Occult Hyperstition

by Clyde Lewis

Madness is not enlightenment, but the search for enlightenment can easily be mistaken for madness--Martin

If you were to corner anyone and ask him or her about their future, chances are they would tell you that there is not much of a future left. It seems that this time in history has been set aside for the task of preparation for the end of the game.

A TIME Magazine/CNN poll finds that more than one-third of Americans say they are paying more attention now to how the news might relate to the end of the world, and have talked about what the bible has to say on the subject. Fully 59% say they believe the events in the Book of Revelation in the bible are going to come true.

There are still a great number of people who believe that the attacks on the World Trade Center fulfilled prophecies in both the bible and the quatrains of Nostradamus.

Politicians, scientists, and preachers know what deep fears are clouding people's minds. Rather than giving us hope in what appears to be a hopeless situation, they exploit our deepest fears and the uncertainty that comes with our preparation for an end-of-the-world scenario that has been programmed into us for millennia.

With this preparation and anxiety comes a wave of thought that continues to feed upon itself, eventually creating a negatively charged beast that devours any glint of hope that exists for our future.

If you are paying attention to what is going on now in our world, stop and consider that the end-of-the-world mindset is putting a critical mass of people into a semiconscious state of despair.

This state of mind that can be compared to a prison with barbed wire and concrete blocks, keeping us tied to a ball and chain reminding us that whatever choice we make can lead us into catastrophe.

The majority of people in the Western culture seem to believe that the end of the world will be a physical event, such as a collision with a meteor or a global nuclear war.

The reality is that our apocalypse, and eventually our so-called Armageddon, begins as an internal and spiritual breakdown. Those in the Western culture have become far more materialistic in their view of what the apocalypse is, and tend to ignore the warning signs of spiritual or mental decay.

What we are seeing is an apostasy and a rejection of all things spiritual in the world. This so-called apostasy has been diagramed and conscripted by clerics and evangelical soothsayers for the purpose of control.

The theories and ideas regarding the apocalypse are all based in imagery and self-deluding mythologies that somehow prop up the United States as a land of manifest destiny.

Unfortunately, these theories paint the Middle East as a place that needs to be controlled for the purpose of changing history, eliminating Muslim control of the area that is known as the cradle of civilization.

This area has magical significance to those who are well versed in the occult. It sits in an area that is known as the 33rd parallel.

There is also the notion that in the occultic realm, a bloody sacrificial ritual performed at the 33rd parallel has more power than rituals performed elsewhere. Throughout history, the 33rd degree parallel has been the place for what can be called "sacrifices" of human life.

Hiroshima, Japan, is situated very close to the intersection of 133°30'E longitude and 33°30'N latitude. Nagasaki is near the 33°30'N, as is the White Sands Testing Range New Mexico, where the atom bomb was first detonated.

John F. Kennedy was gunned down in Texas near the 33rd degree parallel.

Sirhan Sirhan killed Robert F. Kennedy in 1968 near the 33rd parallel.

The "Heaven's Gate" cult committed suicide from almost exactly the 33°30'N latitude in "Rancho Santa Fe," north of San Diego.

The space shuttle Columbia broke up over the 33rd parallel.

Countless scholars of the occult have written about secret societies, chiefly the Illuminati and their rituals that involve blood sacrifice and numeric calculations. There have been countless wars, provocations to war, and murder happening along or close to the northern 33rd degree of latitude.

Most of the older secrets can be found in the ancient city of Babylon, located near the 33rd parallel. Until the time of the Grecian Empire, the center of power was south of the 33rd Degree, held by Egypt and Babylon.

If you wish to understand the secret rite and the possible satanic implications of what is happening to the population of earth, you may want to look into occult numerology and what it may imply.

In the 16th Chapter of the book of Revelation, Megiddo or Armageddon is identified as the site of where the last great battle will be fought before the advent of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

The battle of Armageddon may have begun in March of 2003 with the bombings in Baghdad. Baghdad sits directly on the 33rd Parallel, and the ancient city of Babylon, which Saddam Hussein largely rebuilt, is nearly 30 miles north.

In fact the land of Meggido the alleged area in which that battle of Armageddon is to begin also sits on the 33rd degree parallel. If this is the beginning of what biblical revelators call Armageddon it could be the slaughter of the ages and will validate the Christian view of what has been foretold. Christians believe that the greatest and bloodiest battle will be fought in the areas near Iraq.

