By Clyde Lewis

Conspiracy theory is not history, it is theory. It appears negative and paranoid. Some of the negativity is unintentional but someone telling a lie was never considered a positive trait. Telling the truth can be equally as ugly. You just can't tell who is telling the truth anymore. It's enough to drive you crazy!

I guess it would be surprising to a lot of people that when I hear of doomsday predictions I can get very sarcastic. I can also become sarcastic about conspiracy theories and reports of UFO's and strange phenomena. I think that people confuse listening and reporting with believing religiously in everything that comes down the pipeline.

Everything I write about has been written about before. Television shows have trivialized it all and "credible" news gatekeepers have filtered out what they don't want you to know and anyone who feels there is more to the story is labeled a crackpot or a conspiritorialist.

Its labeled innuendo and paranoia by critics and it is often pointed out that conspiracies or conspiracy theorists tend to make things up. While I agree that some of the stories are amusing there is that possibility that some one is not joking. It has always been my philosophy that both science and religion are both wrong in some respects. Everyone argues according to his or her own beliefs. Inconvenient data is often ignored, suppressed, discredited or explained in some pre-digested sound bite that is often forgotten. While I am saying this I need to also stress that I argue my beliefs as well, however I report what is out there and many times my beliefs are compromised.

There is always the silly idea that while I have interviewed Satanists I must condone Satanism, or that I am a closet Wiccan because of my friendships with witches. I have interviewed Cult leaders, White Supremacists, and Religious leaders. Those who actually think they can pin what I truly believe are mistaken.

In my life and in my experience I have come to the conclusion that all things are in an intermediate state between extremes. In the fundamental sense the extremes are birth and death. All that is in between is intermediate. You can divide it all up and break it all down into an eternal state of extremes and realize that everything that you believe and read is what is fashionable for the time and not necessarily the truth. However that does not mean that buried in all of it isn't a little pinch of reality.

What is reality anyway? Can it be questioned? If questioning makes a person Paranoid then I wear my paranoid label with pride. I believe that being paranoid or at least aware of worst-case scenarios doesn't make me crazy. I have found reason to distrust government and church leaders far too often to not be paranoid, and I have found that carefully controlled paranoia is a real good way to evaluate circumstances for a possible doom and gloom outcome. Then you can figure out that the reality is somewhere in between the worst-case scenario and faith or hope.

If a healthy sense of Paranoia is bad for you then why do some religious leaders encourage it with the warnings of getting food storage? They tell you to have faith, but throw it all out with paranoia. Then if that isn't enough they give you a worse case scenario of flesh falling off the bone, eyes falling out of the sockets and the gnashing of teeth. They tell you to look forward to this because it will only happen to the wicked and not to the faithful. Are you looking forward to that? If you are then you are more courageous than I am.

If you want more proof that paranoia is in fashion then look no further than the smiling well-groomed fascists that call themselves our representatives. The government programs you with terms like "terrorist" or "ethnic cleansing" "corruption" and even the evilest of all "conspiracy." All governments believe in conspiracies. They have special agencies to look into bank swindles, they have reading rooms that monitor subversive ideas, they have satellites that monitor the Internet for key words.

Watchdog groups with the help of the Mayors office or the District attorney's offices, hunt down books that are considered evil and compiles a list of questionable books that should be taken from libraries, throwing out all arguments as to whether or not the first amendment is regarded as divinely inspired by men of God. And people continue to tell me that there is no reason to think that there isn't a conspiracy. I don't get the logic. I don't understand why people will still defend these activities.

Is it because they are afraid of losing the last bits of patriotism that they still have programmed into them? Patriotism should be used to stop this kind of activity not condone it.

But alas I am a doomsayer, I am negative. People tell me, "It really isn't all that bad. Not everything is a conspiracy."

Is it so wrong to acknowledge that perhaps there are people who may scheme behind our backs and use their influence to get more power and use this particular power to further enslave our minds while picking our pockets?

