By Clyde Lewis

Are you one of the frightened? Do you whisper a prayer as you walk past the graveyard? Do you stop and look at the stones? Have you ever called out into the night and listen back to the whispers that are made as the trees rustle in the wind? Sometimes the dead speak. Maybe it is time to listen.

This article that you are reading was first started back in February of 2002. I began writing this while I was obsessed with tri numerics. I sat down and wrote it on 02 02 2002. I stopped writing it when someone e-mailed me and complained that I was sounding like a fool for obsessing about numbers and their meanings.

I had to stop myself because the person e-mailing me was right. The other night my radio came on and I just happened to have it on the station the broadcast Coast to Coast AM. Art Bell is no longer there and now the show is hosted by George Noory.

He was talking about tri numerics. People were calling in and claiming that they were seeing these numbers. So I decided to re open this article and revisit the meaning of the tri numerics and how they apply to the spirit dead that are ready to speak to us. That is if we are willing to listen.

Back in February of 2002, I couldnít stop obsessing about the numeric significance and thought that perhaps the trinumeric coincidences were significant of some sort of message. In fact if you read my articles during that time you will see that the numbers were showing themselves in mainstream stories. I even noticed that even before we were deciding to go into Iraq I stated on my show that Baghdad would be the new target because of itís Longitude and Latitude. I assumed that the message of 444 was that the war would happen in the area of where creation began. Perhaps it will be the place where it all ends.

Gog and Magog. War that has been spoken of by George W. Bush.

"To answer these attacks and rid the world of evil we will export death and violence to the Four Corners of the earth in defense of this great nation." ĖGeorge W. Bush

Two tri numeric numbers put square the new target of Baghdad:

Longitude : 44.43įE

Latitude: 33.33įN

After talking with a numerologist I was left with the impression that the2ís, 3ís and 4ís that I was seeing was a clue to possible messages being given from the ether. It all began with a strange haunting in my home where a ghost who was later determined to be named Izzy was trying to get me a message.

I was left with the impression that number sequences have meaning and that the dead were trying to speak to get a message out to everyone. I know they were speaking to me. There were many people who wrote me and told me that they were also seeing these numbers.

In the meantime I could not continue to obsess about the phenomenon because I knew that the topic would certainly wear itself out.

I purposefully held off from the compulsion to continue the topic and pushed myself away from the numbers. I allowed for my colleague Michael Godspeed top write in my stead and took a break. I returned from a week of vacation and realized that I had to somehow get a message out that the spirits were restless and that they would make their appearances soon.

In the Ground Zero article "The Prison of Ashmedai" I reworked my intended article and opened with this statement:

"When purgatory reaches its limit of spiritual prisoners and the door is left ajar the spiritual tricksters will walk the earth in search of targets. When the spiritual undead outnumber those spirits yet to be born the signs and wonders will indicate that the time is near for all things unknown to reveal themselves."

I was referring to poltergeist activity that would send a message that the veil would thin out before we would find ourselves in the Great World War. I further explained my position being careful not to use the numbers and numeric coincidences that were plaguing me.

I needed to say what was in my heart and I was seriously feeling that we would soon be seeing if not experiencing the paranormal every day, and soon it would be mainstream to hear of ghosts appearing on film, or on television.

"The dead that have long since passed are returning to warn us that all is not well in purgatory. The souls of the dead scream from their graves and they are begging for us to hear their cries to a sleeping world. Call them angels, demons, or even specters of past tragedies but their voices and their essence are turning up everywhere. We are being prepared to meet otherworldly beings in forms that have never before been imagined. All of the cosmos are infused with consciousness. There are many legions of entities and intelligences that are watching the planet.

