By Clyde Lewis

In November of 1978, close to a thousand people died in a religious utopia known as Jonestown. The truth has been revealed twenty years later. They were not cultists or fanatics. They were not part of the new economic order so they were marked for a SUICIDE SOLUTION.

After The Broadcast on Ground Zero which talked about the attempted and almost successful genocide of the American Indian, I was very distraught over some of the calls and letters I received from people who honestly told me that what I did was inexcusable political correctness. That I was trying to make people feel guilty for what had happened over 100 years ago. I was also told that white English speakers founded this country, and that the others who come here to occupy space should assimilate. I was quoted from the Bible that I was absolutely wrong in what I was trying to say. I was told that these past deaths were unimportant. That people make mistakes. That the history that has been written about the Indians is true. That they were savages and rapists. Here are a few quotes from these letters, look at the eerie and cold complacency that are in these quotes. The Intent was not to make anyone feel guilty about our treatment of Indians, but it was an example of how we are devolving into a group that has no regard for those who are different. It existed then, and it still exists today:

"We have no bloody idea what went on or what it was like to be on the frontier. It was a brutal, savage land. It is easy, with 100 years of hindsight, too decide something was "wrong" by our modern politically correct standards."

"Yes, Indians were in many instances hanged, died of "European" diseases
and were otherwise mistreated. On the other hand many whites were
brutally tortured, raped, murdered and mutilated by these "noble" red
men. You should read some of the accounts of what happened to white
women and children who were captured by Indians. It would make you
sick: babies brains bashed out, women gang raped and tortured; if it
were your wife or child, what would you have done? Funny those
accounts never make it into the movies."

Now in all fairness I see that the attempt to balance out the conversation is attempted in these quotes however here is an interesting turn that I hear every time a Nazi war criminal is cornered and asked why he gassed the Jews in Auschwitz:

"What would have you done Clyde? If you were in the Cavalry and they ordered you to fire on the Indian encampment? They were just following orders, tell me you wouldn't have done the same thing"

Nazis have said that when they killed Jews it was because they were following orders. That argument never works in tribunals in Israel. Just because you are given an order it does not justify the act. It was done. Who now is making excuses for something that happened 100 years ago?

And of course there is always this line that comes from those who don't want to have some jerk -off talk show host spoiling their weekend:

"I'm for equal rights and everything but I am tired of hearing that I need to feel guilty about what my ancestors did to the Jews, the Blacks, and now the Native Americans. Lighten up Clyde, I am proud to be an American. I have friends who are Native Americans, and they look very happy. Can you show me where we recently have done anything as horrible as what you have told us that happened 50 maybe one hundred years ago? We are civilized now. The wall has come down, there hasn't been a world war for at least 50 years and we are getting better not worse. I know you do these shows for entertainment purposes, but I refuse to feel guilty about something that happened long ago."

A few listeners scolded me, about the viewpoints I expressed about how Governments continue to remove what they deem to be subversive, and was told that our Government is being managed by wise men. That this land is choice above all other lands. That the Constitution is still working. That God blesses the USA. We will never fail. That is only if the government this country has entrusted abides by liberty, and freedom of choice.

A Government that is more than an aggregate of people pursuing power. That is what we have seen lately. One side saying we have the answers and another taping phone calls, playing morality cops, and pointing fingers. History has shown that attitudes like this backfire and the blame goes to patsy's and scapegoats.

By anthropomorphizing our government, or our country into an entity with godlike powers is self sabotage. George Orwell wrote in the book 1984 that we should fear the smothering secrecy and faceless oppression by the state. But 1984 has since come and gone and so a lot of people aren't listening anymore. That is why we make saints out of whores, and heroes out of Politicians.

The Cry at the end of the Century is "the Truth is out there." We all follow someone. When are we going to realize that the truth is in us? That we can follow and lead?

I have continually said that social injustice is happening all the time. In my opinion the time line is inconsequential. Whether it is one hundred, or a thousand years ago. Death and injustice is death and injustice, and no timeline can wash our hands of the blood that is shed. Either here or abroad. Even if it is our Government that does it. People sit and lament the death of a man that they don't even know who died on a Cross 2000 years ago. Yet I am told to stop worrying about millions of Indians who died because they didn't fit our criteria as human beings.

I am also supposed to stand Idly bye and pretend that it will never happen again. That if not an Indian, some other group might be the focus of "Operation Wipe Out" like perhaps homosexuals, who lately have been harassed at funerals of AIDS patients and people applaud the murders of abortion doctors because it is what God wants. So God wants Murder. Say that from the Pulpit Pat Robertson. God delights in Murder, Say that Mr. Falwell. Your silence has already proven your acceptance.

