By Clyde Lewis

"For everything hidden must be revealed, each secret
longs to be disclosed, each love yearns to be betrayed,
everything sacred must be desecrated. Heaven and earth
conspire that all good beginnings should come to a bad
end." ---from The Mirror by Isaac Bashevis Singer

Many talk show listeners do not understand that when the microphones go dead and the news comes on there is a lot of banter that goes on between producers and board operators. The listeners never hear that perhaps a talk show host has to dart out for quick bathroom break, or to get a coffee or something to pass the time while the news comes on at the top of the hour.

I usually dart out during the commercial breaks because I like to hear the news from CNN to see if there is anything I can come back with and talk up into the next guest. Lately I have been staying clear of indulging in the task of ripping away at "on air" positioning statements that are getting a little tired.

A positioning statement on the radio is one that declares what the station is doing to serve you. On music stations its "Non stop music with less talk" or "Traffic and weather together."

Talk radio stations of course serve you with both talk and news. The news coverage now is important because of the fact that we are at war. So we hear a constant barrage of words that have to remind us that we are fighting a war on terror.

Words like "Our coverage of America's new war Continues" or "America Fights Back." At night I listen to the competitor and I hear sound bites from the president saying words like "The evil doers have raised the ire of this great nation" and "In a war against terror knowledge is power." For a while we were also able to hear the classic foible "This is a new kind of evil and this crusade, this war on terrorism, is going to take a while."

President Bush, a man who seems to have more people telling us what he truly means when he makes such word salad, made the controversial statement on September 16th, 2001 at the Whitehouse.

I am sure that there are many people who want to forget the statement and throw it away as just "Bushspeak" but the statement was truly a very strong one. No one really stopped down to analyze the harshness of the statement and the roots of it.

It offended Muslims and raised the eyebrows of those who know about secret societal hijinks and the underlying agendas that exist. Namely eugenics, bigotry, and religious prejudice. Some believe that the entire government is a charade for luciferian tyranny. A tyranny that weeds out undesirables and those who are looked upon as low priorities in the food chain.

To some people the very idea that the word "crusade" is offensive to Muslims is not important now. There are many people in the United States that have developed a special kind of hell for Muslims because of the tragedy of the September 11th, attacks.

The statement that Bush made was interpreted by most Muslims as a symbolic cue that indeed the war was being waged in the Christian West against Islam. History is written about the Crusades and how they were a series of wars carried out by European Christians against the Arabs, Turks, and Egyptian Muslims between the 11th and 13th centuries. The wars were some of the bloodiest confrontations where armies on both sides were slaughtered.

The purpose of the wars were to recover Holy relics and take the Holy Land back from the Muslims.

Islam became a fast growing religion some time in the 7th century when the prophet Muhammad began preaching and through the efforts of military invasions against Jerusalem. Jerusalem eventually fell to the Muslim invaders in 638.

The Muslim invaders stormed Jerusalem and destroyed the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. This was the most sacred of sites in Christendom. It was the place where Jesus Christ was crucified and buried. This was enough for the Pope at the time to declare a Holy war against Islam. Pope Urban II commanded that Christian warriors fight the barbarians and reclaim the holy sites and relics for God and his people. They were called the "pilgrims for Christ." Nobleman and peasants alike were all exhorted by the Pope to don armor, and carry the cross of Christ before them and kill in the name of God.

In the melees Jews were also killed not just by the so-called Muslim barbarians but by the crusaders themselves. Synagogues were burned to the ground and many Jews perished. Great battles were fought by people like Richard the Lionhearted and Muslim leader Salah ad-Din . They waged war for 16 months before a Peace agreement was met in 1192 and Christians were once again allowed access to the holy places.

The crusades did very little to change the Holy Land except the Muslim groups would not forget the death and bloodshed.

Today the political climate and the partisan apologists have stated a retraction to George W. Bush's "slip" of the tongue. However Muslims have not forgotten what was said and there are some that still question the motives for the prolonged war that the Bush administration has promised for years to come.

It is said that this war is a war against "evil doers" which I have pointed out is more or less a cover to address sinners, or those who wish to thwart some agenda that is assumed to be for the public good and wellbeing.

Looking at the history of fingering people for their beliefs and using it as a crutch to justify war always leads to a blood covenant and now it seems that it has been the charge to justify a tighter grip in a New World order.

