By Clyde Lewis

As we are edging closer to our Independence day and as we are slowly closing the chapter on one part of our perpetual war I can’t help but think that this whole clean war is nothing but a practice run for an even bigger conflict. I am still standing by my speculation that everything we see is prologue to something far more ominous and that if we look at history and other writings we can somehow predict what lies ahead on the misty road that leads to the future.

The point of arrival of course is Ground Zero.

I have always used the term for my show as the point of arrival. The point of equilibrium. It is place where you are safe to connect the dots and bring up the unthinkable.

Ground Zero of course is term for the place where the unthinkable happens.

Desolation, sterility, the mundane truth, the place where you cave in and the place where you get your life in order because it is the place where you take your terminal breath.

Just after February it was observed that Pneumonia like virus had been identified called Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome or SARS. The disease was discovered in China and many believe it can be traced to hotel in Hong Kong. There was speculation throughout the Internet that SARS was either a harbinger for a more terrible virus, or a media based horror story hoax.

I had reported that perhaps it was the result of a toxic cloud left behind when the Space Shuttle Columbia fell to earth on February 1st 2003 the day of the Chinese New Year.

There were so many esoteric connections that I made that seemed too good to be true and the more I read the scarier the whole convoluted story became. Now I may be wrong in my speculations but I have been thinking about a few things banking on the idea that I am not too far off.

I don’t necessarily understand why I write certain things and I admit that they may sound a bit bizarre but I kind of put in the back of my mind anything that smacked or prophecy or Astrology because I wanted to stick with the facts as they were told to me.

Now I am beginning to explore the signs and wonders that led to the SARS epidemic and it may very well be tied in all sorts of strange ways to what may be the eventual arrival of the fourth horseman of the apocalypse.

Oh it sounds very doom and gloom but perhaps it fills in all of the holes that I left gaping open in my last article with regards to the Shuttle Columbia.

I want to set-aside for a moment any past ideas that have been expressed with regards to SARS. I want you to think for a moment about dates, times, and signatures that point to either a visit by the trickster or a cunning orchestration that may indicate a fulfillment of prophetic discourse.

I pointed out that the Shuttle Columbia came down from the skies on February 1st 2003. The day was significant because it was the first day of the year 4700 on the Chinese calendar it was the first day of the year of the Ram. Previously I had pointed out that the Ram has always been a symbol of death by sacrificial rite.

An Astrological coincidence weighed heavy with me after I had spoken with numerologists and astrologers around the time of the Columbia disaster. Saturn was at it’s brightest in the sky. There are many that connect Saturn with Satan. Satan of course has been called the Dragon. The rise of the Dragon has always been the indicator of a major calamity. Of course the mythology of the dragon figures heavily in countries like India, Sumeria, Egypt, and China.

So what does the ram and the dragon mean as symbols in this whole mish mash of mind expansion that I am leading you through?

In Ancient Egypt during the time of the great Exodus of the Hebrews the inhabitants would rely heavily on the Zodiac. The constellation Aries was considered to be its guiding force. Aries was represented by the Lamb or the Ram.

It has been tradition that in the time of NISAN and Aries that the God of Israel would show his power by commanding the Israelites to kill the earthly sign of Egypt's god the lamb or ram.

We read in the Book of Exodus that in month of NISAN when the full moon of Aries was about to appear in the heavens the righteous would be warned and the infidels would be given the warning that death would be at their doorstep.

The Ram or Goat is often looked upon as a symbol of bloodshed.

A symbol of sacrifice, and in early writings the symbol for the killing of the first born.

China contains almost one-fourth of the world's population. Approximately 1.2 billion people live in China That is approximately one fourth of the world population. The population grew at a rate of 2% per year in the early 1950's. To slow down the population growth China was able to implement population control measures where parents were only allowed to give birth to one child. This resulted in an increase of abortion, infanticide, and sterilizations.

Fascinating coincidence isn’t it?

Even more fascinating is a scripture from the book of the apocalypse that points to the fourth horseman. Pay close attention to what is written:

"And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth."—Revelation 6:8

Another coincidence is in the numbers in the book of revelation.

Any Idea what happened around June 8th 2003?

The mainstream news finally got around to reporting the first cases of Monkey Pox. It must be noted though that Monkey Pox cases were being evaluated as early as May 17th, 2003. The spread of the disease was becoming a problem and therefore was a national news story.

