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Tragedy, global catastrophe, disaster, war, sins, criminal activity, and danger basically sums up any and all psychic predictions of the future. Those items are a safe bet in a world where man is his own worst enemy. In a look back at the year 2001 we will show you just how easy it is to loop the timeline. We will also demonstrate how the world has been held in the same groove.

Itís December of the year 2000. Pay attention to this article because it will either convince you that I am a brilliant futurist or a master idiot.

People pay all kinds of money to get the information I am about to give to you. They waste their time with psychics and regulars on talk shows that continually get it wrong but somehow manage to bank on the fact that you will forget that the year before they were using the "psychic template" in order to convince you of their divinity.

When I say "psychic template" I am referring to the "predict by numbers" scheming that seems to permeate throughout the alternative thinking world.

There always seems to be room for these people and many have written books and lived quite well off of predicting the usual earthly catastrophes, wars, natural disasters and all things that point to a global coming of age.

For a change I am going to experiment a bit. I am going to leave my office in the year 2000 and go ahead one year.

That was fast. You didnít even notice.

Now that I have moved myself ahead in time I need to tell you that this is only one timeline. There may be some variations on what is about to happen but as the days flashed past me in my transference I was able to see a few things and so now I can reveal a few of those things to you.

Always remember the past is merely a prologue to what is to come and so we are at a beginning once again in our timeline.

The first year of the third millennium brought with it some very troubling things. I know that every psychic has said this in the past but believe me, sitting at my desk on the last day of 2001 I can tell you that there are some interesting things that have transpired. I am sure that I missed a few but hey, this isnít science.

There seems to be a hostile atmosphere towards Americans around the world. I canít put my finger on what we did but it had something to do with bad choices. It probably started with the election. We may think that what we do or how we are perceived abroad doesnít matter, but it does.

Itís like we are living in another cold war. The paranoia that existed in the 50ís has returned. I donít know how we looped back into this but it certainly smells of distrust and all sorts of foulness.

I read in a paper where some one in Washington had said that "Bush canít even run a kindergarten bake sale what makes him think he can run a country?"

There are many countries in the world that are looking at the United States as a country of idiots. We have done something really stupid.

There seems to be this criticism about fake foods. Foods that we have developed in labs. The other countries are beginning to look at us as purveyors of lies. They call us pig consumers, they hate our violence, and our hypocritical and misleading advertising and marketing across the globe. Places like McDonalds have had to make statements regarding their beef and Mad cow disease in Europe. They are irradiating meat for safety reasons. Mad cow disease worries and airborne disease has forced some people into buying up these Ozone air purifiers. They are supposed to cleanse the air of impurities.

There are also those cool devices they have to ward off mosquitoes with sound. Pretty expensive but if you donít want West Nile you will wear one, or at least have one installed.

Other countries are putting everything we do into question. Conspiracy theories are now being forged in other countries and we are the great conspirators.

We arenít as popular as we used to be abroad.

It looks as if Russia has decided to be communist after all. Thatís interesting. I wonder if anyone saw this coming? I guess that a civil action took place there and there was a power struggle.

Our economy is in the dumper again. Maybe the Russians and everyone else is beginning to see through our posturing?

We are so hated everywhere. I canít believe it. People are so afraid to travel right now.

Here in the United States someone has basically come forward with facts about the drug war. A black leader had some pretty harsh words about the fact that the majority of people in jails and those who have lost their lives are mostly Black.

The leader whose face I cannot see clearly has demanded that we do some soul searching and realize that this act of psychological warfare, and draconian activity needs to stop.

Blacks are so sick of how their human rights are being violated. Since the election there are many people who felt betrayed.

It will eventually be the job of citizens to convince lawmakers that drug offenders need treatment and not jail time. Medical Marijuana is basically legal in a few states.

Speaking of treatment, the mental health of a lot of people is disintegrating. The drugs that are being prescribed for depression are losing their punch. There have been a lot of people who have been committing crimes that are ritualistic and morbid.

There seems to be nothing good on television. Figures. Reality programming has gotten ridiculous. People will do anything if they think they are going to get a lot of money. People are now wondering if they are rigged.

