By Clyde Lewis

When I get e-mails from Witches I pay attention. Especially witches, who tell me that they are receiving messages about me, messages from an entity from the spirit world. My Microwave oven awakens me early in the morning. I hear it programming itself. A sťance reveals that my house is definitely haunted and with the aid of an Ouija board the spirits reveal the future and their purpose.

For the first time in my life I am beginning to realize that perhaps we as souls are all connected in some way. The spirit world is not so easily defined and that there are more things in it than we can even fathom.

Many of us receive glimpses of what is beyond. What may be out there, and others need more concrete proof in order to be convinced. I live the adventurous life, full of wonder and magic. Youíd think that with all of the magic I see and experience it would be easy to be fulfilled and happy.

You do get happiness when you see how beautiful life is and as I always say even during the worst of times itís still fun. But I do ache inside. I canít put my finger on why and then things happen to me that shake me to the core and then I realize just what lurks inside my heart and what I am covering up to keep from going insane.

I am covering up some things, because you just donít go revealing things to people who will not listen.

I am covering them up because people are not ready for them . They say they are but if I came right out and revealed everything all at once many people would think that I am a lunatic.

I learned something a long time ago about this life we live. Itís all a metaphor. Every bit of it. Itís Holographic, itís easily manipulated by those evolved souls who know how to bend the timelines to please them.

These souls are both reverent and profane. We use imagery to depict each side and the reverent always is shown to be the beautiful soft angel in a terrycloth robe, and the profane is always a hideous creature, with talons and fangs ready to pounce on you in a split second.

We have allowed ourselves to believe that all that is evil has a repugnant look and that it should be avoided at all costs.

We have determined from our youth that the phrase "Donít talk to strangers" means not talking with those individuals that arenít pretty. That if the messenger looks evil that he must be evil. That if the person trying to help us is the lesser of what youíd expect then he must be avoided.

Many people ignore the message if the person claims it is from the other side, the nebulous world of the spirits.

I am hinting at the truth. I have cryptically told you that the truth is in you. Truth can be found in the book of life. The human body is that book.

Beyond your blood, beyond the sinews and marrow of the bone it is believed that the life force is housed in the human shell. The very same life force that is expelled into the unknown upon death.

Throughout history there have been many reports of unquieted spirits that are roaming the earth. Some people receive visions of these beings and some believe themselves to be conduits or channelers of these beings.

In the work that I have chosen I have allowed myself to open up to such people and I have had close personal contact with beings myself.

My experiences include an entity or a wizened physical being that I met in South America that gave me knowledge of my future, and an accidental encounter with a woman named Julie Bunten who was murdered at the hand of a gunmen who was high on crack.

In 1999 I was a medium who lead a sťance that opened a doorway to a messenger named Ephrain who warned me of a coming war in Israel and the return of Elijah. I have also had ghosts that come and go in my apartment in Portland.

These sightings of ghosts have been witnessed by neighbors and recently I was surprised when one of the ghosts attempted contact by actually programming my Microwave oven.

I know it sounds silly Ė but itís even sillier when you consider what I did in order to prove that it was happening.

In order to understand the haunting of my home we need to go back to the initial report of the haunting in the Ground Zero Article "All Hailing Frequencies."

"The first incident that I recall was that while I was in bed I would awaken at 4:30 AM every morning to some one singing in a different language outside my window. I had asked my upstairs neighbor if he had heard anything like that early in the morning. He told me that he was a singer but that he would never sing anything at 4:30 in the morning and definitely not in the damp air that Portland is famous for."

And in another passage:

"One day I felt an exceptionally melancholy spirit in my room. It felt like a female or a child. I couldnít see it but I felt itís presence and I didnít know what to do. So I remembered what an old Antioch Priest once told me.

He told me that spirits just need to be shown the door and they need to be asked why they are with you. It sounds silly, but when confronted, a spirit will either attack or flee.

So I sat in the corner of my room and as if I were praying I said out loud with tears in my eyes, "Who are you and what do you want?" I heard nothing but I felt that the spirit was backing away. "I then smiled and asked "Do you ever feel lonely, is that why you are unhappy?"

Suddenly, where I was sitting a ray of sunlight broke through the clouds outside and the spirit whisked past me through the open window. I felt a cool breeze as it passed and I felt relieved."

A witness who lived in my home during a short time was a friend of mine named Karin she had this account:

"After I arrived I had told Clyde that I felt a little dizzy in the house and that I didnít know why. I could hear bagpipes playing later that night. He didnít hear them though.

