By Clyde Lewis

The darkness drops again; but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born? -- William Butler Yeates

If you are like any average American you probably watch a great deal of news on the major networks in order to keep abreast of the events that are happening in the Middle East.

This conflict strikes an ominous chord amongst those who consider themselves religious. The reason is that the area where the war and blood shed is escalating is place where ancient religions were established and have been practiced for thousands of years. We all can all pick up books that claim to be ancient scripture written by the hand of God and see that the areas where the bombs are falling are written about extensively in apocalyptic prose. The thought of apocalyptic violence has probably crossed the minds of believer and non-believer alike.

I include the non-believer because it seems that even they can not escape the effects of apocalyptic religious violence, with the advent of terrorist attacks and pontificating politicians that invoke God at every opportunity. It is obvious that the raging war in the Middle East is being forged by fanatics who are looking forward to ushering in an apocalypse that they feel will in turn begin a new era of peace that is supposed to last a thousand years.

Many feel that if the apocalypse gets a push, it will mean that the Second coming of a messiah is at hand and many Christians are actually looking forward to the hell that has to happen before the arrival of man that has been dead nearly 2000 years.

Lately I have wondered to myself if what we are witnessing is actual prophecy being fulfilled, something far more sinister.

What if our world is being controlled by the darkest of magicians and their goal is to use necromancy to resuscitate an ancient God that does not come in peace but comes as a mass murderer and destroyer?

The thought is a frightening one but we need to stop and learn the truth about what is happening here. What I am about to explain is a nightmare theory that I have had tossing around in my head and I am beginning to wonder if he nightmare was precognitive and what I am about to channel into this article is just theory and not fact.

The nightmare that I am proposing to you for consideration is that there is a group of people who somehow feel that they are appointed as our leaders and that they have the finances and means to plan the ultimate destruction of earth.

These groups are well versed in chaos "magic" and subtlety and are able to create a mass thought form or hysteria that is able to put into motion a number of calculated actions that are said to bring great rewards in the end.

The destruction of the earth by thought and curse does not happen quickly but slowly. It has to be accomplished through a sequence of death rituals that create a mental stunting of growth through fear and intimidation.

As the earth begins to die, they hire a group of scientists to give them information about genetics and biological engineering in order to rebuild a Utopia where they will rule over a world of human beings whose chief function is to rebuild what they are convinced is a paradise.

Now I do know that what I am proposing is nothing new.

The idea of a cryptocracy using smoke and mirrors to gain control of the world has been spoken of by more eloquent writers than myself. However it seems that the idea is becoming more believable as we tune in to the endless reports of what horrible things are happening on a day to day basis.

Every group and alleged secret society is focusing on itís very own version of the end times and in essence grouping themselves together to push the proverbial snowball down the mountain so that it will grow, and in itís momentum swallow up every last bit sanity on this planet.

I am thinking that while we have been lucky during 2003, historians if they survive, will record that in 2001 and well into 2005 the face of the planet changed drastically because of a misuse of power from both political and religious figures that agreed upon an orchestrated Armageddon in order to control the frightened or otherwise ignorant herd into unquestionable servitude.

I know that petty predictions are nebulous and many people tell me that they donít see the ugly world that I speak of. They donít see the hints of martial law in our country, or the movements of conquest for pure power rather than defense.

They cheer on the continued marching of the soldiers and the conquests over poor peoples who are dehumanized and vilified because of their leaders. I remember a passage that very well could have been a parable that I had read somewhere regarding the physical health and the health of the spirit.

The passage said that when you see the leaves of the trees blowing around and you see the gusts moving them from place to place that is physical reality. What you do not see is the wind that blows the leaves around. This was used to illustrate the spiritual side of life.

It is that invisible force that you feel and you know it is real despite the fact that you cannot see it.

When you see the armies gathering, when you see planes being flown into buildings and people dying, those are similar to the leaves. When the tanks gather in the streets and the movements of the troops in urban warfare, once again you are seeing the leaves being blown around by a force that you canít see but you know it is there.

The smell of battle and conflict was in the air long before we saw the horrible attacks and the taking of human rights for the false security of safety.

The battles that manifested themselves in the physical were being generated in the mind and were carried out by those whom we chose to act on behalf of the monster thought form that we unleashed.

I am beginning to wonder if the reason why we see things happen is because we secretly agree to will these things to happen.