Movies seem to be improving but not by much. There were a lot of idiots who are using the world attitude right now as a reason to get behind legislation to create new ratings in the theatres. Or at least there seems to be talk of curtailing a lot of the violence in films. Hannibal had people squeamish but it was nice to see Planet of the Apes, but I am still a purist. Roddy Mcdowal and Charlton Heston are still on my monkey planet.

The new Star Wars is going to really suck. Star Trek needs to give it up too. We are already in the future and all of the gimmicks that were used in the Matrix are all being done and redone. Itís time to move on.

Any investor in the stock market better watch his ass. There seems to be a swallowing up of struggling dot com companies. Some of the ones that we thought would never fail have failed.

The dead pool is going to be a whose who at the end of 2001.

How many times did we hear that the Pope was going to die? Or the Queen Mother? Or Ronald Reagan?

Well I havenít paid attention to whoever is taking credit for getting those right.. But hey if you call it every year eventually you get it right.

People have always thought that Abe Vigoda died years ago. You remember him right? That guy on Barney Miller?

I never heard any psychic predict Walter Mathauís demise last year and he died. I loved it when he and Jack Lemmon were in the Odd couple together.

I am throwing out the word UFO! UFO is now synonymous with alien spaceships. So be careful when you use it to describe anomalous lights in the sky. People use UAP now or Unidentified Ariel Phenomena. Well I use it now. I hope everyone else catches on to it. The reason I use it is because when they made that announcement about the man made flying saucers there were so many people who were saying that aliens are just a bunch of bullshit. Until they found life in space.

Now it has been revealed that there were saucer craft developed by the Germans and by the Canadians in the 1940ís people needed another reason to believe in life out in space. So much so that they "found" it.

The trouble is that it was the media who coupled UFOís with aliens. When it was only part of the story. But there are a lot of people who are thinking that when the government gave a hint that it was a disinformation campaign.

I hope you are understanding what I am saying. Itís hard to go into detail as to how all of this went down.

I am sure I will be writing about it all year long.

Okay lets see what else is happening.

The other day I was hearing about this guy named Richard Clarke. Now he has been crowned the president of Cyberspace. Was there an election? What a joke! He takes over as "president" and all of these hacks and viruses are unleashed. Talk about a set up. The acronym EPH (Electronic pearl harbor) seems to be used by every paranoid politician with his eyes set on the Internet. My taxes are being used now to protect me from a potential "bomb" online. How about the truth here, they are using my tax money to buy software so they can spy on me.

Here is something odd. Kids are now a part of developing advertising for class projects. They are using the net to develop ads for companies who feel they have lost their edge. What sucks is that 11 year olds are making fortunes creating stuff and developing things and I am still doing radio.

Internet law is going to be huge. They may need to redefine just what is child labor. I mean dad and mom are working junior to come up with the next great jingle to sell beer. Is this right?

Oh and here is some cool news. I read last week that if I live 20 more years I probably wonít have to die.

It sure is hard to see myself there though.

The wars that are happening are downright scary.

Well actually they look scarier now that we are seeing them up close and personal with those flying cameras that they have developed.

You know what really sucks? Iím sitting here in 2001 and while I am going to be another year older, nothing really has changed all that much.

I mean sure, electronics seem to be everywhere making our lives "better" but you know, people still think the same. They canít see beyond their programmed dogma. The partisanship still exists. Bush said that he would change it and he hasnít. People are people and they are still pissed.

Everything we see in the news is all a pony show. Itís all rigged to get the country to go a certain direction.

Everyone is so confrontational now. No one is open to new ideas. I am still struggling with what I do because people are so set into believing the network opinion rather than taking the time and listening to other options.

I mean all of these people on the TV news are parrots. They just repeat what is being fed to them.

That hasnít changed at all. People say that they know itís all rigged but they do nothing about it.

People are going around saying the clever "sound bite" that they heard on some show and looking stupid in the process.

I hope that people start instigating the change of attitude soon, Iím tired of hearing about how so and so lied about this, and how this other guy was caught doing that.

President Bush is so transparent.

I still worry about the future of his administration. No matter how hard they try to make him look good there are a lot of people out there who are holding grudges.

Speaking of which is anyone going to ever forget the fiasco in the Middle East?

I doubt it.

Bush no sooner puts his hand on the Bible to be President and heís off to go shoot up some Iraqiís.