This, I believe, is all by design. Those in the Illuminati are well aware of what triggers religious and spiritual memes. They know of what numbers have power and they have beliefs that give special significance and power to certain areas of the planet.

"Bush claims that he reads the bible, that he has a relationship with God and that God speaks to him and gives him revelations of the things he is to do. I believe that his handlers, and those in the media that shovel out propaganda on a daily basis, know full well of the impact of "religious" triggers." - From the Ground Zero Article "Devil's Advocate: Triumph of the Will to Power"©2005

In the minds of our leaders, the apocalypse has to fuel western prejudices and the elite's own secret interests in order for it to be valid. In the coming years you need to pay attention to the numbers, location and timing of terrible events.

According to biblical watchdogs, this will all be prologue to the arrival of a messianic prince with a pedigree that claims to have divine right. This is considered blasphemy by the Catholic Church, among other sects of Christianity. It has been predicted that the Church will eventually accept this prince, and that he will usher in a new ecumenical era and will eventually declare his divinity as savior of the world, thus making him a counterfeit messiah or the Antichrist.

These Antichrists and end-of-the-world plots have been used as divisive tools for the power elite since medieval times. It is unfortunate that these medieval dramas are being played out now and the world has to suffer for it.

The imagery we see on the nightly news is strong and our stunted world views on what is good and what is evil split our experience in two and limit our understanding of what is really going on.

It puts everything neatly into two boxes -- good and evil -one box holds what is really happening and the other holds a consensus reality that comes from the media and thus limits our thinking process.

The magic box full of wires and flickering images mesmerizes us and reprograms us every day, creating views on what is good and what is evil, what we should fear and what we should embrace.

It also transmits a series of buzzwords that we react to without a pausing thought to realize what we are supporting or rejecting.

A perfect example of this is how a crowd reacted to a speech given by President George W. Bush during a Veterans Day gathering at the Tobyhanna Army Depot in Pennsylvania.

In the speech he quotes a letter allegedly written by an Al Qaeda operative named Zawahiri who is writing to Abu Musab Al Zarqawi. Using subtle hints at Armageddon Bush claims that in the letter Zawahiri tells Zarqawi that Iraq is the place of the greatest battle.

The terrorists regard Iraq as the central front in their war against humanity according to Bush. He stated that we must recognize Iraq as the Central front in our war against the terrorists.

What is the hidden reason behind Iraq being the place designated for the greatest battle?

This is purely Bush's Armageddon rhetoric and a designated trigger for a trance like response from the audience.

Coincidental proof of this came later in the speech where Bush made a quote allegedly from Zarqawi and the audience applauded it.

"Our enemy is utterly committed. As Zarqawi has vowed, "We will either achieve victory over the human race or we will pass to the eternal life."—Bush quoting Zarqawi in a speech given November 11th, 2005: Tobyhanna Army Depot

Was the audience so dazed and confused that they were unaware of what they were applauding? Were they even listening? Did the audience completely tune out the spirit of the message and what it was implying?

Bush was actually talking about an Armageddon where Muslims are allegedly plotting to take over the human race and we are to be the victors over this designed evil.

Are most people spiritually unaware of what is at stake? President Bush seems to be planning Armageddon.

Bush has lost his mind.

If the people do not support his war, then he will use emotional and religious triggers to convince the people that this is a vital war in our time line with no other outcome but the annihilation of the human race!

He hides behind Muslim scapegoats and conjures out of thin air letters and quotes that we cannot prove were made by anyone.

However it was said on the television news and most people do not question it. The collective conscience is trying to tell you that this is insanity, and many people just tune out.

We unwittingly throw away the spiritual experience for an experience that is created for the camera, an experience that can be transmitted via satellite to homes all over the world.

It has to look like the latest Tim Lahaye movie or the disaster scenarios played out of a Hollywood think tank in order for people to understand or even pay attention to the deterioration of the planet and the infestation of negativity that causes the human spirit to become defective.

The apocalypse begins when the spirit is left wanting. Armageddon begins when the spirit lacks nourishment. The end will come when the spirit is starved to death.

All things spiritual come from within all of us. We have the power to use the spirit world to guide us. The sprits dwell in our dream state, beneath the level of our conscious awareness. These levels and frequencies are being invaded by flickering images on a television or a movie screen.

It appears that many people in power are no longer responding to reason. They claim prophetic guidance and yet there seems to be something jamming the connection to the spirit world. This severed connection becomes evident as we see that there has been too much noise and too many distractions that leave us confused and bewildered.