If an army storms into your neighborhood with huge weapons, steals your home, and pushes you out of the neighborhood, and the Morning paper announces that this is merely a drill and not an invasion would you give a sigh of relief saying, "Thank God these nice men with guns aren't invading my neighborhood they are only doing what the government says is for our own good.?" That scenario is extreme of course but when have you ever protested a misuse of the justice system ? Or a Tax increase? Or perhaps a war?

You probably haven't because the News tells you that it's really something that you shouldn't worry about. They know more than you do. Or someone else shoots down a thought or an idea because they have the facts and all you have is Innuendo and paranoia.

As long as someone tells you that everything is not a conspiracy, or as long as someone tells you that conspiratorialists are nut cases, you will choose to believe that everything you hear, read or watch is for your own good and that its the truth. That as long as the action wasn't planned in some smoke filled underground bunker at Wright Patterson air force base it's okay, there is nothing to fret over.

I refuse to think that everything in this world is taken care of. That nothing slips through the cracks. I also refuse to believe that there are no secrets. There are secrets and it has been proven time and time again that secrets can be taken to the grave.

There are so many brilliant loops in any crazy conspiracy theory that no one can successfully refute all of the data. There are some people out there who want to stop me and say "Clyde here is the answer it is simple..Yadda yadda yadda, I listen, but it seems like the answers always seem to spiral into either "God will always bail us out " or " What you're saying about the government isn't true they are not singling out you or anybody else it's all for the common good."

If anyone gives me a black and white answer or gives me an obvious condescending answer I become hostile. Because they are of the opinion that things are best left to the talking heads who tell us that everything is fine. The beauty of it all is that any evidence against a conspiracy idea also functions as evidence to support that idea. Arguably those who attempt to discredit or point out their facts are looking just as foolish as those who come up with the crazy ideas in the first place. The whole thing is laughable.

If you disagree about what I say that is fine. If I am hostile in an argument it is because I detect a condescending blow to my intellect. It has been my experience that people tend to talk down to nutcases like me who report and push Conspiracy theories. They set traps when they ask questions like "Do you believe in aliens?" If I say yes I am screwed. If I say no I am screwed. It's like if I say anything that even shows that I give any credence to any of it, I'd be better off putting on my tin foil hat and avoid all mind control waves by sitting in my bunker reading The Weekly World News and believe every page.

This is why I won't tolerate it. It's a bruise to my ego and my common sense. I am the first to admit it. If that makes me a bastard then so be it. This is not some religious fanaticism as to whether or not aliens exist or whether or not there is a cover up or a cosmic scaled threat.

It is a matter of what is going on while you aren't looking. Are you aware of everything that goes on in the world? Because if you are then I congratulate you on your ability to analyze all the data and stimuli that hits you in a 24 hour period.

I'm not saying that large doses of Paranoia are healthy, I just say that controlled paranoia will protect you and will make you aware of what might be happening or of what is happening.

If you are tired of people giving you the third degree because you tend to give paranoid views then hold it inside you. Don't tell people. Let them suffer it out. Don't warn them of anything. After all, you are one of those crazy habitual, paranoid, conspiracy thinking nut cases. Don't tell them that you have a little food saved for a disaster. Don't let them know that maybe there will be a computer glitch that will force everyone to go back to working with pencils and erasers or even the abacus again. Don't tell them. If anyone asks you about a conspiracy theory you might have fool them and say, "No it's not conspiracy, it's good old fashioned power hungry bastards who want to ruin my life pushing their elitist agendas." Or you can say "No I don't see a conspiracy here, I just see good old-fashioned greed. I see backstabbing jerks that continue to smile at me and then wipe it away and pretend that my freedoms don't mean anything in their big picture. "

If anyone asks you if you think that the News organizations are controlled just say "No not at all I have ears that can hear, eyes that can see, and a mind that thinks. I like you Just choose to hear, see, and think what they tell me, like a good little unquestioning Zombified American.

