By Clyde Lewis

In 1992 a man prospecting in an area near the Eagle Test Range in the West desert of Utah snapped a photo of what looked like a ďby the bookĒ alien Grey. The picture itself could be dismissed as anomalous simulacrum. However there is a provocative story behind the photo that needs to be told.

One of the more controversial stories I filed for Ground Zero was the story about a strange anomaly that wound up on film and in my office after I offered $10 million dollars for proof of a UFO. I wasnít expecting any takers for the large amount of money because at the time I was out to challenge the outrageous reports of UFOís and aliens. The $10 million dollars that was up for grabs was in an insurance policy that had all kinds of conditions that would make impossible to even claim the money.

My handlers thought it would catapult my show into the stratosphere and I trusted that they knew what they were doing. It garnered a mountain of publicity from newspapers to television and my little offer was the topic of radio shows from Denver Colorado to Ontario Canada.

We built the publicity stunt around the first day of spring. I would comment that the Swallows would come back to San Juan Capistrano, the buzzards would return to Hinkley Ohio and by some luck with a whopping $10 Million the UFOís would land in a radio station parking lot in Salt Lake City Utah.

We had a great turnout that morning. We gave coffee and bagels to the faithful UFO watchers. It was like a scene out of Independence Day. Some dressed as aliens, others had signs that said "beam me up" and I even wanted to up the ante by asking the traffic guy to put some bright purple lights on his helicopter to create a bit of a light show for those on earth.

The news crews stayed in their warm vehicles to only step out every 20 minutes for live segments.

When the last drop of coffee was served and the last smear of cream cheese was had it was time to strike the scene and go back to the humdrum of the newsroom.

So I thought.

As I was walking to the studio and was stopped by a guy with curly hair and a mustache.

He had a drawl to his voice and asked if I could meet with him about some photo he had. I reserved the conference room and agreed to talk with the man.

He said that he was a prospector and he was looking in an old cabin in the middle of the West Desert of Utah. He claimed that he was seeing a lot of military activity in the area. He saw jet planes flying so low he could see the men inside. He claimed that he saw them snapping pictures. He was snapping pictures too.

One of the pictures he showed me was a picture of a grassy area in the desert.

It was a plush green area. I wasnít getting it.

I asked him what I was supposed to be seeing. He told me that there in the bushes was a ghostly image and he wondered what I thought of it.

Regardless of what you might think of me now, I was a very hard-wired skeptic back then and I wanted so desperately to point out to the man that what he was seeing was something known as Simulacrum.

I wrote it off as an abstract pattern that produces an image that people recognize. It is similar to seeing Jesus in your pancakes or Mother Theresa in a cinnamon bun. This type of effect is also called pareidolia. I would always love to go to the simulacra section of my Fortean Times Magazine to see the images that exist.

There are two types of simulacrum. The first is the chiaroscuro simulacra, where abstract patterns of light and shadow combine to produce a figure or a face that mind puts together as a recognizable image. The second type is where average objects, such as rocks, grass or trees, have been arranged or worn in such a way to take on a recognizable shape, such as the outline of an animal, religious figure or a face.

Here are some examples of simulacrum. Recognizable images that show up when light and shadow and other objects like clouds appear to take on the image of a recognizable animal, human or religious figure. The first is the Nun Bun a cinnamon bun that was baked by a coffeehouse called Bongo Java. The image accidentally looks like Mother Theresa. Next picture is the image of Princes Diana being seen in the clouds. The last one appears to be Jesus holding a lamb in the trunk of a tree.
In the case of these photos I was seeing something that reminded me of an alien Grey. Large eyes, large head, long neck and small crouched body. I figured that this picture would be looked at and many people would see a number of things. I figured there was no harm in putting a picture like this on my website.

It was an intriguing picture.

In 1992 Todd, a prospector was looking around what looked like an abandoned cabin near the Eagle Test Range. The Area is located near Dugway Proving Grounds, an area situated in the western desert of Utah. In 1996 these pictures were delivered by Todd to Ground Zero and were posted on the original Ground Zero website. The pictures have been the most controversial pictures in the history of the Ground Zero show. The pictures could be dismissed as simulacra, however back in 1996 there were a few people that didnít want the story to get out about the pictures.

The more I looked at the photo the more I thought that perhaps the image wasnít so anomalous. We had to blow it up until it was almost invisible. Our equipment was limited to just a simple office computer and back then we were not as savvy to use enhancements and photo manipulating programs. I also got to thinking about the place where the photo was taken and started wondering if maybe that the thing in the picture was something that may have got loose in the area.