The manufactured threat of terrorism and the need for those things materialistic have set the groundwork for a negative and unfulfilling thought form. This thought form is grooming a new subspecies of human being, an individual that by a series of rituals and programming can be groomed into a beastly hybrid.

This beast rejects all of its spirituality for physical appetites and carnal desires.

It is becoming more the norm to see among us individuals who have a smooth capability to lie and manipulate people, and then act as if they are without blame or liability for their actions.

There are those in power who show a lack of remorse and continue to allow the chaos to continue while hiding behind their grandiose and egocentric behaviors.

This can be demonstrated on both ends of the political spectrum.

I was on the road the other day and looked at a bumper sticker that seems to be on a lot of cars lately, the sticker simply says "No one died when Clinton lied."

Every time I see that sticker I want to walk up to the person in traffic and tell them that Clinton was an obsessive-compulsive sex addict who glibly lied to the American people on more than one occasion.

I would love to explain to them that as Bill Clinton was roaming from bed to bed he had ordered the murders of innocent people in Yugoslavia, not to mention his ignorance towards attempts at genocide in Rwanda.

Clinton's lie was that his war was to stop genocide and ethnic cleansing.

However in his "humanitarian" effort Clinton succeeded in not only ripping apart Yugoslavia and making parts of it unlivable but also achieving a joint US and NATO domination over the Balkans and in forcing an economic system that would be favorable to Western investors and corporate interests.

Under all of his charisma and his mythological prince-like smile Bill Clinton was a poker-faced liar and cold-blooded murderer.

The stage was set and the blood-purging rituals continued.

Nearly 3000 souls were snuffed out of existence on September 11th, 2001 as President George W. Bush kept a stiff upper lip in a Florida elementary school. With no semblance of conscience President Bush read to students and shielded himself like a scoundrel, waiting for the dust to clear before he decided to perform another blood ritual in the form of an ongoing war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Other beastly and psychopathic liars can argue that millions of deaths avenge the lives of thousands. But as the purpose of the war changes from day to day, we are now caught in a blood covenant with George W. Bush, one of the many madmen that have led us into the murdering of innocents to promote a conspiratorial quest for the creation of an imperial cult.

This particular madman was known as a young boy to put firecrackers in frogs, throwing them in the air and delighting in watching them explode.

It can be argued that boys will be boys, and pranks are harmless.

Now replace the frogs and the firecrackers with Muslims and buster bombs, and we now understand how George W. Bush can wake up every morning with a clear conscience knowing that people are dying every day by his command.

His conscience is clear because it has been cleared away. He also hears the voice of God telling him to declare wars. George W. Bush explains that God speaks to him often, and if God says to George that it is okay to kill, he mounts an assault on whatever country the tip of his dart lands on. How can this man remain revered and supported by many Americans?

How do we not consider this insanity? How is it not Satanic or demonic to mark a group of people for death?

How is it that the vocal elite do not consider this an act of barbarism?

Is it because it is wrapped in the vestment of an American flag, which is supposed to represent freedom and liberty?

If you look at them in terms of the Illuminati agenda, you can understand how these acts of barbarism play out as a satanic ritual, performed in order to establish a governing body that acts as an imperial cult.

It is now impossible to escape the reality of some satanic imperial cult ruling our lives. It is obvious that it is happening now, and that we have been used in some sort of mass ritual that has hypnotized us into believing that insanity is healthy and questioning whether that which is sick and deplorable might be acceptable.

What was once a sinister undercurrent is now the ugly norm, and it has risen to prominence because of ignorance and counterfeit pride.

The truth, as ugly as it is, has been revealed as a series of satanic rituals that have left a trail of corpses and have secretly allowed the true vampires to breed the ultimate army of werewolves.

It is no longer a myth that man has found his bestial nature. He has developed it well through manipulation in the power networks of the world. His government encourages it, his religion now wants him to accept it and science is trying to get him to take drugs in order to either enhance it or stabilize it.

As the political and religious situations in the United States start their headlong spiral into a well-planned Armageddon, it is now time to lurk in the margins of accepted reality for the moment.

It is now time to consider that not only does God have an interest in us, but something else does, too, and there are many people that don't even want to know what that something is.

So they ignore the fact that we have spiritually wicked leaders. They somehow adopt the false belief that God is protecting us from individuals that want to do us harm. It is hard for them to comprehend that vampires can pretend to embrace the sacred in order to secretly carry out acts that are truly profane.

