By Clyde Lewis

I remember hearing that God made the earth in 6 days.
When I found it hard to swallow, the story changed.
I was told that a day to God is about 1000 earth years.
It was then that I realized that maybe time could be manipulated.

Someone once told me that we have one thing that we can be sure of in the future, and that is we will never discover a way to travel through time. I have been told that there is no evidence to show that time travelers have visited us. Obviously people who quote this type of logic, have not read everything in their Bibles or they have read their Bibles and their faith has become so cavalier that they really don't stop and think of what really happened in this book. They not only have taken for granted their Bibles, but history as well. Thanks to the research of Dr. Bruce Goldberg, Zechariah Sitchin and others we have accounts of remarkable inventions, strange travelers, and advanced weaponry.

I have just put down the book Time Travelers from our future, and while I am not into new age thinking, Dr. Goldberg is on to something and I can affirm it because of my own experiences with synchronicity. I have avoided the topic intentionally because it opens up a number of things that have happened to me that I never share. Before I get to those experiences, I need to tell you that there is cumulative evidence that shows throughout history that yes, we have been visited by those who may have been from another time. Maybe the future. That perhaps that these extra terrestrial beings have developed a way to manipulate time. That if you believe in God and the afterlife, that God, whatever you perceive God to be has the power to also manipulate time. I also have thought maybe once or twice that Extra-terrestrial beings are from the future. That they have learned how to control this world we perceive from their point in the future, thus creating a circle that never ends. That if we ever catch up to where they are we will be doing the same thing all over again. Once again stating what has been said before that when we see "Aliens" what we are seeing is ourselves. I know that might be mind boggling to think about but what is it meant when we have the word eternity driven into are heads. Perhaps everything is a metaphor. That what ever we do here is just transitory. I ran across this quote from Joseph Campbell while doing research on immortality for a television script;

"All things are metaphors. Everything that's transitory is but a metaphorical reference."

This could mean that we have always lived in one form or another. That we are transitory. We go from one form to another form. There is no ending. Thus, time is the limit we put on things, but when we progress to the point where there are no limits, we may continue the circle that has sustained life for infinity. Rough Concept to grasp isn't it? Maybe too deep for some. For me however I have a lot of questions about myself that I have unanswered, and that is why I do what I do. Here are some things about me that have been published in a national Publication known as Radio and Records, and other lesser-known Publications.

At the age of 4, I literally freaked out when I heard the new whooping sirens. These Sirens replaced the old screaming ones. This was about 1968. I ran home telling my mother and father that Aliens were coming to take us away. I hid under the bed, until my father took me to see what was making the noise. It was a police car at an automobile accident. A Child at the age of four was aware of Aliens. In 1968. This was before man even landed on the moon. Go figure.

At the age of 14, I cut my foot on some glass. I walked a full mile home on that foot. After I was treated at the hospital I had a vivid dream during the night. At least it seemed like a dream. I could feel my body tingle, I can only describe it as the feeling of electric worms. In that Dream I found myself in a gray room on a table. My head hung over the edge of the table. I was screaming. I looked over and noticed a man with an orange skin wearing a surgeon's mask turning what appeared to be spigots. These spigots controlled a blue ring that buzzed and felt like little static charges on my body. I blacked out.

I then found myself on another table in a gray marble like room. I was naked and there were other people that were there but they did not hear me calling out to them. The lighting was such that I could not see their eyes. I looked on the wall in front of me and there was a picture of my house. I thought it was a picture but then I noticed cars driving by and it appeared to be morning. It was if it were a window. However there were no homes in front of my house. Only an open field. So if I were in front of my house looking at it , I would have had to have been across the street in an enclosure of some kind. I realized that it was not a picture of my house or a window but a High-resolution television image.

