By Clyde Lewis

Is there a secret behind the Radio Show Ground Zero?
Yes there is, but it's a lot more to do with an old Screenplay Idea than UFO's.

Mankind has a charm and eeriness when he seeks his god. When he seeks the devil, he becomes even more terrifying, even more like an animal. The fears he holds deep inside eventually erupt and soon we see his prejudice, stereotypes, and instability. The word evil is thrown around and the paranoia in one person is eventually spread to a congregation. Some congregations dissolve with time. Others remain. They continue to thrive on a constant supplication of questions. The result is religion or cult like behavior. Man sees the devil everywhere so he hopes that a being exists that will deliver him from the jaws of Mammon. When he is satisfied that he has found that being. He erects a monument to that being. That monument represents his fear, his humility.

Then something interesting happens. Something that he has never seen before appears on the horizon. The manifestation is nothing he has ever witnessed. So he either embraces it, or the vicious circle of paranoia begins again. He warns others about it. He writes about it. He convinces others that it exists, but one thing never crosses his mind. That it could be an illusion. By the time he has spread his paranoia again the congregation believes his story. The story becomes consensus reality. It could all be a mistake. He has unwittingly convinced the whole world of something that may not of happened. He may have unintentionally created an accepted belief in a mirage. The congregation spreads its acceptance and the vicious circle continues. The mind is an interesting thing. Give it good information it thrives. Give it chaos and it will begin to devolve and you will see monsters lurking everywhere. Some will term this chaos evil.

We live in times where chaos has been thrown into the consensus reality, by opportunists who have taken a piece of the truth and have manipulated it for monetary gain. That is why we should reopen these cases and rewind the messages and hear them again. Everything is suspect. Even the most sacred ideas could be the biggest lies of all.

I guess questioning all that we claim to know became inevitable after the Second World War. We heard of holocausts, and weapons of mass destruction. No one believed it until the cattle cars of rotting carrion were identified as the remains of Jews. The final blow came with the dropping of the atom bomb. With that event we knew we were powerless. When leaders preached peace, their blood was shed. We lost our innocence they say back in November of 63, when shots rang out in Dealey Plaza. Shots rang out again and another leader fell dead. He only wanted equality for his people. This showed everyone what would happen to anyone who desired to fight tyranny. Here we are now. We are at a new millenium. Many see it as a time of looking forward. I see it as a time of scrutiny. I will live in the present, however there are so many who don't even know the mistakes of the past. Many want to close the door. When you do this you eliminate the possibility of revealing the lies that were told as well. Some stand alone in their crusade to learn more. Some are complacent and decide that what they have is comfortable. Others follow. What if you had been lied to. What if you have had experiences that most people don't? What if those experiences changed your views about your wife, kids, and religion?

I had a dream. It was a movie idea. About a radio announcer who was very much like myself. He was irreverent and a lot of people enjoyed listening to him. There were a few out there who hated him as well. His name was Duke. He looked at life differently. He didn't see the day to day like everyone else. He was bitter after his marriage had failed. Went on the air and spewed out his hatred. People were calling him Duke the Puke. He got sloppy and landed himself out of a job. He told a number of his colleagues that he would return. That the whole world would one day hear his voice. That he would make a difference. He remained out of work for a long time. Hanging out at coffeehouses, writing poetry with the gothics, and punkers. He landed another job. It wasn't all that great. It was a radio job spinning country music. He despised it and decided that the only way he was going to make it was to get back to what he did before.

One early morning he fell asleep between songs. The air on the radio station went quiet. He was awakened by strange sounds that he was hearing in his headphones.

They sounded like human voices repeating strange lines from old television and radio commercials. He passed it off as some sort of radio interference. It troubled him though. He then cracked open the microphone and called into the twilight. "I heard something. There were voices. They sounded like old television commercials. Did anyone hear them? Please, if anyone heard them call me." Someone called only to let him know that there was an hour of dead air. As he sipped his last gulp of coffee and put the needle on his last record. The phone rang again. He picked up. "Hello?" The voice was a little hard to understand.