There were also other nights where we could hear crunching and scratching sounds in the walls. My first thought was that Clyde had mice. But after checking the house thoroughly there were no mice or even termites in the house."
I thought that perhaps once again it was my neighbor and my landlord said that I was the only one in the house. It seemed that he moved away when I was in New York working.

Months had passed.

I had new neighbors. April and Jack live upstairs. I had a chance to meet them in the strangest way. We had heard a loud bang in the middle of the house and all three of us were awakened by it.

April asked me if I was okay. I said yes. She then asked me if the Landlordís wife had died. I thought what a weird question to be asking a total stranger.

I had known for some time that the landlordís wife had been diagnosed with Cancer but I never would have even thought of this. I then asked why she even brought it up and she said, "Because I swear to God this place is haunted by the ghost of the landlordís wife."

I then asked "Why do think the house is haunted?"

She then jokingly said, "Because I see dead people."

I laughed.

She nervously laughed and then said, "I am totally serious!"

We then stopped laughing.

" I have seen and heard things in the house that are downright eerie including white faces of Children in the bushes."

April spoke with a matter of fact tone and I had to question her again to make sure she wasnít pulling my leg.

Apparently not.

It was weeks later that I was awakened early in the morning. I thought I heard my smoke alarm and that the house was on fire. I stumbled towards the smoke alarm to turn it off and realized that it was not my smoke alarm but my microwave oven.

It was programming itself as I stood rubbing my eyes thinking that I was dreaming.

It programmed a series of 4ís.


Beeping loudly.

It stopped.

Then I went back to bed.

It happened again. I then unplugged the Microwave and of course it stopped. I came to the conclusion that perhaps my Microwave oven was broken.

The same day I arrived at my office and looked at my e-mail and discovered a message that read "URGENT MESSAGE FROM THOTH!"

I opened it and read what I thought was probably some new age guru wanting a guest spot on the show.

It wasnít.

The e-mail was from a woman in the Midwest who claimed that she is a witch. She calls herself by a name other than her own and for her own protection she says that this should be sufficient.

The name is Mersheba.

She told me that she listens to my show on the internet and that after listening to several shows she began doing "Automatic Writing" in a journal that was given to her as a gift. As far as I can tell this person does not know me and the e-mails are coming from somewhere in the Midwest.

The writing went from her own personal revelation to revelations about me. The spirit that she was channeling in order to write claims to be Thoth. She also claims that Thoth tells her that he was with me in a previous lifetime. That he and I were friends on Atlantis.

This was hard to swallow and I really was beginning to think that someone was electronically harassing me. If it wasnít harassment then it was something important to think over.

I donít know if I believed, but I did pay attention. Only because I felt as though something or someone was trying to get a message to me, and sometimes I feel that when these things happen that the spirits get restless.

So before I answered the e-mail I did a little research on Thoth.

Thoth was considered the great Egyptian Scribe and ancient God. He spoke of the body and how the truth can be found within it. It was as if the body is itís own world and that within it are other worlds.

From the Emerald Tablets of Thoth we read:

Hear ye now of the mystery of nature, the relations of life to the Earth where it dwells. Know ye,

Ye are threefold in nature, physical, astral and mental in one.

Three are the qualities of each of the natures; nine in all, as above, so below. In the physical are these channels, the blood which moves in vertical motion, reacting on the heart to continue its beating.

Magnetism which moves through the nerve paths, carrier of energies to all cells and tissues. Akasa (Ether) which flows through channels, subtle yet physical, completing the channels.

Each of the three attuned with each other, each affecting the life of the body. Form they the skeletal framework through which the subtle ether flows. In their mastery lies the Secret of Life in the body. Relinquished only by will of the adept, when his purpose in living is done.

If this sounds familiar then you may want to look no further that the belief in a triune God.

God the mind, God incarnate, God the spirit.

Blood is the nutrient, which causes the power or magnetism which in hopefully generates the spirit self.

The truth is life, universe, and power. Each body is a universe unto itself. Power and life in the universe. Blood is the nutrient. Blood holds the secrets. Thoth says that all of this is inside you. Could it be therefore, that God resides in all of us?

Is this why it is so important to protect what is inside? Is this what I mean by

"The Truth is in you?"

It all made sense, it seemed to be inspired.

It seemed to tell me what I already knew.

However the e-mails kept coming and they were delving into personal problems and trials that I was experiencing.

They were speaking of my health. My past lives and other things.

I have decided to share a few of these things with you to show that this witch was truly playing with my head. Or was she? Was this a message that I needed to hear?

