By Clyde Lewis

The apocalyptic imagination is now at a fever pitch. Our battles are not just limited to Islam versus Christian or Democrat versus Republican. It may be far more paranormal than we realize. In our open ended apocalyptic battles we secretly are wondering if the battle of God and Satan can be boiled down to what is "human" and what might be considered "alien."

In the midst of what is being called "The Open ended war on Terror," I made it my goal to poke my head up for air and when I did so, I looked up and saw heaven. It was in the stars where I found the key to knowledge and what seems to be another threat that I have avoided for some time.

I realized some very interesting truth by looking at the planets and the stars. I realized just how small we truly are and how easily we could be bumped off of the planet or otherwise destroyed by some rogue asteroid or comet.

I also entertained what many consider the ludicrous idea that an extraterrestrial, or alien influence could be or already has invaded this planet and that the deterioration of the human spirit is evidence of some viral self-destruct mechanism that has been secretly planted in the human conciseness.

Scientists have speculated about panspermia and how it could have been the reason for our existence. Earth could have been seeded from space, and that life's evolution to higher forms depends on genetic programs that come from the cosmos. These so called "space seeds" arrive on the backs of comets or meteors, or they can be introduced through the contact of something that is determined to be an extraterrestrial, biological life form.

There have been many alleged contactees who claim that they have had contact with several different life forms that have entered into the homes, kidnapped the victim and proceeded to experiment and mark them. After the encounters several of the contactees feel above human, and attempt to tell the world that the aliens are here to help rather than harm us.

If the alien intervention is happening and itís purpose is to save the planet it is not working.

An argument can be made that if there are aliens, they have arrived already and they are spreading an infection in the same way European explorers brought their diseases to the New World.

These beings also could be programming humans to become slaves to their whim, and explain to them that it is especially good for their safety and welfare.

They are being fooled into believing that they are participating in a greater cause.

It seems to be the cosmic lie. The great lie that puts brother against brother, and eventually both sides will die leaving behind a new and empty earth for these aliens to populate.

These alien beings have had possession of life and death, and they are willing to use the powerful to carry out the process of allowing life to continue or to encourage a cessation with the promise of renewal.

The powerful are now claiming that God guides and directs their mass murder. God, we have been told lives somewhere in the far reaches of the heavens. He is the ultimate extraterrestrial, but are we certain that this extraterrestrial is the benevolent ET that we have been told loves and protects us?

Jokingly I have been known to quote the Subgenius mantra that God is an alien and still poses a threat to this planet.

I am no longer joking about it.

It is beginning to look as if a close knit group that is declaring their omnipotence is doing it in the name of what they believe to be God. I have pointed out over and over this God is not the God of this world but some perverted alien thought form that feeds on us like a cancer and changing the very value systems that promote life and peace.

What we are seeing at this time in history is a small group of overseers with the cosmic ambition of changing the mind set of the planet to a dark and powerful force that consumes and destroys in the name of purification.

The aliens that we have been waiting to arrive have been here all along and right before they decide to throw us into another direction or destroy us they start showing up, playing peek a boo. It is confusing because it not only entices us, or turns us on, it also makes us feel uncomfortable at the same time.

While we are busily trying to figure out who is to blame for the mess we are in, we see only the universe that is just beyond our own two feet. We have been encouraged to move forward in this new millennium, Unfortunately we find ourselves too frightened to take the first step and walk upright towards a brighter future.

It is too easy to stand and do nothing.

I can only say that if you must stand and do nothing, at least take the time to look at what is behind you and realize that in the past century we have been seeing something that may be considered a perverted purification process for the arrival of judgement day.

World War I showed us the attempted Armenian Holocaust. World War II brought us the Jewish death camps and the release of the desolation weapon used on the Japanese. From Korea to Vietnam mass murder prevailed and the body count soared.

It seems as if we never learn. From another attempted genocide in Yugoslavia to the ignored holocaust in Rwanda we now find ourselves in another war that seems to have no end. This time the images are more horrific, and from what I can determine apocalyptic.

What do all of these horrible times in history have in common?

