By Clyde Lewis

Walking specters garbed in darkness. Servants to men, who hate, then kill who create ghosts, With silent stares that beckon, "Save us, or die."-Valerie Andrla

After the attacks on the World trade Center on September 11th, 2001 there was a report filed by the media that some people in New York could see a ghostly outline of the towers on the skyline, even after they were brought down by terrorists. Some claimed it was an illusion of light as the smoke was rising from Ground Zero. Needless to say phantom images of the towers may only be the beginning of what might happen when paranormal events take place in a location of tragedy.

Using parapsychological reasoning we can understand that perhaps the Towers themselves gave off an energy and that the thousands of people who died, expelled life energies into the cosmos and that when this happens there are always paranormal events and coincidences that are recorded. There still might be more on the way as we demonstrate that there always seems to be an imprint on the geomagnetic grid after mass death or murder takes place.
We all know that when the WTC attacks happened photographers had made claims that when they had shot pictures of the smoke, strange occurrences of simulacra took place. In at least two instances demonic images had formed in the smoke. These images were blatant images that really didn't leave much to the imagination.

Later, many more "less detailed" photos were released and many more people were seeing phantoms in the clouds. It seems only natural to see "ghosts" appearing after a tragedy of this magnitude.

Ghosts are held in the public conscience with more respect than any other paranormal entity. People will sometimes laugh at those who claim to have been visited by Aliens, but when someone claims encounters with a phantom or a specter, the ear is more understanding.
The reports of such entities have been around since the beginning of the human race. They can be associated with good or evil, and many believe that spirit entities are a supernatural part of most religions.

Many have had encounters with dead loved ones and associate those experiences with reverence.

Spirit presence that dwells in an area for a period of time and reappears in the same location can be considered a haunting. Hauntings are explained as a psychic imprint that is somehow left on the geomagnetic grid from a traumatic event such as a quick or severe death, or extreme emotional event surrounding the loss of life.

Hauntings happen in distinct patterns and are triggered by surroundings. Hauntings can usually be avoided if a location is cleared of any bad energies that may be associated with an apparition or apparitions that may appear as a result of a traumatic event or situation.

A strange but humorous account of a haunting has been written as early as the 1st century AD. Every night at a home in Athens in Greece, the ghost of a wrinkled hollow eyed old man would appear, rattling iron chains. No one would buy or live in the house because they feared the ghost. The philosopher Aethenodorus rented the house and lit lamps as he wrote late at night . On one particular night the ghost appeared and the clanking sounds began, but Athenodorus ignored them.

Undaunted the ghost appeared at his door, Athenodorus aksed it tobe quiet, and to be patient. The ghost moved towards him rattled chains over his head. Athenodorus followed it outside, and when the ghost finally disappeared in the courtyard, Athenodorus marked the spot where the ghost had disappeared. The next day ,he asked the city magistrates to dig up the ground in the place that he had marked, and they found the skeleton of a man in chains. When the remains were given a proper burial, the haunting stopped immediately afterwards.

It has been written that as early as the seventh century, the Arabs first entered into the desert lands of Egypt, they marveled at what they saw. Surrounding them were ancient wonders and what to this day are called some of histories mysteries.

The ancient Sphinx and the pyramids were monuments and the carvings outside their mazelike vaults gave admonitions to those who discovered them. The message was quite clear. It was certain death to anyone who violated or in any way desecrated the place of the dead Pharaoh.

Allegedly ancient Egyptian sorcerers placed curses upon anyone who came near the tombs. Many believed that the dead would surely rise and punish anyone disturbing their eternal slumber.

There were those who feared for their lives and yet others had no reverence for the dead and believed that all of the curses could be attributed to seventh century superstition.

However when one looks back at history and the story of Howard Carter we see the uncanny activities of the cosmic trickster and the way the energies of the dead linger.

Carter of course was the man that was bankrolled to search for the tomb of Tutankhamun or King Tut.

His quest was fraught with difficulties. After excavating some 16 steps leading to the door of Tuts tomb a cobra attacked Carter's lucky bird. Native workers who saw the cobra knew that royalty was protected by the Cobra Goddess Wadjet and immediately realized that they were going to be met with certain death.

