By Clyde Lewis

I remember growing up that my parents used to always tell me that if you really wanted to stare in the eyes of Satan all You had to do was look in the eyes of Charles Manson. I was told that Manson thought he was Jesus Christ, God, and the Devil. I was told that he was a dirty rotten killer. What I wasn't told was that he didn't kill anyone. That he wasn't given a fair trial. That someone or something had his brain in prison long before they ever had his body there.

If Chapter 23 was to be written by the angels in the book of Revelation there would have to be a passage devoted to Charles Manson. Manson is an Icon for the perfect Frankenchrist. A messiah created by the very system that hippies tried to reject but eventually succumbed to some thirty years after Manson's family went on a bloody killing spree In August of 1969.

The term FrankenChrist is appropriate when you consider that Manson was literally created. He was the hybrid accident that had the capability for love and good in the world yet due to the trauma programming he was subjected to turned into the hillbilly maniac demon we have grown to tolerate.

He was the unwanted child of a whore. As an infant his bisexual teenage mother once traded him for a pitcher of beer. He lived in foster care, shuffled from house to house and even taken care of by relatives. One of Charlies Uncles Convinced Charlie to wear a dress to school so he could learn what it was like to fight like a man. He was prosecuted for homosexual rape at the age of 18. He lived in State institutions upon his release learned the ways of pimping and bank robbery. He was virtually stripped of all that was beautiful. When all hope is lost a person has nothing to lose. He wound up in jail many times.

Calling himself the "God of Fuck". Charlie's charisma made him the Messiah of every lost flower child and, even though your pre conceived notions will tell you otherwise he turned out to be full of love even after all those years of abuse and Jail time . He would surround himself with beautiful young girls who considered him God. While in San Francisco he traded the rights to one of his songs for a bus, which his girls painted black and he drove all across the West collecting what are now known as the "Garbage People."

They settled in the Spahn Ranch a movie stunt man ranch where the group would have sex orgies and take in what love they had amongst each other. Charlie would sleep with a different girl each night as they all fried on acid and sang songs around a campfire when the sun went down. They would raid garbage dumpsters in the back of supermarkets for food and would shoplift for other necessities. The Family thought of themselves as representatives of an "Infinite Soul." While Many people sit in Judgment against Manson one needs to think of the surrounding elements and the sick and twisted synchronicites which may have released a vicious circle with Manson as the maniacal ring master.

When he failed as a Folk singer he became bitter and vengeful. Terry Melcher, a music producer who had rejected Manson moved out of his house in Cielo Drive and subleased it to Roman Polanski and his pregnant wife, Sharon Tate. In a desperate attempt to get his music produced Manson had gone to talk to Terry to find out that he had moved. He thought the new tenants of Cielo Drive treated him like "a second class citizen So when he felt that a series of random murders were in order to feed the "Infinite Soul" he knew exactly where to go armed with knives and a gun, the Family consisting of Tex Watson, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel and Linda Kasabian , butchered Steve Parent, Abigail Folger, Voityck Frykowski, Jay Sebring and a pregnant Sharon Tate. After the killing Tex ordered Susan to return inside and, "write something that will shock the world." Using a towel soaked in Tate's blood she wrote "PIG" on the door. She also thought of carving out Tate's unborn child and bringing it to Charlie wrapped in the towel. "How proud Charlie would be if I presented him with the baby cut from the womb of the woman." She later considered cutting out the heart and eating it or skewering the baby and roasting it in a bonfire.

The rest is history and while the Manson story is a modern Horror story with a blood drenched messiah, one has to decide what kind of miracles did Charlie unwittingly perform. Was Charlie an anti christ? Should he be in prison? Before you base your opinions on what you have heard it is time to bring the White trash messiah before those who verbally crucify him.

Manson was just one of the few who obviously had synchronicity against him. In the years before the media foretold of his coming in an odd sort of way. The connections to Manson go beyond the paranormal. They are actually a poetic Apocrypha scrawled out with blood and guts in the handwriting of the media machine that dares to dance with the devil.

Manson came on to the scene when the United States was suffering from religious paranoia. The very idea of an antichrist coming into the world was fortified in what was to become the powerful Ultra right wing. Articles in Time magazine asked the the question "Is God Dead" and the very story of the birth of the moon child or anti-christ was ripe fro the telling in a Motion Picture and book called Rosemary's Baby written by Ira Levin.

It was the story of the Babylon Working. The idea that the child of Satan can be conceived through black magic. The Story tells of a satanic coven living in the heart of New York City and their successful attempt to inseminate an unwitting female with the child of the Devil. It was Roman Polanski who decided to helm the project of bringing Rosemary's story to the screen.

