By Clyde Lewis

Soon the earth will be covered with dust
And a new earth will be born
All Nations of Indians Long dead will awaken from
Their eternal sleep. The Buffalo will return and the white man
Will be gone.

When one scans the pages of the History books, sometimes it can become a little overwhelming. History to some is pointless, it doesn't thrill them and sometimes they want to forget the past. Others would like to see history rewritten so that it can become more politically correct. It is ironic that President Richard Nixon said "Let us commit ourselves to the truth to see it like it is, and to tell it like it is. To find the truth, to speak the truth, and to live the truth." There you have the mockery of History. Is it truth? Probably not. History is just a fable that is agreed upon by those who claim victory, or superiority. Consensus reality determines who the villains are, who the martyrs are, who the heroes were. In time, the truth is hidden behind a praiseworthy story, which will immediately be accepted, because it is more comfortable to do so. The uncomfortable truth is that everyone is ignorant about what really happens in history. People remember the myth and always forget what the truth really is. Time has way of making facts fade. Even to the point where noted historians have been duped into teaching falsehoods, and myths. Myths are hard to detect, because they lend magical thinking, and romance to that which is mediocre and in most cases aberrant. The Fact is the winners will rewrite history to cover up the atrocities they have committed. I point this out because it is important to note that throughout history there has always been a group of people who have felt that they are the chosen people. That God has given them the right to move in and take over, bringing the invisible "other" human beings to their knees. The other people who are in the way. Many times we have seen this in history. Nazi Germany showed us that the Jews were less than human beings and so they were killed in concentration camps. They were experimented upon. Their treasures were stolen and sold to the highest bidder. However, Nazi Germany didn't see it as horrible. They saw it as an opportunity. It wasn't a bad thing, it was necessary for the survival of the third Reich. It was the law, to commit these horrible acts. It showed patriotism, and valor, it made Germany powerful. So they thought.

When I hear our leaders get up and in speeches condemn other countries for human rights violations, I shake my head. The winners are attempting to sell you on the idea that we Americans are proven to be considerate and trustworthy when it comes to our own people. That no American Citizen will ever be subject to experimentation, or confiscation of property, or genocide. That the United States of America never practices forms of eugenics, nor do we discriminate, nor are we violating any human rights, that every man woman and child have sealed with them the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We are sold on the idea that what we have to sell the world is freedom. That if they don't like our kind of freedom then we must move in and convince them with the bible and the sub machine gun. The evil leader is on a wheel of fortune. The wheel is spun , and the hatred is then generated by the talking heads, and the people respond, because the other people are unfavorable. They don't act like us, they don't worship the way we do, they don't dress and eat the same way we do. So we must show them. If they are not convinced we lock and load. This is our history. It is convenient to call attention to what other countries have done to show race supremacy than to look at home. The outside is talking now. The inside does not know the terrible things we have done. Maybe we know, but we are too ashamed to admit it. It has been happening for centuries, to an invisible people. A people that have been forgotten. A people that have been maligned by the most vicious lies of all time. The American Indians.

The names are there. On baseball and football pennants. The symbolism is used in scout meetings, and their images have been reduced to roadside trading posts, and demonized in old Hollywood westerns. History has gone one step further. History speaks of the Indians but only in Cartoon form. Indians and Indian sympathizers are writing and giving a fresh perspective on what really happened with them, but it might be too late. The myth has already been placed in the minds of the pupils that read and memorize the lies in order to get those stellar grade point averages.

History would be a lot different if the Indians wrote it. More and more the truth is coming out about what really happened. What was done was worse than Nazi Germany's ethnic cleansing. Yet there is no one who will stand up and make an issue over this. There is no one who will speak out about the fact that everything we promised the Native American has never been fulfilled. We took their land, we slaughtered their leaders. We made fun of their rituals, and we demanded that they learn our languages. If they did not assimilate, they would be killed. Many died together. Why? Just because they tried to be free. They did everything that we as a people cherish so much, and yet they were destroyed. It was estimated that when the Europeans first came to this country 18 million Indians were here. No one knows for sure. One thing is for sure, there are less Native Americans in this country now. Do you see them? Seeing them is rare. Why? Because we did a better job of destroying things. Including a race of people. Our heroes like Andrew Jackson and Davy Crocket killed Indians for sport. General Custer and his men are remembered for their courage against the Indian Menace while many native Americans went to their deaths forgotten.

After the Conquering of the west it became evident that the American Indian went from being a savage to being a pariah. They were the lowest form of life in the food chain and in many cases they still are to this day. We hear of the Noble white man, coming to this country to make peace with the Indians. We sit at our tables of winter feasts to give thanks for our lifestyle. Not hearing that the Indians were slaughtered after the first thanksgiving. Not to mention, being exposed to smallpox, with contaminated blankets. We hear of Chief Sitting Bull, but we never hear of how he was executed by police. Nor do we hear about the Sioux and how they fled to Wounded Knee. Only to be met by the gunfire of Hotchkiss guns. The Indians were unarmed. When the roar of the gunfire ended, a cloud rolled over the camp. Hundreds of wounded and dead Indians were on the ground, some next to fallen soldiers. The Cloud began to drop a heavy blanket of snow over the dead, as if nature wanted to cleanse the earth of the Blood and gore. The soldiers threw the bodies into Mass graves. The Cavalry photographed The Sioux Chief Bigfoot's body. What was seen was horrifying. His hands were positioned in a way where he looked like he was shielding himself. His face was fixed into an eerie grimace. Wounded Knee was a horrifying milestone in the conquering of the west.

