Its Mars Attacks Part Deux in a follow up article about simulated attack broadcasts both terrestrial and extraterrestrial.
By Marcus Kaller

Three years ago, I wrote an article for DisinfoZero about, arguably, history's first media-generated event: the radio drama adaptation of the H.G. Wells' classic The War of the Worlds. It was broadcast on CBS Radio, across the nation on October 30, 1938, and performed by Orson Welles and the Mercury Theater on the Air. The broadcast caused a mass hysteria nationwide because the play was presented in the form of a live news report and listeners thought it was just that.

The controversy that this generated proved the power the emerging electronic media had, and continues to have, over influencing opinion and quite possibly the behavior of the mass public.

I posed the hypothesis that the War of the Worlds broadcast may have been an social experiment to determine the power of media.

The consequences of this event became useful data to lay a foundation for a fabricated alien invasion staged by underground powers that have a powerful leash on numerous governments, including the Federal Government.

This faux invasion would be utilized by reversing alleged alien technology recovered from numerous UFO crashes dating back to Roswell in 1947 and using it in modern aircraft to manipulate the general public into believing in an all out alien attack.

I decided to conduct a more extensive research about this topic. First, I discussed in greater detail about a psychological study on the mass panic caused by the radio play and how it relates to historical context of the U.S. And since turnabout is fair, I discussed the possibility of an actual alien invasion that may have been predicted thousands of years ago.

Since then, I shifted my focus towards my studies at the time, yet I kept thinking if their was anything more I could find. After I graduated from college, I began to read more about the subjects discussed on the radio show Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis.

They of course included UFOs, secret societies, and hidden histories. Then, just as Jim Garrison revisited the JFK assassination case, I went back to researching the War of the Worlds show. This article deals more with the possibility that the 1930's was a tumultuous period in world history.

Following the stock market crash of 1929, America and the world was in the midst of an economic depression. Almost everyone was struggling to survive with little or no money. In addition, the prospects of war were re-emerging with the rise of German fascism as Hitler and the Nazis gained power and began secretly rearming the nation. Americans, sought to escape their agonizing lives and found diversion through popular forms of media: movies and radio.

In my first article, I was trying to see if there were any indications that the radio play was an deliberate act by specific entities to determine the public's reaction to an invasion, whether alien or terrestrial. That was my original intent. Now I genuinely believe that the hysteria it provoked was not an accident.

In a 1955 BBC interview, Welles confessed that the Mercury Theater on the Air In a fascinating was getting "an inkling of the public response soon after the first few 'bulletins' were aired."

CBS supervisor Davidson Taylor, after receiving calls from hundreds of affiliate stations, told Welles of this and directed him to use a premature intermission to calm listeners. Welles refused, saying "They're scared? Good, they're supposed to be scared. Now let me finish!" Furthermore, NYPD officers went to the CBS studios to inquire about what was going on.

So, why did Welles decide not to clarify the situation? His intentions were to exploit the listeners' confidence in radio, and in a way spoof the medium of radio itself. He understood the powerful influence radio had on the masses, having done numerous radio shows in the 1930's, from adapted Shakespearean plays to popular shows such as "The Shadow."

He explained his purpose to the BBC:

"We were fed up with the way in which everything that came over this magic box, the radio, was being swallowed. People were suspect about what they read in the newspaper and what people tell them, but when radio came...anything that came through that new machine was believed Radio in those days, before the tube and the transistor, wasn't just a noise in somebody's pocket- it was a voice of authority. Too much so. At least I thought so. It was time for someone to take the starch... out of some that authority: hence my broadcast."-Orson Welles

The lesson is clear and inescapable. But how the lesson is dealt with differs. While some people learn to be more skeptical of what the media presents, some learn how to use the media to squelch public inquisitiveness and maintain deception and conformity.

Two years following the hysteria, Harvard professor Hadley Cantril published book detailing why the WOTW play drove people into fear. I wrote about his findings in my previous article. But there was more.

In the preface to the book, Cantril mentioned that the study on what role radio played in different facets of society was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.

For the uninitiated, the Rockefeller family has been linked to various secret societies including the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderbergers, to name a few. The foundation also funded a eugenics study in Puerto Rico that resulted in the deaths of numerous inhabitants. What makes this fact more intriguing is that this act of appreciation was omitted in later editions of the publication. Furthermore, this study was given a special grant by the General Education Fund and the book was sponsored by the Federal Radio Education Committee.

So while the broadcast was not the result planning by influential people for the purpose of raising hell literally, the Cantril study turned out to be a valuable asset to the influential few. It was helpful in two ways: first, it demonstrated how people, at the time, would react to the possibility of an extra-terrestrial presence on Earth.

This could lead to formulating strategies concerning UFO crashes, such the one that allegedly occurred in Roswell, NM in 1947. And second, it also demonstrated how electronic media can be a tool of manipulation to mislead to populace. This approach has wide applications, such as news reports on the latest scandal involving some politician or celebrity, then hawk the latest electronic gadget that people would otherwise get along without using impressive visuals.

The second approach may have been utilized years later, when the Japanese navy attacked the U.S. fleet at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. Numerous researchers have discovered that many officials in the military and the government secretly knew that the Japanese were planning to ambush the U.S. Navy and debilitate it so that the fleet could continue its expansionist plans.

Furthermore, they even made it much easier for the Japanese to choose the course of action by placing the fleet at Pearl Harbor, then kept the rumors of an attack to themselves.