Yea I spread doom everywhere. Even though I have encouraged reading of the laws, the constitution, and the direct empowerment of what should be the government and that is you. But of course I keep hearing that this is the "most free country on the earth." Okay so the big ugly hairy bully pushes them on the subject and they get uncomfortable. People don't like to doubt. They give themselves that warm fuzzy feeling of faith and loyalty to some politician or ideal that if gone unchecked can lead you to a life of mental enslavement that keeps you from life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I always hear how free people think they are and then I push them with the question,

"How free are you really?" Do you do things that were once legal but are now Illegal?

They say , "Well I'm Kind of free."

Then you say to them "Then obviously you are not completely free."

They say "Well yea I'm not as free, but laws are made to get rid of people who want to ruin freedom, and people like you are what is wrong with this Country and if you continue to misbehave and ask questions and try to make sense of things, then you're just getting what you deserve."

I guess it is a crime in this world to ask why? When you ask why you get people saying "Well it's company policy," or "It's always been that way." What they don't want to tell you is that they have gotten along so long that they are numbed to the pain and what is considered abnormal or substandard becomes Normal and accepted.

So using a dime store Analogy I want to ask,

"When is pain considered pain? "

How long do you have to be in pain before it really is pain?

When do you go to the doctor or Pharmacy to get something to rid you of pain?

If you want truth or freedom, you must question authority. No matter who is appointed to hold power over you. Religious, Governmental, or those in the media or public eye. Every one of those people have to answer to a group of people who conspire to make sure their best interests are being looked after. Funny how I constantly hear that there is no conspiracy.

People conspire all the time. The United States was founded on a Conspiracy against England. Conspiracies are formed to get gain. To get wealth and power. It's just good old fashioned selfishness. Good Old-fashioned cooperation.

Do you know why the NRA can change laws? Any idea why the NAACP can demand affirmative action? Any idea why the ACLU can keep Jesus out of the Classroom, and the Christian right can put it back in? Because they conspire! They form groups of people to fight the system. They pour tons of money into their coffers to push their agenda.

People listen too.

But discuss that the CIA is spying on you talk about how Biowarfare agents were dropped on a city and people edge away and call you a paranoid conspiratorialist.

Even when the CIA or other groups admit to misdeeds people discredit it as an urban legend or lie. Back to the old "I thank God that it isn't as bad as Clyde says it is." Maybe it isn't as bad, but I am beginning to see everything I have talked about happen and everyone just lays back and lets it happen just like the old admonition of Nikita Kruschev "We could take over America without firing a shot." While the cold war is over and that statement may seem cliché the truth of it is far more frightening when we are dealing with an enemy within that we can't put our fingers on.

I fire at every target hoping I hit a bull's eye. Maybe someone will be inspired to act peacefully and lawfully on what it is they think is the problem.

Maybe they can uncover the folly of conspiracy theories because I am the first to admit that a lot are improbable and paranoid. Others are coincidence, synchronicity from the cosmic trickster. I am either a paranoid lunatic or a dedicated researcher. Only you can decide what it is I am trying to do. I would love to consider myself a dedicated researcher of the strange and bizarre.

All things in this realm cannot be made simple because the complex is never easy to explain. If anything it gives me perspective. As I said before it helps me figure out that the reality is somewhere in between the worst-case scenario and faith or hope.

If there are a group of people out there who fall in line every time they are told to because , they are afraid they will be defying a group of people who claim that they are making decisions to help them achieve freedom, then my friends Yes there is a Conspiracy. A Conspiracy of apathetic citizens who don't want to listen to people who scream in their faces that something isn't right.

We are all a part of it if we don't stand up and start questioning what we have been told. Now I have to spread more doom and paranoia when I tell you that you are lied to everyday.

So When is a lie not a lie? When it's the Truth of course!

I guess I could just stop and roll my eyes and say that no one can figure out what is right and what is wrong. But that would defeat the purpose of what I do, and that is broaden the perspective. To hopefully enlighten as to what could be true.