The remaining Indians were then sent to reservations. Literal prisoner of war camps where they were subject to rigid reformatory discipline. They would be required to learn industrial skills, and the generations were on a strict regimen of what the government called self-improvement. This was needed because according to our government, Indians were not used to manual labor, they lacked forethought, they had no intellectual tastes, and they were unable to control their animal appetites. The idea was to reform the Savage, and to help them over the rough places in the white man's road. It was believed that Indians were like truant children who needed good schooling.

The biggest lie about the frontier is that it was not diversified. That there were only whites who were taking up the Land and pushing out the native American. Not so. There were different races that did it, and different Religious communities as well. While Mormons claim that they were a discriminated people and were hunted while in Missouri, they settled the west, along with many Jews, Mexicans and a few blacks. Asians and Greeks were brought over to build the railroads. Each one of these races and religious groups Mormons Blacks, and Jews in particular have said that their groups have been persecuted, and killed because of their position in the world. But we must remember that these same groups helped to bring down the red menace while claiming their piece of the west.

One story in Particular is a little Black page in history Known as the Mountain meadow Massacre. Where Indians, Mormon immigrants and Militia men were killed. No one will know the whole truth. The Church will cover up any wrongdoing and of course the Indians attacked the group for four days relentlessly. Did the Indians attack unprovoked? Or did the Mormons who at the time were in a paranoid state after the death of one of their apostles decide that it was time to let off some steam?. This is an example of how paranoia, and lies about the Savage Indian can cause a needless loss of life.

These points are made not to say shame on the whites because they were not alone in their needless killing of the Indian. They are made because the question is why is it that this has been hidden? If the Indians were made to suffer, and were conquered by a force who felt they were chosen by God to rule, what makes you think that you aren't next? What makes you think that a force far greater far powerful couldn't round you up and fire on you like animals.

People who do not know the truth are destined to make the same mistakes again. We have destroyed a noble people with our arrogance, and our notion that we are a chosen people and that God has blessed our blood purges and land grabbing. It will happen to you if you allow it too. What we need to do now is understand that everyone are members of Humanity. Denying our history, to demonize another is evil. We have done this. It is time to stop.

It makes me question the motives of those who want to make "English" The official language of this country when this country is supposed to be for individualism. Thinking of this kind is sending back to the ideas and the notorious thoughts of those who were in authority when the west needed to be conquered. Where a race of people were marked for extinction. Our Problem is our resistance to acknowledge that everyone in this nation is different. There are many that see this diversity as a threat. Where does that put us if we continue to have this attitude? In the same place as those who said that since the Native American is not like us it would become necessary to assimilate him, to teach him the wholesome ways of the white man. We must learn to be confident in ourselves. We must understand that our differences make us unique. But the cultural norm is the "us and them" attitude, which destroys the term United in Unites States. Will we learn from what we did the Native American? Apparently not. I can only scratch the surface of what horrors our ancestors, committed on the Native American. In the 90's we continue to take their land and push them out. If there is oil on the reservation, it will be ours. If there is Toxic waste to dump, we will put it on the reservations. It is frightening to say, that we may see the complete destruction of the American Indian. They are disappearing now. They are still being trampled. You see how easy it is to do? Someday you might be in the same position. You can be eliminated too. Maybe because you speak differently, or have a genetic flaw, or your skin color is not desirable. Maybe it's because your religion is different. Maybe, your income is below a certain average. When you stop to think about all of this, doesn't it scare you to think that maybe you could have been standing at the furnaces of Dacau? Or firing the Guns at Wounded Knee? Or even spitting on Jesus when he carried the cross to Golgotha. Are you one of the frightened who will stand and shout malicious words about the Homosexual community or turn the fire hoses on the homeless? Do you feel that you religion is superior and therefore avoid conversations with others? Have you ever caught yourself saying these words "I have a lot of Black friends … but, or "I have homosexual friends but…You see if you are one of those people who continually do this. If you are one of those people that have nebulous arguments as to why certain groups of people should be eliminated. You should be the pariah. You should be the lowest members on the food chain. You should feel the pains of slavery. The truth is you will eventually, and everyone else will suffer as well. It is up to us to not allow this ignorance to continue. If it does the fate of the American Indian will be your fate as well, and who knows by some ironic twist of circumstance, the ancient inhabitants of the earth could return. It has been promised in ancient writings, from the Bible, to Mayan and ancient Indian writings. Will you be ready to accept the future? A New World waits once again. Those who will have the privilege of seeing it, will be those who continued to be united and in harmony with one another. If there is a judgement day we will all be equal in the end.


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