The uncomfortable truth is that there are sociopathic individuals in places of power that are planning a major upheaval in the world and are using methods of trauma to bring about human alchemy.

If it is hard for you to believe this, then perhaps you should consider the possibility as our country's value for the human spirit continues to deteriorate.

An understanding of the forces that presently shape our lives is not predicated on facts to be learned, but upon secrets to be discovered. There are many secrets that remain in the shadows because they are too horrific to describe and far too outrageous to be believed.

This is why we are told to not investigate the occult -- because we may not like what we learn about ourselves or those who are governing us.

I can attempt to share that which I discover, but in order to understand it, there must be to be ears that listen to others and what they have to say regarding our present situation.

We have the power of discernment and we can look into what is truth and what may not be truth. It is time to use honesty and be prepared for what may be a shock to the system.

Many people are trapped in their own programmed belief systems, unaware that there are others who wish to exploit and use those beliefs against them for the purpose of enslaving them for the agendas of the powerful.

If we impart, or expound upon, what we know we must do so with care or consideration. There are many who are not yet ready to accept that they have been lied to or betrayed.

The world of both the physical and the spiritual are greater than we can fathom. Many of us only see what is in front of us and fail to see what lies ahead. Those who wish to peddle nightmares have now hijacked what was once our bright future.

In the Tibetan Book of the Dead, there is a story about a frog that lived in a well.

One day a frog that lived near the ocean visited him.

Hello there," said the frog from the ocean.

"Hello there, brother," said the frog from the well. "Welcome to my well. And where, may I ask, are you from?"

"From the Great Ocean," answered the ocean frog.

"I've never heard of that place," said the frog from the well. "But I'm sure you must be thrilled to see my magnificent home. Is your ocean even a quarter this big?"

"Oh, it's bigger than that," said the ocean frog.

"Half as big, then?" asked the well frog.

"No, bigger still."

The well frog could barely believe his ears. "Is it," he continued skeptically, "as big as my well?"

"Your well would not even be a drop in the Great Ocean," answered the visiting frog.

"That's impossible!" cried the frog from the well. "I'll just have to go back with you and see how big this ocean really is."

After a long journey, they finally arrived. And when the frog from the well saw the immensity of the ocean, he simply couldn't take it in. He was so shocked that his head exploded.

As you can already surmise the view from the well is a limited one. There are many people in denial about the bigger picture. They are willing to accept that no matter what atrocities are committed in our name, they are righteous acts.

It is beyond their scope of reasoning to admit that by enabling such evil they have participated in a great satanic ritual. They have already begun their initiation into the beast system. They have already been marked with the number of blasphemy and lies.

Most of the time, what we feel as a sudden catastrophe is merely the breaking point of disaster, easily seen and easily foretold by those who have witnessed the patterns and have noted the steps that have been carried out in order for the chaos to transpire.

These actions are known as rituals or workings. They are meant to be traumatic and transformative. In every case there has to be a moment of trauma in order to bring about the human alchemy, the change of one thought form to another.

As the wave of ignorance rises and spreads, it must also ebb, bringing back with it knowledge. The only way to reveal this knowledge is to dig up that which is considered to be forbidden.

Many people fear the revealing of what is hidden because it may just tell us that we have failed to see the word "lie" in the word "belief." It will be hard to have to admit our mistakes and pry all of our views of innocence out of denial.

We would then have to wake up and realize that we must take seriously those things that are from a cosmic perspective, maybe even a paranormal perspective.

Religion now asks that we keep an open mind to science in hopes that science will provide a support network for religion. In politics, leaders use religion and religious iconography to further both their personal and their nationalist crusades.

The mixture of religion, politics and science is all in the plan to develop an umbrella of belief, a universal construct for whatever new plans are lurking in the shadows.

It may sound like a cooperative stance. However, we must remember that it is when a system controls all of these facets of society that it gains full power, and with that power comes the curtailing of the ability to gain knowledge, to expand our sense of self and of what resides beyond us and our existence.

We must guard ourselves now from making a covenant with the imperial cult.

The imperial cult is being established through the blending of religion, science and government. It lends itself to puffed-up ritual and idolatry of men who place themselves in league with gods.

These mortal men are using eschatology and the threat of final judgement as a weapon to further their control over a world that does not take the time to uncover the conspiracy that hides the keys to occultic or hidden knowledge.