Want More proof? I guess I need to find a major event where injustice went too far, and people's lives were lost because they decided that they wanted to not participate in the New Order. I am also being challenged to bring forth proof that Our side has taken innocent lives and lead them like lambs to the slaughter. The American Indian idea was not sufficient for a lot of the audience. It gave everyone collective guilt. The audience once again illustrated my point. I have always said that we are complacent. That it doesn't matter. The majority needs proof that this goes on. Turn the TV down and listen to a morbid tale of mind control, murder, suicide and lying.

Let's go back to 1978 and a place called Jonestown. Does anyone remember? It was Kind of like Waco without the barbecue, but someone brought the Kool-aid.

While there are a number of factors and prejudices involving this group of people, you will realize that there could be many factors as to why the people of Jonestown ended up the way they did. The Jonestown Massacre story is so tainted in myth that consensus reality will tell you that a group of fanatical cultists died in a mass suicide ritual.

That they did it themselves and we should not have to feel the least bit sorry, or feel the least bit responsible for what a number of poor, mostly black people did in South America. Our responsibility is to spread the truth. Not feel guilty. This story is not here for pity.

Truth is I am not asking you to feel sorry for the members of Jonestown. I am asking you to listen. I am asking you to open your minds. I am asking you to speak out against injustice. I am asking you to stop being complacent. While you may not care about Jonestown, just remember, Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

When if ever, do the mainstream media get a story, and tell the truth? Well, in the case of Jonestown it is obvious that someone was spinning the lies to cover up what really happened. After 20 years the mainstream media attempted to get it right and still the overall attitude is the same. A group of fanatical, poor, mostly black people, drank cyanide laced Kool-aid in a bizarre suicide ritual led by a mad man named Jim Jones.

I guess to those of us that weren't even around in 1978 it becomes necessary to introduce you to the horrific story of how a number of people were marked for death, all because they decided not to be conformists. How this was a model for what might be coming, and how this kicked off a trend of modern day religious intolerance, and persecution to those who do not believe in a "normal" theology.

In Guyana South America, there was religious commune called "The peoples temple." A so called Utopia that was situated in a community known as Jonestown. A mysterious, charismatic man named Jim Jones led them. The story goes that this man somehow had the power to convince over 900 of his followers, to gulp down cyanide spiked Kool- aid. All precipitated by the fact that they were persecuted and Paranoid, and felt that no one accepted them. So It was time to leave this earth. Sound Familiar? Waco, Heavens gate?

It was Jack Anderson who came forward with a story two years after the 900 were found dead in Guyana. In the story he said that the CIA was involved in the Jonestown Massacre and that the ties run deeper than a mere suicide ritual of fanatical cultists in a secluded Utopia. The public dismissed this as a conspiracy theory. How could our government be tied to a nutcase like Jim Jones, and a communist sympathizer? This is impossible.

There were many misconceptions as to what was really going on in Jonestown. Whatever I write could very well be misunderstood as well. I mean it happened when I was 14 and so digging up old graves for the sake of argument is for my own journey, what ever you find is your truth, but this is how I heard the story. Of course my version lead me to believe that it could happen again and if Waco, or Heaven's Gate is any indication, we are seeing history repeat itself. If we say to ourselves that these terrible things only happen to gullible people, then we are heading for a social crisis. Gullibility is meaosured by what looks good to the intellect. Everyone is susceptible. As it said in Jonestwn, "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Jim Jones father was was an active member of the southern Indiana Ku Klux Klan. Jones was known as a gangster with a bible. He was a tent revivalist and a faith healer. He had a monkey selling business on the side. In 1961 Jim Jones spent time in Brazil. It was rumored by the Locals in the are that Jim Jones was an agent for the CIA. While in Brazil he was able to secure $10,000 dollars which was enough for him to start a church in Ukiah California. His church thrived and began collecting a huge following. People nicknamed him the messiah from Ukiah. He was also able to help a number of Foster Children. Jim Jones was a saint to his followers. He called the Church the People's temple. A socialist Utopia where people seemed to be very happy.

Were They a Cult?

We have argued the definition of Cult before on Ground Zero. However for the sake of those who still see themselves as immune to cultist behavior, in the evil and mind controlling sense we will give it the layman's definition of fanatical lone nuts.

After a number of files were released on "The People's Temple" in 1977 surprisingly the FBI wrote that the group was actually a mainstream religious group. With endorsements from political figures Senators Walter Mondale, Hubert Humphrey, and Congresswomen Bella Abzug and Patsy Mink. It also claims that Jim Jones, was a respected minister of the Disciples of Christ, the Protestant church of former President Lyndon Johnson and millions of other Americans.