They are becoming more vocal, and they are appearing at a rapid rate. They are leaving behind their calling cards and hope that we see their evidence. They are also manifesting themselves in human beings. Legions of both organized and chaotic thought forms have formed symbiotic relationships with their human hosts."ó
The Prison of Ashmedai ©2002 Clyde Lewis

I was thinking about death and dying during this time. It was depressing me because I was feeling as though the dead were about to speak to us and tell us that we were headed for a destructive course and that ghosts of the past and demons of the past need not be tampered with.

I had received a call from a colleague of mine who lived in Pennsylvania. It was Holly Conely who wanted to tell me that perhaps I was tuned into something because she had received an e-mail from someone who heard that there were ghosts seen walking around the crash site of Flight 93, the doomed flight that crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania on September 11th, 2001.

The crater was immediately filled in after the crash and locals there were calling the area a mass grave.

A strange story had found its way to Channel 8, a local Fox network affiliate.

One of the security guards had commented that he and other guards had heard groups of people mumbling on the wind. One guard was sitting in his car and heard the words "So Now what." No one else was in the car with him.

There was also a report of a woman approaching a guard around 4 oíclock in the morning wearing a sport jersey. When the guard attempted to talk to the woman she vanished.

Needles to say I was blown away by the report I figured it was the beginning of more and more paranormal stories arriving on the nightly news. I started to show interest in channeling and regression in order to find out about entities that may be hovering around someone.

I spoke to everyone and I even wondered if I could be regressed to see if any spirits were hovering around me.

I invited hypnotherapist Lexi Parrot on my show to put me into a trance to see what was inside me. What I heard frightened me and I abandoned the paranormal for a while and focused on political and conspiratorial rants.

I have to warn the regulars who listen to my show that love to hear me rant about the government that my show is not all political. I do have a side that is far deeper than any Republican or Democrat can reach.

I have seen and heard many things, and I perceive and predict when my conscience so dictates. I am not like any other talk show host that is on the air.

Maybe it is a curse. Perhaps a blessing.

I can tell you with all of my heart that I would not lie when I demonstrate that the paranormal, and all things that form in the ether tend to coincidentally fall into my existence and I have no one to tell but those who are willing to listen.

So here is my journey. If you wish to join me on this stimulating outing then please read on.

I was sitting in the studio the other day when a tour of kids was passing through. They were curious about what a big hairy guy in black would be doing in a studio. I was telling them that I was doing some voice analysis on Electronic Voice Phenomenon. Kids are kids and they didnít know what I was talking about. I told them that I was listening to ghost voices, explaining that you can go into graveyards and record the sounds of the dead.

The salesperson that was doing the tour nervously looked at the Kids and said

"This is Clyde Lewis and he is a talk show host who talks about aliens and ghosts."

Almost in unison all of the kids said, "cool."

The sales person was trying to move the kids to another studio, as other adults were looking a little uncomfortable.

I looked up and said that what I was doing wasnít important and tried to change the subject because it looked as if the parents werenít too happy with a man in black talking with children about plodding around in graveyards after dark.

I asked one of the kids in the group, what group they were with and she replied that they were a young Christian Choir ensemble and that they were here recording some songs for a CD they wanted to sell so that they could take a trip to Disneyland.

By then I was feeling uncomfortable because I realized that one of the men that was with the Children was a pastor.

The Children were whisked away to another studio and the pastor stayed behind with the sales person.

He asked me why I was playing with powers that I did not understand.

I replied to him that I did understand.

He was telling me that the spirits are demonic because the spirits depart from the righteous after death and are only brought back during the resurrection.

I told him that at one time I was in the service of my church and that I was a minister.

The sales person looked me up and said, "That surprises me."

I was surely thinking that the salesperson was offended and a little uncomfortable about her pastor meeting with someone that plays with the supernatural.

I pointed out respectfully that while many people say that the spirits do not speak to the living and use the biblical scripture as their proof. I tell them that The Ark of the Covenant was used to communicate with spirits and that perhaps we can use technology to hear from the dead.

Surprisingly the pastor was very accommodating and asked me if I was familiar with a scripture in Hebrews about how the dead can speak.