In the entire time that I have been writing and broadcasting, I have talked about the occult, and I have attempted to do so in a non-judgmental way. I have kept my prejudices out of the discussion and allowed for it to be a great mystery, and pursued it with caution and intrigue.

However, as I have invited people to learn about the mysteries with me, I have begun to see a deterioration in attitude and less enthusiasm for the pursuit of truth when it comes to exploring the occult.

I have been confronted on at least two occasions when I have attempted to expose the occultism and the so-called ritualistic actions of our government and religious authority. Those who question my motives state unequivocally that my actions could bring about chaos in my life. I have been told that I am walking alongside Satan when I express my interest in why the darkness seems to be prevailing today, and that I should instead accept this darkness as something I cannot change.

I pursue this now because at this point in my life I have been deceived as well. I have been led into a false sense of hope by people who pretend to be supportive and suddenly turn away when my words and actions do not seem to connect with their prejudice or political affiliation.

It baffles them when they see that while there may be some wisdom to what I say, my life seems to be in disarray. I tell them that everyone is in some kind of disarray at this moment in time. I try to explain how this is happening and when I point to accountability and responsibility for what we do it appears that maybe I am being a bit preachy.

Believe me, I know what I need to do and I am at fault for some of the things I do not do. Sometimes committing to productive action is easier said than done.

What I see in the world is arrogance and hypocrisy. I see it in religion, I see it on both ends of the political spectrum and I see it with every yellow ribbon and American flag bumper sticker placed on that gas-guzzling SUV.

When I point this out I am called a pessimist. In my defense I say that I am a realist that dreams of a day when my optimism is not misconstrued as naiveté or weakness. I dream of a day where I can dig deep into that which is considered occultic in nature and reveal that our nightmares are manufactured by those who control us.

I dream of a day where we have the courage to reject the hypnotic programming they have offered and learn to think like the divine creatures we truly are.

But some things never change.

One day I was preparing for a séance where the medium was going to demonstrate how a chaotic entity could be tamed and quieted. How it can be bound so that it has no control over the individual.

It was a spiritual object lesson that could not have been demonstrated in a church. I wanted many people to attend so that they could learn from a paranormal experience.

One of my neighbors was concerned over whether or not I was going to unwittingly release a demon in the room and commented that I should not play with the devil. I assured her that my intentions were to demonstrate the power of the divine by revealing the nature of the "beast."

Her fear was so overwhelming she locked her gears into a form of hyperstition. I had never seen behavior like this in my life. She swore at me and demanded that I stop this pursuit or I would surely go to hell.

It was unnerving and a bit frightening to watch someone reach a point of serious paranoia that I thought was unfounded and quite overdramatic.

One day she confronted me again at the market and handed me a slip of paper. I later unfolded it and saw written down a passage of scripture Isaiah 47:11-15.

"Therefore shall evil come upon thee; thou shalt not know from whence it riseth: and mischief shall fall upon thee; thou shalt not be able to put it off: and desolation shall come upon thee suddenly, which thou shalt not know. Stand now with thine enchantments, and with the multitude of thy sorceries, wherein thou hast labored from thy youth; if so be thou shalt be able to profit, if so be thou mayest prevail.

Thou art wearied in the multitude of thy counsels. Let now the astrologers, the stargazers, the monthly prognosticators, stand up, and save thee from these things that shall come upon thee.

Behold, they shall be as stubble; the fire shall burn them; they shall not deliver themselves from the power of the flame: there shall not be a coal to warm at, nor fire to sit before it. Thus shall they be unto thee with whom thou hast labored, even thy merchants, from thy youth: they shall wander every one to his quarter; none shall save thee."

For some reason I felt insulted. I could understand the fear, but by this time I was annoyed with all of the drama and all of the maudlin preaching that I had to endure. I realized that I had accidentally triggered a very real satanic panic in this person and I had never actually seen anyone who feared the devil as much as this person did.

I had to keep reminding myself that this person meant well, but I was frustrated because I know that there are many people who do not understand that investigating the occult is not necessarily evil and that the bible itself was once forbidden to be read by the layman.

It may be a bit rudimentary to explain that every belief structure is founded upon story and symbol systems that are based in the occult. Those in the power centers of the major religions will not tell you this. They will not allow you to know their secrets and so they abhor the use of divination as a tool for revelation.

