By Clyde Lewis

What if LIFE down here had it's beginnings out there?

It was in 1877 that an Italian Astronomer by the name of Giovanni Schiapaelli discovered with the aid of a telescope that the Planet Mars had fine straight lines that intersected each other on it's surface. It was then that Percival Lowell built the Lowell observatory to observe Mars. He theorized that the lines were canals built by an intelligent Martian race. These thoughts captured the imagination of many people, but the 1950's science dismissed the findings. It was said that life on Mars could not exist. The ideas did not stop however. By the 60's we were well underway with the space program. We chose to go to the moon. Mars however was not forgotten and there were still many that were fascinated with the Red Planet. So much so, that we were also preparing to send probes to investigate the planet's surface.

In the 1980's another man stepped forward to open the door again. His name is Richard Hoagland. Richard Hoagland's Book Monuments of Mars espouses once again the ideas that Mars has a deeper history than we realize. That intelligent beings, constructed pyramids, cities, and roads on Mars. Hoagland of course was ignored and ridiculed by mainstream scientists, Yet Hoagland continued to explain his conclusions.

In 1996 it looked as if Richard Hoagland was on the right track. After being placed in the realm of the fringe Hoagland was seeing the fruits of his labors. Mainstream science announced to the world that Rocks from Mars had been found and that analysis showed that the rocks contained the fossilized remains of microscopic life. This was the evidence of Extra terrestrial life that propelled more interest in the Cydonia region of Mars. An area that contained what is believed to be an extra-terrestrial city.

Thanks to the efforts of Richard Hoagland The idea of life existing on Mars does not seem so crazy. In July of 1997 the Mars Pathfinder missions even revealed that Mars was once a warm moist planet, with a rich atmosphere much like earth. So, If we believe NASA and Richard Hoagland, then what does this say about our existence? What does it say about our beliefs. Could it be that civilization began on Mars and then moved to Earth?

A lot of people are ready to grasp the possibility of space aliens now more than ever. Unfortunately the attitudes of most people on the matter differ greatly and with the Hollywood packaging of such things, we see iconography everywhere of the Classic almond eyed reptile much like the smiley face of the '70's. It probably was the same way anciently as well. Our interpretations of such matters evolved into the various religions we have today. The truth is pieces of the late 20th century "alien" pop culture will probably end up in churches after the new millenium. A lot of this is already happening, but with tragic and laughable results.

We see the tragedy in such things as the Heavens gate suicides. Anciently if we are to believe the Old Testament, it was the attempted murder of Isaac in Genesis. The account in the 22nd chapter says it was a sacrifice, when a being came down from heaven to prevent it. In the case of Heaven's gate we hear of a being from heaven that belongs to Evolutionary Level above human. The Heaven's gate believers killed themselves in a sacrificial rite to their God. Another account of true belief in beings that live in the void of space.

We know that there are countless semantics that can be quoted time and time again showing that the beings that were worshipped anciently were the same beings that are showing up in the present. The belief has existed since man supplicated to an unknown being, or power that dwells in the sky.

Another Question that goes unanswered is where does this being exist? We are told heaven, But isn't that the same as claiming that the superior being we worship lives in outer space?

The early Hebrews believed in a God called Elohim. A plural term for "The Gods who dwell in the sky." Then came Yahweh "the god of the winds". There was Enil a god worshipped by the people of Mesopotamia. Is it any coincidence that the plurality of god is spoken of in the 1st chapter of Genesis verse 26? "Let us make man in our image after our likeness." So then the question is who or what is God? If the God's created us in their image then what is God's image?

Physical, imperfect, biological, intellectual, spiritual, technological? Why not?

Does this mean they are like us, but with more knowledge? Arthur C. Clarke once said "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

We are slowly finding ourselves in the same position as the Gods of old once were. We are advancing Physically, mentally, spiritually, and technologically. We are getting close to the secrets that have been constant for ages. The idea sends fear into governments and theologians. That is why people like Richard Hoagland become ridiculed by some who fear that we are treading too close to the secrets to the God Puzzle. If it was revealed that the Gods were nothing more than beings like ourselves with a better understanding of the cosmos then many religions would have to reconstruct their belief systems. This is a definite. That is why so many are willing to scream blasphemy when people open their mind to these possibilities.

There are some however who believe that belief in such things is social surrealism. The very same individuals believe in the surrealism of religion. This is very confusing. Some think that it is evidence that the earth is in a deep social crisis. Maybe it is evidence that culture is opening up and maturing. We will reject that which is proven to be false. The communication age is still in it's infancy and people are learning about things that have been kept under wraps for some time. Compare it to a baby taking it's first steps. It will fall many times. But then it will walk.

I have pointed out in many instances that perhaps what we are seeing with the face on Mars is our own Image. Our own likeness. If that is the case then let us add with it a possibility that an ancient civilization lived on Mars. Then, our ancestors mistakenly called these beings god's. They fortified them with magical powers, because of their technological advances. They too had spirituality, and that they had imperfections, that made them humble in the eyes of their superior beings. With that humility they erected Monuments to their gods that created them in their image and likeness as well. Here we have a never-ending chain of humanity. The continuation and evolution of the species of man. That it is within all of us to gain knowledge, to become physically aware, and mentally sound. That we find our spirituality, which defines us as individuals. We have erected monuments to those we revere. Presidents, Rulers and Gods. Anciently there were temples and altars erected to the highest beings. Pyramids and Obelisks, are seen in Egypt, South America, and even Washington D.C. Masonic Lodges are built that are also Temples, and Mormons build temples for the sacred ordinances. Why do people do this? I guess what it boils down to is what we read in the first chapter of Ecclesiastes There is no new thing under the sun, that it was all made before, no new idea, it's all been made ages before now.

With that in mind , let's hit the ball out of the park with one final thought. After our biblical ancestors tried to piece together the God puzzle with all kinds scripture and historical accounts of extra terrestrial entities and their relationships with humans. We come full circle in the late 19th Century. People were convinced that there was life on Mars. Scientists then set out to prove that Mars was a dead planet. They accidentally stumble on what might be ancient monuments on the planets surface. They find rocks that contain fossilized life forms. In 1999 NASA plans to send another robotic lander to Mars South pole. Searching for water in the frozen terrain. Richard Hoagland has been saying that Mars has more to it than just fossilized rocks. Mars might just be the place where mankind will find the missing pieces in the mysterious God puzzle.


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