By Clyde Lewis

The new weapon of terrorism is the ultimate machine. A machine made of flesh, blood and bones. It is the human body. Many agree that Murder is immoral. But is suicide? Is anyone prosecuted for committing suicide? In anyone jailed for attempting suicide? Is it wise to point the finger at a people because they choose to die? How about a people that have given up? The statistics show that we all need to look inside ourselves and understand the true meaning of the sacredness of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

When I was the age of 12, on a crisp October night I sat in a red station wagon in the middle of the local drive in theater, eating popcorn and witnessing my first on screen suicide. It was in the movie the Omen. As I am watching the movie I notice the serene images from nuns caressing a baby to a couple in love raising their young son.

Unbeknownst to the parents their child of course is the spawn of Satan. During the child's fifth birthday party, We hear a young Nanny's words over the music box chimes calling out to the young boy and the words spoken from the Nanny are of unconditional love and devotion. In order to prove that love and devotion the young nanny kills herself in front of horrified onlookers. With a makeshift noose wrapped securely around her neck, she appears at a window ledge above a posh mansion, with a crazed look, she eyes the crowd.

Spotting the young Damien, she smiles and says "Look at me Damien, It's all for you! She then drops the rope and walks off the ledge. Her body drops and the neck snaps. She swings into the front window and suddenly silence. The only sound heard is the creaking of the heavy rope.

No one knew why the nanny committed suicide. Later in the film it was evident. The death had to happen to open the door for the new nanny. The new nanny was also a disciple of Lucifer and was later called in to protect the child.

When viewing horrific events we tend to forget that the event that is so unbelievable sets the stage for what is to come. The death or destruction opens a door. It is tragedy and opportunity all in the same unfathomable moment in time. It is the Jonbar Point that we have discussed in the past. It is the opening of Pandora's box.

In the case of the horror movie, it was a sacrifice for Satan. A sacrifice that opened the door for the "antichrist" to receive a protector. A protector that would allow him to kill or harm anyone who opposed his moves to power.

I have said in the past that the truth is in you. It flows through everyone and it is the key to opening the portal to a new life. To a new way of thinking. The trick is using this knowledge and applying it without ending your life. However it seems that the loss of life, the shedding of blood seems to be the only method to get a message across. That is what the average terrorist thinks. That is what the war strategists believe. It is a never ending vicious circle of death and destruction for an ideology or cause that keeps the old warlords in power.

On September 11th 2002 terrorists tested a new weapon. It would be a hint of what was to come with this new war. Many will argue that the new weapon was the passenger jet. Granted it was the implement that finally brought down both towers, however it must be emphasized that the basic weapon used in the destruction of the towers, and the pentagon was the human body. It took a programmed brain inside a body to pilot the planes into those buildings. A well oiled, well groomed killing machine that strapped itself into a flying bomb, which eventually became the ultimate suicide machine.

The body is a machine with a brain that has a special switch that when flipped will command the muscles and sinews to create havoc. The switch is flipped automatically when an emotional trigger is registered. This trigger throws the brain into overload and leads to over compensatory behaviors. People will revolt when cornered and when they feel there is no loss or risk. When a man loses hope he has nothing else to lose.

This is where terrorism turns up the heat. Anyone can be a potential time bomb. That is why the next phase in this war on terror is a microchip that will keep authorities abreast of your whereabouts. This is where liberty becomes vulnerable.

It seems to me that when we heard of Palestinian suicide bombers we were horrified and we couldn't believe that a 16-year-old would choose to take her life. I have read so many opinionated journalists spouting off that Palestinians obviously don't value life like we American's do and I sit back and shake my head. How much demagoguery can we swallow? Our lifestyle is of course better in most respects in this country. Being an American is still more bearable than some of these war torn countries, but let's face it these impoverished nations have no hope for the future. Our moral prose sounds good for sound bites on CNN but they are nothing but self-righteous babble because most of us have not lived in an impoverished country.

I have.

It is difficult to explain how the news coverage and most attitudes I have heard expressed during this nebulous war border on narcissistic. I was thinking the other day about the statements made by Chuck Cosimano about morality. Michael Goodspeed my co-host would try to assess the meaning of Cosimano's stands on murder and morality and at the end of it all he would walk away frustrated because perhaps he sees the comments as being way out there.

In reality Cosimano says these things because he knows that the body, flesh, blood, and bone is the ultimate tool in the hands of the powerful. The mind that guides it is also a powerful tool. I know Michael's frustrations and why he has them about the murder morality issue. No moral system allows murder.

It is not up to you to end anyone's life. However it is justified in this moral system to end life with the death penalty. We keep good company with other countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen, and Kuwait in delivering the death penalty. Isn't that a bleak coincidence? Out of all of those countries I listed we killed the most prisoners for capital crimes.

Yet we hear all of the politicians and opinionated editorialist recite the line about the "sacredness of life" as if it is as real as "family values."

Are the suicide "hits" evidence that our adversaries have no value on human life? It has always been the constant in our mythologies and religions that sacrifice glorifies the martyr.

Christians have their Jesus. The man who gave his life for his followers. A man who gave it freely. Then we hear that Jesus was murdered by the Jews. We also hear that he was crucified by the Romans.

So the question is which is it?

Was he murdered by the Romans with the Jewish blessing?

Or did he give his life up freely for the cause of his followers?

If he gave it up freely then perhaps we should rethink the story of the crucifixion. It quite possibly was a suicide. An assisted suicide. A suicide by cop or Roman centurion.

So according to these arrogant spokespeople Jesus didn't hold his life sacred.