You cannot tell a demon-obsessed Christian that occult rituals were practiced in the Old Testament by those leaders or prophets whom they respect. In the 44th Chapter of Genesis Joseph was known to use a silver cup for scrying. This is an ancient occultic method of divination in which a chalice is filled with water and gazed into.

The seer Nostradamus used this method for his various prophecies.

Seer stones or the throwing of runes was an occultic ritual used in the bible as well. The Urim and Thummim were two objects mentioned in the book of Numbers and in 1st Samuel. They were stones that were thrown much like dice in order to predict the future.

The Old Testament prophet Daniel worked in Babylon as the chief occultist to the king. He was supervisor of the magicians, astrologers, Chaldeans and soothsayers.

The word Vatican is taken from the word Vatic meaning "prophetic seer, and oracular." Oracular of course comes from the word oracle. The Catholic Church is rich with occult symbolism and pagan-inspired tokens. Even the five-pointed star was used in tandem with the cross anciently to represent the 5 wounds of Christ. Every symbol and story has a hidden meaning. Every ritual performed brings about a change. These rituals and contacts with the spirit world were not frowned upon by leaders and respected characters in ancient scripture. They were used to gain knowledge and to reveal hidden truths.

The word occult is another word for "the hidden". Every belief system is a part of the occult, and those who are "occultists", can either be investigators or followers.

I am an investigator who likes to think that he is "enlightenment driven" and as a seeker I have learned to embrace that which is unknown in order to get a well rounded opinion of what the divine might be.

Every day those things that are considered to be part of the occult beckon us to look into why they exist and why they propel us closer to what is divine and to the power of God. We eliminate our infinite awareness when our ignorance determines good and evil. Splitting the life experience with Good and Evil doesn't cut it any more.

We must learn that a real duality exists and it is inside every one of us.

With knowledge and testing of faith we can develop a healthy accord with both good and evil.

For me it is often hard to know the difference.

However, most people seem to think that they know the difference even though the lines have blurred and our satisfaction wanes. We seem to want something more; we lack contentedness and wonder if we are truly living in the end times.

Why does this vex us? Why should this matter now?

The reason I can come up with is that good versus evil is one of the oldest forms of manipulation. The power elite is attempting to split our imagination into a "with us" or "against us" mentality. Using good versus evil as a tool for the social order is the simplest form of mind control.

I am not saying that, in every set of circumstances, there is no opposition. There may indeed be an opposition to the work of God. I am merely clarifying that I understand that God has an adversary that is more complex and that good versus evil is convenient shorthand for it.

The hierarchy of the angels and the demons are vague and hidden. All we have are paintings and depictions of gossamer-winged seraphim and horned demons intervening in the affairs of humanity. It is all so simplistic that it appears to be a fairy tale.

In my studies and my experience God has a variety of spiritual emissaries that do all sorts of things, including those things chaotic that some people determine to be evil.

These obstacles are meant as markers or milestones that when observed and experienced can be embraced and studied in order to put us on a path towards a closer relationship with whatever we perceive God to be.

Others call these obstacles "God's will."

We now see that the planet Earth has been thrown into a tumultuous course that many attribute to acts of God. Many of these activities shake the faith of individuals.

People assume that God has everything under control. He may have some things under control but what he doesn't have in his control is the will of the individual.

When a critical mass of people have accepted lies and deceit from their leaders, and have committed their lives to an empty and bloody cause that has been trumped up as righteous, the worthiness of blessings and protection disappears.

How can we believe that God will continue to bless America when its leaders act as if he is dead and yet claim that they are true believers and prophetic?

I recall the heated words of General William G. Boykin, who in his arrogance depicted the war in the Middle East as a war against Satan and idol worshipping evildoers. When murderous generals play the god card as their cause for war, there is no promise, and no commitment for any blessing from any god.

This is what taking the name of God in vain means. Never should a man use God as a tool for political gain. Nor should God be used to further the acts of unjust wars.

Think of who these generals and presidents say they worship.

They say that they are followers of Christ.

Would Jesus ask you support the killing of millions of Middle Eastern farmers? Would Jesus demand that you support the striking of a country because you suspect without proof that they might be up to no good and lie about it to justify your murderous undertakings?

Your religious and political leaders would have you think so.

Knowing that this is happening do you really think that God has an obligation to "bless America?" Do you believe that God will intervene if we find ourselves in a perilous situation?

We forget that God only has control when we are worthy of his quieting hand. Our worthiness has been diminished by our assumption that we are without blame in our actions against humanity.