I am willing to say that the Pale Horse prophecy is a representation of biological terror. I am also going to tell you that we are not out of the wood yet. The big one is on the way. This one will come from the sky in form of a cloud.

I did some searching on the origins of the pale horse and ran into a very significant piece of trivia. The name of the pale horse is Chloros a Greek word that signifies pale –yellowish or greenish colors. Chlorine also comes from the same word and on the periodic table is mentioned as a green gas. Gaseous or elemental chlorine is a highly reactive yellowish-green gas with a distinctive odor - was first produced in the 19th century by breaking the chemical bond between sodium and chlorine in ordinary salt (sodium chloride.)

During the First World War, chlorine and mustard gas, another chlorine derivative were turned against enemy soldiers as chemical weapons.

The organochlorines include dioxin, Agent Orange, VX gas, PVC, PCB.

They especially harmful to female embryos even in doses measured in parts per billions. This is interesting when you play into the population controls that China has, and the Aries Ram connection and it’s "first born" sacrificial rite.

Is the metaphoric fourth horseman a combination of events where symbolism far outweighed the reality of simple explanation? Is it any wonder that the idea of weapons of mass destruction have been planted in our heads? Is there a reason why we are concerned with a biochemical cloud wiping out entire cities?

Why is there an interest in the controversial Chemtrails?

Is the idea of the Toxic cloud a part of a White horse prophecy where a cloud of deadly gas renders a population pale, sick and marked for death? I see the coincidences of the numbers and possible signs in the stars and the imagination continues to generate all kinds of interesting parallels that are submitted only for your final say.

The Shuttle Columbia allegedly released a cloud of polymeric Isosayanate that was reported to be hovering in the sky many hours after it came down. If this has any relevance to the coincidence of crashing on the Chinese new year it needs to be pointed out that in the scripture the fourth horsemen gets his power from the fourth of the population of earth. As I pointed out China contains almost one-fourth of the world's population.


The legacy of the Fourth horseman is death and pestilence. A pale green or pale yellow cloud releases this death on the world in the apocalypse.

Coincidentally the SARS outbreak happened in China. Now it remains to be seen if this pestilence was released from the Columbia. However if any of this is real then we are seeing the fulfillment of some twisted prophecy.

Is there a remote significance?

If you want more circumstantial spooks then take a leap to that freakish French haiku writer Nostradamus.

In Century II, Quatrain 53 it states

The great plague of the maritime city Will not cease until there be avenged the death Of the just blood, condemned for a price without crime, Of the great lady outraged by pretense.

SARS was first detected in Hong Kong, one of the largest eastern ports in the world. The quatrain states that the disease "will not cease until there be avenged the death of the just blood, condemned for a price without crime."

There are some people who speculate that Astronauts on the Columbia were sacrificed in some weird ritual over Palestine Texas. President Bush also made mention of the Sacrifice of the seven astronauts saying that it was the ultimate sacrifice.

There were different conspiracy watchers who made the uncanny claim that it was obviously a sacrifice to some secret "god" because the blood of all the nationalities were represented and different faiths represented on the Shuttle including an Israeli Astronaut.

All of them sacrificed on the day of the lamb would be a significant puzzle piece in this little tale of treachery.

The final words about the "great lady" also are curious.

The great lady could be the statue of Liberty.

A personification of Columbia or Semiramis.

Now I pointed out that Columbia is a word meaning the Peace Dove. When I did so I was e-mailed by a few people to take a look at the paintings that are found at the Denver Airport. Especially the one of the masked fascist, who represents war and plague.

The coincidental photograph of an evil dictator who wears a gas mask slicing open a dove with the dead at his feet was a ghoulish coincidence. It seemed to fortify the notion that whoever painted the mural may have somehow caught a prophetic snapshot showing a powerful fascist force bring down the dove and in the process release a great plague and at his feet are the bodies of dead children.

The uniform on the character of course is green and he has a large sword, which he uses to kill as pointed out in the apocalyptic fourth horsemen scripture. The sword piercing the heart of the Dove or Columbia is symbolic of a significant amount of death through aggression.

Of course this is all coincidence. This could all be the findings of those with overactive imaginations.

Mine included. However I am not alone in this little exercise.

It was David Icke who has mentioned that the Columbia symbolism has a double meaning.