When I was a kid I was often told that I would live in the "end times" and that I would witness all kinds of peculiarities and this would be a signal that the second coming of Christ was at hand and that I should prepare for his arrival by making myself worthy to walk with him.

When you are a child, the very idea of walking with Christ is a poetic valentine, but the moments that lead up to it often troubled me.

The thoughts of the moon turning to blood and the time when brother would turn against brother left me with a negative reality that I had no future. That I really have no reason to try and be a success because it wouldnít matter. Why should I bother with my life now? Eventually I would be walking with Jesus and all of the "bad people" would be burned as stubble.

During the Thanksgiving holiday I made a phone call to my father and mother to wish them a happy turkey day. To my dismay my father grabbed a hold of the phone and proceeded to lay into me about not going to church. He was telling me that he was having dreams about me burning in hell because I have chosen to reject the faith of my family, which is the controlling, and micromanaging force known as Mormonism.

In the nearly 20 years that I have been away from the faith of my family I have never been critical of their beliefs even though the religion itself has been influential in breaking up one of my marriages and barring me from having any kind of relationship with my son.

I lived my childhood and adolescence under the controlling hand of self appointed leaders that called themselves prophets claiming that they were guided directly by God to tell me what to do. I am not passing a judgement on any member of this faith because I believe that members of any faith can believe whatever they choose, and I can respect anyone from any faith who uses it to build upon good character traits and not use it as an excuse for superiority, bigotry and intolerance.

However in these times it seems that a loud minority of Christian fanatics are trying to strong-arm everything from government, to media outlets.

I can only surmise that the reason for this is because of Dispensationalist paranoia. Many people tell me that it is not paranoia. They tell me that the Second Coming is closer than ever before. They tell me that they see the signs and that they say that the portents are obvious and that it is time to declare which side you are on because the great day is coming where you will be judged on your actions.

Once again it is another horror and scare scenario where God is some horrible mutated being that is a cross between Godzilla and Santa Claus.

God sees you when you are sleeping. He knows when your awake and he knows when you masturbate, smoke dope, or even download a Paris Hilton video.

Chances are downloading the video is probably the closest thing you can get to hell so I suggest not even thinking about it because when ever you do, God will kill a kitten.

Many people will think that being flippant is disrespectful, but letís be frank here.

Seeing this type of zeal twists what I call my "inner harmony" and it messes with my ability to be happy. It gets in the way of the love that we should have for each other.

Love is one of those things that has become dysfunctional.

Just like a lot of other things these days.

When I was younger I received a steady diet of dispensationalist group thought. We were told to keep a supply of food in our basements. We were told that soon we would be called upon to build a temple and usher in the Second Coming of Christ. We were indoctrinated with the idea that we were chosen to lead the world into the apocalypse and that America would be the place where the New Jerusalem would be established.

Mormonism like the majority of fanatical religions are all fixated on Israel.

The underlying thought form that was groomed into me was the idea that America itself would be the birth place of a new order that would be established where Christ himself would be king and that his government would rule the world form the United states.

"We believe in the literal gathering of Israel and in the restoration of the Ten Tribes; that Zion (the New Jerusalem) will be built upon the American continent; that Christ will reign personally upon the earth; and, that the earth will be renewed and receive its paradisiacal glory."óMormon Article of faith

There was a moment after the attacks on the World trade Center where Mayor Rudy Giuliani basically spilled the beans on what the secret agenda is of the powerful and elitist groups that are hiding in religions and government.

"All that matters is that you embrace America and understand its ideals and what it's all about. Abraham Lincoln used to say that the test of your Americanism was how much you believed in America. Because we're like a religion really. A secular religion." -- Rudy Giuliani

It is what I have called the new civic religion, that will be a worldwide order that will be defended with religious zeal because America will be seen as the divine and the blessed Eden. The leaders in this country have hooked their fangs into dispensational Christianity and have turned it into the crusade of the new millennium.

It is uncannily like the Vampires in modern horror films. In the classic days of vampire movies all you needed was a shiny cross and a Vampire would head for the hills. In modern horror films crosses mean nothing. The Vampires learned to embrace the cross because they knew that in doing so they could sneak in under the radar and infiltrate the very foundations of churches and topple them by committing heinous acts behind closed doors.

I have been noticing in these movies the appearances of Priests turning into vampires, and sin eaters of various kinds utilizing black magic on the altars of the Holy of Holies.

