By Clyde Lewis

Dreamers know of Jonbar Point. It is the hinge of all alternate worlds. When Jonbar Point is reached every choice that can be made at that point is made, and each choice creates many parallel worlds. There are so many Jonbar points that await us. They are slightly out of synch enough to keep them from colliding. However, what if the old ways came back to open the door to a new era? The old ways tell you to use wisdom. However some never learn.

In literature it is written that if you gaze into the abyss for a long period of time, unwavering, the abyss will gaze back at you. In the dark depths of what we call chaos, fact and fiction melt away and only one truth remains, things change. As the new millenium approaches we need to understand that anything can happen and that what decisions we make at the end of the century will be the impetus for what is to come.

A new era is about to begin, people are already beginning to have that mounting sense of fear. We will be under the looming shadow, of whatever mistakes we make when the last chime of the clock ceases to vibrate at midnight January 1st, 2000.

Some will tell you that it is not that easy, yet all of our myths and religious texts tell us that it is very easy to set a course for an unknown end. In old history, there were many things that opened the portal to a new era, a new way of thinking. They were very simple. Or they were metaphor, only to give us a homogenized, poetic idea.

Simplicity can be such a poetic train wreck. Something as simple as picking an apple off of a tree in paradise can start man's decent into history. What it meant for mankind according to the religious was death. Mankind now had the ability to die. It was then that the unknown was invented. Parallel universes were born. Choices were available . Jonbar Points were many. It was something as simple as an apple that doomed Eden. Something that simple which gave us knowledge. Something that simple that made us realize that we were alone and fearful of what was to come. Something as simple as Jesus dying on a cross gave us Christianity. If he hadn't of been betrayed by Judas , His followers would not have conquered the Roman Empire. His religion would have dissolved.

I guess, I am taking the long way of saying that actions count. Good and Bad. That there is power in word, and action. There is power in ritual. Rituals bend the spectrum. They move the universe in your favor. Or they can turn the universe against you. Against your enemies.

I have pointed out many times that magic, witchcraft, or priesthood, the names given to a central power or force are actually implemented to bring the parallel universe closer. Making the veil between heaven and hell thinner. This gives us the assurance that the world we live in is not a trap, from which there is no escape.

Modern Consensus reality dictates that Magic, is to be confined to the parlor, that Card tricks are what entertain children at parties. Real magic is not card tricks nor is it the sawing of a lady in half. Real magic is the power that is given through the hands of the prophet, the soothsayer, the sorcerer, or the witch. The names may be different but the powers are the same.

While many will say that those who practice magic are evil, one needs to look at who is the person officiating the spell, the invocation or the curse. One has to decide what is evil. And one has to ask himself or herself can an evil deed be done out of love, or for the fulfillment of promise? Well of course it can. It's all in your perspective.

Moses used his powers to show the Egyptians the power of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. His staff was the oracle, and it was used to part waters, and make manna rain from the heavens. There were plagues and curses leveled against the Egyptians. Moses had the power to contact angels of death to destroy the first born children of the Egyptians. This was a sacrifice of blood. The portals were opened, and Moses received knowledge. Was the sacrifice of the first born the act of a crazed prophet bent on accomplishing an evil curse?

Jesus was a man who used his powers, to feed those who were spiritually needy. He would use invocations to raise the dead. He also was crucified, and used his powers to resurrect his body after three days rotting in a borrowed crypt. He then opened the heavens and Christ's disciples were told that Jesus was leaving the earth, and would return in a similar manner some day. This is the cornerstone of Salvation in Christian faiths. Not that the "evil" Judas had anything to do with it. He came to that Jonbar point and betrayed Jesus. This helped the Christian churches thrive 2000 years later. Ironic isn't it, that an act of Evil brought so much good in the world. However the good effects that Christianity has on the world are debatable.

In the times of the druids, The grand Evocation of the dragon was used. The earth was viewed as one manifestation of power and was symbolized as a dragon. The prayers and invocations to the realms of fire would open up portals and knowledge was received. Some were able to go to other worlds. Some came in through the portals from other worlds. Notice that there are several parallels to these rituals. One of the Major elements is sacrifice. The shedding of blood. The early churches demonized Pagan activity and to this day the old ways are still criticized in modern religion, even though the rituals have been "borrowed." To give people a sense of power.

But that was then, this is now. Magic is not real. Witchcraft is a false hood, and priesthood is way that man can control man hiding behind the money changing in the temples. Or is it?

Are we to believe that these methods of summoning parallel universes do not exist today? If these events were real, and many believe they were, then some one has to be conducting ritual in much the same way as before, in order to gain knowledge in order to bring beings through portals to this world. Some perhaps are leaving this world all the time . The burning question is who is conducting these rituals, and where can we see proof of such things?

When speaking of these things I always have to speak of Hitler first. Hitler has been deemed the man of the millenium, not because of his popularity but because of all the things he did, much to the horror of our planet. Hitler knew of Jonbar points. He felt he was a man of destiny. He adhered to Celtic ritual and symbolism, which mesmerized the German people into believing that Nazism, was the great Empire, the ultimate nobility. Hitler would pour hot lead, which was an ancient way of foretelling the future. He claimed to hear voices, and he claimed that he had a mission to fulfill. He used what was good and perverted it , tampering with what has been called "the dark side of the force." Using this information and power to indoctrinate his fellow countrymen.