The person had a speech impediment. "I hood the stwange sounds you ah talking about." The De-jay breathed a sigh of relief. The man on the other end of the phone continued by saying, "I want to talk wif you, about what you hood." They agreed to a small meeting at the Coffeehouse he would frequent. The De-jays relief came and he was off to the meeting. When he arrived there was a blonde man in a black overcoat. He had a flat top haircut and looked stone face. "I can tell who you ah." The De-jay looked confused. The man held out his hand "My name is Kenny." "Duke, Duke Lucather," the De-jay held out his hand nervously. The man then said, "You ah Duke the puke Lucifer, I am an old fan." The meeting was a long heated discussion. Kenny told Duke that what he might have heard was a test wave. Test waves were called Ultra-light transmissions by the government. They piggy backed on radio frequencies and at times would end up underneath music transmissions on the radio.

Kenny related stories of how other people heard the voices, and what they hear is usually bad messages. Messages dealing with discouragement. Words like "kill" or "give up." Kenny said that one-day he heard the jingle of a radio station in his head. It just kept playing over and over. He sang it at the dinner table. "Mo music KQEO", then Kenny told Duke something very strange. "I kept singing it, da jingo ovuh and ovuh, My brother Seth asked me if I could heow it, I said yah… It was the happiest day of my life, you see Mr. Lucather I was deaf. Kenny was deaf since birth, so he couldn't have heard the jingle, but there was more to this story. "Evweeone thought I was cwazy because theow is no wadio station called KQEO." Duke stopped him and told him that he was wrong and asked him his age. Kenny told Duke that he was 27. Duke couldn't believe what he was hearing, a deaf kid heard a radio station jingle from a radio station that went off the air in 1962.

"Where was the signal coming from?" Duke asked.

Kenny said that his parents sent him to a hospital, and there he was transferred to a government Sanitarium where they constructed a special earpiece that could help him hear well. He still had the speech impediment. It was there that he found out where the signal was coming from. There were transmissions coming from space. These transmissions were sent both backwards and forwards. They were randomly repeating, some sped up and some slowed down. Some were intelligible, some are cryptic, and some were sent in codes but most of the time they are sent subliminally.

Duke asked why these messages were being sent. Kenny claimed that they were messages that were being reprogrammed into our subconscious by vicious extra-terrestrials that wanted to prepare us for their arrival. They would send these messages down and have them play under music or TV transmissions. Some messages demand that we riot, some ask us to kill our families. Some of them tell us who to vote for and who to worship. It is a 24-hour a day psychological weapon.

What had happened, is that when the station stopped playing music an Ultra Light Transmission was heard on the air. Kenny called it an accidental spill over. Usually the aliens don't worry about it, because our television and radio signals keep broadcasting something. As long as some signal is sending out cycles, an Ultra Light Transmission will be there. In Duke's case something, fell through the cracks.

Kenny explained that the reason why SETI hasn't found a transmission for little green men is because Aliens have disguised the signals with our very own propaganda. If you were to record any one of the Ultra lights it would sound like regular radio and TV signals except, the messages would be typical for the era in which they were first broadcast. Kenny also said that the brain is receiving forward signals consciously, backward signals subconsciously, Ultra-lights that are also playing backwards and forward. Kenny then explained that it is Ultimate mind control and that the government has been trying to find the mind control test facility so that it can be destroyed. The mind control test facility is code named Ground Zero.

Duke looked at his watch. The kid was losing his credibility. Alien transmissions? Mind control? Test wave facilities? It was hard to swallow. Duke felt his time was wasted and made no attempt at tact. Duke sarcastically thanked Kenny for an interesting morning. He needed to get some sleep. "Don't want another Ultra-light spill over," he chuckled. Kenny smiled and said, "You think I'm full of shit fucker?" Kenny was getting a little angry. "Fuck you Lucifer! I'm the only one who hood the voices that were in yo head too." Duke got up and headed for the door. "Lucifer, I'm going to make you famous, you weow reguet the day you met my face!"