Jane Fonda also said that she was impressed with the group and what they had to say she commented that she wanted her children to have the experience of Jonestown. People were happy there. However there were some that concluded Jones was a madman. It was said that Jim Jones claimed he was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ and Vladmir Lennin. The Church did have some characters with shady pasts lurking in the shadows. One of his first Followers was Charles Beikman a Green Beret later charged with killing several civilians. Jones surrounded himself with armed guards and he would take a lot of what his followers had, a lot of it was social security and welfare checks.

A story in the Press said that seven people had died mysteriously, and some that broke away from the peoples Temple claimed that they were abused sexually and physically. After that Jones Moved to San Francisco where the people's Temple grew bigger. Mayor George Moscone and Harvey Milk Became strong supporters of Jones. It was then that the terrible stories began to reach their peak. Many people were kidnapped and deprogrammed because family members were worried that this was a dangerous cult. In the meantime horror stories were coming out of Guyana. Stories of how Black temple workers were bound and gagged and taken to the isolated compound. They were pumped with drugs, starved led through suicide drills, and forced into slave labor.

Once classified files also show that that the church was harassed and monitored by intelligence agents after they left and moved to San Francisco. After the move to Guyana, Congressman Leo Ryan was pressured by Cult watchdog groups to visit Jonestown to see if people were okay. On November 18th Richard Dwyer, deputy chief of the U.S. Mission to Guyana and a number of reporters accompanied Leo Ryan to the secluded area of Jonestown, which was home to the People's Temple. No one will ever know what he saw. Video tape captured glassy eyed assassins methodically shooting at Ryan and 4 reporters, as he attempted to leave the airstrip. All of them fell dead. Many helplessly watched the execution on the evening news . It was either during or after the airstrip murders that everyone back at Jonestown allegedly committed suicide as ordered by Jones, in reaction to Leo Ryan's Visit.

Was There a CIA Connection?

It is believed that there were several CIA agents that were monitoring the Jonestown encampment. Phillip Blakey, who was a trusted aide of Peoples Temple leader Jim Jones was said to be involved in the CIA. Phillip Blakey had traveled to Guyana to select the site for Jonestown and to begin clearing land. He was one of the few survivors of the mass killing.

Richard Dwyer was a double agent for the CIA as well. Dwyer had been a spook since 1959. Jim Jones Boyhood friend Dan Mitrione worked for the international police academy, which was financed by the CIA which taught counter surgency techniques and torture techniques, that were used around the world.

These agents were working with the Department of State and the Central Intelligence Agency to use the Jonestown Colony as part of the Central

Intelligence Agency's MK Ultra program. Mk Ultra, for those who do not know was a secret government experiment that used Psychoactive drugs on unsuspecting human subjects. Many Americans were given LSD without their knowledge or consent. The Government admitted to dosing thousands of Americans from 1855-158, however many dosings of people in the 60's and 70's still remain classified. massive quantities of mind-control drugs were found at the Jonestown colony after the fatal incident of November 18, 1978.

Mass Suicide or Murder?

Although it was written in papers, and history books that the dead at Jonestown committed Suicide further investigations show, that the deaths at Jonestown were murders, not suicides. Dr. C. Leslie Mootoo, then chief medical examiner of Guyana and the government's top pathologist and the first physician on the scene delivered the grim news that many of people of Jonestown had died as a result from injections of cyanide. However After 32 hours in the heat and after 187 bodies were examined, most of the workers who were among the dead because of the terrible hot weather. The Victims according to Mootoo were injected between their shoulder blades or in the back of the upper arm. This would make it impossible for self-injection. A professional who knew what they were doing did the injections. Many others were shot. There were gunshot wounds and crossbow bolts in the bodies. The ones that were shot were fleeing into the Jungle. Another question is was Richard Dwyer involved? In a tape recording during the Massacre Jim Jones was heard yelling out "Get Dwyer Out of here!" Dwyer was at the airstrip after the Ryan killing methodically washing his hands. He had in his possession the wallets and personal effects of the five people that were killed in the airstrip ambush.

Jim Jones allegedly shot himself. However he may have been murdered because his gun was 200 feet away from his body. The Body of Jones, did not have tattoos. Jones was known to have identifying tattoos on his body. His Fingerprints were checked twice, but his dental records were never checked. There were drag marks near some of the bodies, suggested that many of the Victims died somewhere else.