An order that is now cloaked in evangelical right wing Christianity. The metaphors used in speeches by our leaders now are base terms that true keepers of the faith can identify with and it undoubtedly taps into a meme that people can't help but support.

The truth is that the elimination of evil doers may be a plan to cleanse the earth of undesirables that the power elite believes are sinful and abhorrent. In theory it seems that the agenda being proposed is analogous to ridding the world of those who are enemies to the establishment of the metaphoric Atlantis or kingdom of God on earth.

We could be seeing the elimination of "evil" and in the process making a deal with the devil where the plan is to use war and hatred to dispose of those who do not believe in one path to the kingdom of God on Earth. It is the old idea that a "Golden Age" is on the horizon and that the portents and signs indicate that the world is about to go through a metamorphosis.

This is not the first time that this idea was on the minds of leaders.

It has been discovered that Hitler had the same agenda and that the Jews were unwelcome. During the 1920-30's, German researchers who were exploring ancient Nordic writings had became convinced that a new golden age was about to arrive. They became obsessed with finding the lost continent of Atlantis. Their studies had led them into practicing blood mysticism. Their practice of human sacrifice led to bloodshed and war.

The Nazis were so fascinated with the blood mysticism of the ages and finding Holy relics and claiming the holy lands for themselves that they declared that anyone who thwarted their efforts towards supremacy were "evil doers."

In the present the word evil has been used on a similar and grander scale.

Many war advocates claim that the "evil" that Bush speaks of is terrorism. A war on terrorism is of course a vague war. It is as nebulous as declaring a war on sin. When in reality the real reason for this war is a retaliatory response to murder, the most grievous of all sins.

We are told that this war is not being waged as a Holy war against Islam. However, the debate rages on. Looking at the "warlords" for what they are it can be argued that the Bush administration is carrying out unfinished business that has been left undone since the 13th century.

Moreover, unfinished business that was left behind by the Old warlords of the 1940's.

As we now vilify the radical Muslim's, World War II era German writers, and philosophers vilified the Jews. They considered them a threat to the "racially pure" Aryans. Our leaders tell us that Islamic fanatics are a threat to "freedom" in the world. This has lead to racial profiling and persecution. This however is justifiable in the eyes of the paranoid and fearful observer because you can't tell who the "evil doers" are but we have an idea of what they look like.

It seems to be the whispered opinion that we have seen the enemy and he most certainly isn't white skinned.

In the times prior to the Second World War, the Jews were also blamed for the economic and social fall of Germany after the First World War. The Germans were bent on creating a pure, blonde haired blue eyed Aryan race. In their eyes this was the wholesome race a pure race a race similar to that of Atlantis. We all know what happened next. The racism became the law, and it turned violent. The Jews became the sacrificial lambs in the search for the Aryan heaven.

The Four Corners of the earth were at war. It was what I have coined "The Gog and Magog protocol."

It appears that the ghost of the thousand year Reich proposed by Hitler and others is starting again and it is being justified for the furthering of a Luciferian agenda disguised as a Christian crusade.

If Osama Bin Laden declares a holy war then it stands to reason that a secret holy war similar to the one in the 13th century has been declared. The only problem now is that there are sensitivities that force our government to hide this fact. Words are chosen carefully and actions are kept secret.

The religious trend and the tenacity of the Christian right wing has managed to be rewarded. Since the 1980's the Evangelical Christian right has tried to place in political office men who wear the stripes of Christian wholesomeness but their records are far from being Christian. Their newfound power has given them the right to impose their beliefs and change laws that they consider being "evil." They have created enemies that are a threat to Christian supremacy. Perhaps they are using the same protocols to prepare all people for the arrival of the Christian messiah.

This in turn would mean the establishment of the metaphoric Atlantis.

Our government leaders speak as prophets and they obvious believe that their destinies lay in purifying the planet and weeding out the undesirables so that we can await the blessings of heaven on earth. The enforcement of one ideal and the destruction of individuality of freewill is the foundation for Luciferian enslavement. If they believe in enforcing their agendas they are not following the true teachings of Christ. Christ allowed choice and liberty not enforcement.

But we must look at the words and actions of the leaders who are in place and stop and think about the prospect of a theocratic order that has agendas in place to speedily drag us kicking and screaming to a self fulfilling Armageddon.

