By Clyde Lewis

Did a strange UFO crash in Greenland? Or was it a meteorite that hit the southern tip near Quaqortoq. In one of the world's most inhospitable places, the southern tip of Greenland, scientists have begun to search for something that fell from the heavens.

GreenlandAs fishermen minded their nets in the dull grey of a Greenland dawn, a blinding flash lit up the sky. It is believed that a meteorite or comet fragment has hit the earth. The meteorite fell near the town of Qaqortoq . Two thousand years ago, This would have sparked a major religion. Now, Fisherman are questioning what they saw and scientists are convinced that it was just a meteorite. Bjorn Ericksonn, the first mate on the trawler Regina, saw the object fall.

I was on the bridge and looking out of the window, I have never seen so strong light before in the night," he said. "In the strongest part of the light, there looked like a circle that was burning." Many people across the southern tip of Greenland saw the huge light, but no-one was able to photograph it as it glowed for between 2 and 5 seconds. However a closed circuit surveillance camera in a car park in the town of Nuuk did record the incredible eerie brightening of the ambient light. Seismographic equipment recorded a 10 second shockwave. Scientists believe the early indications are that the object could have measured between 50 and 100 metres across, and have been travelling at 7,600 mph.

The Danish airforce have sent up planes to look for the impact site. So far they have had little success because of severe weather conditions. Chances of finding whatever it was are slim due to the fact that It would have melted its way into the pack ice, which would have then melted on top of it. However the force of impact would have been the same as The meteorite which devastated hundreds of square miles of Siberia in 1908, when it exploded with the same energy as a 15 megaton nuclear bomb.


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