I asked him if he was talking about Able, and how his spirit was screaming to his brother Cain.

He said yes.

I told him that I was aware of it.

He then told me that if the dead are speaking to me then they must have a message that they need to get out.

He shook my hand and left to join up with the kids.

I went home that night and cracked open my Bible.

I hurriedly fumbled through the book of Hebrews and found the scripture that he had talked about. The whole of the 11th Chapter speaks of visionaries and how Able spoke from the dead to Cain.

"By faith Abel offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, by which he obtained witness that he was righteous, God testifying of his gifts: and by it he being dead yet speaketh."óHebrews 11:4

There was even the time where Saul heard a voice from the dead as he was journeying to Damascus.

In the book of Acts the story gives the account that the voice rose up and all the men in Saulís group were speechless because they heard the voice and yet there was no man who was speaking the voice.

"And the men which journeyed with him stood speechless, hearing a voice, but seeing no man."óThe Book of Acts

Then I remembered the words of the pastor; "If the dead are speaking to you then they must have a message that they need to get out."

Electronic Voice Phenomenon is a topic that I have covered many times. In fact when I was a kid I was told that leaving a tape recorder in a graveyard produced whispers and voices that could not be explained. I dabbled with it a bit when I was a teenager. We would venture out to the city cemetery looking for the grave of Old Imo and while there we would call out to Imo expecting a reply. We would hear gibberish and whispery mumbles but we decided it was trick of the wind.

Back then all we had were desk cassette recorders.

We didnít have the recording gadgets that are available today that can record everything from a pin dropping to gnat passing wind.

Back then my friends would also use Ouija Boards to contact the dead and we were warned then that the spirits of the board were evil. Others would tell us that Ouija boards are automatic writing and that it was all in our heads. I never touched one, I always liked to watch, but never participated. The older I got the more curious I became. The first time I actually touched a board was when I made contact with Ephrain, the little Czechoslovakian boy.

When I lived in South America and was doing my religious studies, it was becoming more evident that the other side was closer than we realized. At least at the time I was thinking that the magical spirit world was somehow punching a hole in my reality and yelling at me to explore it further.

It was definitely enticing.

But alas I avoided it. I had the attitude that messing with spirits was not something that God wanted me to do.

I was worried that I would be caught up in voluntary entrapment.

After I hung up my religious guns for a more down to earth and less dogmatic approach to spirits, I was meeting all kinds of people who had interests in the field of Parapsychology.

One of the first people who had an impression on me was an Antioch priest named Wolfgang Gosset. It was some 25 years ago that Wolfgang had introduced me to the world of the paranormal. He looked like a wizened wizard with white hair and a goatee.

He wore a black shirt with a white collar and carried with him a black bag. In it was a cross, holy water, and a small bible. He also carried a small tape recorder, and a small camera. I always wondered if he was a vampire hunter and he would take me to old houses and cemeteries and tell me that there was ghost activity and evil spirits lurking in the shadows.

I never really saw anything, but he had so much enthusiasm and he reminded me of the vampire hunter Von Helsing and I was always waiting for him to slay the great dark lord of the grave, Dracula.

My Churchís Bishop warned me that Gosset was an old priest who was chasing demons that didnít exist.

I was frustrated because I was warned by my church leaders to stay away from him.

Now that I am older I can write about him and say that he definitely had an influence on who I am today. When I was with him I felt like we were going after demons and that we would one day find ghosts.

When I got my own radio show I looked at it as an opportunity to show my audience that while ghosts are good hocus pocus I never really experienced a full on spooky ghost that walked through walls and slimed everything.

I pushed and pushed for proof and no one could bring me proof of ghosts. But there were plenty of twilight zone stories that made your hair stand on end. No proof of ghosts, no pictures or anything that could not be explained.

On one of my shows I challenged someone to do the old taping the ghosts in a cemetery trick. I said that when we were kids that we heard that it would produce results.