It was really weird that Russian president Putin and Castro were looking pretty cold waresque back in 2000. Who would have known that Cuba would once again be the focus of our attention?

Who would have guessed that Bushís move to put a democrat in the vacancy that was left would cause so much mistrust from his own party?

Do I hear the words Et Tu Brute in his vocabulary?

Or is Hillary Clinton going to save the day. Bill sure has some celebrity status these days. Itís like the reverse of Ronald Reagan. Go from president to pseudo actor. I guess if it worked for Orrin hatchÖ

Anyway enough politics.

I am really interested in this new idea of living simplistically.

I manage my time away from TV and away from computer. I need to get out and walk around. It really feels good to meet people and to just read a good book.

I havenít really gone to the extreme of finding God again like a lot of my friends, (I think itís the cowardís way of finding God when the world is falling apart.) Iím finding spirituality in philosophies that I never really paid attention to growing up.

Iím realizing that all of this material wealth that I thought I needed I really donít need.

A lot of other people feel like I do.

They would rather get together and watch a DVD and pop some corn rather than Going to a theatre and paying a lot of money on a movie that sucks.

Iím having more fun watching the old Planet of the Apes on DVD rather than going to the remake. Besides Iím with friends and thatís the best part.

Maybe we all need to start talking to each other again. Fall in love again. Make friends with people we have had a falling out with.

Iím thinking that after all of the wars, and political blunders, and widespread indoctrination on the TV news. There will always be people in the world that will just want to take a break.

People are suffering from future shock every day.

The world seems to be having a nervous break down.

Itís easier to tune out.

Well I think now is my time to return to the present.


I am sure you are saying to yourself that what I just did was crazy and that I have no way of going into the future.

Well okay Iíll laugh with you and shake my head. Iíll roll my eyes and say, well I tried. I could say that I never went ahead in the future. But I wonít. Youíll never know.

I urge you to read this article over and over again. Itís going to get a lot of mileage.

The reason why is because you are going to keep checking to see if anything that I said is happening or has happened.

You are going to check it at the end of 2001 to see if any of it came true. Then when it does happen youíll start getting spooked and wonder aloud if I really went ahead in time. If the others donít happen immediately never fear, they can all transpire because of what I am seeing in this paradoxical loop we have found ourselves stuck in. Now you may be saying "Clyde you have really lost it."

Well here is a little secret.

The truth is simple. When you pay attention to the world around you and listen to every preoccupation, every belief, conviction, or suggestion you begin to see a trend.

If more people share these convictions and preoccupations the more the likelihood of them happening.

Why do you think that in January of 2000 I predicted that George W. Bush would be our next president? I told you I wasnít a psychic. But yet I was right.

Go figure.

Self-fulfilling prophecies have a magical element to them. Itís easy to understand the future if you just know what the preoccupations and the worries of the past have been.

I base all of my projected ideas on how we have reacted before. Itís not remote viewing or Psychic know how.

For example I have heard people like Ed Dames and Gordon Michael Scallion make predictions that they couldnít possibly be right about. But people follow them and act as if they have this third eye into the future.

The way to know the future is to realize that all that you experience in the past and all that you experience in the present is prologue to the future.

Letís take our fear of a coming Armageddon or war.

The more a nation or a community feels threatened by a neighboring enemy the more that nation will arm itself. When the neighbor hears that enemy is arming itself it starts to take measures of defense. Sometimes the fact that this is going on justifies (In the minds of the warlords) to take an offensive position. So the outbreak of war is just a matter of time.

Many people say that you will need a food supply in reserve in case there is a shortage of food or that the economy will fail. Any prediction of a shortage of a commodity will then trigger people into hoarding that commodity until there is a shortage.

The prophecy of any event usually ends up with a fulfillment because of reactionary response.

Funny how all of these prophecies and predictions always put us in a place where we donít want to be.

If a large group is convinced of its validity the trend will go toward it.

That is why the media is so crucial in trying to form public opinion. In the year 2000 it has been said that retail sales for Christmas Items have fallen to all time lows. There were no "must have gifts" in the year 2000.

Why is that?

Itís simple. The media was so caught up in election frenzy and trying to smooth over the contention that existed in partisan politics that they had no time for masqueraded advertisements for the latest electronic dog or computer game.