The photo was taken near the Eagle Test Range.

On Jan 1st, 1979 The Hill Airforce base and Wendover Ranges. and part of the Dugway Proving Ground in Utah were consolidated into the Eagle Utah Test and Training Range and placed under the management of the AFFTC.

This is the same testing and training range where a simulant nerve gas agent was released and killed a group of grazing Sheep in Skull Valley.

That story inspired Stephen King to write the book THE STAND.

This is also the same area where Project Stardust will be carried out.

Stardust is a comet sample return mission having the distinction of being the first sample return mission from beyond the Earth-Moon system. Stardust will collect interstellar dust, then encounter Comet P/Wild 2 in 2004 collecting comet dust and return to Earth (Near Dugway) in 2006 to drop off the sample return capsule.

Stardust's 94-pound sample-return capsule is supposed to enter Earth's atmosphere in the year 2006 at 28,800 mph, slow to 1,337 mph while protected by a heat shield, then deploy a drogue parachute and a main parachute before landing. One of the areas for impact is the area near Dugway Proving Grounds.

Not all Scientists are happy with this. Some scientists are worried that an Andromeda Strain scenario could play out upon the probe's arrival and unleash a potentially deadly extra terrestrial Virus on this planet.

The area is off limits to civilians. It also has restricted Airspace. No unauthorized aircraft is to fly near or over the area or it will be shot down. This has also fueled rumors that this Area is either a new "Area 51" facility or a hub for clandestine operations dealing with bio-chemical weaponry, microbial extra terrestrial life, exotic reverse engineered aircraft and other tall tales that used to surround the facility located at Groom Lake Nevada.

This gave me more reason to wonder if maybe this was a possible "life form" being caught on film near an area that is rumored to be the new alien/UFO clearinghouse.

However the rumors about the area being a hotbed for UFO activity have been around a lot longer than any Area 51 rumor.
In a seven year period dating from about 1957 to 1964 there were many radioactivity tests and possible transporting of saucer type aircraft in the area. There even seems to be photographic "evidence" of a saucer test flight that ended up in a crash and explosion.

These photos purport to show the testing and crash of a flying saucer in the western desert of Utah in 1964. There is no way of verifying the photos but they are interesting nonetheless.

In any event the photos of the UFO crash could be manipulations. I was aware of this. However I knew of many stories told to me by reliable sources about the area that has been deemed off limits by the Military.

Popular Mechanics also printed a story about the Green River launch facility and itís connections to Area 51, Dugway, Michael Army Airfield, and all of the areas that were off limits.

I was caught up in the stories that were being reported everywhere and thought that we needed to find out for sure if the image was a trick of shadow and imagination.

I phoned a television station where a friend of mine worked and asked him if anyone would like to report this story and analyze the photos for trickery. The friend obliged and filed a story about "The West Desert Alien" and the name stuck. A photo analyst was brought in. The photographic analyst had no idea what he was seeing however he believed that it wasnít a trick of light. When we pushed him on the idea of it being an alien he backed off and said that it most definitely wasnít an alien.

I thought about the silliness of it all.

He said it was an image of something real, he didnít know what it was but he knew that it wasnít an alien.

I was intrigued. He knew it wasnít an alien because?

The whole thing was as nebulous as before. It was all inconclusive, up for interpretation and mysterious. I was thinking about the words of horror and short story writer Guy de Maupassant regarding the interpretation of visions and anomalous objects from the ether.

"We are accustomed to use our eyes only with the memory of what other people before us have thought about the object we are looking at"óGuy de Maupassant author of "The Apparition"

I saw a shrub in the middle of a desert wash. Then I saw an alien. The stories that were being reported in the mainstream fueled my imagination and I let it get the best of me. I had a blast scaring myself over it and it was time to milk it for publicity.

I always urged my listeners to go to the website. Hits increased and the picture was getting some attention. I was getting phone calls from Linda Moulten Howe and other investigators.

I discouraged them from pursuing the story because we were getting ready to just write it off as a light and shadow anomaly. The whole thing was inconclusive and we didnít want to promote a hoax.

People get wise to that stuff real quick.

We had ourselves one hell of an image. It was an image that yielded some interesting e-mails.

There were the abrupt "Itís a Bush!" e-mails, to e-mails saying that we were trying to market a hoax, to many saying that they were seeing other anomalous images. Then came e-mails that were different.