One of my listeners Chris Petersen decided to take me up on my challenge and set out with his girlfriend Nancy Kimball to record Ghosts in old cemeteries. He called me and said that he was skeptical like me but figured that he needed to find out for himself and to his surprise he managed to get his first EV on tape.

It definitely sparked my interest in the idea that ghosts could be caught on tape.

While I was thinking to myself that his was something new, I later learned that the idea of gathering ethereal voices had been around for a long time and that some of our modern communication gadgets were actually made for the purpose of communicating with the dead.

The communications boom of the 1800ís sparked many religions and cults that believed that the electromagnetic fields of the earth were where the spirits of the dearly departed hung out.

After Samuel Morse hung up wires so that he could tap out dots and dashes there were two sisters who claimed that spirits could also tap out messages to the living. While the two sisters later claimed that what they did was crack their toe joints in order to give the illusion of communication there were other more mainstream scientists who also were of the opinion that the dead could be contacted through the use of mechanical devices.

Both Marconi and Edison believed it was only a matter of time before radio and telephone would enable us to communicate directly with the dead. Edison tried to create a Psychic telephone that would produce voices from the dead but it never worked. Edison then said that he believed that once the technology of radio is perfected that there would be scores of spirits that would try and communicate with us.

Perhaps he was right.

The middle of last year and the beginning of this one has been one for the record books with regard to capturing all sorts of anomalous objects on tape and on video.

In July of 2002 mainstream coverage of the worries of terrorist attacks on Fourth of July celebrations was halted when a ghostly image showed up on an Oklahoma City junkyard surveillance camera.

The news reported that a ghostly image seemed to show up on video and that it was looking for the wreckage of a vehicle that was moved from Puckets wrecking yard.

People were astonished and the video wound up on news stations across the country and on Internet websites. A few pranksters claimed that they had created the hoax using ladders and fishing poles. However the image was analyzed and there was no way to prove a hoax.

A family came forward to say that the image of the woman in the video was that of Tracy Martin.

Martin was killed in and automobile accident June 30th 2002.

Ground Zero was able to contact night watch officer Kathy Henley who said that she saw the event happen live and that after the tape was watched and analyzed they noticed a blonde woman in overalls floating above the scene. Tracy's truck was moved from the area the surveillance camera was focused on.

The video has been kept in a safe deposit box but the images remain and for those who were able to catch the footage the question still remains, was it a real apparition or was it hoaxed?

Martinís husband Brent believes that the image in coveralls was that of his wife Tracy.

I was curious about the video and was curious if this was an example of instrumental transcommunication, which is a concept that has been touted by Mark Macy and the people who are members of the INIT group.

Instrumental transcommunication or ITC, for some reason has remained relatively mysterious because it is my opinion that INIT founder Mark Macy is uncomfortable about exploiting the practice as a spectacle or side show. ITC is where technology is used to gather up images and EVP with some fascinating results. The INIT group has produced fascinating images and remarkably clear EVP using cameras, computers, and even telephones.

Technology now has given us the means to catch spirits in the act, and record the voices of what appear do be voices in the ether.

When I was called by producers Brian Baird and Kevin Delullo to tape the television pilot Unknown Zone I was finally invited to a full experimental investigation at the Salt Lake City Cemetery and Mausoleum.

We had a full camera crew and both Chris Petersen and Nancy Kimball arrived for an interview. As we were taping the segment for the show Chris and Nancy were walking around the Mausoleum calling out to possible entities that may want to make contact. During that time the film crews were noticing a man with white hair, white shirt, a tie and black suit observing their work.

When one of the crewmembers smiled at the man he raised his eyebrows smiled and walked off. He was then seen walking through the hall looking at some of the graves that were placed in walls.