"It is this dove symbolism which gives us the fictitious name of Christopher Columbus who in fact used to sign his name Colon. The name Columbus was invented as yet more Brotherhood symbolism. The Romans used to worship a deity they called Venus Columba, Venus the Dove. Venus and dove are associated with Queen Semiramis in Babylon. The word dove in French today is still Colombre. Columba is also an 'Aphrodite' goddess which symbolizes the negative, death and destruction, aspects of the female energy."—David Icke

Coincidences abound when the ideas hit you and you have to write them down regardless of any significance. I am seeing a pattern and even if none of it matters, I am just demonstrating that something that resembles a pattern could have some type of prophetic significance.

I must tell you that this is how I see the world sometimes.

I see it as images and flashes. I see that the images and flashes could mean something and that is why I share them with you. This may look like crazy nonsense to some but I think we have a jonbar hinge that we need to look at.

I have pointed out in earlier articles that a jonbar hinge or a jonbar point can be defined as a moment in history when an action or decision, generates an alternate history.

Perhaps a moment in history where the coincidences are overwhelming and that a ripple in time may have changed the course of human history maybe even fulfilled prophecy.

Now is the time to watch.

Behold a pale horse and later the pale hearse.

When I have a mountain of ideas swirling in my head it is always challenging for me to put into words my feelings. Especially when they come to me like an epiphany or a visionary’s precognitive dream.

I have had several this year and I struggle to interpret their meaning. So I go on my show and throw out ideas that zig and zag and hopefully they reach someone. I pray that in the process I don’t sound like some guy who sits in the back of the coffee shop wetting his pants and talking to his imaginary friends.

But no matter, the strangeness always comes to me.

I draw it to me.

I once had this creepy experience where I was downtown in a frigid rainstorm. The street was dark because the power had gone out. The wind was blowing and I could see that I was alone at the downtown bus mall waiting for a late night bus.

As if out of the thin air I saw this skinny black man approaching me. He looked as if he needed help.

I asked if he was okay and he looked up at me. I noticed his eyes and they looked as if they were about to pop out of his skull and scream at me. He was obviously on drugs.

He looked up and with a quivering lip said "Bless me father for I have sinned, I am here to confess my sins before the angel of death comes and delivers judgement."

The cold air and the wind blowing added a ghoulish touch to his fear. I couldn’t believe that it was just the two of us in the middle of a downtown street. I felt a little unworthy but of course I was dressed in black and I could see how he would think I looked like a priest.

I told him that I wasn’t a priest.

He grabbed my hand and placed it on his head.

He commanded me to bless him.

I felt energy leaving my body and going into his. It was frightening to me how I was feeling the transference. It had all of the creepiness of a John Carpenter movie.

He held my hands to his skull and began to pivot on his legs and I could hear a chattering noise. The man was grinding his teeth.

After the "ritual" was completed he looked at me and calmly said "Thank you, that is all, be at peace."

He ran away from me and I was alone again in the rain. Funny how your mind wanders when strange things happen. You look around you and see shadows. You have time to think about the most macabre thoughts.

It was late, and I was tired.

The cold was cutting through my over coat into my bones.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the look on the man. His eyes were as big as saucers. Bloodshot eyes and in mental pain.

He awaited judgement from the angel of death.

I wondered why he would say this to me. He obviously feared death; his fear was transferred to me. It seemed like a portent, or perhaps something I needed to see. Maybe it was something that was only shown to me so that I may be prepared for what is to come.

I also have a friend who also claims that she has had a vision similar to this where there are people who are infected with a disease and that she is immune and has to defend her life in order to protect the health, liberty and wellbeing of others.

I have always drawn strangeness to me and while I try to explain it, there are some things that are better left unexplained until you can get a clearer picture of what is being shown to you.

I have always been a believer in the idea that there seems to be a precursory event before a major event. A lot of people who pay attention to these harbinger events are not as surprised when the major event or crisis rises up. They seem to get a clue or a hint that something isn’t right. It has been called keeping an ear to the ground.

Some call it paranoia, others call it-heightened awareness.

It can be intuition, or even psychic ability. It can be a gift, and sometimes portents are recognized if someone points them out to you.

The trick I am learning is not recognizing portents, but understanding their meaning.

I am always thrust into a quirky bit of synchronistic manipulation that I attribute to the cosmic trickster, but when you are stuck in the endless vicious circle of repeat performances then you have to stop and ask yourself what it all means.

