By Clyde Lewis

Now take a look at the reality. With all of the sighting cases I find it interesting that there are only a thimble full of alleged "real" aliens that have decided to pose for a glamour shot so here is the Ground Zero files of alleged alien pics.

I once received e-mail asking me if there were any real photos of aliens that I was aware of, and to be honest I really havenít seen too many. A lot of their validity have been called into question, but what I have selected for you are some of the best. As far as I know, these photos are the real thing, and if anyone has heard differently I would love to see your opinions in the forum.

The first picture to me is your typically blurry photo. I call this the cliché of clichés where the image conveniently ends up blurry but the idea is quite clear. A big eyed alien grey making deals with our military generals. I felt that this picture was very impressive. Too impressive. It could be fake, but no one has stepped forward to say that this is a farce. I love this picture at any rate because of itís cliché nature. I mean how cliché is it to have little alien being taken to our leaders? The only thing that would be more cliché is having an alien playing poker with a farmer in Buckhead Georgia. This is a great Image. Sort of fifties, sci-fi taken right out of a B-horror film. Real or not you decide.

Picture number two is a very curious photo because it takes some squinting and imagination. This Photo allegedly was taken after a visitation. The Contactee snapped a photo of Greyís standing in the window of the their spacecraft. If you look closely you will be able to see what appears to be a figure with a long neck , large head and almond shaped eyes waving out the window. I think this is a great photograph and decided to put it in my collection for you to see. The reason for the blurring is because it was shot approximately one hundred feet below the space craft as it was taking off. Once again it could be anything. I see an alien, maybe because I want to.

I call this one the teary eyed alien. I had heard that when Whitley Strieber saw this picture he began to tear up because he believed it was the real McCoy. He put a copyright on it and later debunked it. He believed it was done in adobe photoshop. I saw one similar on the Paragon Press Alien clip art site. However the only one who has a "love" for this photo is Strieber as far as I know. No one has come forward to say whether it is a hoax or not.

One thing is for sure, I would not like to have something like that under my bed, and looking up at me ready to say hello.

This is Victor. I called this alien Victor because that is the name of the so-called area-51 smuggler who stole the video of this little guy having a violent seizure. I have never bought into this picture, but no one has said it was phony yet. This one came out after the alien autopsy, and believe me I thought it looked like a dummy. This was another image that made people cry. It was the picture of an alien in trouble. His face seemed to be childlike and friendly. Then comes these doctors manhandling it and it looks really silly after that. I think itís a clever hoax. No one has said either way. So it is here. Begrudgingly. If we find out it was a fake. Donít say I didnít warn ya.

The Alien autopsy. Well I have decided to use a rare pic that no one has ever seen. This is from a part of the Santilli Film that never made it to television. This is from the infamous tent footage. It isnít that great of a picture, but I figured you have seen all the other ones before, and if not I have one of the old shots as well.

The Alien Autopsy continues to be a hotly debated and contested issue. While many have written it off as a special effects prop, the ongoing discussion continues to boil under all of the other UFO dogma. One thing for sure, we have not seen all of it. I had the opportunity to see a lot of what hasnít been shown to the public at large and as we covered in "The Naked Alien" there were genitalia on this specimen, and a tent scene with badly decomposed aliens lying on cots. I still remember the reaction I had when I first saw the autopsy film. My gut feeling says it is real. However if they ever came forward with conclusive evidence of a hoax, I would look upon it with the same feeling as I did when I was a kid at a magic show. This was better than special effects. It was mediocre. Something that Special effects artists donít know how to be. They are walking egos that want things to bleed and ooze on cue. This whole film didnít even do that right. In my opinion that equals reality.

These photos are known only as the EBE photos and have a mysterious background. These photos were supposed to be released during the 50th anniversary of Roswell. However they somehow were suppressed and then were re-released all over the web with no fanfare. These are reported to be crispy aliens that were recovered from a crash site.