Of course I know that they are just movies, but they appear to me like obvious metaphors that hint at the idea that the devilís legions have entered the Temple and that they are ready to lead all of the lambs to a ritualistic slaughter.

There are spokespeople who make claims that they know who the demons are. However it seems that their message has an agenda of intolerance and hate.

They fail to look in the mirror and call upon the same old scapegoats that they know will sell books, and agendas to feed the very demon that has entered through the door.

There are a few people who recognize this evil and refuse to stay quiet about it.

It comes with a price.

It seems that if anyone tries to point out that the demonic forces have some how slipped through the cracks and have taken over what was once a refuge for souls that were in need of spiritual edification they are called anti-Christian or anti Semitic.

Those who fling these accusations muddle the whole affair by whining about their so called persecutions, which include the removal of religious symbols from public places, immoral literature, Homosexual agendas, Muslim threats, and other nonsensical things that I will later show have no meaning elsewhere.

"It amazes me that people can still, with a straight face, deny that Christians are the subjects of systematic discrimination in this country. Every time I turn around there's more evidence. There are numerous aspects to this phenomenon. It's not just the scrubbing away of Christian symbols and expression from the public square, including public property, public schools, universities, efforts to muzzle Christian officials, the anti-Christian litmus test applicable to presidential appointees and anti-Christian discrimination in zoning regulations."-- David Limbaugh

I can with a straight face tell David Limbaugh and other Christian whiners like him that he and others need to "get over each other " because the persecution that he believes that Christians get is not aimed at the righteous, but the self righteous.

It is aimed at people like Limbaugh, Anne Coulter, Michael Savage and others who just hate the world and so they want to keep the division rolling along.

They love to claim that their side is picked on when they fail to realize that everyone is being picked on and that the evil force is an equal opportunity offender.

People like Limbaugh somehow have to understand that we are all in this together and that we need to cooperate rather than continue to push a war and an agenda that further divides us.

How is removing religious expression from public places going to change peopleís beliefs in a loving God? How do homosexuals and others who practice other beliefs threaten a belief system based on love and tolerance?

These things donít matter to people who are strong in their faith. It is the weak that are having problems with all of it.

People like Limbaugh who toil away at writing bigoted books like "Persecution: How Liberals Are Waging Political War Against Christianity" claim that liberals have evil agendas and "secularists" are taking over the world and persecuting Christians.

They point to the acceptance of Homosexuals in society, and sex education as evidence of the persecution. They cry because they believe they have no choice but to participate in such things.

No, the truth is that deep down they do have a choice and that they canít contain themselves. People like David Limbaugh are devoid self-mastery and they know it, so they project their hatred and persecution complex on to people and people buy it up because being a victim is the new American pass time.

If Limbaugh is anything like his brother then we can see that perhaps that people in glass houses should avoid throwing stones.

I believe that the vocal ire of "secularists" are towards people like Limbaugh and others with big mouths that abuse freedom of speech to scream persecution for the soul purpose of creating some kind of "cognitive dissonance."

If this term is new to you I can explain that cognitive dissonance is the new tool of the powerful to get you to change while they sit fat and happy in the hypocritical little world cashing in on crisis.

Cognitive dissonance is a condition of conflict or anxiety resulting from inconsistency between one's beliefs and one's actions. For example Christ taught love and tolerance. However there are some Christians that do not live his example.

Some declare wars and allow them to continue while in the same breath saying that Christ is their example. Some hate homosexuals and site biblical passages as an excuse to hate them. So they indulge in persecuting a perceived enemy. They make moral judgements and cast the first stone when Christ says he who is without sin is the only one that shall cast. Funny how Christ didnít even have the urge to throw a stone.

People like Limbaugh claim that Christians are being persecuted when the reality is quite different.

It is a bill of goods being sold to the majority of Christians wholesale so that they can fall into the belief that everyone who is not Christian is out to get them and that they will be eventually held at gunpoint and told to deny their belief in Jesus.

This is one of those dispensational fears that in the last days Christians will be persecuted for their beliefs and that they will be forced to take the mark of the great 666.

If there is anyone who is disagreeing with me and think they are still persecuted against because of their Christian beliefs, I will gladly take the wind out of this myth.

I will attempt to reveal to you that there are members of the power elite that profess to be Christians who are secretly laying this persecution trip on everyone in order to cause a holy war and eventual stage show that will appear to be fulfillment of biblical prophecy.