As I was calming down after my ordeal with the orange man, a door opened. Not like any door but it was as if little grains fell, and then a little bit of cool air came in. It was pleasantly cool. The orange man came in. This time I got a better look at his face. I was a little afraid, and then he said "You were screaming, and I was just trying to save you." I didn't know what he meant. He then told me, "You are very sick." He then told me that I had a problem that was a lot deeper than they thought. He told me that genetically I was retarded. I took offence to that. I then asked who he was. He said it wasn't important. I asked where I was. He said that I was in a lab. A holding area, for research. I then asked, well if I am in this lab then aren't I missed at home. The orange man said "No, because you aren't at home." "You are in a Hospital."

The whole thing seemed like one big confused lie. I then asked if this place I was at was a Hospital? He replied no. It was a research lab. He told me that during the night my infected foot caused a fever. That my parents had rushed me to the Hospital. That is when they took me. He claimed they took my body. I was confused again. How could my body be in a research lab and in a hospital all at the same time? The man replied "We took your body between seconds ticking and heart's beating." He then said "Your Body will not be missed, you will wake up in the hospital and you will remember this as a horrible night mare." It was true. My dad was standing over me and was feeding me ice cubes. I felt weak. I had ran a fever and the doctors were worried that I was going to suffer brain damage. I did not remember the incident in the "lab" until much later I will relate that story further ahead. However I believe that this was not a classic "alien" abduction. Later you will realize why.

For those of you familiar with my history you know that I spent some Time in Buenos Aries Argentina. My reason for going was twofold. One, I went on a mission for the LDS Church and Two, I co-wrote a musical there. It was in Argentina where I had my first contact with a traveler who knew my name. Now a lot of people think when I say this that he saw my name tag and called out to me. Name tags for Elders of the Church begin with Elder. No first names are used. My companion and I went to a home of a woman who wanted to hear our message. We apparently missed her. My companion was a sports nut and was looking for an English speaking newspaper that had the scores to basketball in America. As we were heading towards the main highway I heard someone call out Luis. I did not turn around because Luis is a common name in Argentina. Then I heard the voice say it in English. He drew the name out so I would know who he was talking to.

LOOOOOUIS! I looked at this white haired man coming towards me with books. "Louis my friend" he said. I said, "Do I know you?" 'Si Si Como no? Which meant of course. I did not know this man. I had never met him. He knew me. He knew where I had been staying. He knew that I had just had an operation. ( I was laid up after having a routine operation) as we walked the streets he told me in poor English that I have learned a very valuable talent in South America. That of learning how to express myself in two languages. He told me that I needed to familiarize myself with many languages and cultures because I was about to embark on a project that would be known throughout the world. That I would be able to reach out and communicate to many people who are seeking the truth.

At the time I thought my religion is the truth that I sell now, and I am in the world. I figured well that's funny. Why would he say this if I already had the truth? This weird old man says he knows me, and tells me something I already know. He then started speaking Spanish again he told me not to take his advice lightly. He told me messengers would come into my life and they will help me gain knowledge of what was to come. He told me that I have a special gift and that I will realize what it is when I am older. All kinds of cryptic speak, that was annoying my companion.

It was time for us to part ways, he told me that he was going back to where he came. I asked where, he pointed up to the sky. I asked if that meant north, he said no. He pointed again. I did not understand. He lowered his arm, and then held out his hand for me to shake it. I looked curiously at his palm. It was bleeding. He then hurriedly put the books in that hand and held out his left hand, there was a red spot but no blood. I felt uneasy, but shook his hand anyway. He then handed my companion a copy of the Buenos Aries Herald , an English speaking Newspaper. It was the one he was looking for. As we were leaving we heard the voice of a much younger man, "Elders!" it was the old man again this time sounding much different. "Are you passing through or are you working?" My companion annoyed by now said "We are working." The old man said "Good, because if you are walking in that direction you are walking too slowly!"

