parsons as Jack.

In 1946 Jack Parsons had been engaged in the study and practice of Black Magic for seven years. He had been a member of a secret occult order for four years. He was an initiate of the Sanctuary of the Gnosis a Luciferian group that had ties master magician Aleister Crowley.

By this time Crowley who called himself the Beast 666 was dying in an English Boarding house. In the last days of his life, Crowley had suffered from severe asthma.

Parsons had hooked up with another man who is well known to Science fiction readers and to Scientologists. This man was L. Ron Hubbard. The time that they got together was long before Dianetics and the Battlefield Earth series was written.

What they were about to do is, to me, one of the more frightening things anyone could ever imagine.

He decided to invoke the spirit of Babylon and through a sex ritual invest it into a human being.

The story itself sounds like an outrageous science fiction story and while you may not believe in such things you need to remember that there are those who believe in the ritual, the process, and the compliance of such things.

There are those in the highest places of power who put stock in the idea that ritual magic can be used as a means of warfare. And that through it they can open portals and allow dark forces of the underworld to come in and destroy their enemies.

In the 1940's L. Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons believed, and knew full well the consequences of their actions. Circumstances dictate that what they did allowed for the arrival of the watchers even perhaps the lords of the fortresses.

The ritual if performed correctly would open up a doorway and allow for the spirit of Babylon to enter a woman during sexual intercourse and the spirit would be that of a demon incarnate.

Parsons believed that while the vortex or stargate was opened he could call down a spiritual entity and direct it into a human womb.

For six days, Parsons and Hubbard camped out into the desert and began a nightly ritual of incantation calling upon the spirits of the darkness to come to them. They would draw pentagrams in the air and wave wands and talisman. During the rituals strong winds would whip up. There was one night during a ritual where their power sources had failed.

Then suddenly there was a moment where Hubbard was struck on the shoulder and a candle was knocked from his hand.

It was then that they observed a brownish yellow light. They estimated that the light was about 7 feet high. Parsons claimed that he then raised a sword that he considered to be a magical sword and the light went away. During the night Hubbard claimed that his arm was numb.

Later there were beings that Hubbard claimed came through a doorway. It was written that Hubbard was able to pin the being back using knives.

It was after the intense rituals that the doorway was opened and Parsons told Hubbard that it was time to find a woman to impregnate. Parsons found a woman who he called Betty and they began the sexual ritual that would impregnate the woman with the demon seed.

Parsons and Hubbard built an altar. With Hubbard acting as high priest the ritual was performed with Parsons having sex with the girl.

After the rituals were performed Parsons was convinced that something had made it through the portal and that it would eventually show itself to mankind. He was convinced that the child was conceived and that in 9 months the world would see the demon incarnate.

The "demon" would be the offspring of the "Old Ones" or the ancient Gibborim.

The Gibborim were known as the mighty ones because they were human angelic or demonic hybrids. They were similar to the vision that Hitler had of the master race.

Charismatic and physically fit.

They would eventually be the 72 "real men" that Hitler dreamed of.

The Gibborim were the offspring of alien or god like beings.

They were created when the beings or the "old ones" came from the sky and mated with human women and introduced their seed in order to somehow thwart the plan of God.

"Now it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born to them, that the sons of God (angels) saw the daughters of men (Adam), that they were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves of all whom they chose..."

There were giants (Nephilim) on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men of old (Gibborim), men of renown."-Book of Genesis.

Crowley upon hearing of the ritual was concerned about the spiritual well being of Parsons. He also denounced the ritual saying:

"Apparently Parsons or Hubbard or somebody is producing a Moonchild. I get fairly frantic when I contemplate the idiocy of these louts."--Aleister Crowley

Hubbard apparently ran off with Betty and eventually married her although he never really was divorced from his previous wife.

Crowley told Parsons that he apparently had fallen victim to a confidence trick. Both Hubbard and Betty, who now took on the name Sara were trying to flee to Miami.

Parsons however was able to catch up with the both of them by using a magic spell.

He performed what was called the invocation of Bartzabel, which kept Hubbard and his new woman from escaping on Hubbard's yacht. This invocation calls upon the spirit of Mars. There was a sudden storm that overcame the ship and forced Hubbard to sail back to port.

The story itself is hard to believe and yet Parsons has documented it.

The story doesn't end there. The aftermath of the ritual fires off a mountain of coincidences.

You see this ritual that was performed by Hubbard and Parsons is similar to one performed by Crowley in 1918. In January through March Crowley began a ritual called the Amalantrah Working in New York City. These were performed in similar fashion as the Babylon working.

Crowley used sexual & ceremonial Magic in order to invoke a denizen from the ether to manifest in the physical.

He created a portal and through the portal an intelligent being took form. The being was a small, gray, and bald creature. Child like with large eyes. The being was called Lam.

Crowley Drew a Picture of the being and showed it at his "Dead Souls" exhibition in Greenwich Village, New York, in 1919. Under the picture he wrote: LAM is the Tibetan word for Way or Path, and LAMA is He who Goeth, the specific title of the Gods of Egypt, the Treader of the Path, in Buddhistic phraseology. Its numerical value is 71, the number of this book."--Aleister Crowley

Crowley died in 1947.