George W. Bush has spoken to the American people as if he talks directly to God and knows what his plan is.

"God's signs are not always the ones we look for. His purposes are not always our own-George W. Bush

His speeches after the 9/11 tragedy were heated and full of references to God and his divine plan. These words strike a chord with many followers of the Christian ethic. He speaks with authority on behalf of God fearing Americans and the masses eat it up.

Bush says that these tragedies are tests and that God is watching over our nation. Does he say these words thinking that he talks with God and is carrying out his plan? Take a look at his statements and make up your mind.

"We will rid the world of the evildoers"

"This crusade, this war on terror, is going to take a while."

These words have prompted some Evangelical Christians to speak up and declare Islam the great lie. It has also given license to outspoken evangelicals to point fingers at other evil doers like liberals, abortionists, and homosexuals. This war is greater than just a war in an eastern country it is a war mixed with religious ideals and mysticism and everyone is getting in on the action. It creates friction and struggle.

In previous Ground Zero articles we have seen that this underlying struggle has been a small part of why we continually see wars springing up all over the Middle east.

It is also why we have seen throughout history wars where Christians have taken it upon themselves to take up the sword against anyone who can be considered an evil threat against their beliefs.

Isn't it a fair assumption that those who take the reigns of power would see to it that their agendas are carried out? The chosen ones for the work are the young and impressionable. The warlords know who they can count on. They recruit the young and strong to do their bidding.

"I want a youth who is violent, masterful, intrepid, cruel. They must endure pain. There must be nothing weak and tender about them. The magnificent, free predator. Thus will I wipe out the thousands of years of human domestication. Thus will I see before me the noble raw material of nature." -Adolf Hitler

Old philosophies die-hard. Recruit the young and offer their blood to the earth.

We have seen this all before and we have heard the justifications for such activity from people whose ideals have been demonized by historians. It is quite clear however that we select what demons we want to associate with.

There are those that argue that war is part of "natural selection" where the strong and mighty will prevail. The big lie and the evil that hides behind it is that the strong and mighty fight so that the Old and feeble keep their positions of power.

When Ground Zero aired it's Lord of the Rings special with Tolkien biographer Joseph Pearce there was some discussion of how Tolkien's works were archaic. The opinion was that a classic good or evil tale is not appropriate for the times because the lines of what is good and what is evil are not clearly defined in the 21st century.

I expressed that evil itself can not be based in anyone's choice for religious belief. I stated that evil is subtle and it can be defined as anything that binds you. Anything that betrays your virtue, or damns your freewill. Evil is anything that convinces you of your happiness even though you are speedily being dragged into the bonds of slavery.

Being a slave to anything, being roped into a hive or herd mentality is the foundation for pure evil.

It appears to be good and is keen to the intellect but never gives you lasting happiness.

Bottom line is when you are given a choice and that choice is not really a choice, but a selection that obviously is placed there to keep you in a constant state of misery, hate, and paranoia that is an evil.

This type of evil can be found anywhere. Today true evil is the wolf mingling with the sheep waiting to attack. Their intentions may be all well and good but to wear out an age-old cliche "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

The destructive group dynamic can beguile you into doing things you wouldn't normally do and convince you of things that aren't really there.

The biggest lie of the 9/11 tragedy is that it was the modern day wake up call and the first attack by terrorists in the United States. While the 9/11 tragedy woke us up it seems to be analogous to a snooze alarm. The alarms were being sounded years ago. The race was on and no one was hearing the crack of the starting pistol. There have been terrorist attacks happening in this country long before 9/11. The Waco fire, Oklahoma City and Columbine were all acts of terror on our own soil.

Have we forgotten them? Or do we handle them like an incestuous Uncle who likes to sodomize the nieces and nephews declaring that it is a family problem and therefore doesn't equal to that of rape.

They were terrorist acts and they began at home. They were precursors to what was to come. They were alarms that signaled that all was not well in America. There was also speculation that these acts were carried out by secret shadow organizations to create the Hegelian dialectic, forcing us to demand a police state.

The Waco fire pushed a few people to that jagged edge. One person who witnessed it decided to retaliate. The retaliation led to more terrorism.

The United States had its introduction to modern terrorist activities when a bomb in Oklahoma City devastated the Alfred P. Murrah federal building.

The bombing itself was mired in conspiracy theory and there were certain signatures that were left behind signaling that perhaps there was more to the story than meets the eye.

Conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory related that there was an even bigger agenda that was being carried out and that Timothy McVeigh did not act alone even though he stated before his execution that he was the only one responsible for the 168 dead.

I believe that if more had died that day we would have been in a civil war. The revolution and attempted take over of the horde would have happened. It would have been a bloody conflict between enemies of the state and government police agencies.

Stricter laws were implemented after the attack but of course it wasn't enough. The power elite had to find a bigger trigger to implicate stricter controls.

How fortunate was it for them to have terrorists from a radical Muslim faction attack a symbol of American open infrastructure?

It all falls together like a great Spy novel.

But understand that the coincidences of both the Oklahoma City bombing and the 9/11 tragedy seem to show that a conspiracy was indeed afoot. In one case we are sure we have the culprit in the other the jury is still out.

One thing is sure the modus operandi seems to be evident and in our emotional breakdown we failed to see that whoever is pulling the strings is banking on our ignorance.

According to the timelines provided by the news organizations both the Oklahoma City Bombing and the World trade Center disasters have time parallels and coincidences that can't be ignored.

On April 19th 1995 Timothy McVeigh pulled a Ryder truck full of Ammonium Nitrate up to the doors of the Murrah federal building at 8:45 a.m.

Coincidentally On September 11th, 2001 American Airlines flight #11 plowed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8:45 a.m.

April 19th 1995 at 9:03 a.m. The ammonium nitrate bomb exploded destroying the Murrah federal Building. By some uncanny coincidence we see that at 9:03 a.m. United Airlines flight #175 hit the South Tower on September 11th, 2001.

In each case we see that 18 minutes passed before the final blow where people were sacrificed at the hands of a killer or killers. Now take a look at the number 18. It can be looked at as an occult number on two fronts. If we break it down we see that 3x6 is 18 or 666.

18 when added as 8+1 is 9.

It was Anton Salazar Lavey the leader of the Church of Satan who claimed that the number of Satan is 9. In the Satanic Bible it has been made clear:

"The true ages of times are cast in the likeness of nine, with all cycles obedient to its Law. All matters of terrestrial concern may be evaluated by the infallible resolution of Nine and its offspring. Action and reaction relative to humanity's tribal needs are contained within successive nine-year periods: the total of both (eighteen years) is called a Working. The beginning and end of each Working is call a Working Year, and each midway point between Working Years displays a zenith of intensity for the Working which has been brought about."

Lavey claims that in 1966 the age of fire was born. Using his figuring, the "infant" Babylon working would be walking upright and in power by 2002:

"The twentieth century has prepared us for the future and the coming of the Age of Fire was well heralded in the last Working Years of the Ice Age. The peoples of the Earth have been touched by the vehicles of 1894, 1912, 1930, and 1948, and communication has been well wrought. The new Satanic Age was born in 1966, and that is why His Church was built.

The infant is learning to walk, and by the first Working Year of his age - that is to say 1984 - he will have steadied his steps, and by the next - 2002 - he will have attained maturity, and his reign will be filled with wisdom, reason and delight."

Remember that is wisdom, reason, and delight from a Satanist point of view.

I found it to be quite unnerving that there is an uncanny cycle of events that are occurring in an 18-year cycle. I determined that if we go back 6 years we see the Oklahoma City bombing. Six years before that the Berlin wall came down. What is ahead 6 years from now that will complete the 18-year "working?"

666 or 18 or 1+8 = 9 the number of completion and the number of the deceiver.

There needed to be a turning point. When did we turn and how did we end up back to our cold war ways and our "crusader" attitudes.

In 1989 we achieved a Praxis year. A year of the act or "doing" to bring about social change. The definition of praxis comes from Aristotle.

In conventional Greek usage praxis means a doing, an acting or action, often in connection with business affairs. Aristotle's usage is not only somewhat idiosyncratic but also variable. Here's how Terry Irwin distinguishes among the Aristotelian senses.

There are three main uses:

(1) Aristotle uses 'praxis' and the cognate verb 'prattein' broadly for all intentional actions.

(2) More strictly, praxis is confined to rational action on a decision.

(3) Most strictly of all, praxis is confined to rational action, which is its own end, and is not done exclusively for the sake of some end beyond it. [From the Glossary to Irwin's translation of Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, Hackett, 1985.]