Duke awoke later that afternoon. There was a knock at the door. Duke opened it. A man flashed a badge in his face and told him he was with the FBI. Duke asked what the problem was. The FBI agent showed a picture of Kenny to him.

"Do you know this man?" Duke knew it. He was some Psycho wanted by the FBI.

"I met him this morning at the coffeehouse." Duke said.

"Did he say who he was and who he worked for?" The agent asked.

Duke told him about the strange things Kenny was saying. About how he was deaf and that he heard voices in his head.

Duke scratched his head "Is he in trouble?"

"Well you might say that, yes." The agent then asked for his name.

"Duke Lucather," Duke felt a lump in his throat. " Am I in trouble?"

The agent smiled "No, it looks like today is your lucky day."

The Agent took the name and left. Duke grabbed the paper and walked into his Den and turned on the Television. There was a special report about a gunman who shot up the very coffeehouse on Grand Avenue, that he frequented. The gunman was Kenny Miller age 27. The sound of the TV faded as Duke looked at the article in the Paper. The gunman had a background in Army intelligence. People who knew him said he heard voices. He just opened fire said he did it because of what Lucifer told him. The crazy thing according to witnesses is that he kept singing over and over again. K-Q-E-O K-Q-E-O. Satan's radio. He held the gun to his ear and fired.

Duke's blood chilled. It was not something "Lucifer" said. It was Lucather, Something he told him. Someone needs to report what really happened.

Lucather went on the air that night and told his audience that he spoke with the killer before he opened fire. He told the whole story. Then he played a song and dedicated it to Kenny. The phone rang he picked it up. It was a man who said he was with the National Security Agency. He wanted to speak with Duke about what he had said on the air.

After the show the man was waiting at the front door. He was wearing overcoat and dark sunglasses. He asked Duke if any part of his show was tape-recorded. He said sure. The man asked if he would surrender the tape. Duke said no, it was station property. The man forced his way inside and said. "Then play me the goddamned tape" Duke wanted no trouble. So he took him into the studio, he played him back some of the tape.

The man pulled out a micro cassette recorder and held it up to the speaker. He was recording Duke relating the alien message story. After he was through speaking the man in the coat said, "I would like for you to destroy that tape." Duke said "Under whose authority?" The man said, "You are interfering with a federal investigation and national security." "Oh so Kenny wasn't a lunatic after all was he? This story it isn't the bullshit story it is being made out to be."

The Man stopped "Look, we know who you are Mr. Lucather, we know that retard couldn't pronounce your name, so we let the press have a hey day with it. Everyone thinks he was talking to the devil. I suggest you keep your mouth shut about the whole affair." Duke handed him the tape. "Was Kenny telling the truth?" The man calmed down. "Kenny was on drugs Mr. Lucather. He had a severe psychological disorder. He was stalking you. He probably wanted to kill you the day he met you in the coffeehouse. He wanted for you to believe that his stories about aliens and transmissions were true , When you rejected him, he couldn't get up the nerve to kill the man he idolized. You left, and he killed 3 people and himself, next time Mr. Lucather be careful about who you talk to."

The man left. Lucather was worried about what he heard. Was Kenny a stalker? Or was he trying to warn Duke about Ultra-Light Transmissions? Lucather knew the whole story. If he told anyone they would think he is crazy. He had to see if Kenny was telling the truth. He also wondered if other people are hearing the massages. Lucather had to get far away from where he was and fast. Lucather went home that morning and packed his bags. He left the country station behind and now works at a Radio station somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. He has since changed his name. He has a talk show he calls Ground Zero. The code name of that mind control test facility the government wants to shut down.

He talks about all of the stories that he once thought were all tall tales. Some might still be. He asks callers if they have had any strange experiences that they just don't have answers for. Every once in a while, usually after commercials, when the music is supposed to play, he lets the station go silent. People say they hear strange voices and sounds come out of their radios. Duke calls it KULT radio for Ultra Light Transmissions. KULT radio is on the air during Ground Zero but it's a secret. No one wants to be accused of hearing things. Especially something as dangerous as secret alien messages. People would think you were crazy. Can you hear the voices? I do.


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