Each entry is placed in order and without the personal stuff. The following Sentences are those written by the enigmatic Mersheba:

"I must be honest here. This has been my first experience with automatic writing, and I am finding it a little uncomfortable to talk about. However, I think the content is important, therefore I am passing the information onto Clyde Lewis.

Honestly, looking back, I think this all started back in March of this year. My best friend gave me a journal for my birthday...a very unusual is a beautiful emerald green suede bound book with permanently bound ecru-colored lined pages. I found it ominous looking when I received it. I had only made two entries in the journal in March, and it disappeared. I had searched my house from top to bottom for months and had given up on ever finding it. Then, on September 1, I walked into my bedroom, and there it lay on my dresser in plain sight. I immediately picked it up and began to write. That is when this whole story began. Before I continue with Thoth, though, I find it interesting that the last entry I had written prior to the journal disappearing was on March 23. I had not re-read this until today as I sat down to write this article. I will quote the passage."

March 23, 2000

"Something odd is happening here. I haven't had a day off work since the 6th. The night before last I had this dream that "a man of God" told me he had been looking at pictures of me during my life and that I always look "so sad". I thought about it yesterday and wondered if I do look sad. I don't even know. Then at work yesterday, I was grouchy. I don't know why---everyone was getting on my last nerve. Then, last night, I had nightmares all night. This scary man was after me. I never knew why. But every time I was alone, he was there and I was terrified. I woke up exhausted and called in sick."

"After writing that passage, as I said previously, the journal disappeared until September 1. What happened that evening has never happened to me before and at first I wasn't exactly certain what was going on. It was late in the evening, and I had re-discovered the journal that afternoon and I had planned on journaling before going to sleep. For the first three pages, I was writing very normally. Then, suddenly, the writing became very automatic...I was in no way "thinking" about what I was going to write; I was simply letting thoughts flow onto the paper. When this began, my handwriting itself even changed. To be honest, at first I was a little frightened, but at the same time, it was not uncomfortable and I was so relaxed that I just went with it."

"At this point, I stopped felt sort of the way it feels when I meditate and first come out of it. I was somewhat surprised at the writing I had done. I could see clearly when I stopped writing my thoughts and when I began channeling those of someone else. I asked aloud, "Who are you?". The answer that came to me was "Thoth".

I made a couple of attempts over the next several days to have this "automatic" writing experience happen again. I had no luck. I was beginning to think that perhaps there was nothing to it, or perhaps it was a one time only experience. Then on September 6, I sat down to journal, and after writing my own thoughts for all of one page, it did happen again".

September 6, 2000

"Clyde---I am Thoth---and I worry for you---you are full of fear and anguish about things you cannot control. You must let go of your fears and let the world unfold as it may. You have a message---and your message is correct. There are beings among us---they are here---but they have always been here. Nothing is new under the universe. You must relax and allow things to happen.

Seek out like-minded peoples to study the events as they happen. I was here---in Atlantis---and Atlantis will happen again unless you help lead people in the right direction.

That direction is away from fear. Toward the light. My name sounds familiar to you because you have worked with me before for a million years. You too were on Atlantis---you were a brilliant Alchemist. You knew the structure of the universe---but you were exiled for sharing secrets with the workers---you were killed for your beliefs. And you knew the truth then as you do now.

We are brothers, Clyde in the spirit. You must let the past go and continue the journey. The Reptilians are running your home country---They are hidden in this world. The en-lightened ones have been fed dis-ease to teach them fear. Fear enables them to control your mind. Rise above it---you have a purpose here---get your message out to the people.


I ask the masses to rise above the smoke filled rooms of the hell that you create. Your reality is what you create each moment in your head.

Clyde---we were brothers and you remember yet choose to forget. You were a great leader. You can be again.

Why are you angry, Clyde? Why all the fear? You know the TRUTH--work with the truth and let things happen as they may.

You cry out to the sky for answers, yet they are inside you Clyde. The stress that fills your soul from things you see and things you know is real---as is your ability to rise above.


Mersheba---her hand grows tired, as does her soul.
For now she rests---but she watches over you.

Once again I was seeing words and mumbo jumbo that I had no knowledge of. It was as if this witch was assuming I knew all of those strange words. I didnít.

I wrote back and received some other transmissions that were personal about my home life and my family. The letters then turned to the future. The year of the new millennium 2001. Maybe when the time is right I will reveal them too.

Thoth said that I was to open my mind and listen to what my spirit tells me about the future and write what was in my heart even if it was full of rage and dread.

I needed to get it out and that Thoth said that I needed to sound the alarm without fear. This would give little doubt as to what powers I have and that I could use these powers to convince others that they had them too.

