By Clyde Lewis

Who was Jesus Christ? At Christmas we celebrate his birth and all of the magic that Christmas stands for. But what no one wants to admit that Christ's birth, when applied to the criteria of today's Scientific analysis or pseudo Scientific theory is similar to the modern claims of Extra terrestrial intervention. While it is always a praiseworthy trait to have faith, it is nice to magnify it with facts. Even if the facts are a little uncomfortable.

It takes such courage to have undoubting faith. Especially in times where all we see and hear challenges the conventional magic that sparked our imaginations in the first place. Science is attempting to put a new face on everything that we have taken for granted about our place in the universe. If you can get away without losing faith you are becoming a rare breed. If you can get away without changing your views about God then you are steadfast in your beliefs.

I believe that you can have faith, back it with facts, and reevaluate exactly what the origin of that faith truly is. It may mean giving up mythologies and dogma but the truth is most of it is there to confuse you anyway.

It seems that in these times of information overload the more that is revealed the more mankind convinces itself that perhaps beings out there in the vast reaches of space probably have an interest in us and many believe that if we are brothers in the universe, these beings will come down from the sky and save us from ourselves.

We have always had this idea of a messianic figure coming from heaven to help us and intervene in our affairs here on earth. This idea of a Messiah has been programmed into us and many people have chosen them and that is why we have our various religions today.

During the Christmas season we celebrate the arrival of Jesus Christ, whose birth and subsequent death are the chief cornerstones of Christian faith today. To question their true meaning and their possible origins tends to trouble most apologists for religion.

To even speculate that Jesus Christ was the offspring of a divine experiment between man and a very real extra terrestrial God sends a lot of charlatan preachers into diatribes citing the evil mixture of evolution and orthodox theology.

It never ceases to amuse me that preachers armed with the Bible can never truly explain why Jesus was the way he was. They never can explain why God always dwells above us in the vast reaches of space and yet he is not an extra terrestrial being.

They try and produce scripture after scripture that proves that Jesus is divine and not alien but they never can explain how beings from outside the realm of logistics could impregnate a virgin, appear to farmers in Bethlehem, and cause a light to appear in the sky that would lead several astrologers to the birthplace of this messiah.

They cleverly hide behind a shroud of uncertainty to generate a savior that has all the attributes of a Superman and neglect the very truth that Superman, while a fictional character was also an alien sent to this planet to save it.

They also neglect to point out that Jesus story is only one of many possible chosen stories where mankind may or may not have been visited by a being whose birth may have been the work of extra terrestrial intervention.

Twelve hundred years before the birth of Jesus, a boy was born to a mother who was believed to be a Virgin. The boy was conceived by the intervention of a being that came from the sky. This conception fulfilled ancient prophecy. There were legends told of the boy's coming and that farmers in fields talked of huge fiery chariots which were piloted by beings that came and told them of the child's birth.

These farmers and men came to the birthplace of the boy and gave him gifts. An evil ruler sought out the boy and wanted him to be killed so he ordered the deaths of children two years of age and younger. The interesting thing about this story is that the boy grew up to be a savior who performed miracles and many taught that he came from the stars to save mankind. His name was not Jesus but Virishna who was worshiped by eastern religions.

There were others who mimicked Jesus story which makes one ask if perhaps there was an invasion of divine beings anciently which intervened with mankind's knowledge and gave him religion in order to keep him in line. Could it be that all the messiahs were all the same people but with different names?

It's doubtful.

We must take a look at all the beings that have the same attributes as Jesus and realize that anciently mankind spoke directly with beings from outside the earth. The birth of Jesus is just one story that proves that when the extra terrestrial God's wanted to change mankind's perception they would send down beings to educate them and send them on their next step in their evolutionary journey.

They sent us Virishna, Buddah, Khrishna, Osirus, Horus, Odin, Zoroaster, Baal, Thor, Quetzalcoatal, and Mohammed. Plus several others who many of us still have not heard about.

Every one of them were able to perform miracles and say that they were saviors of men.

History has this uncanny way of repeating itself. Today there are many people who believe that a messiah will return, or arrive for the first time on earth. It is usually told that this being will come from the sky. That this being will arrive in a chariot of fire that his countenance will be as the sun, shining brightly signifying that he is from the presence of God.

There are so many stories of God's who had the light of the sun surrounding them. Jesus has always been depicted in various artworks as a man with a light surrounding his head. Another so called God that had similar traits, as Christ was Mithra.

Mithra was the Sun God that died to save mankind. Those who worshiped Mithra would eat bread and wine in the mystery schools and believed that the bread and the wine would turn into the flesh and blood of this sun god as it was digested.

Jesus was the Son of God that died to save mankind. Those who followed Jesus would eat bread and wine, which would represent the flesh and blood of Christ.

The similarities do not end here.

Horus the Egyptian Son of God was the exact duplicate and quite possibly the blue print for Jesus. His mother Isis was a virgin. A star marked Horus Birth as well. Jesus was called Christ, Horus was called Krst. A being known as Satan harassed and tempted Jesus and Horus was also tempted and harassed by a demon named Set.