Some of them were purported to be from "government operatives" warning me that the photos were taken illegally and may threaten national security, there was also the threats that I could be jailed for showing a top secret area especially after the Gulf War.

The photos were taken in 1992 and I thought about the repercussions of the photos being taken so close to a restricted area. I got a hold of myself and then thought; this is just shadows and light. I resolved that I shouldnít be so paranoid about these letters. I kept thinking that the letters were just being written by whackos that really had no life.

Then the strangeness began.

One day the receptionist had notified my Program director that someone form the government was here to see him. I was called up front, and then the program director showed up with me. I was told to go back to the control room and find an archive of a show in the computer and e-mail it to him. Both the program director and the strange man met in his office for a while and then came into the control room.

I was later asked to step out in the hall and speak with the man. He was wore a black coat. He was wearing horn-rimmed glasses; he had short curly hair, and thin mustache that hugged his lip. He was wearing these big black shoes and he looked like some film Noir 1950ís type.

He asked me if I could show him the negatives of the alien photo that I had talked about on my show. I told him that I didnít have them. He then asked if he could see the website where I had the photos.

I obliged him by taking him to the computer to show him the pictures online. I asked who sent him and with what agency he was he was with.

He told me "Iím not at liberty to say."

After the photos appeared he chuckled and said, "Do you believe that this is an alien Mr. Lewis?"

I replied "I donít know, you tell me if this is an alien or not."

He looked up through his glasses and said "I am not in any capacity to say, but I can tell you that you should remove it from your Internet because you are making a fool out of yourself."

He walked out.

After he left I had asked the front desk what government agency he was from. The woman at the front desk, said "I donít know but he looked official."

I then asked if he showed a badge. She told me no. I was floored. I couldnít believe that she just let the guy in. After the incident I complained to management and they later decided to install a security door so that no one could get in.

I asked the program director what the strange man wanted. He told me that the guy was there to investigate something that was said on the air. One of the talk show hosts had allegedly made a threat on the air to an elected official. He wanted to use a tape recorder to get a sample of what was said.

The meeting with me was spontaneous. According to the program director the Man didnít even mention me until just before he left.

I had heard of the notorious Men in Black before. They allegedly show up whenever you see something that you arenít supposed to see. They are supposed to be a part of some secret ultra clandestine shadow government.

I was on a feeding frenzy. I was riding out the adventure thinking this is like some movie or X-files episode.

That next week I brought the prospector on the show and told him about my "Man in Black" meeting. I told the prospector that I was not about to get all paranoid and frightened by some guy who had no credentials and take down a photo that to me could be anything from a tree to a kid in a Halloween costume.

I was defiant.

I was talking about freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and how I was being censored and that perhaps this was one of those secret government cover-ups.

I actually was beginning to think that this was some sort of prank that the other guys at the station were pulling on me.

That was until the morning my car blew up.

I was getting ready to go into work. It was four in the morning and it was cold outside. I got into my car. It was a cool little late model Hyundai. The car only had one more payment due on it and it would be mine. I had let the insurance lapse just a week before and I was going to renew it but I procrastinated.

I started the car.

I didnít let it warm up, I just decided to pull out of the carport. The car shut down. I pumped the accelerator and I tried starting it again.

I heard a dull puff and then a metallic scrape. I watched in slow motion as a ball of flame was coming right for me.

I somehow ducked out of the way as the glass of the windshield shattered when the heat of the fireball reached it.

I stood and watched the paint on the twisted hood melting, There was a ball of flame shooting up and lapping the wooden carport. I thought that I should move the car out into the open. I opened the door of the car. I grabbed the steering wheel and it melted in my hand. I then braved the smoke, threw the car in neutral and pushed it out.

I ran up the three flights of stairs to the door of my apartment and pounded on it yelling help. I woke up my wife and she called the fire department. I was so frightened that I didnít even notice the fir extinguisher near my apartment door. I just stood in shock watching my car burn, sending a cloud of white smoke into the early morning sky.

As the car was burning the horn eerily honked. It was like it was dying and that was its final scream.

The fire department showed up and put out the fire. They looked at the engine and said,

"Do you want to call the police?"

I didnít understand I just thought it was a simple car fire. I asked the fireman if it was necessary. He told me that the car was firebombed. He explained that it was simple procedure of cutting the fuel injector tube allowing gasoline to be shot into the sparkplugs igniting a magnesium pack.

I was shocked.