Prior to the attack, Americans felt that, even though they oppose the military actions of Nazi Germany, they did not want to get involved in the another war in Europe. The seeds planted in 1938 were harvested in 1941. Americans, fearful of another attack, one much closer to home, were more than willing to enlist in the Army and urge the U.S. to join the war.

So, how to take control of the media in order mold the minds of the masses? Well, even though the First Amendment is suppose to insure freedom of the press from government control, they are allegedly under the reins of the CIA.

This was reported in a 1977 Rolling Stone article by famed journalist Carl Bernstein. In it, an unnamed source explained to Bernstein that more than four hundred individuals in the American news media secretly working for the CIA. (In a rather odd twist, the New York Times, in a response the Bernstein's article, said that there were more than eight hundred journalists working for the CIA.)

These "journalists" made connections for the agency, shared their sources and their notes, among their job descriptions as CIA agents.

In addition, in his latest masterpiece "Ruled By Secrecy," researcher and author Jim Marrs explained that numerous journalists have membership in the CFR and/or the Trilateral Commission, along with the heads of various media corporations, as well as government officials, including those from the CIA, and other powerful masters of industry and banking.

Furthermore, it has been alleged that these secret groups meet to forge human history in their own vision, including creating and stopping wars, manipulating the supply and demand factors in food and energy to shape the global economy, and determining local and world leaders.

And all this without the consent of the general public. And its up to the mass media to push the hidden agenda of the powerful elite upon an unsuspecting populace and present it to them as "facts."

So much forthe "liberal" media.

Finally, James and Ken Collier explain in their conspiracy classic Votescam the Election News Service is owned and operated by the three major TV networks, and that they always project a winner with uncanny accuracy, possibly because they are effecting the results of election races, especially the presidential elections.

Another way to control the media is through consolidation of media corporations. In 1980, the number of corporations that controlled the mass media was 50. Ten years later, that number decrease to 23. Now, only three corporations control the American mass media. But according to the maverick researcher and activist Sherman Skolnick, the mass media is ultimately controlled by the Rockefellers through owning interests in the three corporations that own the three main TV networks (Viacom, Disney, and GE).

With these consolidations, the mega-corporations can dictate what types of news it wants the public to watch, emphasizing on live car chases and crashes, the latest trends in pop culture, celebrating the sports highlights, and put out a big production number for those once-in-while scandals and disasters.

Consultants come in and shill the types of programming for TV and radio stations that will yield optimal ratings. One trend that is becoming more obvious is the decline in reporting foreign news stories. A decade or two ago, you had extensive coverage from around the world. Today, they only get one paragraph.

According to Marrs, one person sits at the international desk at Associated Press and decides which stories get printed. Those that aren't reported , never happen. Or the consensus never hears about them. So it's like they never happened. On the other hand, even if all the reporters, writers, and editor cannot be controlled, the distribution of the information they convey can be.

But the media can only go so far to coerce the public into believing what it purports. The other side to controlling the masses is to eliminate the process of critical thinking by introducing a new science called mass persuasion.

The science was created a century ago by Edward L. Bernays. He engineered principles based in psychology, developed by his uncle Sigmund Freud, to hide agendas and create illusions that deceive and misrepresent for marketing purposes. Bernays' rationale was that "the scientific manipulation of public opinion was necessary to overcome chaos and conflict in a democratic society." He was responsible for advertisements, including the idea that cigarettes were healthy, and another convincing Americans to get involved in the First World War. All this when magazines and newspapers were primary media. Bernays has been labeled "the father of Spin."

He and other early propagandists saw themselves as conducting a civil service for mankind because the people were unable think rationally for themselves. Bernays explained it:

"Those who manipulate the unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested largely by men we never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. In almost every act of our lives whether in the sphere of politics or business in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of people who understands the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind."-Edward Bernays

Since Bernays' days, PR firms have adopted the principles of mass persuasion for major corporations, to create changes in society through conformity. This involves creating a desired image of a product, having that product supported by "independent third-parties" who are themselves supported by the major corporations.

Condemning comments made by more legitimate groups who have the concerns of the public at heart, andcreating positive and negative connotations of trigger words for emotional impact. Not surprisingly, Bernays' principles are not limited to marketing. Among the other students of mass persuasion was the infamous Nazi minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels.

Why am I explaining all of this? Stay awake now.

To summarize, you have major players pulling the strings in corporations, government, and the media controlling the information diet of the Joe American. Next, you add in specially-trained people to sell the propaganda, be it news or advertisement, to the public, insuring them the experts have all the answers. And throw in a monkey wrench into the American education system by de-emphasizing critical thinking, At last, you have a population that is ripe for control and deception.

Now, with all this in mind, I ask you, can an event like the mass hysteria in 1938 happen again. Sadly, the answer is yes. Most Americans today are less educated, and virtually incapable of determining fact from fiction. Moreover, they are less interested in wanting to understand the truths in life, and more about personal pleasure. In order to create hysteria all it takes these days is a major event that will spark fear and anger.

As I write, I am witnessing the horrifying events unfold in New York and Washington, D.C. For me, it's been numbing, surreal, and shocking. And I am left thinking whats going to happen next? Will we spark a new war? Will America become a full-blown police state? Who were the true culprits behind this devastating plan? And most importantly, are we given every piece of factual information? In an honest fashion?

All I can say is this: think openly, analyze critically, and don't believe the hype!

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