There are many stories that are similar to Jesus nativity. They have all of the elements of extra terrestrial intervention. So one must question if these stories prove that extra terrestrials used social and religious tinkering in order for us to believe that they exist.

One of the constants in the Christmas story and all of its other incarnations is the arrival of emissaries from heaven or space to announce the arrival of the messiah or God.

What did the emissaries look like?

One would be sure to acknowledge that the emissaries were the winged and beautiful angels that we are shown in various depictions of the nativity. However it must be noted that if the angels were wholesome and beautiful creatures then why is it that the shepherds in the Christmas story fell to the ground in sore fear?

"And an angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were sore afraid." Luke 2:9

While I admit that I would be afraid of an angel in the midst of a fiery glow, appearing to me, I would probably put my fears to rest knowing for a certainty that it was an angel of God. Being sore afraid would mean that the angels were harsh in appearance. This does not infer that these angels looked like hideous or profane demons, but it must be noted that angels of the past had been described as resembling serpents or animals, such as lions.

If we apply the serpent or reptilian look to most angels this would describe perhaps the look that most abductees mention when they are taken up in spaceships or using the biblical vernacular chariots of fire.

One of the other possible misconceptions about the nativity is that the star of Bethlehem was in fact a star or a comet. The literal translation from the Greek is that a flying altar had led the shepherds and the wise men to the Christ child. A flying altar is far from the story of a star. The star is plain and simply an interpretation.

The star or altar was not stationary in the sky during the time of the nativity and as cited in several scriptures, it appeared before the wise men and moved ahead of them. Much like a flying craft or chariot of fire. This scripture will demonstrate that the Star of Bethlehem was a moving light and quite possibly not a star at all:

"When they had heard the king they went their way; and lo, the star which they had seen in the East went before them, till it came to rest over the place where the child was." Matthew 2:9

The star of Bethlehem not only moved across the sky but it also moved and stopped as if it were piloted by an intelligent being eventually hovering over the house where the child lived. The scripture (if we are to take it literally) is evidence of this.

The light over Bethlehem hung low in the sky. Low enough that the wise men knew exactly which house the Christ child lived in. This would mean that the star, light, altar or craft, positioned itself right above the house.

It is very plausible that the star of Bethlehem was indeed a flying machine of some kind and that it had the interest of astrologers who had quite possibly heard the stories of other "alien" beings coming down from the heavens many years before.

It could very well mean that the Magi were investigators of strange space anomalies and they were scribes who wrote about the arrival of beings from heaven, much like UFO researchers of today.

There is also the theory that Jesus had already been moved to Nazareth and that he had aged a few years before the Magi had arrived to see him.

He was at least two years old because scripture tells us that the Magi had asked Herod the king about the boy. Herod asked them to inform him about where the Christ child was being held. Herod learned that the wise men disobeyed him and ordered his armies to slay the children. Jerusalem was not far from Bethlehem yet Herod waited two years before he realized he had been duped.

The journey from Jerusalem to Bethlehem would not have taken two years even by foot or camel. However a journey to Nazareth may have taken as long. This would probably explain why Herod waited as long as he did, before he gave the order to kill the children.

"And when they were come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshipped him."

The wise men set out to Bethlehem at first, but in the middle of their journey they changed their minds after a strange light appeared and guided them to a house and not a manger. The house could very well have been in Nazareth. This proves that the "Star" of Bethlehem was more than just a star. It was a guiding light that was either piloted or was remote controlled with intelligence.

Did the prophets who wrote the gospels misinterpret UFO events by placing them in a magical religious context? The answer is arguable. It depends on what you view it all to be. Angels, Messiahs, and astrological manifestations were given a religious face anciently. With everything that modern pop culture has given us in science fiction it is easy to change the face of the importance of Christ's mission, and the mission of other God's that were sent to earth with similar stories to tell.

So the question of whether or not Christ was one of many alien hybrid visitors is valid when you search further into his history.

Many evangelical ministers of today would resolve that alien intervention would discredit the Bible and so they immediately discredit the alien God theory for a more comfortable romantic version. They conclude that the aliens have no need for a savior, and don't understand the human need for one.

They also question that if indeed Jesus was an alien then was his crucifixion a crucifixion for many worlds? I just don't get the hang up. I believe that the reason they have a hard time with it is because they want to continue claiming that God is a personal God for the earth and earth alone. Scriptures tell us of many worlds in the universe:

"In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you." John 14:2

It is obvious that God, or the many divine beings that intervene on this planet constantly, had many back up plans and other emissaries who were chosen to aid in the social and philosophical molding of the earth.

If Jesus is stripped away of his divinity and is looked upon as a great extra terrestrial teacher then many believe that a new system of worship will be established. However is it truly new? Or is it the same story with a different face?

I believe it is the same story with a different face. I have already pointed out that Jesus' story is not unique. That it was basically formulated from a blue print that was forged many years before his birth.

I have also pointed out that he was not the only child in recorded history or mythology that allegedly was born of a virgin.

He is not the only man whose coming was related to activity from beyond space.