If you permit me I will attempt to explain it to you and if this becomes unbearable or a bit ludicrous then forgive me.

I have to get this out of me before I lose it and allow myself to be submerged once again in the bloodbath that I read about and watch every day on my television screen.

The other day I reached a point of panic because I thought I had stumbled upon the key as to why we are in the mess we are in. It gave me a surge of feeling helpless because I realized that there was no chance for me to fight the future that the majority is welcoming.

I was reading over some of my old articles looking for answers and evaluating where I was headed and what I have not covered and it occurred to me that in the stanzas of my ramblings were coded or cryptic sentences that I determined made no sense at the time they were written.

Many of them had to do with articles dealing with the arrival of the "aliens" and their attempts at annihilating the civilization in order to force us into not cheating the evolutionary process. When Ground Zero first aired in 1995, I was concerned about millennialist suicidal tendencies. Being raised in Utah, the cloud of millennial doom came with Mormon doctrine and a culture that considered itself anointed by a God that had the attributes of an extra terrestrial with a plan to destroy the planet in order to save it.

"As you see this, you might think itís all crazy.
What youíre really seeing is situation normal in the Apocalypse.
The Last Days, the end times, forever and ever, and as often as not
it boils down to only just one thing. The Removal of all Imperfect Human Beings."
óRead over the air just prior to the inaugural Ground Zero broadcast 1995

In most science fiction stories and in the pantheon of most alien "believers" there seems to be the running theme of how the "aliens" first come to the planet and realize that the way to succeed in take over of the planet is to create an impenetrable "hive mind."

They begin by revealing their secrets to a small group of people. These people form tightly knit subgroups that have been responsible for building the foundations for society.

They develop religion and government.

The omnipotent leaders that have the alien secret become the human proxies under the control of the overseers of the hive and know that in order to reign they must create a continuous existence of vulnerability and fear.

In the process human kind are indoctrinated with the idea that so many things are wrong with their existence and that they are unworthy to be captains of their own destinies.

What it leads to is this nihilism that I have written about in the past.

I am beginning to realize is that the attitude of destroying everything in order to save it is a cosmic programming technique by a malignant alien force that teaches fearful humans that in order to achieve spiritual rebirth you must annihilate all that is a part of our Terran environment.

How are we to become more like our alien overseers if we continue to embrace everything that is earthly and in the alien mind perverse and imperfect?

In the past there have been stories of incubi and succubi. These stories involve the horror of sexual abuse by entities. They enter the home in the night and take the victim away to perform sexual experiments, and have sexual intercourse with the victims. These stories seem to be rare, however if we look at the abduction stories of today we see the same parallels.

The chilling result is that while alleged alien greys perform these experiments, many of the victims will testify that the alien agenda is not to harm but to help the planet reach a point of perfection.

It is becoming obvious to me that the aliens that make visits to these people are very real. However, while each template seems similar each attitude about the experience differs which psychologically, may well be a projection of their own attitude about whether or not they are victimized or enlightened.

How is it that a victim of abduction can walk away with the attitude that the predators were there to help them?

It is beginning to become clearer to me now.

Most of us are willing to go through anything horrible, if we are guaranteed that we will receive a reward. A perfect example of these attitudes can be found in the new fad of what is called "reality programming" on television. From surviving on an island to ratting on your fiends to eating goatís eyes, there is a monetary reward for self destructive behavior.

This type of television programming was said to be produced to cut the costs of hiring scriptwriters, and actors. It was intended to allegedly catch people in the act of being human.

It does it quite well.

It also has an underlying purpose. That is to show humans in their most alien form. It is to reveal the reptilian aspects of our existence. It showcases the basic alien brain, which many believe to be reptilian in nature.

The reptilian brain, installed by our own creators was the first highly complex neural bundle to appear in evolutionary history.

It is our base and primal brain. It regulates the basic physiological functions; circulation, respiration, digestion, elimination. It is also involved in mating and territorial behavior; pecking order, defense, aggression and the emotions of anger and fear.

The reality programming is there to reawaken these traits and desensitizes us to a harsher environment that may be our future.