I told the fireman that I had no insurance and that I didnít want to get in trouble with the police. He asked if I knew of anyone who would want to harm me. I told him no.

After the fire department left I thought could it have been something I said on the air?

I got a phone call from my wife and she told me that a man was at the apartment looking for me. She told me that he would be back in the afternoon and that I should be there.

I came home early and waited.

There was a knock at the door.

It was a man with a video camera. I thought it was a cameraman for a local TV station.

I opened the door.

The man was blonde and thin. He wore Jerry Garcia glasses and a black baseball cap. He was wearing black leather jacket, black T-shirt and black jeans. The odd thing was that he was wearing black and white Chuck Taylor high tops.

He had a low voice.

He told me he was with the Insurance Company.

I told him I didnít have any Insurance on the car.

He then told me that he was with the Apartment Insurance Company and wanted to see if there was any damage to the parking area. He said he wanted to video tape me.

I agreed to be taped.

I stood there and told him that it was a simple car fire and that I was screwed because I had one more payment on the car.

I then looked at the car. I saw the melted tires. The steering wheel, and the broken glass.

I stopped speaking and then it hit me.

The fireman said that it was intentional I then looked back at the guy with the camera and I said "After looking at the car, I am realizing just how lucky I am that I am still here."

The guy stopped taping and he ejected a cassette out of his camera. He then handed it to me.

I looked at him and I said,

"Isnít this for Insurance?"

He smiled and he said, "It is for insurance, this will insure that the next time someone tells you to do something you will do it. Watch this tape, realize how lucky you are to be alive and be careful. Next time you will listen and know better than to open your mouth."

It was later that the prospector had called me and told me to take the picture off of my site. He actually sounded shaken up and near sobbing.

He had claimed that the government was harassing him and that he believed his phone was being tapped. I called the webmasters and told them to remove the picture.

I was later informed that the sheriffís office was interrogating him and that he was facing a number of possible violations for some undisclosed crime.

I only could imagine what it could be. I was thinking that either it was some made up accusation or that he did violate some statute by taking a picture near the test area. After a myriad of legal problems the prospector disappeared.

He moved form his home in Northern Utah.

Things were quiet for a while and then another man showed up at the radio station riding a bicycle.

He was from Camp Williams, a military base some forty miles away from the radio station.

He was wearing civilian clothes. He showed me his credentials. He was legit.

He wanted to see the West Desert Alien photo.

I could not get access to the photo because the web firm whose server we used was told not to let me have access to it.

The picture I showed him was a printed black and white copy that I had in a manila folder.

He told me that it wasnít an alien.

He said that what I was seeing was a new camouflage suit that rendered a soldier virtually invisible. It was not typical camouflage. It was some new way of creating the illusion of invisibility.

I then realized that the plot thickened.

I was just too tired and frightened to care anymore. It was just too much trouble to get on the air and tell my audience the new story. The pictures were gone, the photographer was gone and by this time I was getting ready to leave my third wife.

Chasing aliens in bushes was taking its toll on my family life. I put to sleep the story of the west desert alien and hoped that it would not come back to haunt me.

In my line of work some things just donít go away.

I was given more information about Dugway after the little incident with the photos. After the West Desert Alien incident some very interesting things were developing.

The skies above the facility became very active and UFO hunters were filing stories about activity over the Great Salt Lake and Salt Flats. I also talked with guy who was saying that a new 15,000-foot runway was constructed to test spacecraft. There was also the story about the testing of the new generation of Space Shuttles like the X-33.

Security was beefed up and I stumbled upon some information about chemical testing and their ties to UFO activity. I published an article for UFO magazine on the subject. Warning signs have now been clearly posted along the perimeter of the area and if you get too close the Military will detain you along with security personnel from Wackenhut, the same security that roams around Area 51. It was also reported that the security at the bio chemical compound went on red alert when an unknown intruder ventured beyond the perimeter and then disappeared without a trace.

In September of 2002 a terrorist warning was issued in the morning after four soldiers on patrol reported seeing an intruder dressed in black in the compound.

A depot spokesman said an initial search turned up no signs of an intruder, but National Guardsmen, depot security personnel, and local and state law enforcement personnel continued to search the site and found no trace of the unknown. It was if the unknown disappeared in an area without tall trees or places to hide. The area is literally barren of places to hide let alone disappear.

Rumors were flying that perhaps the area had its share of paranormal visitors and the area was combing with reporters and investigators trying to get the scoop on the possible "alien" activity.