This is the evil, not Homosexuals or liberals. The evil is also in David Limbaugh who could use his book to point out the evil that masquerades as "good" and not religious scapegoats that have been kicked around a lot longer than any Christians.

What he has done is so easy. It shows no courage.

Letís take a look at the so-called claims of persecution.

When President George W. Bush who professes to be a Christian created his new faith-based bureaucracy he allowed federal funding for faith based organizations which was a smack at the First Amendment provision separating church and state.

This empowered religious organizations that own businesses to discriminate against those who are not Christian.

Bush also believes that faith-based organizations are more effective at solving social problems than other groups although there is no evidence to support this. It implies that secular organizations are ineffective. It also can empower these faith-based groups to deny service to people who do not embrace particular religious beliefs or certain lifestyles.

The money can also used to fund religious coercion by permitting faith-based organizations to force religious teachings on people who have special needs as a condition of their obtaining assistance.

I can list all kinds of empowerment that this money means for "faith based" organizations.

But I have a deadline to keep.

Let us proceed to shoot holes in the persecution complex proposed by David Limbaugh.

On September 14th 2001, the President declared a day of Prayer and remembrance for the victims of 9-11. Now I am sure that they will tell you that it was a day set-aside for all faiths.

However the actions of the so called "persecuted" proved different.

Prayers and vigils were held everywhere and it was also interesting to note that two girders were found affixed together in a cruciform at Ground Zero and the newspapers placed the picture on the front page and claimed that it was a symbol of hope. It then became a gathering area for prayers. These prayers were offered around this "cross."

This was done without any consideration for the people of many faiths that perished in the attacks of September 11th.

The entire country all appeared to be "born again" Christians after the attacks on the United States and the Christian fundamentalists were quick to point out the reason for the attacks and their hatred was pointed at the ACLU, Homosexuals, pagans and pro-abortion groups.

How is it that the Christian right is so down trodden when it seems that they are on top of everything? It appears that their beliefs are what make everything good and wholesome while other beliefs are null and void.

Other lifestyles are deplorable in their eyes and they will do everything in their power to try and dehumanize those who do not believe in their zombified servitude.

They have expressed their disdain for the separation of church and state and have demanded that the word "God" remain in the Pledge of allegiance. The purpose of allowing to have the word God in the pledge in the first place was used as a dividing mechanism. It was used to show that we are a country that believes in God rather than a country that is "godless" like Soviet Russia.

In the days of Eisenhower there were many people who probably wondered why the Communists would outlaw the worship of God. They did it because it was a threat to government. Leaders know that many people would take God over Government.

So now the Bush administration has somehow blended the two so that the people will find a warped sense of patriotism and reverence for a Government that has the feeling of a new religious movement.

There are many so-called liberals who see this as a threat to their "inner harmony."

This in turn threatens the "inner harmony" of the so-called right wing and they feel persecuted. This creates a resentment and the feelings become a sore on the their souls and they overreact by being militant.

Anyone who resents the strutting of such militants are looked upon by these so-called persecuted Christians as anti-Christian. After all, if you do not share the views that they do you become an "evil doer" and in the extreme language of George W. Bush, a terrorist.

This is a mess. It is a mess that is supposed to be avoided with the first amendment. Where I sense more cognitive dissonance because Christians claim that the constitution is inspired by God.

So why bother violating this so-called sacred document?

Itís simple.

The first amendment keeps them from their militant agenda. It keeps them from proselytizing the Americult throughout the world.

If there are organized efforts to stop this infiltration of a forced civic religion it is considered a slap in the face of the powerful Christian elite.

It is so obvious that David Limbaugh is a crank. He is also a liar, and a person who is taking advantage of the ignorant and the bigots. He is participating in an exercise of intolerance and hides behind a shield of warped Christian values just like George W. Bush and others.

George W. Bush is well aware that when he wraps himself in the flag and activates a cloaking device of religion he automatically gets respect and religious reverence by right wing Christians that canít see that they are easy targets for a powerful wolf in sheepís clothing.

The majority of Americans take for granted that if some agenda or philosophy is labeled Christian that it has to be good. I am beginning to realize that the words "Christian" and "faith based" are trigger words that indicate a mass conspiracy is underway.

It is a Conspiracy that I am sure was well thought out long before the turn of the new century.