Lord Carnarvon the man who bankrolled the excavation arrived in Luxor to see the progress of the dig. The sanctum that held the treasures of Tut was breached and for the first time in 3000 years men set their eyes on Tut's gold and wealth.

During the day a Mosquito bit Carnarvon's left cheek. While shaving Carnarvon knicked his cheek with a razor. It eventually got infected and developed into pneumonia killing Carnarvon in his hotel room. At the moment of his death Cairo suffered a complete power black out.

At the same moment Lord Carnarvon's fox terrier dropped dead in his English home, as did his housekeeper. By 1929 eleven people connected with the discovery of the Tomb had died early and of unnatural causes. This included two of Carnarvon's relatives, Carter's personal secretary, Richard Bethell, and Bethell's father, Lord Westbury. Westbury killed himself by jumping from a building.

He left a note that read, "I really cannot stand any more horrors and hardly see what good I am going to do here, so I am making my exit."


Was Lord Westbury being haunted by entities associated with the excavation?

The news jumped on the story that perhaps all involved had been done in by a curse.

As far as anyone could tell there was no curse inscribed on Tut's tomb however there were speculations that all tombs of the era had magicians spells put on them for protection. Could it also be considered that graves are places of energy and that when tombs are disturbed or violated the energy expelled can bring about hauntings and harm?

Call it bunk, or superstition but after examination of Tutankhamun's mummy it was found that on his left cheek Tut had a blemish in the exact same spot as Carnarvon's fatally infected mosquito bite.

This brings up a haunting question. Do the dead really die? Is there residual energy that exists in a place where the dead have been buried? Can there be negative energies that remain over areas where murders have taken place?

Do spirits get stuck when they, as living mortals die as a result of sudden trauma?

Can these specters become vengeful and angry if their lives are snuffed out prematurely and is it wise to open yourself up to these energies by deliberately calling upon the spirits, or negating their place of rest?

These questions are important when you consider that throughout history ghosts and hauntings have been a part of the human experience. Say what you will about paranormal wishful thinking, criticize all you want, but roughly 60 per cent or more of the population has had an encounter with an unexplained entity, or has had an experience with what they think is a ghost.

In most cases where ghosts appear, there seems to be a reason that the spirits are drawn to certain places.

It can either be the person, or in the cases that I wish to point out in this instance, location.

The entities remain in limbo on or around locations where they have died. It's as if they are replaying an event or a moment over and over again. It's like a recording on the environment that is not easily erased. It is obvious that traumatic events leave an indelible mark on an area, and people have been known to share feelings of a presence in an area where a death or murder took place.

There have been many ghostly reports at historic landmarks where great battles have been fought. Many people claim that ghosts of soldiers can be seen looking out the windows of forts where many men were ambushed.

Ghosts have also appeared in castles where beheadings were common place. How many times have we heard the stories that ghosts who constantly appear in bars and restaurants, are patrons who have died unexpectedly, or theatre ghosts that appear in balconies or back rooms that turn out to be actors or actresses that have met untimely deaths on the property?

The events are numerous, and since these events continue to play over and over again in the same spot, photographic proof exists of these ghostly events.

For example, a picture that has always given me the creeps is the picture that was snapped that purported to show the ghost of a young girl standing in the window of the Wem Townhall in Shropshire England. In 1995 the town hall caught fire. During the fire a local snapped a photograph of a girl standing on the fire escape.

The picture first appeared in Fortean Times with a history of Wem and how in 1677 the entire town of Wem caught fire. The fire was caused by a candle that was left burning in a thatch by a girl named Jane Churm. She apparently died in the fire according to legend. Was this a specter that appeared as a recording of the past? Do these energies resurface as the result of some traumatic event?

The S.S. Watertown incident is one such event where crewman aboard the tanker "Watertown" died on December 4th, 1924. Micheal Mehann and James Courtney were overcome by noxious fumes and as customary were buried at sea. The next day crewmembers were claiming that the faces of Meehan and Courtney could be seen in the water disappearing and reappearing keeping pace with the ship.

The images were later Photographed.