Manson of course was referred to as the Devil in the media and out of his own mouth. It was the very same Devil who ordered the deaths of Polanski's Wife Sharon Tate her eight-month-old unborn child, along with the others. Although Rosemary's Baby was released a year before the Manson Family murders, one can argue just how prophetic the movie was. How it set the stage for the arrival of the White Trash Jesus. Both stories deal with a woman who has ties to the glitz if the media. Rosemary's husband is an actor both Sharon and Rosemary are Pregnant both women are subjected to the consequences of the Devil, and both Rosemary and Sharon Tate realize that they are both trapped by a cult that kills without conscience. Towards the movie's end Rosemary realizes that her husband has made a deal with the Devil. It is then she realizes its too late.

Sharon Tate may have ironically found out the hard way that deals with the Devil are made every day in a world that questions if God is dead.

Polanski decided Rosemary's Baby deserved respect to detail and began to do some things that most people claim tempted fate. The lead role of Rosemary's husband went to John Cassavetes. This was a bizarre coincidence when you realize that, the "son" of the High priest black magician Stevan Marcatos, changes his name to Roman Castavets which is dually remarkable when you see the they are interchangeable anagrams that can be arranged to spell the sentence "Satan craves most. "

What Satan craved most was the attention that Polanski gave freely. The attention was to the detail. The Movie was Set in 1966 like the book. June of 1966 to be exact, 666. Using the beast's area code wasn't enough for Polanski. He had to hire a consultant for the Movie, Anton Lavey.

Who better to consult in all things Black than the High Dark Prince of the Church of Satan? Lavey also negotiated with Polanski the part of Satan in the film.

The Movie introduced quite well the possibility of The Devil's Child being born to a world. A quiet world that was unaware of what was to come. The Movie was loved by the people yet panned by the critics. Polanski was accused of being a Satanist.

After all his work was done so authentically one would be tempted to question if maybe he knew about it all from experience. After the death of his wife and unborn baby he obviously brought it all upon himself, right?

Perhaps the Devil had an account to settle. The Paranoia was unbelievable. Mia Farrow the actress who played Rosemary didn't attend the funeral of Sharon Tate fearing that perhaps she would be next. After all playing with devilish propaganda may burn you.

It allegedly burned another actress associated with Lavey. Jane Mansfield wanted a change in her career and went looking in all the wrong places. She and her Lover Sam Brody met with Lavey in 1966. Brody Offended Lavey when he began fondling a statue of a nude woman in his Satanic Church. When Lavey told him to stop Brody blew out the candles around the statue. Lavey Told Brody that he had Insulted Satan and would die within a year's time. Lavey also Warned Mansfield that she would die too if she did not break up with Brody. The two thought the curse was silly.

They Laughed it off until they totaled Mansfield's sports car. While Posing for publicity shots whit a tame lion Mansfiled's son was mauled by the lion in a freak accident. Her son survived but afterwards her career took a nose-dive. Her reputation was darkened by scandal.

Later after Brody broke his leg in a car wreck exactly one year after the alleged curse Brody and Mansfield along with her three children rammed into a truck. Sheering the top off of the car. He died Instantly, her head was sliced off and all three children survived.

The strange part is that Lavey allegedly worked with the Police as a Psychic. He was known as the Psychic detective. Michael Aquino an associate of Lavey created his own Satanic Church the church of Set.

Aquino became a high-ranking member of the United States Army. He was involved with PSI -Ops or "psychological warfare" which is devoted to mind control research and general domestic propaganda.

Manson allegedly was a police informer as well while he was in and out of the system with ties to the FBI and an indirect link with PSI Ops or Psychic police. He also had ties to the Process Church and the Church of Scientology.

The Church of Scientology of course was led by none other than L. Ron Hubbard who you may remember was involved in a little Black Magik stunt called the "Babylon Working" with John Whiteside Parsons in the 1940's. The very thing that Rosemary's baby is about. Funny how things go full circle, Remember that one measures a circle beginning anywhere and so this is only one part of the spiral.

Manson was considered a holy man of sorts someone who learned Scientology techniques to enlighten others to do his bidding. Perverting the teachings of the church and mesmerize his "family." He was well versed if not a product of the systems PSI Ops.

Manson had all of the traits of a "Manchurian candidate."

Before we get to far off the track of the significance of Rosemary's baby, we need to realize that it was devilish propaganda to throw a sense of paranoia into the minds of the people that "A Godless under current exists in the nation and that there will be a leader that will appear to be a Christ but is far from him. "

Charles Manson.

It just seemed so odd that Polanski was trying to send a message to his audience. Sharon Tate was stabbed to death. She was killed by cult members, in her living room, with her friends. The Movie tends to foreshadow the events of the Manson family Murders. Rosemary has a knife and she enters a room with the Cult members the child in the final moments. It is too late. Her fate is sealed.

The Apartment scenes in Rosemary's baby were filmed at the Dakota apartments in New York . The very Place where another 60s Messiah was gunned down, shot seven times. John Lennon was shot at the Dakota by a Fanatic of his music. Mark David Chapman was another Lone Nut like Manson who was allegedly triggered into killing by the Book Catcher in the Rye.