Millennialist and dispensational fears were gripping the United States just prior to the year 2000. It was reported that the Clinton White House set aside $40 million dollars was set aside to beef up security measures for religious extremists that may want to attack the United States. It was reported that there were military exercises being carried out where "urban warfare" drills were being carried out where the military and the police would respond to insurgence and terrorism carried out by extremists.

It was reported by conspiracy heavy weights that it was obvious that these extremists had to be Christians because an immoral president that loves "fags" and lies about getting sexual favors from interns was heading up the Government.

The truth was that the FBI/CIA and every other alphabet organization was funneling money into projects that would empower them to wire tap and monitor transmissions from Anti-Western guerrilla groups. Groups that threatened to attack our shores three years before the attacks of September 11th, 2001.

All of this money was allegedly being thrown down because of Y2k fears. Now we are seeing money provided by anonymous Christian religious extremists to keep up propaganda campaigns that give the appearance of an apocalypse that is fulfilling prophetic events in Christian eschatology.

The Government that cloaks itself in religion is obligated to use powerful religious messages to implement policies that destroy civil liberties.

Here is an example of what I mean.

After the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson took to the air to say that the reason we were attacked was because the United Sates tolerated too many Civil Liberties. Then we see John Ashcroft who is another militant born again Christian, and George W. Bush the religious puppet proceed to implement policy that erodes civil liberties.

When you see the news, and listen to conservative talk shows do you ever wonder why it is so important to politicize God?

Do you wonder why it is important and vital the people like David Limbaugh, and Anne Coulter dehumanize those who choose not to politicize morality?

I do and I know why!

Because it makes them money.

It is a conspiracy between Government and Religious groups that are continuing the process of crisis in order to capitalize while they baptize.

They think that since it is done for the sake of Jesus it is justified.

Take away the millions they make off of the religious right wing dupes and I think that they would look for some other group to profit from.

As I have said before it is business as usual in the apocalypse and business is good.

It is irritating to see the United states become so overcome by fear that they have to accept and tolerate God being politicized by men who claim to be men of God when their actions demonstrate the contrary.

It is time to fight back with logic and call these demonic legions on their lies and manipulation. I can say with straight face that the malignant cancer on the earth right now is the political God of Death that is being resurrected by masterful Black agents that are taking the over the planet easily by convincing you that those who oppose their actions are the evil ones.

It is time to show what Christian Eschatology is being used for.

It is a tool being used as a self-destructive lie that can be a weapon of mass destruction used by a group of evil manipulators that are raising from the depths of the abyss, a politically charged God that will eventually unleash Dies Irae or the day of wrath.

Day of wrath, day that
will dissolve the world into burning coals,
as David bore witness with the Sibyll.

How great a tremor is to be,
when the judge is to come
briskly shattering every grave.

A trumpet sounding an astonishing sound
through the tombs of the region
drives all men before the throne

Death will be stunned and as will Nature,
when arises mankind the creature
responding to the One judging.

The written book will be brought forth,
in which the whole record of evidence is contained
whence the world is to be judged.

Therefore when the Judge shall sit,
whatever lay hidden will appear;
nothing unavenged will remain.
ĖDies Irea (Day of Wrath) by Friar Thomas of Celano

I declare now that those who politicize God are the evil ones and that their lies cover up even darker secrets that they whisper to each other in secret societal meetings and rituals. If you do not see it, then obviously your inner harmony has not been disturbed.

You may see me as a threat to the grand illusion. I can accept that.

But stop and think on a worldwide scale for just a moment. Open your mind to a bigger picture and you will see that there is a need for the removal of the political Godhead.

Stop and ask yourself if people who live in Australia actually stop and wonder if God blesses their country and if the Christians there wonder if they are being persecuted against because Dame Edna, a cross dressing talk show host is on the television?

Do people who live in Denmark make a case for having the Ten Commandments in courtrooms?

Do people in Yugoslavia ponder the importance of Nostradamas and how their country fits into his prophecies? Do they think about the book of Revelation? Do governments in New Zealand obsess over whether or not God looks out for them more than perhaps the country of Chile or Argentina?

Do the leaders of Venezuela demand that black drapes be placed over the breasts of statues in Government buildings because they see them as immoral?

Does anyone see that the religious rightís idea of persecution is a stinking pile of horse hockey?

For Godís sake I hope so.


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