The swimming demon in the icy and unpredictable waters has now made its presence known and the denial continues. We are now on the sinking ship and as the icy cold deep gathers around us the panic sets in and many people see it as punishment.

It needs to be seen as an opportunity to correct our direction. If there is a devilish archetype swimming in the waters we have to consider the possibility that this archetype is there to remind us of what the divine truly is.

How would the world react if we boldly stood up and said "no more" to the war and the ritualistic machinations of the power elite? How many people would reject their material goods for that which is spiritual and divine?

Has our greed repressed our ability to say no to all of this death and division?

If we reject the divine and are drawn to a demon's beguiling with the idea of great reward we will surely be deceived and we will surely meet with a disastrous result.

What good are rewards if we can't have a future where we can enjoy them?

Unfortunately there are many people who only live for the day and abiding in a system of corruption provides them with material wealth and speaking against it would place them in a position of great loss. It would be difficult for them to live a life of splendor without accepting the beast system.

"Let those with understanding identify the number DCLXVI."

Many people mistakenly believe that Satan, or the Devil or any demon, is easily identified. However, what we are encountering in this time of history is an unnamable, determined force that does not play by the rules. It is a beast that has been conjured out of our collective consciousness.

What we are doing as a people, as a collective consciousness, has created a new breed of beast.

The overall attitudes of Americans today regarding good and evil stem from overly simplistic jargon that has been dictated to them ex cathedra by presidents, popes, priests, politicians, and self-important despots.

Many Americans in the post-911 culture mistakenly believe that they are inherently good, blessed, innocent of wrongdoing and immune to the consequences that come from abiding in death and destruction for the false promise of renewal.

As we acquiesce to our elected leaders, placing human life on the altars of slaughter, and as these bloodstained rituals persist through war, famine and pestilence, it is a bit hypocritical for George W. Bush to end speeches with "May God continue to bless America."

When we see our religious and political leaders create a false duality that allows innocence to be killed in the name of all that is allegedly sacred, we are witnessing a satanic act.

This allows all that is allegedly good to implode. Here we expose the lie of their hodgepodge of good and evil and the lie that we should not involve ourselves with that which is considered occult in nature.

All of the "concern" for the so-called evil practice of investigating the occult can all disappear in a puff of desperate logic.

In my opinion the pretense of concern needs to be qualified with some evidence that I am in danger of being attacked by a devil for revealing occultic behavior and actions.

Make no mistake that if the devil exists he is already in me and I can safely say he is in you too. We are witnesses to the demonic plague. Many of us are carriers of this plague and it is far more destructive than any bacterial or viral infection. Some of us have learned to control this plague, while others spread it around unaware that their actions are creating wave upon wave of destructive attitudes.

"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings." —Julius Caesar

People seem to be going about their lives believing in diabolical personalities who claim to be righteous and forthright and in the process wind up saddened and disenfranchised when these personalities slip and reveal their darker agendas.

To cover their tracks they develop scapegoats and create ugly rumors that destroy character, and handicap cultural harmony.

In this never-ending war we are being told that we are liberating others and fighting for their freedom and our freedom. We are told that what they are doing is evil and what we are doing is good.

The so-called "good" we are all supposed to be supporting is disingenuous and if any of it is questioned, your loyalty and patriotism are examined. In other cases your own mental health is questioned and you become a pariah for speaking your truth.

It is time now to listen to those who question and remember that they should not be marginalized for their belief that what is happening is wickedness.

Every day the evidence is mounting that wickedness can be found in the highest levels of government and religion and it is dividing us pitting brother against brother.

People are now dividing and kingdoms are becoming fragmented. Historically we have seen civilizations disappear when they deteriorate internally, when they experience an internal apostasy.

Biblically we can look at the story of Belshazzar and the warning that has been known as "the writing on the wall."

The writing on the wall was simply a riddle that was written supernaturally by a disembodied hand in the Old Testament. The words were found on the temple of Belshazzar. It was the Aramaic phrase "Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin."

"Then was the part of the hand sent from him; and this writing was written. And this is the writing that was written, MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN. This is the interpretation of the thing: MENE; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it. TEKEL; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting." —Book of Daniel

"Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin" predicted the doom of the unrighteous king and his dynasty. The ruler had been judged by God and was found to be insufficient to the task of leading his people. His kingdom had divided and fragmented and became riotous and chaotic.