Some people claim that the roots of such a mass indoctrination began with secret combinations and cabals where manifestations were visible during secret meetings under ground. The symbol of the Swastika was used and the chain of occult visitations by small beings continues from the Nazis first visions, to the CIA. The main objective was to organize an order of men, with a military-religious structure centered on a leader being divine, or godly. Human Sacrifice was also involved giving the group powers. The Nazis first sacrificial lamb of course was the German minister of Foreign affairs who happened to be Jewish. While he lay dying on the ground he claimed that his killers were the 72 who ruled the world. Hitler did have a chosen 72. Much like what is seen in Brotherhoods who perform rituals of power. In the wrong hands these powers can be deadly. Hitler became a Nut on the occult, and began seeking out cherished religious artifacts, namely the Holy Grail, and the sword of destiny. The same sword believed to have pierced the side of Christ. Hitler seized the sword in the name of the third Reich. After having declared Austria to be a part of the Reich, Hitler had it loaded on to an armored SS train and taken to Nuremberg on October 13. There it remained in St. Catherine's Church for the next 6 years until it was removed to a safer, protective underground vault where Lt. Walter William Horn, of the United States Army took possession of it in the name of the US government at 2:10 PM on April 30, 1945. Soviet Archives that were once kept hidden from us now reveal that when the Russian Soldiers captured Hitler's Bunker Hitler died from a gunshot wound to the head by his own hand at 3:30 P.M. 80 minutes after the United States took possession of the Spear. Coincidence? Gives new meaning to the words "Those who live by the sword, die by the sword."

Not long after Hitler, the United States Needed to show it's power. They needed to organize their New World Order, with a military-religious structure that centered on a leader being divine, or godly. But it would not happen in a short time, the perfect order would take many years. There needed to be rituals also. Their needed to be certain elements used for the evil spell. There needed to be a destruction of primordial matter, a sacrificial killing of the divine king, a sick and twisted parallel to that of Jesus, and the bringing of prima materia to prima terra.

Much like a God test, to prove man can become more than man. To create, mankind must learn to destroy. In theory this has already been done. In a place ironically called Trinity, the first atomic bomb was a test. A case of the creation and destruction of primordial matter. This may have been used to open the portals and signal to awaiting emissaries from other worlds that the time was at hand. It has also been noted that after the bomb blasts we experienced what now is called the modern UFO, era. This may be a coincidence, but it would explain a lot of things. Prophets of old would summon beings, such as angels all the time, according to scripture. Perhaps our evil deeds summoned what can only be described as demons that visit the earth and abduct humans by night. Thus giving argument to right wing Christian groups who believe that our aliens are unnatural Gods summoned with the aid of black magik.

The killing of the divine King has ties to Celtic Lore as well. It was accomplished November 22nd, 1963 in Dallas Texas. Camelot's own John F. Kennedy was publicly executed. Some would claim that Kennedy was forming a political Dynasty with his brother Robert. A military religious order with a divine ruler. But that is only opinion, however the facts are eerily coincidental to the theory of a secret agenda set by a small group of people hell bent on creating a fascist New World Order.

President Kennedy was the country's first Catholic President, who came from a Celtic heritage. President Kennedy is considered by some to be one of the best leaders of his time in the United States. First of all the obvious strangeness lies in the assassinations of both John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. While every conspiracy theorist on the planet will tell you their version of the Kennedy assassination. The high weirdness goes one step further. Take for example the Celtic origin of the name Kennedy. The name Kennedy comes from the original Irish Cennedigh. It has many variations. O'Kennedy, MacKennedy, Kennedy, O'Cinnkide . Many more are widely used. The word Cennedigh when broken down ironically means Ugly or Wounded head. ceann means "head", eidigh means "ugly". Both Robert and John were killed with wounded heads. Michael Kennedy died in a Skiing accident in 1998 . Michael went headlong into a tree. The cause of death was an injury to the head. Oh the coincidences that make you wonder if all of this special ritual and magic are real? Playing with fire can burn you. When you pervert the pure rituals and replace them with defective ones, only chaos will result.

Finally the transport of moon rocks to the earth by the Astronauts is theorized as being the fulfillment of bringing Prima Materia to Prima Terra. Many of those moon rocks are missing from Nasa Storage facilities. Could these be used in rituals?

Other things that have to be accomplished, in the Black ritual order is the perfection of Nature. Which may explain Cloning. Strange expeditions in search of ashes left behind of a Red Heifer, the last one sacrificed before the Temple of Jerusalem was destroyed. After the Ashes are found safely hidden away, They will be taken and used in a ritual for A new state religion which unites the world into one secular order. The new Military-religious leader will lead a line of disciples that will be anointed with the ashes of this Red Heifer. Is this the Anti -Christ? One only wonders. There have been back up plans and rituals that have been hidden around you. Theory would suggest others have their agendas as well.