The crew for my proposed paranormal investigative show "Unknown Zone" was detained at the Dugway facility. I had made the mistake of wearing black and Military personnel briefed me on the intruder story and told me to clear out. Later Wackenhut security arrived and one of the security guards pulled his gun on us.

Later a joint information task force was created to limit the information released to the general public about the area.

It is obvious that the area where the alleged alien photo was taken has a great deal of strange activity happening just inside the gates of the facility that houses not only secret aircraft, but top secret operations and tons of chemical agents used for weapons of mass destruction. The story of strange intruders can cause any imagination to run wild. Especially with the threat of terrorism constantly looming over a very volatile area.

Now the question still needs to be asked if the New Area 51 has moved to the Eagle Test range and whether or not alien activity or otherwise was being conducted there in 1992. It most certainly seems to be an active area for all sorts of strange activity now. There have been numerous reports of UFO activity from Tooele, the Islands of the Great Salt Lake, and peak areas that are rumored to hide exotic aircraft.

An F-16 pilot from Hill Air Force Base reported to the national UFO reporting center of strange activity over Antelope Island near the test range.

"One of my buddies in the squadron saw a UFO over the south part of the Great Salt Lake 4 Nights ago. Lotsa lights, etc. etc. It was above a solid cloud deck and was illuminating the tip of a mountain (roughly 2.5 sq miles) on Antelope Island with powerful lights. The tip was the only portion of the island above the clouds"óName Withheld.

This is a picture taken of a strange aircraft flying above the peak at Antelope Island. The Island is adjacent to the Eagle Test Range near Dugway. Ever since the West desert Alien photos surfaced there have been other strange happenings out near the compound that stores hazardous chemicals and is rumored to be one of the complexes that works with the AREA 51 complex in Nevada. Many believe that it is the new Area 51 facility.

Putting the UFO/Alien story aside for a moment it is also interesting to note that after I was told that the photos were showing a soldier in the brush I eagerly awaited news about a new break through in battle dress for soldiers. Unfortunately the news was slow in coming. There were plenty of UFO stories to fill a large filing cabinet but the new technologies of course were kept secret.

I was talking with a couple of military acquaintances at a party. One of them was a fan of my show and volunteered information to me that he felt I needed to know about the west desert alien. He was curious if I ever found closure to the photo. I explained to him that it was a sore subject and that I really didnít want to go into the subject while at a party.

He insisted that I hear about what he saw when he was in the desert while at Tooele Army Depot. I told him to go ahead and tell me. He told me that there were electronic invisible weapons being tested out there and that sometimes animals get caught in crossfire and are cooked literally from the inside out. He told me that one time they saw a deer that was caught in the invisible electronic crossfire and died. When they reached the animal its eyes had enlarged to the size of a football.

He wanted to some how correlate the story with the possibility of some mutant that was caught on film. I was chilled by the possibility of some sort of mutated animal roaming the area and with all of the talk about the Chupacabra in the Southwest the prospect seemed a bit creepy.

It wasnít until recently that I was seeing all kinds of stories in the news about simulated invisibility created by the Japanese. This brought up the interest in the West desert Alien all over again.

The invisibility cloak that simulates a see through image. According to a story on CNN the same technology would be used for surgeons who have troubles seeing through certain organs. I then received a letter from someone telling me that the Invisibility cloak was a hoax. I was disappointed. I then noticed that there were some other articles that were just as unbelievable.

National Geographic along with several other news magazines have focused on the futuristic soldier and the development of lighter clothing for the combat soldier that when used with camouflage can render a soldier virtually invisible. U.S. Army labs are working on BDUís (Battle Dress Uniforms) that rapidly change at the molecular level to adapt to biological and chemical threats. If the soldier is threatened with a chemical weapon the material on his battle dress converts into an impermeable shield. If the soldierís leg is broken or injured the pant legs shape shifts into a splint or even forms an artificial muscle.

Nano-sensors would also transmit a soldierís vital signs back to a medical team, as well as monitor his breath for increased nitric oxide, which is a sign of stress. There is also the new feature that creates the optical illusion of invisibility.

All of these stories have been reported after my little encounter with a picture that everyone told me was a bush. All of these things were all covered some 6 years ago on my radio show. Those who remember the times when this story was Ground Zeroís focus now could sit back and realize that no matter what you believe there is something strange about the photo. It very well could have been some sort of alien with the ability to blend in with his surroundings or if you choose to be more practical the story of new uniforms for our men who fight could also apply to this story. The whole story leaves more questions that will have to remain unanswered for security reasons.