I donít know what to make of this next piece. This piece is known as the alien Schematic. This is an alleged anatomy of an alien grey that was found and dissected. This is too accurate. It is either made by someone with a vivid imagination or it is very real. No one has said either way. It is most interesting. You decide.

Alien Head


Ocular Lobe


Renal System


Full Body

Milagros Garcia (right) an Alien hybrid?

Then of course we have Aliens who look like humans. However these hybrids, or real aliens among us could very well be outrageous claims, and lies. There are many who claim to be Aliens, however I have decided to only show you the most interesting stories. You may say that these people are nuts. But there are some whose stories are remarkable. Take the case of Milagros Garcia. She is an alleged Alien Hybrid. The blood DNA from this Puerto Rican Woman has yielded analyses so unusual and interesting that the physician involved is now interested in meeting the subject for further study. The DNA is possible in humans but is very rare. She claims that she is the offspring of an alien encounter. The Doctor is not interested in the UFO/ alien phenomena he wants answers as to why her DNA has such rare qualities. A Case similar to this is being investigated in New Paris Ohio. A woman there has exceptional skills and get by on two hours of sleep a night. Pictured on the left is Milagros Garciaís Mother and Milagros Garcia is on the right.

Omnec Onec

Female extraterrestrial came to earth in 1955. Born 246 Earth years ago. Omnec Onec was raised on the planet Venus in a town called Teutonia. She lived on an astral plane - without a physical body - until she was instructed by her leaders to travel to earth with a message of peace and brotherhood.

Omnec says she was trained to live as a human in an ancient monastery in Tibet. Eventually she was sent to live in Tennessee with an earthling family, replacing a 7-year-old child who had died in a bus wreck. She grew up, married and moved to Chicago, where she raised three children. worked as a bar maid, a clothes designer and a cashier.

She revealed her true space alien nature in 1990, when she wrote and published her best-selling book. Today she travels around the United States and Europe, spreading a message of peace and brotherhood, a she was instructed to do by Venusian leaders.

Jill, Donn, and Val Thor

I once heard of a book called strangers in the Pentagon, which talked about an extra-terrestrial council. Three Venusians: Jill, Donn and Valiant Thor landed in Virginia in 1957. They were apprehended by Police officers and were escorted to Washington D.C. to speak with the Secretary of defense. Soon police from every conceivable district and agency had joined in, all trying to claim their right to escort them to President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Val Thor was the commander of a spaceship with a crew of about 200. It was believed that his ship eventually ended up in the Lake Mead area before it disappeared below the surface. Nixon allegedly met Val Thor. A man named Frank Stranges claims that he keps contact with Valiant and Crew.

Finally we look at the only extra terrestrial life that has the seal of approval from NASA. The unfortunate thing is this extra terrestrial life is dead. Itís fossilized and really doesnít match up with what we perceive aliens to be. These are the remains of what are believed to be Ďalien" fossils from Martian asteroid ALH 84001. We wonít have definite proof of itís validity until 2005. The pictures you have seen in this report are merely claims . We believe aliens to be like what we see in the movies. The Bad guys are the ugly snake looking aliens. The good guys are the playful childlike aliens that wait in closets ready to devour Reeces Pieces. The most striking thing about many of the reports is the visitor's diminutive stature. Only a few are over five feet, and some of those are described as "monsters." Most act fearful of being captured; some are friendly, some are hostile and some are indifferent. All seem to have an inordinate interest in the world we live on, our animals and us. None have indicated any systematic plan to conquer us or to take up residence among us. Their main trait seems to be, curiosity. I believe Alien Life is a whole lot different than what Hollywood has shown us. People act as though they want an alien captured dead or alive. That is the proof people want. On one hand we say they are advanced, and on the other we want to tree them like animals. This is the reason we are not ready for the truth. I firmly believe that we are not ready to accept the truth about our place in the universe. We are a planet divided. Optimism is a challenge for the future. We must deal with our own alien behavior before we can accept another . Keeping our minds at Ground Zero is a start.


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