About 1945 L. Ron Hubbard and jet propulsion Scientist John Whiteside Parsons were working on a little project called "Babylon Working." It's goal was to open a long sealed "Interdimentional Doorway." The other purpose was to find an elemental, for sexual intercourse. The sexual act was to bring about the birth of the antichrist. The elemental for this act would be with Marjorie Cameron. The Door did open and according to them something came in. After this "project" in 1947 Kenneth Arnold witnessed flying Saucers. The Roswell incident happened in 1947. In 1952 John Whiteside Parsons was blown up in a lab accident. Then the government named a Mountain on the moon after him. This of course is mind boggling. A man who used the dark powers of Alister Crowley to perhaps bring about the destruction of this world through Interdimentional chaos. Another explanation as to why we are seeing such wonders in Heaven, as Right wing Christians once again claim that men, call upon unnatural Gods, to bring about Armageddon.

Moving to another sinister ritualistic sacrifice is the proposed idea that Princess Diana was the real Scarlet Woman of Babylon, that was needed sacrifice before the arrival of the feared Anti-Christ. In Revelation Chapter 12 it speaks of the Woman of Great Babylon. This woman would give birth to the Anti-Christ. This baby has been spoken of as the moonchild brought forth by the moon goddess. Although it isn't clear in the bible, the woman who gives birth to this child wears a crown of 12 stars and yet has the sun on her face and the moon at her feet. The Moon goddess, the goddess of childbearing, and the goddess of the hunt and the Patroness of the white stag are all terms to describe Diana.

The Dragon rises up and awaits the child's birth in order to devour that child. For many years the dragon has been interpreted as Satan.We have said earlier that the earth could also be that Dragon , Let me also point out that the Dragon is also on the Flag of Wales.

This means that Diana gives birth to a child that is an heir to the throne. This throne is to be ruled with a rod of Iron. This is supposed to take place after the mother, Diana flees into the wilderness and then goes to a place that God has prepared for her. This could be interpreted as that the woman flees her home, to a different land where she is taken up into heaven.

Diana left England for France. It is there where she died. Where she died is significant as well. The Pont de l'Alma tunnel, the site where Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed met their deaths in a car crash. The site is ancient, dating back to the time of the Merovingian kings (ca. 500 - 751 AD),and before. In pre-Christian times, the Pont del' Alma was an undergroundchamber and used as a pagan sacrificial site. The Founder of the Merovingian dynasty was Merovaeus, said to be descended from the union of a sea creature and a French queen. Merovaeus followed the pagan cult of Diana. In Middle English, "soul" (Alma) has as etymology "descended from the sea." "Pont," has as a Latin root "pontifex," meaning a Roman high priest. Alma also is Spanish for Soul or spirit." One translationof Pont del' Alma would be "bridge of the soul." It is believed that those who die at the sacrificial site, become saintly and go directly to heaven. If Diana was assassinated by a secret order. This could be fulfilling prophecy if you believe in such things.

This would also make Prince William and Prince Harry Children of a Saint. The equivalent of Jesus Christ so to speak. Thus becoming the new Messiahs if one wants to go that far. The Divine rulers of a Monarchy that easily could become a Military religious order. Chosen for the very purpose of being defenders of the New Faith.

Is all of this real? That is what Jonbar Point is all about. All based on many possible outcomes. Many Possible theories rooted in the idea, that ancient ritual that normally is used for good can be perverted to gain total control.

And yet who is perverted? The person who prolongs the agony of our pathetic existence or the one who opens Pandora's Box knowing that it has to be done so the final chapter can play out. Does anyone fault Adam and Eve when they reached their Jonbar Point? When they opened Pandora's Box Right under the nose of God? Does anyone fault Judas Iscariot when he reached his Jonbar point, when he kissed Jesus in order to fulfill a prophecy? Who are the Bad guys here?

It isn't all Black and white is it? Many outcomes many parallel universes. If all the Old rituals, the ones demonized by an all or nothing Christianity have to be used to prevent destruction, or fulfill prophecy then so be it. There is always someone who makes that decision for you. Is all of this stuff I bring up working? As a metaphor, or modern day myth to explain the turbulence in the world, I'd say yes definitely.

Who is behind it? Who knows. If it is a centralized ruler like an anti-Christ then he has a real dirty job to accomplish. However he may not have to lift a finger. The culture is collapsing on itself. A new culture is about to be born. One that is the Luciferian dream. The brainwashing of the people, replacing "rights" with "privileges" "freedom of speech" with "censorship of dissention" and "freedom of religion" with "Christian right" (the hateful group that bears the name of Christ, who murder people in the name of God And ridicule and malign homosexuals.) These are the things that we bring to the Jonbar Point. Will we take them beyond the Jonbar point into the next millenium? The unfortunate thing is that we have lost control. There is always someone who makes that decision for you. Unless you tell your self that you refuse to carry that excess baggage into the new Millenium. The trip will be a long one. The Journey of a thousand years. It is best you travel light.


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