By Dr. Lawrence Johns

Freud had a provocative take on the Jews. He speculated that a religion based on guilt must be traceable to a real, historical crime. In the case of the Jews, this crime was spectacular, far more revealing than the patricide of Oedipus, who killed his father by egregious mistake.

According to Freud's thought experiment the guilt of the Jews derived from their murder of the historical Moses--- they killed the man who liberated them from slavery, and then, over the centuries, perfected a religion based on the externalization and internalization of that guilt. They introduced guilt as essential human personality, and passed the chains to the derivative religions of Christianity and Islam. Hatred and loathing of the self, in the adept hands of subsequent Judeo-Christian-Islamic orthodox theologies, becomes the hatred and loathing of the other--- in the vain attempt to transfer guilt away from the self and punish the other as self.

In today's behaviorist world, dominated by Will To Power and hamstrung by the SemiConscious Apparatus, we are constantly traumatized by the media-orchestrated succession of insane and catastrophic events. The war on individualism and common sense is merciless, and the cynical conditioning of our youth makes even Orwell rattle in his grave. 9/11 is the name for the first milepost on the rough ride to the world as self-annihilation. This bad news will be accelerating because the Judeo- Christian-Islamic guilt complex has slipped whatever light harness it has had to reality and world community.

The goal and deadly nature of guilt is to demonize, ridicule and erase the guilty self by proxy. The fashionable other, the demon of the hour, is summoned to the gallows in the name of God and the glory of The State to represent the guilty self. The American President is a fitting face for the millions of Jews, Christians, and Moslems in the world whose spirits are bludgeoned into stupidity and conformity by the existential bankruptcy of their faith and the subsequent thirst for revenge and holy war. In a special instance of historical terror, every one of these mean and vindictive souls is the American President. America has completed that most improbable but predictably bloody phase-shift in human history begun in the French Revolution, where the conditioned brutality of the masses defines reality. Where terror walks hand in hand with theological deceit and high-tech survival becomes the strategy of all political leadership, where the perfectly controlled populace becomes the perfect beast out of control.

As Nietzsche said, the center is lost. As everything spirals towards Death only now do we recognize that the missing center was the Will To Life. Mass suicide awaits the trigger word from their President, the American Everyman, the next Jim Jones. America, the great guarantor of freedom, is so manipulated by 9/11 that it lays its liberties down without thought or protest. In this critical hour, intellectual habits of reason, honor and hope must be reexamined. This is war. To fight for the future of human culture, for the future itself, we must be willing to use every means, including the paradoxical, the surreal and polemic to triumph over nihilistic Will To SemiConsciousness and its institutional legions of Death.

If you have followed the scent here, you may be asking yourself, " Well then, what was the historical crime that makes America feel so damned guilty?" If you've heard the voice behind my words, I can now say it slowly, because it is likely far from the first thing that comes to your mind---it's the torture and slaughter of extraterrestrials. For at least 55 years America has been systematically murdering the extraterrestrial Moses, the ET intelligences that have appeared in our national boundaries, our history and our consciousness.

If one accepts, for political purposes, the love and light sensibilities of Steven Greer or James Gilliland, and assumes that Aliens visit Earth specifically to free us from our technological and spiritual barbarism, the theater of disinformation and coverup run by non-accountable cells within the American military begins to make sense. The Aliens have come in peace and liberation, and we have shot them down, tortured them, and murdered them so no other State can get their precious information. The common explanation is that these crimes were committed to protect major financial and industrial interests, whose wealth and power would be threatened by advanced technology. While this speculation certainly has merit, considering the nature of economic reality in the American plutocracy, it's far more significant to consider our repetition of the crimes ascribed to the historical Jews.

America has murdered its liberator, its New Moses, with considerable and demonstrable premeditation, and has been determinedly building a new State Religion to cover the reality of the crime. While the American President paints this menacing new structure in Christian colors, courting Jews and moderate Moslems, the new secular religion is in fact and practice devoted to an Alien God made present to consciousness by the guilt engendered in the murder of the extraterrestrials.

As Clyde Lewis notes with customary accuracy, the separation of Church and State in America has vanished in the aftermath of 9/11. The new State is devoted to global military domination and building a gulag, while the new Church is devoted to spiritual domination and filling the gulag with heretics who dispute the identity of State and Church. For those with eyes to see, the New World Order necessitates a New World Faith and the fictional Alien Death God the SemiConscious Apparatus will call the New Christ was made in the lab of our real history in the historical slaughter of extraterrestrials here to liberate us.

Of course a cynic might note that meaningless death is man's destiny no matter how we treat extraterrestrials, but let's remain optimistic a moment longer to find a thread through the dissimulating maze of institutionalized terror. Let's fight a little fire with fire. This is a new thought experiment. Let's see if we can counterattack half a century of military disinformation and coverup with a simple idea.