If we continue our course, the example of Belshazzar will ring all too familiar in America.

The evidence is weighing heavily towards a revealing of occult practices of the power elite. In spiritual warfare it is important to know that you have the power to use whatever ammunition you have in your arsenal.

Knowing the cunning plan of the enemy is essential to developing a game plan to vanquish it.

You must learn about what is hidden and yet not be tainted by the prospect of being involuntarily trapped into it. It must be uncovered and revealed so that we may understand the movements of those who control us.

We have arrived at a time when it is necessary to reveal what is hidden. The evidence is overwhelming that we are living in what can be considered an apocalypse. A time when the horrors of human behavior defy all reason. When mankind has shifted into that which is animalistic and bestial.

I have learned a valuable lesson about opinion and evidence. Once you have an opinion about something, you try to dig up as much evidence as you can to try and prove your opinion. If you can't find enough evidence to prove your opinion then you either abandon it, keep believing it out of blind faith, or try to find another possibility and search for evidence to support that theory.

"An opinion is a matter of evidence, but evidence is a matter of opinion."—Charles Fort

I have been a featured speaker in a college class about the paranormal. The parapsychology class seems to look into mysteries with objectivity and true skepticism.

This, I believe, is necessary if we are to find down-to-earth explanations for what haunts us. There always seems to be a number of stories that come in waves that I pay close attention to in the news that convince me that we indeed live in a demon-haunted world.

I have been obsessed about finding strange stories that point to a possibility that the Apocalypse is here and that the internal apostasy is a grim reality.

They appear to be classic cases of paranormal activity and paranormal behaviors.

I am being led to believe that what we are seeing now is only the beginning of a continuous onslaught of situations that may prove that a demonic, or diabolical, chaotic force has been unleashed.

This force has been summoned, and has been tapped by powerful rituals conducted by a Luciferian elite for the soul purpose of creating a traumatic transformation that causes human beings to become more sociopathic and dissociative.

While I have no scientific evidence of this, and while most paranormal stories and theories are usually based only on empirical evidence, my studies of recent ritualistic or paranormal news stories lead me to the conclusion that we are falling victim to a series of rituals that are being carried out in secret by groups that are the controlling force in our culture.

The frequency of the planet has somehow been tweaked and we are seeing the results of this "tampering" with stories of devastation, cataclysm and mental decay.

In this massive state of mental decay we are seeing human behaviors that defy the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of psychiatry.

As if taken directly from a sensational horror novel, a frightening event took place at the end of September of 2005.

Colombian police found the bodies of three human fetuses hidden in religious statues destined for the United States. The Christian icons were smashed open revealing the fetuses fully intact, wrapped in plastic.

The Colombian police chief speculated that the four- to five-month-old fetuses could have been intended for use in satanic rituals.

Photographs of the dead babies were showing them alongside crucifixes and medals. Officials are trying to find out who sent the packages, which came from Barranquilla in Colombia and were destined, for Miami Florida.

Fetuses sent to the United States for Satanic activities? Who would have the money for such an elaborate operation? Who also would have the money to not release the name of the sender or the place where this package was supposed to arrive?

Someone very important I would presume. These were just three fetuses that were found. How many more have been passed through unchecked and how many more rituals have been performed for the cause of bringing chaos to the world?

We have listened to all of the excuses as to why we are in the predicament that we are in. We hear from our leaders that all of the war and bloodshed that we have to instigate is all because God has revealed through special revelation that it is the righteous thing to do.

History however may give us a revelation when it is too late.

That revelation will be that it was not God that favored the wars and the bloodshed; it was the Devil that was speaking in the ear of our president.

Perhaps we need this spark of revelation in order to avoid a bloody and horrific revolution.

There are many people who will let their politics get in the way of reason. They will consider any talk of insanity in the executive branch sour grapes and will find a way to turn it into an argument to expose a democratic bias.

It isn't an argument created for political sparring; it is an argument dealing with possibility that madmen are running our government. It is an argument that religion has rejected its spirituality and that it is standing idly by as the apostasy spreads like a cancer and eventually rips apart the fragile souls of a planet that seems to be marked for obliteration.

Terror is an emotional response to an attack. A war on terror is a war on emotion. The way this war can be won is for those in power to remove our emotions and leave us without a conscience that controls our ability to feel a spiritual connection with God.

It is safe to say that God is not speaking to anyone in power today.

The devil, however, is speaking loud and clear.