What we do is we try to expose what people do in the shadows with what little we have and of course those who are exposed will say that it's all untrue.

These theories and ideas by their very nature attack the system. If you are uncomfortable with rebellion and the negativity that comes with it then don't bother kicking us for trying to find and analyze the theories for flaws and truths.

If you want the New York Times Version of everything, or the CNN filter, or the Disneyland Mcnews then is satisfied with only half the story. That is why Conspiracy theorists or if you will, dedicated researchers exist. It' the paranoia that triggers the idea that we do not get the whole story when we read the front page.

Most everything you read comes from a press release that is rewritten for broadcast and then it is rewritten again.

Coming from my news background I have dealt with the armchair analysts who tell me that people like me have mental problems and those who advocate the spreading of these theories are kooks and crackpots. I get people all the time who are willing to laugh me off as some fool. Well I am courageous fool because I stick my neck out reporting what other reporters refuse to touch. I talk about what some call a general hysteria. Hysteria? Like no one ever complains about the government. No one ever questions about where they come from, what their purpose is and if there is a life after death.

We would all like to think that our democracy protects us from Military coups, and those dirty little things that go on in lesser-developed countries. But it doesn't. We are not the perfect little country that protects the world in an altruistic fashion. The very thought is jingoistic. I am sure we would like to think that Mom and apple pie in a Norman Rockwell world is what America is. But it isn't. It's what America was 50 years ago.

It's always comforting to think that everything is peachy keen, but that phrase was thrown out with the hope that was the 1950's. We became paranoid with the memory of McCarthy. We lost our innocence When JFK was gunned down in Dallas. We Became bitter when we were in Vietnam. We became hardened with the Kent State massacre. We lost trust with the Nixon administration and were bought and sold with Reagan, Bush, and Clinton.

With the New Millennium starting Ground Zero's philosophies and news are a new way to see the world. It's news of the inevitable future. Maybe it's the news of one of the many inevitable futures. Charles Dickens told Scrooge that there are several outcomes. Collectively we choose the future. If we allow the news programmers to tell us what that future is, if we let it dictate our lives we only get half the story. They are counting on that.

I guess if you feel that Ground Zero is negative keep in mind that even nursery rhymes have their beginnings in the cold and macabre. Religious leaders have given us the hell fire motivation. Disneyland even has a haunted mansion. If what I say bothers you then instead of calling me and those like me lunatics, crackpots and Goth groupies why don't you put your energy into sticking your neck out and finding out for yourself if what I am saying is wrong.

If it is wrong then at least you know not to trust the lunatics and crackpots of the world. If it is right welcome to world of the paranoid. Where your awareness is magnified, where rational fears already play out the worst-case scenarios. Where everyone shares that special open mindedness where nothing is impossible just because it's improbable. At least I already know what the worst will be..and perhaps I could get a pleasant surprise if people listened and acted against a worst-case scenario.

The problem with what I do is that it reminds you of your vulnerability, your gullibility, and your ability to be fooled. Either I am lying, or they are. I could swear that I am telling the truth and you could believe me all the way, but that would be out of the question if you are paranoid.

So the next time your phone clicks, or you receive opened mail, if the dog barks in the back yard for no reason ask yourself if you have a reason to be paranoid. If the telephone rings or there is a knock at the door thank the good lord that some paranoid lunatic invented call waiting and peep holes because you can't be to careful these days. If you want to hear words of hope all the time it wouldn't motivate you would it?

I am capable of speaking in terms of hope. I know what happens when disaster strikes and the worst-case scenario is played out. People group together and plan out how they can beat the odds. The human spirit rises to the occasion and people work together to change what it is that has its grip on them. They get to know their neighbors and sometimes they learn to rebuild what it is they have lost. It's cooperation, it's a whole new way of looking at a conspiracy.

But of course some people will still say that conspiracies don't exist.


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