By Clyde Lewis

The theory of radiated energy weapons has been around for over 100 years. Recently there have been a number of theorists who claim that these weapons are in use today and that high-powered transmitters are capable of producing Star Wars type radiation weapons of immense power. These weapons can be used to protect us but it is alleged that the side affects of such technology can cause strange weather patterns, anomalous lights, seismic activity, and human irritability.

The theories that have been spun in the past about possible strategic defense shields being used to protect the United States may become reality as the Bush administration has given the new and improved "Star Wars" Program a go. A new and improved cold war seems to be brewing with it and the world is paying attention.

The international press has released information saying that The United States is moving forward with a controversial missile defense system that is said to be more ambitious and far reaching than the proposal that Bill Clinton sat on in the last year of his presidency.

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld delivered the confirmation during a conference on security in Munich Germany. According to Rumsfeld, the administration intends to create a global defense system that could protect the United States as well as American armed forces in such distant regions as South Korea or the Persian Gulf.

"The United States intends to develop and deploy a missile defense designed to defend our people and our forces against a limited missile attack and is prepared to assist friends and allies threatened by missile attack to deploy such defenses." Ė Secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld

The system however seems to have itís limitations. These limitations were not pinpointed by anyone but it was hinted that the system may be in its infancy, or at least in itís beginning stages of development. To hear Rumsfeld talk you would be thinking that the leaders have constructed a "Death Star." A mechanized space weapon that has itís limitations but will do the job it is designed to do.

Rumsfeld was careful to mention that that Moscow and Beijing wouldn't have to worry because the new system would be designed to handle "handfuls" of incoming missiles, not the full arsenal of a major nuclear power.

Even though the project proposed has limitations it is capable of not only protecting the United States but extend beyond previous proposed capabilities.

That of course is a good salesmanship because at the moment the United States does not appear to have any proven technology to protect even limited parts of U.S. territory against incoming warheads, especially a strategic ballistic missile traveling at supersonic speed.

Or Do we?

There are some people who have been claiming all along that The United States has been testing technology that is based on Teslaís high powered radiated microwave power beam. This Idea was first proposed in the late 1890ís . Teslaís power technology was able to transmit a highly powered electric beam to users through the atmosphere.

It was believed that Teslaís technology could be used for purposes such as shutting down communication satellites and destroying incoming projectile.

Ever since the 1940ís there have been comic books and science fiction novels that talk about some evil genius who wants to take over the world by harnessing an immense power source capable of destroying a predetermined target.

As a collector of Science fiction films, I recall one particular story that was taken from the old Batman Serials. Many of these cinematic rarities have been removed from retail stores due to the fact that they are not politically correct and are charged with racial stereotypes.

The 1943 Serial showed an evil Japanese Villain named Dr. Daka who had a special electronic weapon that he claimed would bring about his "New World Order." It not only could shut down vehicles and knock holes into thick walls, but it also could induce a trance like state leaving people open for suggestion.

Dr. Daka uses the mind-control device to make "zombie" servants out of people. The device uses a high particle ray, which probably was inspired by Tesla technologies.

Nearly 60 years later Science fiction is becoming science fact.

In an eerie coincidence of Life imitating art, Conspiracy theorists and environmentalists have fingered the HAARP project as the designated secret weapon of the New World order. The very vehicle that will be used to implement similar characteristics as the Tesla shield.

The HAARP is a compound of about forty-eight 72-foot tall metal towers situated about 200 miles east of Anchorage Alaska. These towers act as a huge transmitter designed to beam more than a gigawatt of energy into the Ionosphere. Zapping the skies hundreds of miles above the earth with high frequency radio waves the experiment is the worlds largest "ionospheric heater. "

HAARP according to alternative researchers may be the prototype for a ground-based 'Star Wars' defense system. Military documents say it is intended to disrupt portions of the by heating it with powerful pulsed radio frequency beams. Radiation that bounces back to the surface of the planet would be in the long wave ELF range.

The Military claims that the project was created in the interest of pure science however the project has the capability of becoming a super weapon if it is scaled up in size and used in tandem with other projects that have been developed for defense. If it is developed to its full potential HAARP could very well:

  • Bring down aircraft within a 7 mile radius

  • Shield a territory from intercontinental ballistic missiles

  • Shutdown or fry satellite circuitry

  • Take out any incoming projectiles both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial

  • Improve communications with Submarines

  • Disrupt communications over a large areas of the earth

  • Change the chemical structure of the upper atmosphere which could possibly alter the weather creating a "Forced Multiplier" of weather conditions

  • Affect human mental functioning by rendering them sick or enraged

  • Severely alter biological systems

  • Increase seismic activity in diverse areas

One of the more interesting Magazines to be published and then inexplicably meet an untimely death was 21C Magazine. In 1993 a very damning article was published which revealed that Russia was working on a similar project involving electronic pulse shielding. It sited as itís source a front-page article from a Soviet newspaper called the Izvestia, in April of 1993.