Nancy asked the man if he was looking for the Mausoleum Manager. The man shook his head and walked into the other hallway. Chris also saw the man and asked him if he could be helped and the man seemed confused. Both Chris and Nancy asked the Manager, Jan Gore if she was expecting a visitor. She said no, that we were the only group who was scheduled to be in the Mausoleum and that we had to hurry because they were getting ready to bring a body in.

We assumed that perhaps the hearse driver had arrived and was bringing in a body.

The phone rang and Jan answered. It was the funeral home that was on call and they were running late with the delivery to the crematory.

Jan asked what the man looked like. Everyone described the same man, white hair, heavy set, black suit. Jan then smiled and with no hint of a joke stated that there was a known entity that roamed the mausoleum that looked like the man we described.

She said that there were several entities that she sees. Sometimes she gets jittery when the entities touch or tap her. She says that there are two entities that are always present. One happens to give off the odor of stale cigarettes and the other casts a shadow on the west wall in the chapel.

As we were doing the report Chris had received a surge of energy while using his meters. I was astonished to see that the whole area was active. In the years that I had been dabbling in the paranormal I never was able to see such activity. Sometimes you feel a presence and you can always rationalize that it is your over active imagination. This time we were seeing meters pegging and hoping we could capture an electronic voice on tape.

Later, we arrived at the home of Nancy and Chris hooked up the tape player to a computer with an audio program and started listening for those disembodied voices that both Nancy and Chris have demonstrated as being real on television shows that have been seen on the Discovery channel and on the major news networks.

The job is a tedious effort as we sat and listened over and over again to the investigative meeting. At the point where the electronic equipment was pegging the meters I had asked if there were any ghosts that wished to communicate.

I was particularly looking for the cigarette smoking ghost or shadow ghost. As we were listening an ethereal voice showed up on tape answering my question.

The voices in unison eerily stated "Weíre all in this place"

We were floored at the clear voice response from the ether.

I have heard many EVP messages, however when you are in the midst of an investigation and you hear a response to a question youíve asked it gives you a very unique feeling. You begin to see why people invest their time into this ghoulish hobby.

There have been times where I have experienced what I perceived were ghostly experiences but of course you have to weigh the possibility that they could be a result of an overactive imagination or projection.

Even when the incident happened on the radio in the Julie Bunten case everyone had different experiences and even with all of the witnesses and the help of John Edward there is no tangible evidence only coincidences and synchronicities that were uncanny. Only a recording a broadcast where I scream land stammer like a frightened child. Only feelings and psychic awareness that most people can scrutinize and determine to be parlor play, or mental expansion.

I have had girlfriends who spend the night at my house and claim to hear voices and sounds that you can immediately dismiss as house settling or radios. I even experienced random programming of my microwave oven with tri numeric 4ís.

While I know that there was no explanation for them, there were many people who thought that I was the one who did all of it as some sort of publicity stunt.

The frustrating thing is that in these instances there were no witnesses and no ways of duplicating the event in front of witnesses. Now I had the videotape and audiotape to prove that there was no fudging of the data. This was lights, camera action, and the ghosts were able to appear. It was quite a rush.

Needless to say I have become a believer. However I am not so sure that this is concrete evidence of an afterlife.

I believe that from my vantage point there is evidence that perhaps science should look into the possibility of voices and images that can be broadcast on the ethernet. They can interact, and they will appear on video, audio and photographs.

After our investigation I was notified of a case in Plainfield New Jersey where a specter of sorts was appearing on a surveillance camera. A strip club called Liquid Assets reportedly was seeing a fluttering light that appeared even as police were investigating the area doing a random check of the parking lot.

The manufacturers of the security camera equipment have seen the footage and tested the camera and found nothing wrong with it. They have stated that the image is not a bat, nor a bird, a bug, nor a defect of the camera.

The unfortunate thing is that the image is not as human looking as the Oklahoma footage but remains a mystery.

I contacted Jane Doherty who is a nationally known psychic. She was called in to investigate the case and give her opinion on the matter. She determined that the ghost is a being that was a leftover from the days of prohibition. The area where the camera is now was where the champagne room once stood in the bar back in the 1920ís.