1989 was the year that the Berlin wall came down signifying the fall of communism and an end to the cold war. Realize how the definitions of the praxis apply to the wall coming down. The Berlin Wall was the barrier between two opposing ideals and ways of life. It was the border between communism and capitalism, totalitarianism and democracy. Bringing the wall down allowed for business to thrive.

This was a "warning" that the New World was beginning and an old enemy was disappearing. The new enemy of course was waiting in the wings. It was easier to take the reigns of power while the illusory peace process was being forged.

I say illusory because in the 6 years between the wall coming down and America's first terrorist attack, the American foreign relation's establishment was looking for a new enemy. They found it in Islam.

It was a prophetic George Will who speculated in 1991 that the 1000-year war between the Christian west and Islam would fire up again. On the ABC news program "This week with David Brinkley he asked:

"Could it be that 20 years from now we will be saying, not that they're at the gates of Vienna again, but that, in fact, the birth of Mohammed is at least as important as the birth of Christ, that Islamic vitality could be one of the big stories of the next generations?"-George Will

The question was answered later. A threat larger and more evil than Communism existed. The media rushed to the aid of the Government to get the word out. The new peril was Islam.

It didn't take long for the attitude of fear and paranoia to set in. Wars of course were fought in the Gulf and Saddam Hussein was voted the most dangerous man in the world and radical Islamic fundamentalism was the enemy.

There were Nostradamus watchdogs who even claimed that Hussein wore a blue turban and that this was a sign that the evil Middle Eastern anti-Christ had arrived. Funny how the western God hated the same people that the west hated.

We were led to believe that this madman was going to dominate the Middle East. This conditioned us to demand intervention in the gulf. The president at the time was George Herbert Walker Bush. He took office in 1989. His words at the time explained the reasons for our focus on the gulf and the reason for the praxis actions:

"Until now, the world we've known has been a world divided - a world of barbed wire and concrete block, conflict and cold war. Now, we can see a New World coming into view. A world in which there is the very real prospect of a New World order. In the words of Winston Churchill, a "world order" in which "the principles of justice and fair play ... protect the weak against the strong ..." A world where the United Nations, freed from cold war stalemate, is poised to fulfil the historic vision of its founders. A world in which freedom and respect for human rights find a home among all nations. The Gulf war put this New World to its first test, and, my fellow Americans, we passed that test." -George Herbert Walker Bush

No my fellow Americans we failed the test. We failed the test of history and allowed the 13th century attitude creep back into our consensus reality.

We are still a world divided and nothing has changed. Except for the fact that the grip of government has tightened and the New World order is justification for storming into countries and demanding that they join in the global order that is mixed in mysticism and blood covenants.

We forgot about the attempts at a New World Order some 50 years prior to that famous speech delivered March 6, 1991.

Hitler had dreams of a New World Order called the Third Reich. But the idea of New World Orders did not begin with Hitler. While many people have heard the words New World order and while conspiracy theorists ring the bells and sound the trumps to thwart it, the truth is that many people do not know what a New World order is.

New World orders of course are the acts to bring about change and while we learn that they fail or turn out badly what we tend to forget is they don't die. They are merely reworked and re tooled. The powers learn from their mistakes and we continue the cycle. If you don't believe it take a look at history.

I first cited the crusades, but there was Genghis Kahn, Attila the Hun, Napoleon, and the Bolsheviks. The New World order and the power hungry figures that attempted to bring it to fruition keep good company with George Bush and George W. Bush. Their ideals have a sinister air to them and they both justify their warmongering by claiming that their actions are blessed and sanctified by God.

This ideology in my opinion does not seem like the ideals that were spoken of by a man who declared himself the prince of peace. These are ideals of Lucifer. They are ideals that lead to Satanic acts and conquests for material wealth at the expense of lives and spiritual welfare.

The United States of America has allowed these perverted ideals to slip through. We are so sure that the true evil cannot enter into our government and our powerful religious groups because we have been sold that all things here in America are pure and without blemish.

We once again are in for the ultimate betrayal.

Do we feel that we are immune to coups and hostile takeovers?

It appears that George Herbert Walker Bush and his son who is in office now seem to think that they are here to fulfill the destiny of the 13th century. They apparently are here to fulfill the same quests that were spoken of in the past and they are here to take the old order and bring it back as a New World order.