The article described several key similarities in the HAARP patents such as:

  • Using 1 billion-watt power levels to jam guidance systems on missiles

  • Creating atmospheric disturbances, which can bring down aircraft

  • Lowering power levels in targeted areas

  • Detect cruise missiles and other incoming objects by heating the ionosphere and using it as a highly charged radar tracking and communications system

In tests last year, failures led to the Clinton administration's decision to shelve its program for a national system centered on new technological breakthroughs in Alaska and Europe. The Bush administration is now authorizing a research program that examines a much wider range of technologies, that could help neutralize missiles, like those used in Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries.

Could this wider range of technology include upgrading HAARP and possibly utilizing other electromagnetic and Laser technologies that can be found at Brookhaven national Labs and Lawrence Livermore labs?

In the Ground Zero Article Fallen Angel, it was reported that a UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) was seen over the Bay area in August of 19. The Papers reported that it was quite possibly a meteor. A UFO (Flying Saucer complete with Aliens) was also reported in the area tainting a full investigation of a crash.

Witnesses claim that what ever was coming down from the sky was intercepted by a particle beam that looked as if it were coming from the Tracy/Manteca California Area.

This is the approximate area where Lawrence Livermore Labs is located. A suspicious Tire fire was set in the summer heat and any spectators were asked to stay inside. Ground Zero speculated that whatever crashed there someone didn't want it to be seen.

A story was released months later that Lawrence Livermore had developed a prototype aircraft called the Hypersoar and the case seemed to be closed.

Now with this new information perhaps we were seeing the test of Star Wars technology?

In a three part Series Ground Zero theorized that perhaps the downing of several aircraft in the Atlantic was the accidental result of electromagnetic technologies being tested in an area now known as the Block Island triangle.

In the "Synchroncpiracy" series Ground Zero theorized that the air disaster corridor in the Atlantic where TWA flight 800, Swiss Air flight 111 John F. Kennedy Jr.'s Piper Saratoga light aircraft and the ill fated Egypt Air 990 crashed could be a place where magnetic interference occurs during tests of Brookhaven National Labs collider and possibly at Montauk.

The Military says the Camp hero facility at Montauk is not being used but conspiracy watchdogs say that it continues to operate.

While the press neatly reported simple explanations as to what happened to these aircraft we speculated the most outrageous theories that later were also theorized by another Scientist.

Professor Elaine Scarry of Harvard developed a theory that is similar to the theory Ground Zero proposed in itís Synchroncpiracy series. She believes that electromagnetic interference (EMI) and its associated High Intensity Radiated Field (HIRF) from military operations is what brought down TWA Flight 800 on July 17, 1996, and Swissair Flight 111 on Sept. 2, 1998. Her findings were published before Egypt Air 990 went down in the same area.

Many theorists claim that a Missile downed TWA flight 800 and that terrorists were responsible.

Brookhaven Labs coincidentally was mentioned in the London times after the initial reports of a ball of light raced up towards the jet before it went down. A CIA Data System II satellite positioned over the Brookhaven National Laboratory allegedly showed that a glowing object raced up to the TWA jet, passing it, then changing course and smashing into it.

On the day of the Downing of the JFK Jr. Plane Ground Zero Reported that the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) at Brookhaven had been test fired and ever since strange reports have come from that area. There have been reports of green flashes of light and pilots have been reporting seeing bright flashes that they have to look away from because of the intensity of the arc.

There were several witnesses who claimed that they saw what appeared to be a Ball of light that brought down TWA flight 800. The top Conspiracy theorists are banking on the idea that a Missile brought it down.

However after the Synchroncpiracy theories were published on the Ground Zero website some new findings came to light that could point to the nightmarish possibility that two beams of high powered microwave energy intersected, creating a ball of ionized air or a plasma ball.

At a conference held in Sydney Australia Harry Mason used footage of the STS-48 shuttle mission to show that high power particle beams were directed at a UFO flying over Australia. He pointed out that if two separate beams of high-powered microwave radiation were crossed a plasma ball would form at the interference point. An antennae array could be used in tandem with a computer and GPS systems to put that ball of ionized air over a target anywhere on earth.

A plasma ball can be pumped full of energy and then it can be discharged over any area with the same force as a one-megaton hydrogen bomb. This can be accomplished with no radioactive fallout. Troops could then move in with no worries about radiation.

Is The STS-48 Footage Evidence of Star Wars Technology being tested over Australian test facilities like Pine Gap? Was Flight 800 and other planes that have gone down mysteriously in the Atlantic corridor unwitting casualties of the testing of new space age weaponry?

It all remains to be seen but further evidence suggests that testing of this weaponry may be the reason for UFO sightings and earthquakes in the desert region of western Australia in 1995 AND 1996.