The news you see on the war front is also "reality programming" where our reptilian traits as humans are explored in a more ritualistic way. It psychologically programs you for the alien thought form of destruction for salvation.

We are told on the nightly news that our President worships God.

He has stated that he worships the creator of this world and yet he wants to commit to a cosmic blasphemy that exhorts him to destroy the very Earth and creations that his God has placed here for our benefit.

It is a contradiction.

Therefore I can only conclude that it is an alien thought form, an alien program that is employed to destroy, kill, abuse and torture for the benefit of a New World without any guarantee.

I am beginning to see the evidence mounting that the aliens are here and they have found a way to convince the world that the majority of the earthís inhabitants are better off dead.

They have released a virus that has many names, and there have been many attempts to release it. The only problem is that each time the host or carrier has not been strong enough to keep it alive.

The United States and the Middle east are two areas where this virus can get into the population and spread slowly until the population destroys itself because of some notion that they will receive some sort of reward, some sort of rebirth.

Ask yourself if you willing to sacrifice yourself and your family for spiritual renewal without any guarantee?

It is a sick thought that your "faith" is an excuse to admit, "resistance is futile."

Many hard line Christians and Muslims have now embraced an apocalyptic self-destruct philosophy because they feel that death is not the end and that their reward waits in heaven. They believe with every fiber of their being that they will receive a spiritual renewal in the next level of existence.

If you ever ask yourself why suicide bombers sacrifice themselves, or why terrorists fly suicide missions into buildings, or why some soldiers sign up to go to war you may attribute it to the hardwired belief in destroying life for some programmed nobility.

Seven years ago the newspapers splashed on the front page the ghastly story of a UFO cult that unanimously decided to check out of this existence for a better one in heaven.

As the authorities went about the sad task of notifying and talking with relatives of the members of the Heavenís Gate UFO sect, a farewell videotape made by the group that considered themselves an "away team" suggested that they had gone to their deaths quite happily and to the horror of the rest of the world willingly.

A woman who appeared to be in her 20ís with a shaved head that made her look more like an alien looked directly into the camera and said with a confident smile, "We are all choosing of our own free will to go to the next level."

You see, they were going willingly into death with the idea that the next level was a better place.

It was quite comical at the time to see how the rest of the Christian World was highly critical of the cult, saying that the group was misguided and that their beliefs were "alien" to the true plan of God.

While I was in El Paso Texas, waiting to go to Roswell New Mexico to speak at the 50th anniversary of the alleged flying saucer crash, I remember Pat Robertson of the 700 club expressing his extreme views about those who look to the skies for UFOís and aliens.

He was urging the practice of stoning to death anyone who believes in such things.

Now that seven years of passed it is interesting to see how the Evangelical right have developed a myopic sense of self and how their hive mind can not see that they are practicing the same alien behavior towards their Christ, and their God.

Their hive mind preaches the same dogma as the UFO cult.

They wonít admit to it, but it is true.

Robertson and others like him believe in killing and sacrifice in order to bring about the messianic process.

The actions of the militant faction of the religious right are no different than the Muslim fanatics that believe in the same nebulous rewards for killing, and destroying the world. Their vision is the same vision that was shared by Charles Manson, Jim Jones, David Koresh, Marshall Applewhite and Osama Bin Laden.

The militant Christian mind and the Muslim fanatical mind create a malignant synergy, and fuel the alien belief that torture, abuse, rape and death are committed out of love and are fundamental for establishing a landing pad for the arrival of someone or something from heaven.

You may think that it is all crazy and that is my point. It is situation normal in the apocalypse, and apocalyptic thinking creates a confusing thought form.

Our leaders believe that the only way to escape their paranoid delusion is to make a first strike. Those who are gripped by the paranoid trickle either strike out at others, or end up destroying themselves for what seems to be a messianic mission.

This is why I am saying that this type of thinking is a viral form of psychosis, that many people can go in and out of and just might be the product of alien tinkering.

David Icke has mentioned that many people have written him about the shape shifting reptilians that are believed to be in places of power. While he concedes that it is a physical impossibility to shape shift, he adds that many tell him that the so called "reptilian" entityís image frequency changes and it can go in and out of these base tendencies at will.

