By Clyde Lewis

The message of the future is simple. You must lose the attachment to your human frame. It is disposable and in the big picture what animates it is the most valuable to those who are in power. It can be animated with simple programs like a cosmic puppet. In the future you must ask yourself who is the puppet and who is the puppet master. While many conservative people fear cloning and genetic engineering and consider it a blasphemy they need to stop and ponder that what animates us is more valuable.

We are beginning to see a change in attitude about the mystery of life. The modern philosophy is challenging the old one. It's not how you live; it's why you live. We all need to find a sense of purpose and a reason to live from day to day.

We look around and hear how man has the ability to commit acts that are considered evil and wicked. We ask why there is war, why children are killing children and what may be responsible.

In order to understand why these things happen we need to detach ourselves from the idea that the human body and mind is some invincible marvel that only a God could create. Religion will tell you that only a God can create such a remarkable thing. If you for just one moment stop and analyze the truth you will see that the human body is just the technological achievement of an advanced race that began as primitively as us.

While describing a human form from an alien or technological perspective will get boos and hisses from the peanut gallery, it has to be done in order to answer the age old question "If God is a powerful God, then why does he allow people to die."

Well this is the future and we are trying to answer that question. Something or someone, maybe even God is giving us the knowledge to cheat death. The question is, are we avoiding that knowledge because we are better suited to know the mysteries of what God wants?

First of all the human form is a state of the art container for electro magnetic energy. We have a centralized computer that is in a compartment at the top of the container that has a matrix of wiring that goes to several areas causing the container to move, process information, and nourish itself all in a matter of seconds.

The container has controlled metabolic rates and functions like a machine. It can sense changes in temperature, it can send information into the circuitry that makes it self-aware, and it can react to stimulus that warns it of impending doom.

It also can shut down for nightly maintenance and then reanimates doing the same processes up until the point that it breaks down or voluntarily shuts off due to malfunction or attack.

When the electronic impulses cease to operate the computer, the container becomes ineffectual and is disposed of. Where the electric life force goes is up to religious clerics to explain.

Now we have reduced the human form to that of a machine there is another thing you must understand in order to determine other reasons why you live.

There are countless ingredients that are unique to your life experience that make up who you are. These things give you individuality.

Granted you have a birthmark, or a mole, your eyes are blue or green, you are thin or fat but this is only a small part of who you are and why you live. Residual self-image is only a dim image in a mirror. What we see in the mirror is an outward shell of what is hidden deep within our cybernetic brain.

The information you collect, that you store, that envelops you is absorbed and placed in vaults hidden deep in your mind. You collect information and you apply it in ways that you see fit. This called individual responsibility. It can also be known as free will or even liberty. You have the ability to indulge yourself. The ability to reserve indulgence is called discipline.

The truth is, the body has the ability to do any task once it learns about the mechanics of such a task. Once the mind knows how to execute that task the question is whether or not it should execute it.

There is something that has surfaced in the modern era that is very curious and tells us about what we are becoming. You may not see it because we merely look at it as the day-to-day result of a progressive world.

Humans have become physically self-modifying. Some make the decision to modify their bodies with synthetic augmentation creating an illusory self-image. Plastic surgery is a way that we have cheated age and deformity. We understand that a human form is much like an advanced doll that can have parts replaced or modified at will. Although the body has confinement and limitations, technology can change it. Technology can eliminate the boundaries.

Plastic surgery is only part of the picture. Organ transplants from disposable human containers have been harvested and placed into dying ones prolonging their life span. Much like a robot getting replacement parts in order for it to function.

From there, synthetics have been rendered that can replace their organic counterparts creating a marriage between man and machine. These things are common and seem to be universally accepted as way to continue the life processes. However there seems to be concern over other ways of sustaining life that need to be looked at and analyzed.

Genetic engineering, cloning, and artificial neuro technology is splashing the news everyday. This I am afraid will be the new catalyst for organized fear amongst the populace. The consensus conservative viewpoint is that it is unwise for man to tamper with what God has created. To some degree however the militant few are hypocritical when it comes to such matters.

The altering of the body anciently was considered heretical. Stories in our mythology such as the story of Samson and Delilah point out that tampering with the hair can make you lose strength. Cutting of a fingernail was considered going against nature, and tattooing of the skin and piercings still have not shaken their taboos with many people to this day. Meanwhile Religions espoused the idea of mutilating the penis in circumcision rights to show loyalty to God. We still circumcise in the modern era, and doctors now say it is not necessary.

Many years ago the idea of ripping the heart out of a human being and watching it beat while repairing it was considered madness. The thought of opening up the heart as an unconscious body lay on a cold operating table sounded barbaric. However it is routine now and many people accept it as a way to sustain life.

The idea of taking matters into our own hands, and using self determination is considered taboo and the debate begins on whether or not it is ethically and morally responsible to modify or even create a life form outside the womb or inside the laboratory.

The question you need to ask yourself in this new age is, if the acts of cloning, genetic engineering, synthetic modifying, cessation of pregnancy, organ transplanting, or even deprogramming are evil. They are all connected in a way and all make you question if society has less respect for the human body.