The truth is, Christians today have adopted Old Testament eye for an eye dogma, and have rejected the Christian idea that needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. The idea that choosing to die for the needs of many is the ultimate sacrifice.

Why is it so hard to accept?

Are we that mentally challenged? Or are our leaders banking on our ignorance?

Are you the governor or your own life? We know that murder is against the law, but do we prosecute those who attempt suicide?

Do Muslims commit suicide more than Americans do?

Do Palestinians commit suicide more that Israelis?

About 30,000 men and women kill themselves annually in the United States. Suicide rates in Egypt are very low. Iranian suicide rates are equally low. Kuwait has approximately 2.7 males per 100,000 and 1.6 females per 100,000. In Israel 10.5 males, and 2.6 females per 100,000 kill themselves according to the world health organization survey's on suicide.

So are Palestinians more likely to kill themselves? Probably no more that their Jewish or American counterparts.

In the liberal world that lies underneath the new conservative bias we see that many believe that suicide is not illegal. Liberals believe that you should have a right to choose your fate.

Suicide is the final act of desperation.

What prompted this diatribe was the suicide bombings in Israel and the feeble propaganda that accompanied it. We must be careful not to be so self absorbed to see the big picture.

The truth was blatantly being thrown at me. The new weapons of the new war our own bodies. Bodies not only carry bombs; they can also carry diseases. We are all walking, thinking weapons. If humans are programmed to kill, they will. If they are groomed to hate, they will hate the chosen enemy. If humans are desperate they have been known to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Suicide bombing is just another weapon, not better or worse than any other method of killing. Our Military sacrifice what they have for what they believe is the greater good. The idea is to find the Achilles heel of the enemy and beat them with things they wouldn't expect. Take a look at your mythologies and the tales that have the truth hidden.

You may think that it silly to use Science Fiction stories like Star Wars as parables for war, but I will do it anyway. There is no better illustration of how simple weapons can bring down a foe.

A small snub nosed fighter plane was allegedly no match for the Death Star. Han Solo, told Luke that a Light Saber was no substitute for a blaster. Primitive Ewoks brought down the machines of the empire with sticks and stones.

Darth Vader and Ben Kenobi agreed that there was nothing more powerful than the human force. Later we learned the Human sacrifice sometimes is necessary in fighting the war against tyranny. In the penultimate moment of truth the simplest weapon was the human thought form and the human life.

The moral conundrum is that these suicide bombers have killed innocent people. That of course is unforgivable.

It's as unforgivable as dropping an atomic bomb on Japan. It's as unforgivable has plowing planes into New York Buildings. It's as unforgivable as bombing Afghanistan and Iraq to find one mad man.

Is there forgiveness for those responsible for the body count in the bloody terror raids on all sides and all borders?

Is there forgiveness in believing and practicing the same ideologies we fought against in World War II?

Ouch. That wasn't comfortable was it?

And our spokespeople say that those "so and sos" don't hold life as sacred as WE do.

When we are told that we never intend to hurt civilians when we bomb these countries I have to wonder if people are that clueless? If you are dropping a ton of bombs on one country civilians will end up being injured or killed.

Yes the idea of using suicide bombers as proof that country doesn't hold life sacred doesn't hold water.

Anyone who targets innocent civilians does not hold life sacred.

It just goes to show everyone that human ingenuity, and the human spirit beats all bombs and implements of terror. The other side uses weaponry that isn't as glamorous or sexy, but they still are able to kill and deliver pain to their intended targets.

The other side has learned that the human body and the human spirit can bring down any opposing force. So what if bamboo poles being thrown into helicopter rotors doesn't look like a Bruce Willis movie. It does the job.

I was always told that if you fight someone you never kick your opponent in the balls. Well that applies only if you are equal. If he is bigger than you are, the old shoe to the nuts will bring down your opponent and that's a terrible fact.

Suicide, in the case of the new war is that terrible kick to the sensitive meats. It has caused the whole world to double over. To dehumanize an entire people for the new sport of hate du jour is getting a little old. I would hope that when hit between the eyes with the facts people will realize that people do desperate things when they feel they have no other alternative.

I see a time when morality watchdogs will be splitting more hairs. The semantics will become tiresome and we will realize that all forms of murder are immoral. This includes war. Harming the innocent is morally reprehensible. Suicide while selfish in some respects should not be a tool for condemnation and equally so should not be used for exploitation. Sing suicide bombers as justification for hating Palestinians is silly, especially when data suggest that these people rarely kill themselves as much as their American and Jewish counterparts.

The use of propaganda to dehumanize a group of people is a part of war. The problem is trying to see it for what it is. The whole war itself is a trap set by criminals who hoped that we would immediately become what we previously abhorred.

Is it so hard to point fingers and say that all the key players in this bloodfest are all evil and immoral? We point fingers at Arafat and Sharon. We are constantly looking for that demon Osama Bin Laden and out tactics are just as immoral and go against the sacredness of human life?

Everyone needs to realize that the enemy wants us to feel hopeless.

Using the World Trade center as a metaphor we can see that a strategic hit can cause a strong fortress to fall in on itself. A small hit can cause a chain reaction and eventually the strong edifice becomes rubble.

The enemy wants us to implode. They want us to kill ourselves first. They hope that we will give up all of things we hold dear freely. You can't blame terrorists for your problem when you just lay back and allow the very things you value be stolen for the sake of safety.

Our way of life is not dying. It is suicidal. It will destroy itself unless the human spirit reenergizes and remedies old grievances that led to the terrorism in the first place.

I guess that's what they call therapy. No one wants to admit they are crazy.

Or out of control.

How do you reign in the inmates that are running the asylum?

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