By Clyde Lewis

Back in the 1980's we laughed at something called Star Wars Technology. A shield that would protect us from any threat human or extra terrestrial. While we were laughing the HAARP Project was in full swing, the most controversial project undertaken by the U.S. government, a project that involves heating the ionosphere. A project that not only can disable satellites, and provide a shield for the Earth. But can control the weather and quite possibly control the mind.

In the 1940's, Science fiction was full of stories that dealt with Evil geniuses that would create the ultimate weapon. A weapon capable of controlling the entire world. A weapon that would harness the very forces that turn the wheels of the universe. In these parables we see that mankind should not posses these weapons because we are so frail and so irresponsible to handle these newly found powers. These opinions still exist as mankind has made science fiction reality and has grasped the ring of near omnipotence. There are fanatics and Fundamentalists who rail upon those who want to play God, yet forget that maybe we already have played God.

We have that power now. We have used it in the past. In anger we dropped Nuclear Bombs on Japan. No other country in the world has used this destructive power on another country. In doing so, we have played God. People will tell you it was necessary. But a survey in 1946 concluded that it was not necessary. It was concluded in US Strategic Bombing Survey that in all probability Japan was about to surrender anyway. On June 20th, 1945, the emperor and lead members of the Supreme War Direction Council had secretly decide to end the war. The surrender got caught up in bureaucratic red tape. We used those bombs because we had the power to use them. It was the lightning bolt that gave life to the monster. The monster of fear. It changed our lives forever. The story that was read in most Dime store science fiction magazines was playing out in front of those who remember August of 1945. The Bomb became the angel of death, an Icon of fear. The story did not sleep after the horrible devastation. Another story appeared many years later and an all too familiar good and evil war played out in movie theatres in 1977.

Star Wars tells the story of the rebellion against a New Dark Order headed by a spiritually perverted leader. The Death Star was an Icon of fear that kept primitive star systems in line. They knew that if they opposed the new order that their planet could be destroyed. There were a few who knew that there was a flaw in the Empire's technological terror, and used vital information to destroy it. Like all Hollywood Stories it ended with the Evil order falling to those who fought for freedom.

As parable often leads to reality, the fear of a nuclear conflict continued well into the 1980's and President Ronald Reagan used the Star Wars Fable to introduce the players in the real Cold War. Calling the Soviet Union the evil empire in one breath and Mikhail Gorbachev a friend of capitalism in the other, Reagan made his announcement on March 23rd 1983 about the Strategic Defense Initiative.

The early version of the SDI program envisioned nearly perfect defenses against very large missile attacks, which would require highly capable space-based intercept systems. This would require a lot of power, it was ambitious, so ambitious in fact that Scientists laughed, and the media called it Reagan's Star Wars Program. But was the Star Wars idea all that Funny?

While the mainstream was convincing us that a senile old actor was talking Science fiction, the military industrial scientific research community mounted the greatest and costliest weapons hunt in history. There were Ideas that were presented, and many were funded. It is argued that lots of these projects are still being researched and are being tested by clandestine black operations. These tests are involving technologies that violate international treaties. In order to avoid public outcry many of these projects have been disguised as civilian science.

One such program is called the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project or HAARP. Many stories about the Mysterious HARRP have run in the press, However they have downplayed the project and its long term effects on the environment, not to mention the other diabolical uses of this technology.

The HAARP Project looks harmless enough, a compound of about forty-eight 72-foot tall metal towers situated about 200 miles east of Anchorage Alaska. These towers act as a huge transmitter designed to beam more than a gigawatt of energy into the Ionosphere. Zapping the skies hundreds of miles above the earth with high frequency radio waves the experiment is the worlds largest "ionospheric heater. "

Why does this project exist? All you need to do is ask the Pentagon, the Army and the Navy. They will tell you that the HAARP project is there to observe the complex variations in the Alaskan Ionosphere. There is also the explanation that they are developing new forms of communications and surveillance technologies that will enable the military to send signals to nuclear submarines and look deep underground.

Opponents of the HAARP project say that the Government is not talking about the darker side of this project. Environmentalists and Conspiracy theorists are contending that this project has very sinister applications ranging from Star Wars missile defense to mind control and weather Modification.

The HAARP project is believed to have other applications as well. Some people believe that HAARP has the capability of destroying satellites. This would allow an armed military force to move undetected. With this much power such an array of Transmitters could disrupt radio and television communication as well. Radio waves are sent to the ionosphere, before they arrive in your radios. If you can change the ionosphere at different points you could jam the rest of the world leaving yours unaffected.

A Ground based transmitter like HAARP could burn holes in the ozone layer allowing radiation to get through to designated areas. Searing the area with ultraviolet rays.