As much as I hated the idea of believing in such dogmatic and seemingly endless new age pabulum I gave in and started writing about what I was feeling.

It was David John Oates who told me once during a reversal session that one of my reversals said "I divorce my Moses Self." He stated that the reversal meant that I am a reluctant conduit, an indisposed muse.

Moses is a metaphor for inspired prophet and a name that has meaning to me in a sacred sense. A name that has a deeper more personal meaning and that I really couldnít explain to just anyone.

He told me that I have lost faith in my power to heal, and to discern spirits. That I am confused and that I pick at the truth and fear that if I reveal too much I might meet an untimely end.

Well there are some things that are better left hidden in you heart.

But sometimes hearts can be opened and souls can be seen. Itís a scared nudity that can make you vulnerable.

Obviously I stand naked before my peers. Before all spirits both born and unborn.

After the series of letters from the Witch the haunting of my house continued.

The Microwave oven continued to beep and I witnessed it being programmed this time and I managed to tape record the beeps as I ran into another room to prove that I was not the one programming it.

Like a fool at 4 A.M. I shouted across the room

" I am in the next room! I am in the next room!" As the microwave oven chirped out a sound that was like some ethereal Morse code from the other side.

4- 4- 4-4

It kept typing over and over.


What did it mean? What was the message? Once again I became curious and thought that since Halloween was well on its way I could convince a friend of mine to come over for a little sťance.

There I was breaking one of my rules.

I really donít like calling on spirits especially on the devilís switchboard.

A week before the gathering I was awakened once again. I heard the sounds of things being thrown around my room. Either I had a squirrel or that damn ghost was at it again.

That settled it, even with my doubts and fears of contacting the dead I needed to do the Sťance.

The sťance was simple. In fact it didnít feel like the session I had with Ephrain.

The board seemed erratic and the messages seemed to be coming from several spirits. Finally the commotion died down and there seemed to be two spirits that entered the room.

A man and a woman.

Both were lost and one was looking for a ring. They were married. They claimed that they were at the house because it was a bed and breakfast, or as they put it a Holiday home that was near water wells and sawmills.

The conversation was cut short.

A mischievous spirit then arrived on the board and made a definite impression on everyone in the room. He claimed that he was responsible for the Microwave oven, and the trash that was scattered around my apartment.

We asked his name and he spelled out the letters


We asked if it was his real name.

The board spelled out the word No.

It then spelled out the words


It was then that a Diet coke was knocked over by itself and spilled on the floor. The Board then spelled the words


We all agreed that it was a bad joke.

This ghost apparently had the power to program Microwave ovens and knock over drinks. He also had the ability to knock on walls.

We realized this when it was asked if he could do a trick for us.

Izzy said he wouldnít do a trick unless we gave him biscuits.

He then spelled out



We asked why he kept spelling this.

Izzy spelled out that he was pushed into a well. That is how he died. He only remembered the bullies who pushed him in the well saying over and over "Is He Dead? Is he dead yet?"

During the Sťance he would knock on the walls and eventually he revealed what 4-4-4-4 meant.

At four of the clock he would eat biscuits and drink tea.

He would check my oven for them but there werenít any.

We asked that if we bought biscuits and put them in the home, that he would stop making the oven beep.

He said yes.

The board got quiet and it was getting late.

We adjourned for dinner. I needed to go back to my office and do a few things. After I was at the computer recording all of the events that took place I stepped out to a convenience store near my office for a cup of coffee. While I was there I picked up a small bag of chocolate Chip cookies. It was sort of an insurance policy to ward off the antics of good old Izzy Dead.

I ate a couple and put the bag in the cupboard.

The next day I noticed the bag had toppled over. I looked inside and one of the cookies appeared to have a bite taken out of it. I took the bitten cookie out of the bag and placed it in the cupboard next to the cans of vegetables.

To this day I still have it in the cupboard.

The Microwave has not beeped since. The witch stopped sending me e-mails quoting Thoth and all things are peaceful once again.

I have enjoyed reading about Thoth and I have found some peace in his writings.

I have decided that my life never has any dull moments. That perhaps there is something to all of it. That I may have some special talent or gift that puts me right in the middle of all of these transmissions and coincidences.

They all have meaning and they always happen in times when I really need to hear them or encounter them.

I have not experienced any haunting activities since I have left the cookie in the cupboard.

If it ever gets moldy, I am sure I will replace it with another.

Or I could just take it out and tempt fate.

In the meantime I am happy just to have things quiet again.


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