There were reports of anomalous balls of light traveling across the skies. There were also earthquakes in the region registering 4.6 on the Richter scale. When the epicenters of these Earthquakes were pointed out on a map, it showed a square grid pattern.

Natural earthquakes do not occur in square grid patterns.

Were the earthquakes the result of underground tests of these plasma bombs and the testing of technologies first proposed by Nikola Tesla in the 1800ís?

It seems highly coincidental.

Another coincidence is the timing of the announcement that the Bush administration is furthering its plans for a Star Wars weapon that would shield America and American interests from attack. The Pentagon called the February 16th 2001 attack on Iraqi targets "routine" but further investigation may prove otherwise.

It very well could have been a mini test of the HAARP technologies or something even worse.

The attack by jets targeted the Iraqi communications points north of the southern "no-fly zone." It was the first attack by NATO forces on Iraq since Operation Desert Fox in 1998. The targets were described as the electronic connections that Iraqis use to link their radar systems.

What can HAARP technology do if it is upgraded?

Disrupt communications and radar systems.

Sources said the jets hit targets not by directly flying over them, but by using bombs that were said to have been dropped from 40 to 50 miles away.

What else can you do with HAARP or Tesla Type technologies according to some Scientists?

An antennae array could be used in tandem with a computer and GPS systems to put that ball of ionized air over a target anywhere on earth.

A plasma ball can be pumped full of energy and then it can directed to a targeted area and then be deployed. This could be done miles away from the targeted area.

Was the HAARP array switched on when all this occurred?


Former NASA engineer Marshall Smith claimed that Project HAARP turned on its transmitters at full capacity for the first time during the attack on Iraq.

Close to one billion watts of magnetic energy was transmitted into the sky. Smith made his claims on talk shows around the country, even pointing out on his website that a signal was being sent and that Ham radio Operators could hear the HAARP array on 3.39Mhz.

The signal allegedly was strong in the northwestern United States.

Could it have come from the HAARP array in Alaska?

HAARP officials deny that they were in operation and claim that they have not been since October of 1999.

The after math of the alleged firing shows some pretty conspicuous coincidences that need to be pointed out. These events may or may not be related to the new technology but if Marshall Smith is right and HAARP was fired the after effects of such an endeavor showed up on the nightly news days after the alleged event.

I had already pointed out that if such a system could be upgraded many strange things would take place if it was put into use. The upgraded HAARP project or similar electromagnetic weaponry could:

  • Change the chemical structure of the upper atmosphere which could possibly alter the weather creating a "Forced Multiplier" of weather conditions

  • Affect human mental functioning by rendering them sick or enraged

  • Increase seismic activity in diverse areas.

After supposed firing of the HAARP array the Northwest experienced dry weather and temperatures that climbed into the 50ís and 60ís. Oregon is now facing a possible drought this summer due to light rainfall. This has not happened for approximately 70 years.

After the alleged firing of the HAARP project riots broke out in Seattle during the Mardi Gras celebration. News cameras were showing revelers attacking people unprovoked sending many to the hospital and one person was killed.

The rioting continued well into Fat Tuesday.

On Ash Wednesday well after the firing of the HAARP array a 6.8 Earthquake hit Seattle Washington and Portland Oregon. Seismologists determined that the quakes could have been much worse but fortunately the quake happened 40 miles below the earthís surface.

The earthquake was felt as far away as Salt Lake City some 700 miles away.

People who lived in the Northwest who were not injured reported strange sensations other than typical shock after the quakes. Many people reported headaches and Stomachaches. Others complained of tingling sensations, hot flashes and muscle tightness.

Police reported that automobiles in Lake Oswego Oregon malfunctioned and resulted in several accidents all before the earthquake hit.
That doesnít mean that Human error wasn't responsible but all of the coincidences are uncanny.

Luckily Portland was spared serious damages and injuries. Washington however wasn't as lucky. After all of the damages and the riots in Seattle Mardi Gras celebrations have been suspended and cleanup and repair has begun.

Two days after the Earthquake a rare thunderstorm dumped marbles sized hail on Portland Oregon. Most rain storms are quiet in the area.

Another timely announcement was made by the Marines just days after the alleged Firing of the HAARP project.

The Marine Corps claimed that they made the biggest breakthrough in weapons technology since the atomic bomb A non-lethal weapon that fires directed energy at human targets. It is Vehicle-Mounted Active Denial System designed to stop an individual in his tracks and make him turn and flee.

Tesla technology once again.

Science Fiction becomes Science fact. Speculation and conspiracy theory seems to be more and more a reality with all of the announcements and activities surrounding the claim that the HAARP project was used to itís full capacity to quite possibly be an earth shield similar to what Tesla proposed over 100 years ago.

Are we seeing the side effects of a technology out of control? Or over active imaginations spinning yarns of unfounded coincidences?

When electronic twins, electricity and magnetism collide some of the earthís most intriguing questions can be asked.

The answers certainly cannot be held in a finite box, when the energy in universe itself has infinite possibilities.

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