Doherty has expressed that the spirit is one of many. Perhaps gangsters Vincent "Mad Dog" Col and two of his cohorts Joe "Bar Rags" Iadarola and Jerry "Chin" Iadarola who are the dead uncles of the now owner John Colasanti.

Doherty said the she feels the presence of another spirit that she feels could be a dancer named Ariel, who died on her way to work a few years ago.

I produced a radio program where I had teased the premiere of the "Unknown Zone" and we had stated that these new findings were compelling. It was later that the ghost crew had hooked up with paranormal Investigator Dr. Allen Meyer who first appeared on Ground Zero in the 1990ís and now appears on several other talk shows and seminar circuits showing compelling Orb footage and other ectoplasmic images that go through walls.

The Unknown Zone crew was able to get some interesting pictures of what appeared to be ghost like wisps dancing on the stairs at a local antique shop.

The show impressed two Washington State residents who called me to tell me that they had orb photos that they wanted me to see. I was so excited that some of my listeners were trying to find out for themselves if anything that I talked about was valid that I agreed to go with them to an old country cemetery in the town of Washougal.

It was 11:00PM on a Sunday night and I up and left with Sarah and Richard. Two perfect strangers who I was hoping were not luring me into some dangerous endeavor. I didnít know these people at all but they told me that they had found cemeteries that had produced some very active ghost activity on camera.

They had told me that many of the old cemeteries had graves dating back to the 1800ís.

The rain was pouring down and the winds had kicked up, yet Sarah and Richard were bound and determined to get some footage of a ghost that they said appeared to them near a tree and what they called a transparent tombstone.

The Minute I got out of the car I was dripping wet. The rain stung has it hit my face but with flashlights in hand and a camera I played along with the anxious crew and waited in the cemetery for a sign of anything that even looked like a ghost.

We snapped photo after photo.

Then out of the corner of my eye I was startled by what I thought looked like a head or a face. I jumped and moved my flashlight over to where I saw it. The form disappeared soon as the light was pointed in the direction of where I saw it.

I asked Sarah if she saw anything and she said that she thought she saw something and so we killed the flashlights and shot some photos in the dark.

I asked if I could head back home and they said, no and that we had to go back to the house and see if we got anything.

I felt like I had been fishing. I was wet and cold, and I was hoping that we caught something on film.

We arrived at their little house in the heavily wooded countryside. It was cozy and warm and Sarah made sure I had some hot coffee and she also prepared a huge bowl of pasta and told Richard to load the pictures.

I was enjoying the hospitality and the warmth of their country home as we were looking at computer images at 2 AM. I realized that they were serious about finding ghosts and wanting to learn. So I perused the images and saw a few orbs. However Sarah was insistent that the orbs were raindrops. She explained that she knew when orbs were on film and those were not orbs.

We scanned ahead and suddenly we saw a red image on the computer. I looked at it and I almost choked on my coffee. It was the face that I saw. It was the face that looked like a demon or a bearded man standing in the cemetery.

I asked Richard to zoom in on the face and soon we could see further details.

This photo was taken in Washougal Washington in an old country gravesite. Sarah, Richard and myself had ventured out into a stormy night to get pictures of ghosts. What we saw out of the corner of our eye appeared on this digital picture. It was taken by a camera with no flash. It appeared just as we had seen it, out of the corner of our eye. It was a bearded man, perhaps a settler from the 1800ís.

A week or two had passed and I received a phone call from Sarah notifying me that she had ventured back to the area and started asking questions in order to gather up some EVP. She was exited because she did get some on her new digital recorder. However she said that she was having a hard time removing the noise from the whispery EVP and she claimed that while she was recording an annoyed spirit shoved her.

I listened back at the moment when the ghost allegedly pushed her and I heard an EVP that to my ears stated "Get out the way " or "Get out of my way" or "Am I in your way?"