There is even a deeper philosophical question to be considered. Dogmatic spokespersons tell us that religion is for the spirit and not for the body. So why then are they concerned about what we do with those bodies?

The answer is immediately given that the body houses, or is a temple to the spirit. So then shouldn't it be the charge that we must use whatever means necessary to provide an adequate house or temple for that spirit? Even if it means making necessary repairs, or even adding artificial parts and growing organic parts to continue the life process?

Many are shocked when we refer to the body as a disposable shell, Soon however we will have to realize that in order to keep the life force flowing, we must do whatever is necessary to live. Even if it means losing the attachment to the organic bodies we have now.

It is not so far fetched when you realize that the transformation or the marriage of human and perhaps technological or even genetic and neuroscience is on the horizon. Perhaps it is a way that are DNA will survive. It may very well be that DNA is programmed to preserve itself in different ways.

Cells can be regenerated through cloning and engineering, and computers are the way that man can keep pieces of the consciousness alive and progressive.

Infinite wisdom has shown us that a back up plan has always been in place.

That is why we need to look at cloning procedures as back up plans to keep the species alive. And computers are the back up systems that hold within its circuitry the human collective consciousness.

The accumulation of data on the net has paralleled humanity's way of accumulating memory and thought. The Internet is a data bank that holds within it the consciousness of every human that has left a message, created a program, or even sent an e-mail. It's all there in the circuit boards and chips. If we are able to place all of it in an organic container we will be well on our way to the next step in our evolutionary journey.

The stumbling block that we face as a civilization is fear. Fear that we should not use these back up systems. The metamorphic phase has begun and man must accept it as a part of his growing and maturity.

People who claim that these practices are unethical are speaking for whom?

Are they speaking for the person who may need a liver that could easily be synthesized with the same cells to eliminate rejection?

Are they speaking for the man and the woman with a stillborn baby that could easily raise a duplicate of that child?

Are they speaking for farmers that could mass-produce livestock to feed the hungry?

While many people claim that the process of cloning and plastic surgery is immoral and that it is inhuman, isn't it inhuman to deny ourselves the right and ability to continue the species? Some 87 percent of Americans say the cloning of humans should be banned. What fuels this attitude? This research could lead to lifesaving medical techniques.

A majority of people fear clones and throw out common sense in the process. I say this because Identical twins are clones. It's true, they are natural, living clones and who will deny an identical twin the right to live and prosper?

Why is it that a group of people have a problem with cloning?

Is it because the cold and religious hold discoveries of science in suspicion?
Or is it because this would be further proof in evolution?

The computer in essence is a virtual cloning of the human mind and the Internet could very well be the cloning of human consciousness.

The challenge of the future is to transcend the collective fear that has its grip on our progress as a civilization.

Let those without enlightenment fight wars and command armies that bring the world to the brink of annihilation. Our fight is to keep our species from disappearing like the dinosaur.

However we must tread lightly and not go overboard with the new ability. It is likely that we could actually thin out our gene pool. It is important that we have genetic diversity. There are always boundaries to new science and responsible scientists will know its borders.

However criticizing and demanding the ban of the new science is premature and hampers growth. The prejudice that already is becoming commonplace is the idea that a clone in unnatural, that clones will be looked upon as genetic freaks.

How the human receives its genetic information is not a sound basis for the bigoted argument. While many fear the cloning of another Hitler, the attitudes of those who say that clones are freaks have that underlying Hitlerian attitude.

We must put to rest the ego in the future and realize that wherever our evolution takes us it will be those who adapt that will survive in the brave new world.

Your spirit or electronic life force is transient and probably can occupy many shells or containers, and perhaps in the future the idea of walking into a container at random will be the norm.

It is all science fiction now, but will eventually become reality once man realizes that the armor that you have now can easily be disposed of and your consciousness could eventually be transferred into a new body. The ideas of resurrection and transfiguration have been mentioned in religious texts, but are the religious capable of seeing that this may be the key to performing such tasks?

The only thing we should fear is the capability of powerful groups who will wish to control everything and become the puppet masters of such technology. Using it to eliminate "undesirables" or even use the results for sick and inhumane purposes.

That comes with any new technology. The benefits outweigh the liabilities.

The race is on and once the technology is capable of revealing just who is behind the electronic curtain we will truly be free.

We are clearly being prepared for the revealing of truth. It has been written, that in the ceremony known as judgment day the bodies of the dead and the living will be analyzed, scrutinized and studied. Every sinew, every tissue and every lock of hair. The reason is evident.

The earth is continually renewing herself; she is in a transitional state. If she evolves and we do not adapt we will shrugged off like a parasite.

Life perpetuates itself through diversity. It also has been shown through countless messianic tales that it should be able to sacrifice itself and reject its second nature for it's original nature.

An unchanging world will eventually weaken and the life process will disintegrate gradually if we don't take steps to have a back up in place if it becomes evident that traditional methods of reproduction become impossible.

If languages become confounded again the essence of our humanity will remain in the images and electronic impulses that we have embedded in various circuit boards and chips on the net.

We have been subordinate to limitations that have slowed our growth. Using responsible and practical applications we can move forward.

The new world is vast and infinite. There is no time to waste away inside your mental cocoon.


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