It started to rain and we hurriedly moved to the Soccer Stadium to call a family that lived near there. While my companion was on the phone a little boy tugged on my coat. He asked if I had money for bread. I was about to give him a coin, when a woman recognized me and told me that she remembered me when I first came into the country and she said that with what little Spanish I knew I was able to talk with her about her Marital problems. She said that her and her husband wanted to join a church and she was hoping that we would tell her about ours. We said yes. The only thing is I was transferred out of La Boca and did not get a chance to visit her. But others did. To this day, I still wonder who or what that man was.

After my mission I left the LDS Church. The reasons are personal and I am not one of those bitter X-Mormons who stand on the street revealing Temple secrets. I am just a person who feels that I have seen a number of things that if I were to go to the LDS church leaders and tell them I would be told that It was something short of Satanic. I just don't buy into the whole fairy tale, I believe there is something more to this. Mormons may have a big chunk of it, but then the Catholics and other religions do too, and they don't want anyone else to know the dark secrets of what the other side is really all about. They only tell us the frilly side because you can't sell the truth. If the truth were told, people would not buy it. Fear and irresolution keep the masses in line. The truth is more complex I feel.

Some of the other strange things that I have witnessed first hand that makes me wonder about time travel and coincidence and how it effects our lives are the following:
  • My Grandmother while near death, asked about a fire. She also asked me if my Uncle had been ordained to higher position in his church. After her death, My cousins started a fire accidentally in their home. My Uncle Became a Bishop in His church.

  • I coincidentally walked into the hospital where I was born on my 25th birthday. A friend of mine hurt himself skiing and I had to rush him to the Hospital. I walked through the emergency room doors the very hour that I was born 25 years earlier. The friend of mine that I escorted through the door was also named Louis. Louis Geziki. It made me wonder if I was meant to be there. Or if someone named Louis had to pass through those doors, 25 years to the day.

  • There are a few names that have always been with me in my life. The names Clyde, Louis, Lewis, Michael, Michelle, Cat, Bud, and Tamera. There are many examples of this but the most interesting are these:

  • My Father's name is Clyde, his Father's name is Louis. My Real name is Louis, My Fathers name is Clyde Louis Holder, His father's name is Louis Clyde Holder. My name is Louis Clyde Holder. My on air name is Clyde Lewis

  • My first crush was with a girl named Tamera. We were very close and one day said we were going to get married. We didn't. But my first wife's name was Tamera.

  • She had a brother who played College football his name was Bud. We were close.

  • I wanted to have a son. His name was going to be Michael, if it were a girl I would have named her Michelle. Tamera could not have Kids.

  • I asked my 1st wife Tamera for a Divorce at Disney World.

  • After the divorce I dated a woman who was a stripper named Cat Savage (Stage name).

  • I then dated a woman named Rebecca. We married. We Honeymooned at Disneyland She had a son named Michael and a daughter named Michelle. We had a son his name is Mitchell. We divorced. Mitchell took his mother's last name, Huggins.

  • I then married a woman named Marci. Her son was named Steven, however he was called Bud. He plays Basketball.

  • Marci and I have since separated. After the separation I became a really close friend with a Stripper named Sabrina Cat. Her real name is Michelle.

  • My Lawyer's name is Joe Huggins. He is not related to my x-wife.

  • After I left Marci, Sabrina (Michelle) introduced me to my roommate. His name is Michael.

It gets a little tedious. But it's all-true. I used to freak out people by saying that I died and was reborn. That I am a traveler through time. When no one believed me, I would take him or her to my grandfather's grave. It would say, "In loving memory of LOUIS C. HOLDER. It made them wonder. It made me wonder too. Gave them the creeps. I wanted it to.

  • One day while I was with Cat Savage, she decided to play with an Ouija board. I chose not to. However, Cat called me into the room because a spirit wanted to say hello to me. When I asked who it was the spirit said it's name was Louis. (Cat did not know my real name yet.) I said, that's my name too. The spirit spelled out I-K-N-O-W. When I asked how. It spelled out G-R-A-N-D-P-A. Cat had her hands on the board and her friend did too. I did not. I asked the spirit many things that Cat or her girlfriend wouldn't have known about myself. The spirit answered them correctly. When I was convinced that the Spirit was my grandfather I asked about how he felt about my name Clyde Lewis. The spirit replied that it was good. That it was meant to be.