They are here to use the old west "gun diplomacy" to show that we mean business.

We need to open up the channels and declare that the "gun diplomacy" that is being used now is the same as it ever was. We have the firepower and it appears that the prevailing attitude is that we can use it.

The attitude is no different than the prevailing Soviet attitude during the threats of the Red menace or the frightening thought of the goose stepping Nazis storming through Europe.

Always remember that Hitler saw himself as a man of destiny and that his armies were the chosen armies. Hitler secretly wanted to find the holy relics and with his SS crusaders sent forces out to find them. His goals included bio engineering an army of Aryan supermen to carry out his goals. He established an army that would act as globalist marauders to carry out is Machiavellian schemes. The end result would be war encompassing the Four Corners of the earth.

The term "Four Corners" of the earth is taken from the book of revelation in the Bible.

"When the thousand years are over, Satan will be released from his prison and will go out to deceive the nations in the Four Corners of the earth--Gog and Magog-to gather them for battle. In number they are like the sand on the seashore."

The New World Order is a protocol in which power hungry people who wear the guise of Christianity infiltrate the system and implement a luciferian order to bring about the great battles of the whole earth.

A protocol for Gog and Magog.

In 1989 the praxis was used to bring about an end. This opened up new possibilities and began the business of a new cold war, which eventually led to a full-fledged confrontation. All that was needed was an excuse to declare a silent holy war. However the war is a war for the modern God, which is power, materialism, money and perpetual commerce through perpetual war. There is money to be gained from rebuilding war torn countries. In the process the lands that were once occupied by the Muslims are taken from them. The crusades continue.

Those who won't follow the new Gog and Magog protocols will perish. History declares it is so.

Six years after the wall came down the United States had its first terrorist attack. It was The Oklahoma City Bombing. The country was conditioned into believing that we were vulnerable to attacks from the fanatic Islamic fundamentalists. The Muslims were immediately suspected of the crime.

By this time Saddam Hussein was a dinosaur and the new evil one rose to be marked for blame. Osama Bin Laden was immediately labeled in the media as a possible suspect. But as fate would have it the people of the United States noticed that the terrorist was an American soldier named Timothy McVeigh.

Terrorism was home grown. It was one of our own brothers who pulled the trigger. It was foretold that in the end times this would happen. War and rumors of war would pit brother against brother. It was a signal. There would be rumors of wailing and gnashing of teeth and all of the other horrific images of fire, brimstone, earthquakes, and upheaval. All similar to the attitudes that existed prior to the Nazi crusades.

All for the propagation of terror.

The media tried to capture the face of terror.

Unfortunately the face of terror was not the faces of the dead they were called collateral damage. The face of a white American male was the new "face of terror." Soon the magazine covers splashed the headlines that the "face of terror" was a young flat topped sneering American soldier who was trained to be all he can be.

The act of terror by a fanatic named McVeigh eventually had been watered down to mass murder. What changed the tune of this act of terror?

Terrorism is Terrorism and predatory attack on the innocent is terrorism no matter who carries it out.

But this philosophy seems to have changed in the eyes of our government and the people.

Muslim fanatics take down two buildings and the pentagon. They remain terrorists and we declare war on terrorism. We declare war 12 years after the Wall came down. We fight terror with terror. The end seems to justify the means.

And to what end are we headed for? Completion of "the working?"

We now have six more years to reach 18 years of "the working." 6 more years to have the sequential 666. By this time the "infant" of the luciferian reign will be the elder. This may be the very antichrist or world leader that has been foretold. I have thought that the only way an antichrist can truly be an antichrist is to have a good knowledge of Christianity and use it for his ill gotten gains.

Maybe Anton Lavey was right. Perhaps "the working" has achieved full power and the elite recognizes that it is time to begin the game of Armageddon? Perhaps this is why we are using The protocol of Gog and Magog.

Maybe we are seeing the gathering of several different leaders in key positions that will allow the fellowship of those who have made secret combinations with shadow orders. I think that it is evident that there are fanatics within power positions right now who believe that it is their responsibility to bring about the purification of earth from the heathen before the Second Coming of Christ.

This could be why Muslims are being attacked. That is why homosexuals are being persecuted, abortionists are being terrorized, liberals are being sent anthrax, and drug users are being incarcerated.

It is a house cleaning before the power hungry find the door to heaven.

It will definitely be the last crusade.

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