I have now decided to take up fresh courage and post these photos again. The photos now can be called the strange anomaly in the bush. I am sure for security reasons you can kid yourself and say it is an illusion in the bush, but I have lived through too much hell to go down that easily.

To the prospector named Todd and his lovely wife I say God speed on your new life. We all had to rebuild after the event. I can only hope that we can look at these pictures and that they remind us of how foolish we were, and how we now know that there are more facets to this phenomena that meets the eye.

The image of the West Desert anomaly is in the eye of the beholder.

The stories that have surfaced after the event seem to prove my story and seem to validate that something larger than some sagebrush made it on that film shot back in 1992.

In the years that I have been monitoring the UFO/paranormal subculture I have been seeing some very interesting changes. I am learning that there seems to be a type of metamorphosis taking place. There is this undercurrent of change happening with certain people who have been involved with the documenting and assessing the data that can be categorized as paranormal.

The days of the X-files are over and the thought of an all-encompassing conspiracy is becoming less and less appropriate in times when the Government has achieved Godhood.

No two brains are alike with regards to the various Conspiracy paranormal theories out there. However it seems that there is a running habit amongst skeptics, and that is they seem to postulate that all people who decide to question the official story are dupes that have been beguiled by some ignorant soul that uses junk science and circumstantial hocus pocus to fool the mainstream.

What many skeptics donít realize is that a lot of us UFO/ paranormal buffs have torn down our "I want to believe" posters and wish for a poster that says "We told you so." We are willing to accept the logical explanation. Sometimes things donít often play by the rules.

Some of us also wish that big money radio and television shows would quit giving audience to those who have already had their credibility revoked by intentionally misleading people and selling fraudulent "evidence" in order to make their house payments.

That wonít happen of course because there are still a few of the conspiracy minded souls out there still waiting for the New World Order and the aliens to take over.

I am concluding in a metaphoric way that the New World Order has already been established and that the pods have been placed under the beds of the oblivious and almost over night their evil alien doppelganger has replaced them.

I may be kidding here, and yet I couldnít be more serious.

Late at night I am a producer board operator for a syndicated show. I find the show to be boring and since the show is being beamed by satellite to our control room I donít have to remain all that attentive to the needs of the talent. While in the control room I can listen to other satellite feeds or watch and monitor cable television. I grab the channel changer for the television and somewhere buried in all of the war coverage and infomercials I find a movie.

On one of the networks I happened to catch a late night showing of the movie "Conspiracy Theory" starring Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts. I was noticing the main character Jerry Fletcher maniacally underlining headlines in the paper. He tried to somehow correlate the scheduled Space shuttle flights; the Presidents visit to Turkey, and earthquakes.

Fletcher creates a newsletter trying to get the word out about a seismic weapon that has been used to create earthquakes while the shuttle is in orbit. He concluded that at least six earthquakes had occurred in a three-year period and every one of them coincided with space shuttle orbits. In a comedic nod of coincidence the Presidents plane lands in Turkey during an earthquake and coincidentally a shuttle happens to be in orbit.

I finally realized that the name of the movie was inappropriate because Gibsonís character wasnít a conspiracy theorist. He just connected the dots of contrasting sources.

I also came to the conclusion that anyone who calls my show a paranormal conspiracy show pigeon holes it into the realms of absurdity. All I asked for back in 1996 was a little discussion and open minds to help me find answers. As you can see that not all cases are closed when you look at them with an openness and awareness that doesnít dismiss any and all possibilities.

I have received letters from people who think that I am a guy who looks for Men in Black waiting in the bushes. They think that I am the guy who would be the first in line when the aliens make an offer for one earthling a kick of the tires and the honking the horn of a full fledged alien SUV.

A dose of reality has to be administered to the people who feel that their chiding is taken well. Sometimes it is, but other times I just think it is juvenile and predictable.

I always feel it is a jab delivered by the ignorant.

I know what I know and I am not afraid of the future. I am not fearful of Men in Black because I have met them. I donít wait for UFOís because I have seen at least two. DEA Agents fly Black helicopters, God is an extraterrestrial and the more I see what is going on in Washington I can only speculate using circular logic that the aliens have landed on the Whitehouse lawn.

They may even be hanging out in your local desert, smoking a cigarette and swapping girlfriend stories with your red blooded American G.I .Joe. If youíre lucky he may pose for a photo.

Just donít go telling everybody that you have a picture of an extraterrestrial.

It just alienates people.


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