By Clyde Lewis

As soon as I heard the news regarding the Paula Jones case being thrown out of court I had to run to the typewriter because I was holding in a strange story about what I had heard from a KSFO Report.

In a fit of frustration surrounding the "fellate-gate" scandal Ground Zero delved into political conspiratorial synchronicity regarding the Movie Wag the Dog and the sex scandals involving Paula Jones and Monica Lewinski. We spoke of other women that would come forward as well, and the idea that those who know of alleged Clinton improprieties have either died Mysteriously or have committed suicide. I stated that I thought both scandals were false. I also stated that while The Jones case is a lie, the Lewinski case is also a lie to try and make it look like just about every woman in the country is sleeping with the president. No one will believe that would they? This would indeed back up the claim that a major conservative coup was under way to asassinate the president's character. So said Hillary Clinton on a morning Talk show.

First off let me say that when I claimed that the Paula Jones Case had no truth to it and perhaps the case would unravel and fall apart I did this because a gut feeling was telling me that she was not telling the truth. When Hillary Clinton hoisted the warning Flag about a Right wing Conspiracy out to the destroy the president, I thought, that is exactly what they want us to believe. So, once again I stand by the Lewinski case as a falsehood as well. If republicans continue this act of character assassination of the President it may backfire. Unless we are seeing a clever form of propaganda out to destroy President Clinton before they lower the boom on a number of other weird coincidences surrounding the president.

I particularly recall speaking of the Mena Arkansas scandal and the mysterious deaths surrounding Clinton from two young boys ,to Vince Foster , to Ron Brown. Being a reporter "conspiracy circles" can also be disinformation, however there is no arguing the fact that many strange things happened in Arkansas while Clinton was Governor. Murder, sex, drugs. Scandal at the highest.

Recently I had the honor of interviewing Ken Thomas of Steamshovel Press. Ken is the man who goes into trenches and digs up the inconvenient data for guys like me who have to research it daily, to come up with reports like this one. Together we stressed that what we were doing was not Clinton Bashing but showing the circumstances and allowing the listeners to decide for themselves, if they want to believe that our smiling president may be crooked. It's any wonder with all the names that have ended up on tombstones and obituaries over the years.

On August 23, 1987 Kevin Ives and Don henry, were two Teenagers who wandered near the site of a Mena, Arkansas drug/cash air drop. State medical examiner Fahmy Malak, a favorite of Clinton who had cleared Clinton's mother of causing the deaths of two patients to whom she had administered anesthesia, ruled that Ives and Don Henry "fell asleep on the tracks." A second autopsy, performed at the parents' request by another coroner, found that they had been stabbed in the back and that their skulls had been crushed before the train had run over their bodies.

This was only the beginning of the death scandals.

April 1988 Keith Coney Claimed to have knowledge of the Ives/Henry murders was Killed before he could testify. After Coney had been slashed in the neck, he was fleeing for his life on his motorcycle when he slammed into the back of a truck and was killed. His death was ruled a "traffic fatality".

November 1988 Keith McKaskle Claimed to have knowledge of the Ives/Henry murders. Killed before he could testify. McKaskle, knowing that his life was in danger, had said goodbye to his friends and family. He died from 113 stab wounds which were inflicted upon him in his home.

January 1989 Gregory Collins Claimed to have knowledge of the Ives/Henry murders. Killed before he could testify. Collins was found dead from a shotgun blast to the face.

April 1989 Jeff Rhodes Claimed to have knowledge of the Ives/Henry murders. Killed before he could testify. Rhodes' body was found in the city dump, where it had been burned. He had been shot in the head, and his hands, feet, and head had been partly cut off.

July 1989 Richard Winters Claimed to have knowledge of the Ives/Henry murders. Killed before he could testify. Winters was silenced by a blast from a 12-gauge sawed-off shotgun.

June 1990 Jordan Ketelson Claimed to have knowledge of the Ives/Henry murders. Killed before he could testify. Ketelson was found in the driveway of a Garland County house. He had died from a shotgun blast to the head. His death was ruled a "suicide".