There is also the fear that HAARP has the power to change the course of the Jet Stream without being detected. This would control weather. Causing Floods, Drought, Tornadoes, heavy snowstorms, and unseasonably cold or hot temperatures.

The great news is the HAARP Project is ours. If it is capable of all those things we win right? We know that a lot of what the conspiracy theorists say can be dismissed as crazy, right?

Not Necessarily.

We understand that the Army and the navy are using HAARP to turn the aurora borealis into a virtual antennae-rebroadcasting in the ELF (extremely low frequency range) This way they can look into the earth to find destructive weapons that may or may not be transported underground. With ELF the HAARP project enables the Navy to communicate with Submarines, no matter how deep under the water they are.

The scary part is that if you can fine tune ELF you may have the ultimate mind control machine. It's true. The Human Brain works in extremely low frequency ranges, messages are sent to parts of the body with these ELF signals. The same frequencies that HAARP could be broadcasting on. This would give HAARP the ability to send radio messages directly into your head. It would give HAARP the ability to put pictures or hallucinations into your brain. It could paralyze a whole group of people. Or it could send them into a rage, or a riot. It could also be used to bring a crowd into submission.

Earth Pulse Press recently printed a study on what effects these ELF frequencies can have on the human body. These Frequencies can be used for crowd control in order to maintain order. The frequencies would be used to produce mild to severe physiological disruption or perceptual distortion or disorientation. In addition, the ability of individuals to function could be degraded to such a point that they would be combat ineffective. Another advantage of electromagnetic systems is that they can provide coverage over large areas with a single system. They are silent and countermeasures to them may be difficult to develop... One last area where electromagnetic radiation may prove of some value is in enhancing abilities of individuals for anomalous phenomena. This would mean that visions of UFO's or aliens, even Angels could be used to bring people into submission as well. Could HAARP create a staged Second Coming or extra terrestrial arrival? If so, it could be the very tool used by the antichrist that is written in the book of Revelations. A tool that would create fires from Heaven, and bring people to their knees. It is possible to cripple the body, or brainwash it electronically.

One example of how the body is capable of being crippled electronically involved something as simple as flashing lights. In a well-publicized event, 700 Japanese Children and adults were sent to the hospital after viewing a children's cartoon. Pokemon is a favorite Japanese cartoon, and in one episode a character named Pikachu climbed into a broken computer and used a "vaccine bomb" to destroy a computer virus. The resulting explosion caused the screen to start flashing red -- at which point the children who were watching the program were apparently overcome by the TV. Pikachu's eyes glowed, the virus was annihilated, the screen went blood red, and a chaotic scene of soldiers prancing across a field of digital space was shown. And children across Japan went out of their minds. Doctors say that it was a case of mass photosensitive epilepsy. Researchers have been developing a crowd-control weapon that uses such pulsating lights to render entire mobs immobile.

Another case deals with Dan Rather who in 1986, was chased, pummeled and kicked on a Manhattan sidewalk by a well-dressed man who kept asking, "What's the frequency Kenneth?" The man turned out to be William Tager who is now in prison for shooting an NBC Stagehand. Tager told his Psychiatrist that he thought the news media was beaming signals into his head. One of his obsessions apparently was to find out the frequency of the signals. There was a report later that during this time there actually were ELF signals being sent out by the CIA to track Russian Submarine coordinates. Was Tager insane or was he hearing these Signals?

What about the idea that during the L.A. Riots the HAARP project could have been used to show how a group of people could be targeted for outrage. It was documented that during the L.A, riots Mikhail Gorbachev was visiting the Reagans. What better way to demonstrate the power of the ultimate weapon of the New World Order? What better way to convince Russia to bring down Communism? This is only theory, we cannot verify if this actually happened but it makes you wonder. Since HAARP operations we have seen children committing acts of murder. The events of Jonesboro stopped people dead in their tracks asking "Why are Kids Killing kids?" The logical reasons are there, but could they have received help from another source?

How many times have we heard in the last 10 to 15 years stories of people who have killed and when asked why they say that they have heard voices telling them to do so. While these could very well be cases of mental illness one has to ask why the large amounts of reports? These could be explained rationally of course, but when we have projects like HAARP one has to take this into consideration.

UFO reports are on the increase. People are seeing Angels and little grey men. There have been studies that have been conducted recently that claim that when the brain is subject to intense Electro-magnetic stimulation, one can experience something similar to an abduction encounter, or an out of body experience.