You have to stop and analyze your sanity.

I have been hearing a lot of metaphoric references to the Roman Empire and the political health of the United States. They are replacing the easily offensive Nazi comparisons and even though both may be appropriate the Roman references are a bit more spiritual to me for some reason. Maybe it is the idea of robes, and centurions. The gladiators, and the simulacra that was churned out in the days of Cecil B. Demille and Victor Mature.

I have also noticed a coincidental run of Julius Caesar, a made for television mini series on cable. It is as if some of my previous writings have come back to haunt me and the omens and portents are screaming that a tableau will make a repeat performance and by some sick joke appear in real life.

Julius Caesar, to use a Cliff’s Notes description is a political allegory of a man's personal dilemma over moral action. It also teaches a great lesson in freedom and death.

Brutus, who is influential in Rome, is asked by Cassius to join in a conspiracy to assassinate Caesar. Julius Caesar the Roman autocrat has many Victories and conquests under his belt. His popularity is greater than ever. He shows signs of allowing his victories to corrupt him. He begins to show a deity complex and Brutus, who is a friend of Caesar loves him and knows he is a good leader, but fears, as the others do, that ambition will drive Caesar into becoming a tyrannical leader.

Brutus is convinced that he has to kill his friend in order to preserve the liberty of Rome. So he joins the conspiracy. Ignoring warnings about attending the Senate meeting, Caesar is assassinated by conspirators. His final words are uttered in disbelief, "Et tu, Brute?"

Julius Caesar fires a lot of memetic triggers and puts all in the quandary of whether we assert ourselves and bring about major change or wait for someone else to do it.

We may think that certain things are good for us but in the long run we must see the portents and understand that perhaps the direction we are going is the wrong direction and that it will lead to our deaths. If we continue this path we are on I can easily predict that in the future the door of the hearse will never close. Those who live will be fearful of what is to come and they will become paralyzed. In Julius Caesar that very thing is what Caesar says is similar to death.

"It seems to me most strange that men should fear, Seeing that death, a necessary end, Will come when it will come"—Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare

Caesar recognizes that certain events lie beyond human control; to constantly be in fear of them is to enter a paralysis equal to, if not worse than, death. It is to surrender any capacity for freedom or liberty that one might actually have.

I have been seeing people who continue to rally around our Caesar because they fear that death will come quickly and that the powerful rulers will save them from the awful fate that awaits them.

The rulers have no control over death.

They can’t prevent it. In fact they have the power to give it more than keep it from coming. They have the power to require it in order to show loyalty. They could command a mass suicide in a time of crisis if they felt it was appropriate to save their ideologies. They can also carry out assassinations of those who get in the way of their power stronghold. When they are through using the puppet they can always cut the strings.

That is why you must be aware of how far you would go in your devotion to anything.

Many people believe that being a U.S. Citizen requires a death pact, which requires a covenant of dying for their country no matter what. We often hear of dying in order to preserve the freedom. We are told that it is noble to sacrifice freedoms and lives for special interests of the few.

It is not sufficient to live to make freedom. It is now being presented as a sort holy honor to die for the cause of freedom. People also feel that it is there duty to succumb to the proposed measures of turning the country into an active police state in order to be patriotic.

They are led into the false notion that this is an effective way to protect life.

Death comes anyway. It comes when you least expect it.

Why is it so important to live when it means being sealed up into the bonds of chains and slavery?

Isn’t it better to be living on your feet then constantly being on your knees in submission to an out of control government, and a land that is being held hostage by the mandate of a police state?

Sadly we are still afraid of terror attacks, weapons of mass destruction, and many other horrors that I feel are mere projections of our own hidden dark side. We can only imagine the horrors that await us because we imagine the same for our perceived enemies.

In a Star Trek Deep Space Nine episode entitled "Homefront" I noticed that the story line was a shaking parable of our modern and fearful world. It originally aired in 1996 and yet it was as if it was written as a metaphor of the 9/11 tragedy and the aftermath.

It was prophetic.

A Changeling spy bombs a conference on Earth, killing 27 people--an act of murder of such magnitude which the planet hasn't experienced in over a century. As a result, Admiral Leyton of Starfleet Command calls Commander Sisko to Earth and appoints him Acting Head of Earth Security so he can oversee the implementation of security procedures which have proven effective in detecting Changelings on DS9.