From the Henry Ives deaths and the mysterious deaths of the witnesses we go to the nosy reporter who was killed. On August 10, 1991 Danny Casolaro was a Reporter investigating the connections between Inslaw, BCCI, Mena, Park-O-Meter, and the Arkansas Development and Finance Authority. Casolaro was found dead in a bathtub in a West Virginia hotel room with his wrists slit. He had told people that he was about to receive important information regarding his investigation, linking the scandals together. He had warned his family that his life was in danger and, if he were found dead of an apparent accident or suicide, to realize that he had actually been killed. His death was ruled a "suicide".

It was May 19, 1993 when John A. Wilson Washington, D.C., city councilman who had decided to come forward with inside knowledge he possessed regarding the Clinton scandals. Wilson was found hanged. His death was ruled a "suicide". Then there was the

Vincent Foster, case . Foster was Counsel to the President handling the Whitewater investigation. On July 20, 1993 He allegedly shot himself in the head. Numerous pieces evidence points directly to murder, as noted in many different articles regarding his death. His death was ruled a "suicide".

Kathy Ferguson had told co-workers about how her ex-husband, a state trooper, had obtained women for the sexual escapades of Bill Clinton. Ferguson allegedly shot herself in the head with a pistol, a method of suicide rarely chosen by women (and even more rarely chosen by nurses, who have access to drugs and the knowledge to use them). Several of her closest co-workers adamantly deny that she killed herself. She died five days after Danny Ferguson was named as a co-conspirator in the Paula Jones case. Her death was ruled a "suicide".

June 12, 1994 Bill Shelton Arkansas police officer and boyfriend of Kathy Ferguson. Shelton had been highly and publicly critical of the police ruling that Kathy Ferguson had committed suicide. He allegedly shot himself in the head -- behind the ear, execution style , The grim list goes on and on…. And there are some names I overlooked. This was only to give you a general idea… Before Jim McDougal was about to release a book exposing the Clintons and the Whitewater Scandal he died too. Of a heart attack.

After his passing many ironic things have happened. David Brock, a Journalist has come forward to apologize about the Paula Jones Story saying that it was a story made to attack the character of the president. On April 1st 1998 a judge threw out the Paula Jones case. As if this was a major surprise to Ground Zero and X-zone listeners. I had talked about these very scandals with my colleague Rob McConnell , and now KSFO talk show host and Journalist Geoff Metcalf has now come forward with some scary information.

In a Copyrighted story for World Net Daily Geoff writes about a letter he received and what strange things may have happened up until Jim Mcdougal Died . Metcalf Claims that the informant is a reliable source and that he has been corresponding with an "activist" who was thrown in prison . This activist was good friends with McDougal while serving time at the Ft. Worth Federal prison. The Inmate Claims that he is not a conspiracy freak. He is a rational clear headed individual who doesn not give into the Conspiracy of the month club, but alas as with any meaty story the inmate wishes to remain anonymous. He believes that Mcdougal was murdered. So does every other inmate in this prison. All 1,442 of them.

Here is where the fun begins and the all too familiar conspiracy theory unfolds. The inmate claims that an olive drab Blackhawk helicopter with no markings on it landed outside the prison fence. The prison was in the middle of the 4oclock count, after that the inmates had dinner and the helicopter flew off over the compound real low. The inmates all saw this. The compound was locked down, and at the same time Jim was taken to give a urine specimen for drug testing . Macdougal was not in Prison for Drugs. The inmate claims that Mcdougal was in good spirits and was looking forward to testifying before Ken Starr's Grand Jury . he also talked about his new Tell all book.

(Now comes the eerie music) During the compound lockdown after dinner, he was injected with a drug in the clinic, supposedly 'Lasix' to make him urinate, then put into the hold by himself, where he died. It is believed that Mcdougal had a Urinary tract infection . After his death he was taken to John Petersmith hospital which is not procedure . He should have been taken to Ft. Worth Osteopathic Hospital where the Bureau of Prisons contract is. If this story can be confirmed, which probably will not, or cannot be confirmed, the nyou can add Mcdougal to the so called Clinton Hit list and you can also watch the hidden battle between the leader of the free world, the press, and the Conspiratorial right wing. Who ever is right is anybody's guess, however with a mind at Ground Zero I am sure you will probably guess the outcome.


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