Manson was inspired by Helter Skelter, a Song created by Lennon and his band mate Paul McCartney. Which may or may not be valuable to the allegory. Only you can be the judge of that.

After all Manson heard the messages from the White album. Like interpreting an impressionists painting, Manson believed that the album was channeling to him messages that race war or Helter Skelter was about to begin.

Manson was inspired by songs like Happiness is a Warm Gun and Blackbird , which he believes was the message for the blacks and their moment to arise.

The George Harrison Song Piggies was allegedly about the fat establishment needing a damn good whacking The Whites were the establishment and the Blacks were the ones who would arise and whack the pigs.

"Pig" was written on the walls of the Polanski home in Sharon Tate's Blood. The Manson family had hoped that it would give the impression of a racial killing, igniting a racial war pitting Black against White.

Revolution #9 is a collage of strangeness that for some is unlistenable.

A chant of the words Number 9 Number 9 that allegedly say turn me on dead man when run in reverse. The word "Rise" and the sound of machine gun fire can be heard on the tracks as well. Some say that they were strange trigger words that were probably programmed into the heads of his followers who were in reality sleeper assassins.

The basic method of "brainwashing," is to subject the victim to repeated indoctrination of key or trigger phrases which will later enable the subject to do a destructive act of violence.

So the arguably the program mechanisms were probably both Rosemary's baby which was the almost prophetic floor plan of some Satanic ritual Killing , and the Beatles White album an enabler used in the virtual brain washings of the Family.

When the bodies were found the message was sent. A satanic conspiracy existed and someone needed to pay for the crimes . After Manson was caught and his family exposed the Hippies lost all of their appeal. The Flower Child era was killed and the Summer of Love was reduced to the Summer of bloodshed and hatred. The Hippie transformed into the the Yuppie.

Ronald Regan the man that condemned the very group that Manson represented became president. Voted in by x-hippies no less. John Lennon was shot and killed in front of the Dakota Apartments by another brainwashed fanatic.

So are we to believe that Rosemary's Baby was a story based on an actual conspiracy? The conspiracy to prepare the world for the actual era of the Anti christ? That Charles Manson and his family were zombie tools that were used to spread the terror of an alleged Satanic Conspiracy? That they were programmed against their will?

You Must understand that everything Manson did was completely against his beliefs. Manson did not kill anyone. Yet he sits in prison for the rest of his life. Convicted of first degree murder. He escaped the death penalty which of course is another odd twist.

It could be that the Anti-Christ is not a person but an idea. The idea of changing the person from a loving and happy individual, to cold passionless follower of the system.

Manson is everything the system hated and yet the system created him. The system used him as a white trash Jesus and then sold him to the people as a dime store Satan and at the same time created a poster child for the bogey man.

Now those who he used to represent are wearing three piece suits and are consuming at a phenomenal rate. Cellular phones, business lunches, stocks, overworked and under loved.

"Have you seen the little piggies Crawling in the dirt And for all the little piggies Life is getting worse.Always having dirt to play around in.

Have you seen the bigger piggies In their starched white shirts You will find the bigger piggies Stirring up the dirt always have clean shirts to play around in.

In their styes with all their backing They don't care what goes on around In their eyes there's something lacking What they need's a damn good whacking.

Everywhere there's lots of piggies Living piggy lives You can see them out for dinner With their piggy wives Clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon."-The Beatles

We have stated before that Satan is an artist. His art is ethereal and is somehow timeless.

People who see his art are very much aware of his propaganda techniques. Isn't it odd that the artist's creation is somehow able to return into the public consciousness and fulfill its prophecy?

Thirty years after Helter Skelter the artist's work takes on a whole new Synchronicity.

In 1999 The United States is in the midst of paranoia. Religious and governmental. People are wondering if God is dead yet again.

A new scapegoat "anti-christ " named Marylin Manson is a rock star who has a cult following, Some People have allegedly killed while listening to his music.

The Yuppies Control the Whitehouse. Yuppies who were once hippies. The drugs and sex have never stopped. They are now a big joke. An evil that is accepted by the people. Scandal after scandal rocks the world and conspiracy theory is the buzzword at the end of the millennium.

Charlie Now has his own place on a T-shirt sold at most fairs and boardwalks somewhere hanging next to Marylin Monroe and James Dean. His CD's sells on the internet and his supporters grow even more now than they did when the family got together for Jell-O, guitar sing alongs, and disembowlement.

In an age where it is trendy to glorify failure, Manson is a shining icon of the American Dream turned Nightmare. He is the dead horse they roll out very time Geraldo or 60 Minutes wants a rating point.

Manson said that a race war may happen to usher in the apocalypse. Thirty years after Helter Skelter failed, the idea is somehow returning to fulfill it's brutal prophecy. When Children shoot their leaders and hate crimes splash the front page it makes you wonder just what pipeline fed Manson his ideas.


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