Congressman Leo Ryan:

Congressman Ryan was either loved or hated by his colleagues. Ryan was man who banged the drum regarding injustices, and was hell bent on exposing the use of LSD on unsuspecting Americans. He was a bulldog investigator who went incognito several times to see if people were being mistreated. He did it in Watts after the riots, and he also went undercover at Folsom state prison to see if the prisoners were being treated poorly. He would drop in unannounced at CIA headquarters to keep tabs on agents and to find out what wasn't being told to congress. Basically a real pain in the ass. In 1977 and 1978, Ryan pressured the agency to reveal the extent of its involvement in psychiatric "mind-control" experiments. Some of the cases he attempted to expose was tests on inmates In a California Prison, and The Patty Hearst case. His efforts got him into a lot of hot water. Cinque or Donald Defreeze was one of the prisoners in Vacaville that was involved with these mind control experiments, and he was linked to Hearst. Ryan was getting in deeper and deeper. He was revealing some of the darker and uglier elements of the CIA. He was becoming the enemy. Some people believe he was led into an ambush. Were 900 people murdered to cover the assassination of one pain in the ass congressman?

The Genocide theory:

Former People's Temple member Joyce Shaw theorized the Jonestown was some sick government experiment. A racist plan to eliminate blacks in Guyana that backfired. If it wasn't Black Genocide, the maybe it was a calling card for any group that wanted t break away from the Economical order. Most of the members were poor and black , and mostly women . Some were social outcasts, and drug addicts. Prime candidates for MK-Ultra Guinea pigs. Jonestown may have been all of those things using mind control, and religion to set a deadly trap.

Take a society of people who feel they are happy and free. Give them leaders they trust. Then introduce drugs into the society. Take from them that, which they hold dear, give them a reason to start feeling paranoid, demonize those who rebel, watch the breakdown begin. The final solution is deadly. Revolt, mass murder, chaos, and a final mop up slaughter. All covered up by the CIA with a Kool-aid suicide story given to the press

The Aftermath:

  • There were no autopsies performed on the bodies in Guyana. Cause of death was not an issue. According to the Army.

  • The initial death Toll was 408. Then 913. American authorities first explained the discrepancy by saying that that the Giyanese "could not count" .

  • The story was then changed to that bodies were piled on top of each other. How could 408 bodies.82 of them children cover 505 other dead bodies?

  • It was theorized that 408 died and 700 fled into the jungle. Some of them were hunted down and brought back to the compound. There were supposedly 1100 people in Jonestown. 913 Died ,167 survived, 20 were unaccounted for.

  • Most of the Bodies were left to rot in the Jungle.

  • After a press conference, former Jones aide Michael Prokes went into a restroom and committed suicide after hearing of an audio tape that was in the possession of the FBI and CIA.

  • Jeanie and Al Mills, would be authors of a tell all book on the Jonestown massacre were found Murdered in their home.

  • More than 20 months after Leo Ryan was killed, his five adult children-two sons and three daughters-filed a lawsuit based on extensive investigation into what had precipitated their father's death.

  • The lawsuit charged that "the Jonestown Colony was infiltrated with agent(s) of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States.

  • It alleged that Dwyer "as an agent and employee of the Central Intelligence Agency ... negligently, maliciously and intentionally withheld crucial information about the Jonestown Colony which would have prevented harm to Ryan."

  • It further charged that Dwyer "knowingly, intentionally and maliciously led The congressman into a trap at the Port Kaituma Air Strip, which cost Ryan his life."

  • The Ryan's' lawsuit was dismissed for reasons that have to date never been fully disclosed

There you have the facts and the opinions that have been printed and theorized for 20 years. Now , I know there will be those who will say that the Jonestown incident was 20 years ago. What is past is past and yet again I point to the sign that was written and hanging over the throne of Jim Jones. Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. It is obvious that our government was involved in some way with the deaths of the peoples' temple and all of the trappings of are familiar to us all. If you want more recent events, you may want to look towards Waco. You may want to investigate Heaven's Gate. Play Connect the dots. Look for the same names. Some that were connected to Jonestown. You will find them. I promise.

David Koresh, and Marshall Applewhite were all cut from the same cloth apparently, and the stories continue to repeat themselves unquestioned, and history shows that the same players who remain in the shadows always seem to turn up. History repeats itself, because the lie took hold. The hatred and paranoia festers like an infected boil. No one cares. Because the overall opinion is that they were expendable zealots not human beings. This doesn't affect you because you aren't an undesirable. Not yet.

Do the mistakes of the past creep into our present? Obviously. Will they creep into our future? Definitely. If you do not care. I am sorry. There are always consequences for past injustices. If you stop and listen. The puzzle pieces will all fit. But only if you keep your mind at Ground Zero.


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