The hottest item it seemed was the Razor scooter however the news didnít even showcase the cheap rip-offs that had to be recalled.

Many people were unaware that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak resigned in early December.

Why is that?

Because we were too busy paying attention to dimpled chads and dangling chads. Barakís resignation threw an air of pessimism towards the peace that allegedly is about to take place in the warring country.

You see its so easy to see the probability of what is to come.

Mankind has often found itself in a loop or vicious circle.

We are seeing prophecy playing out before our eyes and itís very real.

Real enough for people to start doubting their futures. To see what the future has in store for you just rewind the timeline a generation or so. See how history is repeating itself with different players. We seem to go in cycles of about 20 years or so.

Look back 20 years and you will have a rough idea of what is to come. But that is just a base. After you see the patterns you can yourself room for something to go completely contradictory. Then analyze the newsmakers and what cycle they were living through in their younger years. You can pretty much determine that in the year 2001 and beyond the leaders will be recycling the ideas that they had when they were young and ambitious. They will right the wrongs of the past and leave behind a legacy.

That is why I estimate that we will be seeing Russia become communist. Bush will fight the war with Baghdad to make his daddy proud. In fact I wouldnít be too surprised if we started to see some of the hair bands of the 80ís return as reformed classic metal.

They will be the new Rock and Roll spokesman commenting on Limp Biskit, Marilyn Manson, and Slip Knot.

Look for more Harrison Ford movies, Michael Douglas, More Baldwins and Madonna will never go away. Classic Star Wars stuff will be hot and people will probably wonder whatever happened to Lucasí touch. Iíll bet Freddy Kruger will return to the slasher movie and so will Jason and Michael Myers.

Aliens will still be cool but not as interesting as we make way for new technology dreams. The computer was big in the 1980ís so itís time to up it a notch and think that the next step is a robot. So look for more robots in movies and in TV shows.

We will also learn that the technology we thought was from outer space just might be from planet earth. Alien life will not be cartoonish any more. It will be a reality as we venture into the outer most reaches of the cosmos. I am also hopeful that we will be hearing a signal soon from a neighboring system.

The fear of a hostile takeover of the planet will continue. It will show up in our movies, stories, and theories. Paranoia will be in and Fascism will be in fashion.

Itís not hard to see what is happening. There is no need for a Psychic.

Psychics of today are more or less intuitive but they are also manipulative. There are those with gifts of insight but one needs to use common sense when they are listening to someone making predictions without at least looking at trends and worries from the past.

The psychics I often hear on late night talk shows are similar to the man in a story I once heard one. The man would annoyingly cluck like a chicken every ten seconds. People were looking at him strangely.

A woman finally spoke and said "Why the hell are you clucking like a chicken?"

"To keep the screaming blue mice from attacking," he replied with a smile.

"But I donít see any screaming blue miceÖ" said the woman.

"You see Itís working!" the man said with a wink.

Basically the analogy is that these guys cluck at every little opportunity about things that really donít matter in the big picture. Then they say that if we use our collective conscience and all think good thoughts we can send the message that we donít want an earthquake in California.

When it doesnít happen Ö well you get the picture.

People are more than happy to cluck like a chicken to keep the screaming blue mice from attacking. But in my world itís easier to point out probability using history as my guide. As I said in the beginning tragedy, global catastrophe, disaster, war, sins, criminal activity, and danger basically sums up any and all psychic predictions of the future.

The reason they are always used is because psychics do know one thing.

They know that the spiritual climate of the world is terminal.

Dostoyevsky wrote:

"Everything is goodÖ Everything.

Man is unhappy because he doesnít know that he is happy. Thatís all it is. If he just found out the truth.. (that he his happy) he would be happy all at once..

In that instant."

So I guess that even in the darkest storm that awaits us in 2001, I still urge everyone to be happy. I canít tell you that your 2001 or the worldís 2001 will be wonderful. I sense that it will be a year of instability for many people.

We need to get strong. Gather up our energy and work together.

It will be difficult I know. But itís a great thought to know that we have lived to see another year, a new century and the new millennium.

You can either enjoy the 21st century and embrace the tragedy, anxiety and happiness head on.

Or you can cluck like a chicken to keep the screaming blue mice from attacking.

Happy New Year Everyone.

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