There have been similar incidents that have been recorded and documented showing the faces or appearances of the dead and later it is uncovered that the places where the anomalies occur are places of treachery and dread.
Such is the case of the Belmez Spain anomalies. In August of 1971, Maria Gomez Pereira was startled when a face spontaneously appeared in the stone floor of her kitchen.

She claimed that the face had a sad and haunting expression.
She immediately rang the police and workmen were called in to remove what they determined was a stain that resembled a face. A new floor was put in but that didn't work. Days later the same face appeared, but this time it was joined by four other tormented faces. The faces were accompanied by voices and screams of a small child.

After a lengthy investigation it was discovered that the farmhouse she lived in was built on an old cemetery. Human remains were later excavated from the floor. There were five skeletons removed one of which was a small child.

It's stories like this one that generate movie scripts. The Movie Poltergeist produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by Tobe Hooper is actually based on a true tale of terror that took place in Crosby Texas. Ben and Jeane Williams bought a home in a subdivision area known as Poppet's way. After they settled they began to notice strange things happening in their home. There were others in the neighborhood who would come in and then abruptly move away.

Toilets would flood by themselves, lights would go off and on and the couple dug up two bodies while constructing a swimming pool. It turned out that the couple was living in a subdivision that was constructed over a slave cemetery.

Their story was printed in a book called the ""Black Hope Horror," and was also the basis for a television movie called "Grave Secrets: The Legacy of Hilltop drive."

Another curious story about hauntings and poltergeist activity that has now reached legendary proportions is the strange happenings that have been linked to the Denver international Airport.

Several problems were encountered while building the airport. After the airport was built the subway system was flooded and the baggage system was always shutting down. There have also been reports of apparitions that have been seen. Misty entities have appeared and several other close calls with planes have been common.

This is reportedly due to the fact that the airport was built on top of a sacred Indian burial ground. There has also been speculation that the airport is also some kind of special base. Rumors have been running rampant about mysticism, satanic rituals and secret operations being conducted there, where bodies have been removed from the site and that the site is connected to several secret bases and a tunnel network has been created.

Many other rumors about reptilian monsters living in the deepest areas of the site have been spread around, and conspiratorial watch dogs have pointed out strangeness in the architecture, and in the paintings that grace the walls of the airport. Psychics and clairvoyants have stated that the airport gives off a very dark energy and some people have even claimed that when they enter the airport they become nauseated.

The point of this article is to demonstrate that history has shown many times that energies from traumatic events manifest themselves in peculiar ways. Call it what you will, but paranormal activities can either be projected or they can be real and recorded when a horrific event has occurred at a certain geographical location.

It has even been said that Pearl harbor has it's share of ghosts. Soldiers that hover in the area looking for the ships they have left behind after their lives were snuffed out on December 7th. 1941.

In conclusion, we have demonstrated that hauntings are common in places where tragedy has taken place. This is why it is important to consider these things as we prepare to rebuild the World Trade center in the same spot that is actually a mass grave for thousands of people that will never be recovered from the rubble. In some cases it will even be difficult to recover DNA from the dead.

This means that many of the dead may have unfinished business and experience tells us that most ghosts are the remnants of people who seem to have unfinished business, or messages that they need to get to their loved ones. Can we also speculate that there will be troubles and mishaps that will occur in our haste to show that we are able to rebuild what we have lost?

Mayor Rudy Giuliani stated in a ceremony that:

"In the name of all of those that we lost here -- our heroes, the firefighters, the police officers, the emergency workers, the citizens going about th eir lives trying to pursue in their way the American dream, all of whom are heroes -- we remember them, we will always remember them, and to them we will dedicate the rebuilding of New York and making certain that we do not allow the terrorists in any way to break our spirit, Instead, they have emboldened it."

With documented history about strange happenings in the universe regarding mass murder we must take into account that there may be a risk that paranormal hijinks may occur and that the spot where the attacks took place could very well be a source for negative energy. No one wants to admit that these types of things happen all the time.

The sediment of the country of course is to rebuild. However we may want to consider that if we rebuild it they will come. The idea of turning the spot into a memorial, or a peace center has not even entered into the minds of the various builders of our society.

Building a museum that demonstrates how terror can destroy lives may be appropriate and to our advantage. Otherwise American "spirits" may send the message that they want to be heard. Their voices screaming from the depths of the grave New World.

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