The American military is holding 17 live Aliens in underground bases in Arizona. Along with countless Alien cadavers and their curious craft. Torture and murder haven't extracted the important information about non-local, faster- than- light communication and space travel. If we confess past crimes and induce the American military to produce full disclosure, we may have instant access to the stars. If we set the 17 Alien individuals free, it may inspire Americans to rededicate themselves to their birthright of American individualism, so perfidiously castrated and sterilized by the SemiConscious Apparatus and its larger and smaller gangs of American Presidents. Full disclosure of the existence of Aliens will enable America to overcome the political hegemony of lies and empty faith created by overweening guilt.

If you reflect a moment, you don't need further proof. Somewhere, in the innermost self that's survived the nerve gas of disseminated disinformation, you know it's true. The American military is holding 17 live Aliens.

You don't need debate between government agents advocating both sides of leaked documents. You don't need more lies, coverups and fake investigations. You don't need more red herrings or smoking guns. You don't need more Jonathan Reeds or Iraqi wars. And you certainly don't need the dark scenario of 5 Billion American Presidents declaring the New World Death because fear has turned modern man from the love of Life. The case is clear--- these crimes must be brought to collective American consciousness and punishment must be levied.

The non-accountable military elites and their private industry partners must be brought to justice by the American people and punished in American courts of law. If not, the American people, like small children, will blame themselves for what's happened to America. They will deprive themselves of their Constitutional liberties and call for the jackboot on their neck. They will call this boot The New Responsibility, and we'll know it as the war moniker of guilt. The world community will cower and cajole, trembling in the dank, irrational shadows of the Pax Americana. The Big Lie will be that terror comes from terror, and the terror never ends. Freud knew the Big Lie came from a real crime and a strangling guilt, a guilt that evacuates all the joy and pride in Life, and inevitably will we know the Big Lie as the New World Church.

We need immediate full disclosure, or we risk a New Dark Age, where the organized torture of heretic individuals will make the Inquisition seem like a stroll in a French garden on a breezy autumn afternoon.

Of course a realist might say, "After 55 years of secrecy and disinformation, the military isn't about to lead the world's media to the lockers containing alien body parts, or the ultra-secret bases where we're reverse-engineering alien craft." He might also add, "There has been no authentic spiritual experience in the Judeo-Christian-Moslem complex for centuries. Their God is defined by his absence. If you look closely you can see that the Alien God of Terror, constructed from our collective guilt, has been firmly in power since 1947. The New Christ isn't really new at all, it's been many generations in the genes, it's the only God modern man knows is present " Indeed, we need to fight with everything we can put our minds and hands on.

Imagine the pressure building on senators and representatives to diffuse or spin a confrontation in the desert. Imagine thousands of cars converging above the Arizona bunkers where the Aliens are held. Imagine yourself behind the wheel of the family car.

Imagine millions of Americans refusing to work, refusing to eat until the 17 Aliens are freed. Imagine the emotional epiphany as the American people reclaim their government, as they understand the importance and implications of ongoing contact with extraterrestrials.

Nietzsche's paradoxical take on history may be helpful here, for there is a natural tendency to turn away from the brutality and insanity of current events, to twist up like a worm and make oneself a smaller target for the boot. Nietzsche held the affirmation supreme. To say to every moment, no matter how painful, meaningless or bizarre, "Yes!"

Maybe I don't understand it, maybe I don't like it, maybe it makes me suffer with every breath, but I willed it all! I affirm 9/11, I affirm the advent of the Alien God, I affirm the World Police State, I affirm the total annihilation of individuated consciousness, I willed it all!" This is the meaning of amor fati If we have affirmed one fleeting moment of Life's joy, then we must affirm all its sorrow.

Only with this Nietzschean sense of absolute will and the tragic nature of man, affirming his intricate self-deception and deep perfidy, can we escape the lies of convenience and touch the truth that makes us stronger. A great logic and a great feeling agree in saying that our greatest strength and our best reality lies in open community with our ancestors and descendents in that special instance of space and time we call our universe. When the 17 Aliens walk free unto the Arizona sky, a new, open-ended destiny awaits man. Hear the honking horns and feel the hot dry Arizona sun. See Freud smiling as he watches his analytic monograph on Moses transformed by time and extreme circumstance into a life-affirming political myth that defeats the suicide of the known world in the 59th minute of the eleventh hour.

Lawrence Johns is a philosopher, poet, and founder of the cultural city-state of Athenapolis. He received his doctorate from The Graduate Theological Union and is the author of Sensazioni, a metahistory of consciousness, and Love-Hate, an epic poem on the Diggers. He is currently Director of The Portland Alien Museum in Portland Oregon.
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