Sisko's security procedures are a start, but do not prove entirely effective against the craftier of shapeshifters; within days of the new system coming on line, a Changeling spy is still able to trespass on Starfleet Headquarters grounds, masquerade as Admiral Leyton, and easily escape. The new security measures are still not sound, however, President of the Federation Jaresh-Inyo will only allow so much in terms of security. He cannot justify anything more extreme. He states that he refuses to turn the earth into a Police state… Earth is paradise, and he does not want to jeopardize paradise by turning it into a military organization where civilians are forced to submit to blood screenings and security checks.

This episode is about people, and how being in constant fear of an invisible invasion affects their lives. Earth is supposed to be paradise, but it never feels like it in this episode.

Everybody is scared and paranoid.

There is even an orchestrated power outage that is set up by Star fleet in order to convince the people that an attack is eminent.. The attack doesn’t come but the people demand Marshal laws so that they can feel protected.

The words in the dialogue can be used to teach everyone what terrorists do… Odo who is a Changeling says something profound ""That's why my people came here; to undermine the trust and mutual understanding the Federation is built on."

It is obvious that the attacks on the United States have solidified the downfall of trust and mutual understanding that we as Americans used to hold as a valuable trait.

Suddenly, there's a massive power outage, which knocks out the entire planetary defense network and leaving Earth defenseless. Suspecting this sabotage is the first step of a Dominion strike, Sisko and Leyton ask the President to declare a state of emergency--something that, aside from the Borg emergency, hasn't happened in over 100 years. This way they can put armed officers on the streets to resist a possible Jem'Hadar invasion force.

President Jaresh-Inyo is reluctant to do this--he doesn't want to be remembered as the president who put arms on every street of Planet Paradise--but he ultimately agrees. There is no other option. If the Dominion attack without encountering some sort of resistance, Paradise will be more than lost--it will be destroyed.

When paradise is virtually lost. The next logical step is major destruction.

We are now enduring the finger pointing and name calling. The term Liberal seems to be the equivalent of leper and it goes unabated because it seems that the conservative right is better at using times like these to their advantage. They also seem to engender an attitude of intolerance. If this goes on being unchecked I can guarantee a civil war.

Words can kill; scapegoats are always to blame. No one sees himself or herself as contributing to the downfall. However we all contribute to it in some way. The reason why is because we take for granted that we can always change.

What if we couldn’t take back and action or deed that harmed someone else.

What if your death was waiting in the wings? There would be no restitution or repentance.

The thing that both liberals and conservatives throw out of the picture is the unthinkable.

There were thousands of Americans who cared for and about the 3000 or so dead on September 11th 2001. At the time it was not even realized that the future may find that there could be 3000 people having to clean up the bodies of thousands or more taken out by a chemical or nuclear threat from an enemy that slips through the cracks.

This is the unthinkable.

But it is very possible now.

Liberals and Conservatives make great charcoal. They equally burn after a mass attack.

Liberals and Conservatives also stack very well like cords of wood.

Death does not play favorites.

Take a look at Israel.

Every few months Israeli deaths topple the amount lost at the 9/11 tragedy. This has been going on a long time. They are used to death on their doorstep. We as Americans made it clear after 9/11 that our pain is greater than anyone else’s and our loss was greater than anyone else’s and while our loss was great it paled to the losses that have been felt on world wide scale.

The loss at 9/11 was infinitesimal to the losses elsewhere in the world and yet I hear people whining and dwelling on the loss and demanding that we should roll the footage of the planes slamming into buildings every day to remind us of the anger we should be feeling.

No wonder there are protests and anger.

Talk show ignoramus Mike Savage has demanded that those who protest or otherwise question should be imprisoned for life. This is said and is excused because the hallmark of democracy is to allow all citizens to voice their opinion, no matter how ignorant their view may seem to some people.

If we take away the protestor’s right to speak their mind we will not be able to hear Mike Savage. Because killing the ability to speak is an equal opportunity offender.

The ultimate silence awaits us. How can you scream at the moment of death when you don’t have the right to?

That is why people like him are ignorant and those who identify with his malformed drivel are just as ignorant.

It is understandable that people want to get behind the troops and rally around our leaders to get rid of tyrants. But I feel the support becomes hollow when we realize that much of what got us into the battle in the first place is based in deceit.