This could explain why Saddam Hussein was a powerful leader, and a murderous tyrant at one moment and later ended up becoming a helpless shell living in a hole in the ground.

This also could explain how George W. Bush could speak in complete sentences without stammering when he gives speeches about preemptive strikes and the war on terror, and later falls into sounding insipid when speaking about the weather or some other common topic of conversation.

You will have to decide for yourself. These ideas are submitted only for your consideration.

It may be hard to grasp, and the prospect can be a product of an overactive imagination, but one must search themselves and realize that the political climate in the world has become more paranormal than before.

Our leaders now admit to being a part of nefarious groups, they have connections to deviant organizations, they use supernatural claims to mesmerize the people into believing that they have superpowers to reshape and reform the world.

They control life and death, and they declare that when death is offered it is Godís will.

They never answer the question as to which God dictates their actions.

Could this God be a virulent hallucination, programmed into our leaders by some alien force?

The message is plain and simple.

Kill others, Kill yourselves, It is the will of the creator.

Does it surprise anyone that just prior to the suicides of the Heavenís gate UFO cult that lights were seen hovering over Phoenix Arizona? People gaze into the sky and they see ships. They are psychologically affected. They are reminded that men of flesh and blood may not control the earth. They are reminded of something catastrophic that has been wired into the subconscious. This cataclysm happened after the appearance of anomalies in the skies. This phenomenon has been written about before by William Bramley in his book "The Gods of Eden."

He theorized that the basic cause of war, genocide and conflict in history is not viciousness innate in the human species but rather is the less-than-benevolent interference in human affairs by extraterrestrials. Bramley wrote that the aliens regard humans as their property and the Earth is an exploitable resource.

He contends that our bloodthirsty nature has been programmed into us by these aliens to help keep us enslaved and to keep us from evolving to our full capacity. In spite of all we have accomplished for our benefit, Bramley suggests that human conflict; suffering, wars and presidential assassinations are connected to some alien intervention.

Major UFO events and what can be considered to be paranormal events have preceded many devastating tragedies in world history.

Coincidentally, the Phoenix Lights preceded the Heavenís Gate Suicides, the Death of Princess Diana, and the death of Mother Teresa in 1997.

In July of 2001 a group of UFOís appeared over Carteret New Jersey. This was a mass sighting with multiple witnesses. This triggered a UFO flap all over the East Coast. The flap lasted all summer.

Every major television network in the United States recorded this. At least 15 callers contacted the Carteret police department, wondering what was up in the sky, as a formation of lights quietly, and some say beautifully, glided across the sky.

Many claimed that it was akin to a religious experience. Many cars on the New Jersey turnpike came to a stop to view the lights.

Whether they saw it from their vehicles or from their homes, the description of the sighting has been consistent from person to person. All clearly remember how the lights traveled, how they flickered out one by one and how it all ended as mysteriously as it began.

Meanwhile Newark Airport officials say there was no unusual flight patterns reported during the sighting. McGuire Air Force Base reported that none of their planes were airborne at the time and the National Weather Service also said that it was not a weather anomaly.

Eyewitnesses were adamant that the sighting were not flares or fireworks.

Months later the United States was attacked. The Towers of the World Trade center came down in a fiery conflagration after two commercial planes are flown into the towers allegedly by Muslim extremists. Later, the Pentagon is hit by another plane. This forces the United States to take action against Afghanistan which is believed to be the base for terrorist operations responsible for the attacks. This is the event that created the need for the open-ended war on terror.

Recently the news has reported various sightings of UFOís in Iran and now the focus is on anomalous lights being seen by the Mexican Air Force.

Are these anomalies a result of mass hysteria or are we being shown an anomalous calling card that indicates a major tragedy waiting in the wings?

In what appears to be a godless world it is hard to avoid an ominous dark future and harder still is the ability to fight it.

The countdown has begun and resistance appears to be futile.

The truth is not out there, the truth is that we have limits and if we strive to rush to our own destruction for some absurd promise of renewal we will be great food sources for a vanguard of alien invaders.

It is the ultimate cosmic trap.


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