One can write many pages concerning the electronic mind control paranoia and how it can be implemented with the HAARP project, many have gone as far as to point to Cellular Phone towers as relays. That if the ELF from Cellular Phones were altered slightly the Human brain would hear cellular communications. Thus phrases like "surrender" or "obey" could be planted in the brain. Turning people into helpless Zombies, awaiting the arrival of the new fascist order.

Conspiratorial watchdogs have said that the HAARP project is being used to control the weather, and with all of the strange weather occurrences one has to pause for thought.

On the subject of Weather Control, one has to ask about a weather term that has creeped into television weather forecasts as an excuse for poor weather predictions. El Nino has been the scapegoat for weathermen all over the country who have tried to explain the strange weather patterns that have increased in the last 10-15 years. All that heating of the Ionosphere has to do some damage to the Jet stream.

So far severe Snowstorms have plagued the Midwest and severe cold has hit parts of Florida, and southern California. After the severe biting cold comes Temperatures that are close to the century mark. The Weather has been an extreme Roller coaster Ride all winter long. Killer Tornadoes have shown up in places where Tornadoes are rare. Including a rare Tornado in Africa. The deadly "tornadoes" which have left scores of people dead and have caused Millions of dollars in damage in parts of the southeastern U.S. and even areas such as Minnesota this spring were, for the record books. Or in some opinions for the Ripley's Believe it or not!

The High weirdness about these killer these storms, aside from their mind-boggling ferocity, is the fact that in many cases few if any of the typical atmospheric conditions-like thunderheads or squalls that are crucial to the development of such storms were present. Photographs from weather satellites, weather radar readouts, and vast amounts of other data from a wide variety of monitoring equipment failed to provide any indication that such atmospheric storm cells were building. The storms just showed up from out of nowhere, and in the case of the African Tornado a public official was almost killed. Does this seem perhaps just the slightest bit peculiar?

Another peculiar Story deals with a number of people who are now beginning to watch the skies and noticing strange Military activities, that not only are making them sick, but changing their weather patterns as well. Stories in mainstream Newspapers are now claiming that people are feeling ill, after witnessing Planes making Contrail grids in the skies above their homes.

In a U.S. Air Force research study, "Weather as a Force Multiplier" issued in August, 1996, seven U.S. military officers outlined how HAARP and aerial cloud-seeding from tankers could allow U.S. aerospace forces to "own the weather" by the year 2025. Among the desired objectives were "Storm Enhancement," "Storm Modification" and "Induce Drought."

How Ironic that as recently as January 12th 1999, reports of U.S. Air Force aerial tankers Making Contrails in the skies could be leaving a chemical marker for the HAARP project. The condensation trails and chemicals spread by these aircraft could be what is making some people sick in Tennessee, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, Nevada, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, Oklahoma, Washington state and California.

The question is what is the connection and how is it accomplished? Chemical contrails allow much more moisture to form inside cloud systems, severe localized storms result from the aerial seeding while surrounding areas that have surrendered their moisture to the storm cells experience drought. When the contrail Grids or X's are left behind by these planes they can be tracked by satellite and coordinated with the crossed-beams of ionospheric heaters from HAARP to heat the upper atmosphere - changing its temperature and density and enhancing the storm's effects.

Weather control is food control. Cause a nation to lose its crops, and watch inflation rise. Damage from severe storms cause insurance rates to double.

Weather control is real, and has existed before the HAARP project was even thought of. Cloud seeding and Tornado research has been around for a long time. The idea of Creating and controlling Hurricanes has been around since the times of Tesla. What we are seeing is a more advanced form of weather control using KC-135 planes and KC-10's along with satellite tracking and heating of the Ionosphere.

Apart from all of the speculation and conspiracy theories one must ask themselves what is the environmental impact of such a device? What harm is it bringing to my family? Why are my tax dollars going to fund such an out of control project? Why is it that something like this has not been talked about openly in mainstream press? Why have fringe environmentalists and New World Order, conspiracy "Nuts" sounded the alarm and no one else has.

Maybe it's because of what awaits outside the HAARP projects story. I have touched on this Conspiracy template. The template that can manipulate the facts surrounding what the Pentagon calls a simple radio transmitter. Maybe its because the mainstream is not ready for James Bond technology. Or the idea that it is a death ray responsible for earthquakes, sonic booms and power outages in the Western United States.

However, what ever you think it is, the idea that it is a large scale radio transmitter is only part of what it truly is. The mainstream would convince you that it is a top dollar, government science fair project. The fringe would have you think that it is the smoking gun of the New World Order. Maybe it began as an honest monitor of the Alaskan sky. But absolute power corrupts absolutely. Man will use and abuse power because he can. The ultimate question is whether or not we should. If you feel that you environment is out of control. You may want to consider the incredible. Otherwise keep your mind at Ground Zero.


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