I realized that this was an active area and I made arrangements go back and hunt down some more ghosts.

We arrived at another Cemetery in Battleground Washington. This was the Sacred heart Cemetery. Sarah said that she got some EVP from a little boy there and she thought that perhaps there would be some heavy activity near the grave. This time there was no storm. We worked under a full moon. It was relatively mild for a winterís night. I was handed dowsing rods and was told that when the rods cross there would be heavy activity. I wasnít much into dowsing. Dr. Alan Meyer uses it in his investigations and I didnít know how they worked.

I soon found out.

I felt a surge of energy pass through me and saw a bright light. I thought it was the moon but before I could take breath the rods crossed. I closed my eyes because it was as if they had a mind all of there own.

There was another flash. This time it was the digital camera.

Near me Richard was also feeling some active energy and so we pointed the camera at him. It started to get very cold and I was already exhausted from the excitement that I was feeling we went back to their place and looked over the photos. I noticed that most of the pictures were very clear but there was no sign of ghostlike activity. I wanted to see the pictures of the moment that both Richard and I experienced.

I was excited because we caught on film some of the most breath taking images of ghost forms I had ever seen.

As you can see in the first Picture Richard and myself are standing near a childís grave. We are both holding dowsing rods. As we moved closer to the grave my rods began crossing. At that moment Sarah, who was snapping the photos moved to get an angle of both of us. I felt a surge and she snapped a photo. She also snapped a picture of Richard. As you can see it was a clear night with no fog or mist. These cloudy apparitions appeared as our Dowsing rods crossed. The surge was so strong I saw a bright light and then closed my eyes. It was then that Sarah captured the picture. She then moved and took a picture of Richard as an entity was rising up out of a graveside.

I have shown the pictures of various orbs and misty entities and there are some people who are not convinced that there is anything-paranormal showing up on the film. People like Joe Nickel and other so called debunkers claim that the cameras capture rain or snow and it shows up as "orbs." There was a co-worker of mine who observed that perhaps the "entities" we captured were fog.

So I decided that in order to show you that there is no hoaxing taking place I would show a picture of a graveyard picture taken in the rain and a picture taken of us standing in the clear night at the Sacred heart Cemetery.


As you can see in this demonstration there is a significant difference between orbs and raindrops. I have compared the two using some of the Dr. Meyer photos. There are also some other orbs that were taken by Sarah at an abandoned cemetery on another clear night.

This is a photo taken at the Sacred heart Cemetery as you can see it was a clear night. There are no orbs in the picture or fog, or mist. If it were a foggy night it would have showed up in the photos. There are many others like this one. The pictures featuring the "entities" were snapped at the time both Richard and myself felt surges and asked Sarah to start taking pictures.

I guess if these pictures do not convince you then you just have to take my word for it.
I have always challenged those who question whether or not I am telling the truth to do the work themselves Yet there are those that continue to have critical opinions of the paranormal without even attempting to find the paranormal in haunted places. Many say that they will believe it when they see it.

I am curious as to how the skeptics can be so cock sure of a finite world with finite outcomes. Always remember that to the mold on the cheese, the cheese is the universe. To the Maggots in the corpse, the corpse is the cosmos. The maggots do not know that there is world beyond their world. If it is not in a science lab, if it is not seen under a microscope, the debunkers canít fathom the possibility that there is something beyond this existence.

William Wordsworth a 19th century poet gave us words that we should read if we ever wonder about our existence and purpose

"Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting; The soul that rises with us,
our life's star, Hath had elsewhere its setting, And cometh from afar;
Not in entire forgetfulness, And not in utter nakedness, But trailing
clouds of glory do we come From God, who is our home"--Wordsworth.

Can it be that perhaps waiting on the other side are many people who are cheering on our success? Not only those whom we loved that have passed, but those who are yet to be born?

The truth is out there. But not too far away.


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