There are many people who tell me that I slam the media too much and that I am the media. Well certainly I use the media stage for my opinions but I am certainly not the media. I am an independent thinker.

Maybe too independent.

But it is safe to be in my own little world when it is well known that the CIA and others have infiltrated the system of networks designed to act in the public interest.

"The CIA owns everyone of significance in the major media."—Ronald Reagan’s CIA director William Colby

But of course you can send this opinion up the flagpole and no one will salute because it has not been confirmed on the mainstream Poop tube.

It does not give us the pain and guilt we want. We need a dose of it all the time. More pain, more guilt, more hate for people we don’t even attempt to understand because the mainstream media has succeeded in making them less than human beings. We have been told what the colors of the terror alert mean. We have been encouraged to be vigilant and aware.

It seems that most Americans need their dose of "situation out of control" in order to feel as though they need an over protective big brother wiping them and pampering them because American pain is worse than anyone else’s. There seems to be this belief that An American life lost is far more important than an Iraqi life, or an Afghani life or any other country that we throw a dart at on the war room map.

Many of us have been programmed to think that dying for freedom is far more desirable than living for it.

Do we really practice what we preach?

Many point out that terrorists die for a cause as "silly" as their ‘evil" God Allah.

To the fanatical Muslim terrorist or to the Palestinian their cause is not silly. They are doing what any groomed and brainwashed person would do.

Many of our men died for George W. Bush.

Step out of your prejudice and wonder for a moment if the idea of dying for a man that many would agree is not too bright is not looking silly in the eyes of the world.

Yet it is disingenuous I guess to pretend to take the moral high ground and say that if someone harms you that you are not entitled to ask for some sort of retribution. Some retribution fits the offense and other forms of it go too far.

Pushes the limits. Pushes the world over the precipice of megadeath.

I am not a pacifist, by any stretch of the imagination; I just consider the thought of death and what it means to all of us.

We seem to think that we can continue the massacre without taking into consideration the deadly repercussions and vicious cycles that end up replaying over and over again.

Whatever principle you adhere to makes a significant impact on the way the world grows.

Do you live in a morality of absolute goodness or do you wish to continue in the dysfunctional cycle of over zealous retribution?

When does it end?

How many dead is enough dead, when dead is dead?

How can you say you are alive when you aren’t free?

It is better to be rich, than it is to be poor. Healthy, instead of sick. It is better to be strong than to be weak, and the examples can pile up where your preference is better living than dead.

It is best to be upright rather than falling down.

In our voracious hunger for retribution we as a country are literally falling down. In our quest for power we reject our morality. There is no flag flying or patriotic poetry that can take the taste of blood out of your mouth.

It used to be that winning a war felt good. Now in order to feel good about ourselves we must create wars that we know we can win. We keep score by the body count.

So does our enemy.

No need to fear it is just part of the constant diet of crisis, and struggle that everyone is given through the auspices of government. They issue you pain and you take it like a bitter pill. Take the pill without questioning its ingredients and you could be a guinea pig for suicide.

All it takes is a little bit of a nudge and you would happily overdose on them for your country.

The struggle that is life continues to be wrought with difficulties and the world can be a dangerous place.

It always has been.

I do not believe it is necessary to be reminded that it is dangerous. We need not overly concern ourselves with the shadow of terrorism because terror comes in many forms.

It is not just delivered by a radical group of fundamentalist Muslims. It is an every day occurrence. It has been around a lot longer than Saddam Hussein or even Osama Bin laden.

It has plagued the market place for millennia and yet the world continues to spin.

The only catch today is that we have developed better ways of killing ourselves and damaging an Eco-system in the process. We have found more precise and immoral ways to torture, maim and kill those that we find undesirable.

We can wipe out thousands with one swift strike.

Others also have the power to kill thousands with one push of a button.

We can even release a death cloud of poisonous gasses that may even appear to be the fulfillment of some prophecy written by madmen some millennia ago. We can force fit the notion into a Nostradamus prophesy. We can add up the numbers and name every planet in every house. We can declare that the end of the world is coming.

However I assume that many of us will not get off that easily.

No matter what prophecy you adhere to, no matter what dots you connect, or what silly little conspiracy theory you can think up to explain the strange happenings in what appears to be a doomed world there is one inescapable conclusion.

We are being held hostage on one of the largest spaceships in the universe.

Planet Earth.

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