In that year Private pilot Kenneth Arnold was flying through the Northwest and got the modern UFO and alien craze into high gear when he saw what appeared to be glistening objects flying in formation over Washington State. Granted these types of things had been seen throughout history however in 1947 it was hard to not find a newspaper that didn't talk about the "Flying Saucer" or a man from outer space.

Why were people describing strange objects in the sky? How is it that reports had been released about visitations by gray beings and reptilian, vampiric creatures after these black magic rituals were being conducted by Crowley, the Nazis, Parsons, and Hubbard?

The Nazis were using rituals and black magic to further their near apocalyptic conquest of the world and Hitler was looking for the key to the doorway to heaven. The race was on between Roosevelt and Hitler to find the ancient Stargates. The Nazis were also using hallucinogens on Jewish guinea pigs and history records the hideous experiments carried out by Joseph Mengele.

Later, the United States Government was experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs and setting off atomic bombs. Perhaps all this was being done in similitude to their initiated brethren who had experimented with all of the same things before.

Parsons would experiment with explosives, Crowley would use drugs in his rituals and there have always been the constant rumors that the CIA and other groups performed sex magic with mind controlled sex slaves.

The "Babylon Working's" goal was to re-open or widen an interdimensional portal and allow some horrific demonic entity to fly in and inseminate a female.

Both Parsons and Hubbard agree that something did come in.

This ritual allowed full and unimpeded entry of dark forces into our reality.

What happened was a ritual that opened Pandora's Box, which allowed the "old ones" to enter in and continue a program where the "Lam" beings could enter in and mix their seed with that of human women. Their seed would eventually grow into mighty men of power that could very well take over the reigns of political power.

Ever since the ritual the world has been slowly going down hill, and there are other rituals which seem to give the portal a booster shot, allowing the forces of the fortress to come in and torment mankind.

Whatever you want to call them, Angels, Djinns, Demons, Vampires, Werewolves or reptilians, there has been an overwhelming surge of reports and as Budd Hopkins reported on a recent Ground Zero show, There have been more reports of experiments and the alleged hybridization of an alien seed with that of a Human.

Does the ritual now sound familiar? Is it something that has been carried out from biblical times? If The Bible talks of these rituals and the dark orders of history have communicated with these beings does this mean that they are real?

Is this the secret history? It is the addendum to the secret doctrines? Did secret members of the darkest orders unleash the monsters of the underworld on a frightened planet?

L Ron Hubbard went on to be the Founder of Scientology. He later died of a Stroke in 1984. However the dates of his death are in question and there were several questions as to what his condition was when he died. It is also debated that he was an agent of the government used to spy on the actions of Parsons and the dark orders of Crowley.

Scientology is regarded by many people as a dangerous cult. However there are many people in Hollywood, actors and directors that are very successful and they find peace and happiness with the sect.

There were also several other strange asides that may or may not convince you that there was a message getting out about the Babylon Working.

The Movie Rosemary's baby was a movie that attempted to get the message out. However getting the message out about the baby that is the incarnate demon or "Moonchild" had a price associated with it.

Roman Polanski played with the trickster and got burned. At least that is what a lot of people think.

Polanski's Wife Sharon Tate was murdered along with her unborn child when Charles Manson and his cult followers went on their drug-induced rampage. Although Rosemary's Baby was released a year before the Manson Family murders, one can argue just how prophetic the movie was. Both Rosemary's Baby and Tate's own life run in an eerie parallel.

Rosemary and Tate both had to deal with the media and the paparazzi. Rosemary's husband is an actor; Sharon Tate's was a Director.

Both Sharon and Rosemary are Pregnant both women are subjected to the consequences of the Devil, and both Rosemary and Sharon Tate realize that they are both trapped by a cult that kills without conscience.

Towards the movie's end Rosemary realizes that her husband has made a deal with the Devil.

It is then that she realizes it's too late.

Demon or alien hybrid, the idea of an incarnate alien force has been the subject of many movies and books. They are mostly considered fantasy or Science fiction.

However their influence speaks volumes.

We now live in a time where dime store mysticism influences many people and there are several cults, and groups that seem to seek out their Gods and in the process find a devil, or a moon child ready to devour them.

When they find this demon is it real or is it imagined?

In 1997, thirty nine members of the Heaven's Gate cult killed themselves for an entity that was a member of what their leader, "Do" called the Evolutionary Level above Human. This entity looked very similar to Crowley's Lam, or Parsons's interdimensional "moon child."

In 1952 Jack Parsons died. He accidentally blew himself up in his own laboratory. In his honor the United States Government named a Mountain on the Moon after him.

Seems odd that our own Government would name a mountain on the moon after Parsons. Up there no one would appreciate such a memorial.

Unless of course you are an interdimensional traveler with Gray skin and large eyes living in a lodge somewhere near Parson's Peak.



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