His miracles however could be second nature to that of a space traveler or an ancient astronaut. His ability to change appearance and raise the dead could be attributes given to him from a conception that was done through hybridization by a being from another world or spiritual realm. Jesus himself told us in the scriptures that he was not of this earth.

Many religions speak of a second coming, or a first coming of a messiah that will be a great spiritual leader. Before the coming of a messiah there always seems to be in the blue print many wonders and signs in the heavens.

Are the modern sightings of UFO's proof that another messiah is due to arrive here on earth? Does the behavior of the star of Bethlehem prove that a UFO guided the Magi to Jesus? Does this prove that Aliens are concerned for our well being and continue to intervene?


But it does produce a convincing argument that something bigger than we are is controlling the fate of this planet. That people like Jesus are merely tools and examples that we should follow and there are many more worlds and areas that these agents of the extra terrestrial Godhood visit and try to help. The book of John tells us that the flock of the shepherd (Jesus et al) isn't confined to the earth alone:

"And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd." John 10:16

The unfortunate thing about such claims is that religions are so dogmatically certain that in their own particular little faith that they ignore the unique possibilities that could generate discussion as to the origins of such spiritual leaders as Horus, or Osirus, even Jesus Christ.

They already claim that they possess the whole truth about all things in heaven and earth, it almost never occurs to any of them to look elsewhere and find out what the followers of other religions may know or may have discovered.

They consider the new space age mythology a form of cosmic blasphemy. When it just may be an attempt to answer the questions concerning mysteries that have been ignored or covered up to continue the mass manipulation and the religious lie.

We have shown that perhaps there are many chosen and they have been chosen through the intervention of cosmic deities. So this would mean that religion is an enabler for control that has been placed here through the actions of extra terrestrials and tainted by men who have appointed themselves as prophets.

Theologians have covered up the extra terrestrial secret in order to preserve a magical or romanticized view of what the exact purpose of great leaders like Jesus truly was. Jesus himself told us who he was, and exactly who he wasn't and yet we continue to wonder if the theories about extra terrestrials are a product of imagination.

John records that Jesus said,

"You are from below, I am from above; you are of this world, I am not of this world."

So he needed to return to his world. In the transfiguration we read that Christ changed the way he looked. His new look was troubling to those who knew him. Peter, James and John were witnesses to Christ's change. He revealed his true self because he knew that it would be a gesture that would prove that he trusted his followers. He apparently did it so that they would know his true origin because he felt that they were ready to accept the truth that perhaps he was an extra terrestrial entity, a true being of light, the purest light in the universe.

Transfiguration means to change shape or form into something else.

In Matthew we learn that after he transfigured, his face did shine and that his clothing became a brilliant white.

"And after six days Jesus took with him Peter and James and John his brother, and led them up a high mountain apart. And he was transfigured before them, and his face shone like the sun, and his garments became white as light."

We also can look to the Acts of the Apostles talking of Christ's ascension, which seems to infer that Christ was taken aboard a space ship after his mission was completed.

"And when he had spoken these things, while they beheld, he was taken up and a cloud received him out of their sight. And while they looked steadfastly toward heaven as he went up behold two men stood by them in white apparel."

Two men other than his disciples attended Jesus during his ascension perhaps they were angels, or pilots of the device that was to take Jesus away. These two men had unusual clothing. They assisted Jesus and blocked the disciples from following Jesus into the craft that was hovering above them in the clouds.

Is this blasphemy? Does this shake your faith about the origins of Jesus?

I believe that it makes the Bible ripe for further examination. It shows that there is more to Christ than just stars, angels, and virgins. It also gives us an idea that God is probably not as mysterious as theologians would lead us to believe.

The fear they have is that if we learn that God is not as divine as thought of previously they will lose their control over us. To keep us in the mind set of being sinners and not unique and equally divine as Jesus is an even greater blasphemy against the reason for creation in the first place. God entrusts us with the ability to discern for ourselves but patriarchal order has been levied against us and God becomes a jealous God and a God of excesses.

Christmas should be a holiday set aside to remind us that God saw fit to send us a wonderful incarnation that attempted to give us direction and send us into the next step in our evolution. It needs to be remembered that in order to be accepted as an equal, his only begotten son had to be born in a humble locale.

It should also be remembered that it continues to happen and that perhaps the wonders in heaven, and the stories of visitations you hear about today are not fabrications, but continuations of what is vital in keeping the earth from being destroyed by those who do not back up their faith with facts. Maybe it is a vital reminder of how faith begins with humility and eventually it is hardened with knowledge.

Entering a cosmic awareness helps us realize that all things are not black and white and that the Bible is only one puzzle piece in a larger puzzle.

There are many facts that indicate that there is a wide spectrum of clerics who will battle for the right to call their Christmas story the true and only story.

As you can see the story of a half man half god/alien hybrid coming into the world to redeem it has caused a conundrum for thousands of years. As we journey into another thousand years it is evident that there will be more myths and legends about the intervention of extra terrestrials to come.

Jesus will end up lost in the crowd of other Gods that have been ignored over the millennia.

So enjoy Christmas now as it is. It may not be the same thousands of years from now. History tells us that messiahs are used, abused and eventually ignored for the new flavor of a new age.


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