  • I was suffering from Cluster headaches and Marci took me to a hospital for an MRI. While I was being loaded into the Chamber, I panicked. After the procedure was over, the doctor came out of the room and said that they could see calcifications on my brain, mini tumors. This was caused by something called Tuberous Sclerosis. Tuberous Sclerosis is a genetic defect that is not curable. It causes small tumors to form on my body. These tumors have been mistaken for acne or warts. These tumors can also form on your bones, teeth, heart, brain and Kidneys. They can do damage and cause seizures. It was then where I had relived the dream or scenario with the orange man. I was a genetic retard. They could not help me.

  • I predicted the Heaven's gate Suicides, almost to the day. I made the prediction in January of 1997 during another one of my End of the World Broadcasts on Ground Zero. I must add however that I did not name the group by name. I merely said a Cult would commit suicide on the day of the Eclipse. The same day Comet Hale-Bopp reached Perihelion.

  • Charlene Spencer and I wrote a song called the Hale-Bopp song. A follow up to the Chupacabra Song. It was never aired nationally. I sent it to Art Bell two days before the Heaven's gate Tragedy. Art was going to play it. However there were Suicidal Overtones to the song, and references to Alien ship rides. I used lines like "Kiss your Butt Goodbye" and about being first in line on the spaceship. The connection was not intentional.

  • The FBI asked me what my knowledge was of Heaven's gate. Mainly because On March 23rd during my report on the Phoenix lights, I played 3 songs on the show. Electric Head (The agony) By White Zombie that includes lyrics about Religious sacrifice. Crucifixion, blood of the holy, flesh falling every where. Stuff like that. Also I played Monster Magnet's song "Look to your Orb for the Warning" That talks about an old man with a spaceship at your doorstep. These songs were played because on that night the lunar eclipse was happening. The moon was stained red. Hale -Bopp was bright in the sky as well. The final song was "Red Skies at Night" by The Fixx. In the lyrics there are these words. "Someone is taking over, and it looks like they are aiming Right at you, Someone said we'll be dead by morning." This was not intentional. There are tape recordings of all of this. It is eerie.

  • A story by Bill frost in Salt Lake City Weekly called "Party at Ground Zero" tells how on a night when I played the Song "DOA" By Blood Rock, a plane crashed in a blinding snowstorm in Salt Lake City. The song is a creepy one about a plane crash.

  • A witch told me that in a past life I was a dark Knight in medieval times. That many of the women I associate with now, I either married or associated with then. I would have sex with them. They would get pregnant. I would then order them to kill their babies by drowning them. I thought this was all weirdness, however I do associate with a number of women now. And I am a defender of children and their rights. I try to change laws to protect Children.

  • One day I met a very talented and famous Artist named Charles Vess. He draws artwork based on Celtic Ballads. While we were talking he inked a Picture of me as a dark Knight with a large sword. The moon at my back. I asked him why he drew it, and he said that was how he saw me.

That is why I believe that perhaps time has always manipulated me. And that by some accident, I am seeing certain things. If these are Coincidences, then my life is full of them. Time travel could be an explanation. My spirit has always felt older. I find myself feeling older than I am. Knowing things that I really shouldn't know, but for some reason I know. If it is time travel and I am a traveler, I am unaware of my position. I do not claim I am some "special" Time traveler. I have unanswered questions.

Time has played tricks with me. Synchronicities have ruled my life. I can only tell you these things. Those who know me and have witnessed this will tell you that I am not lying. That perhaps Aliens are really emissaries from our future, and that they leave behind subtle hints, and play tricks with your mind. Dr. Bruce Goldberg tells the world that this is possible. Time travel reveals many things to you. The time travelers are a reality. People laugh and say that it is impossible. Well, walk a mile in my shoes with a cut foot.


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