By Clyde Lewis

The Associated Press reported that the Mars Rover Pathfinder had discovered what appeared to be "litter" or "wreckage" that they immediately concluded was residual space junk left behind by the probe. While it is the norm to take what NASA says at face value, we need to understand the reason behind this mission.

Fundamentally we returned to Mars to look for the possibility of "ancient life" or life that may have existed or exists there now. We have been attempting this for many years and NASA has kept a few things secret regarding their track record with the angry Red Planet.

These facts are not insinuating that NASA is covering up the findings of a flying saucer, but we are insinuating that a knee-jerk hypothesis to the findings are overlooking the data that has been the embarrassment of NASA for a long time. There is that fringe possibility that some alien force does not want us to get near certain areas of Mars. There is also the fringe possibility that some wreckage is a reminder of the failed probes that were destroyed under suspicious circumstances that NASA, to this day, holds as classified and sensitive information.

Mars probes were sent into space by the Russians and 5 times in a row each probe was destroed under suspicious circumstances.

The United States had several failed attempts to get near Mars until 1965 with the Mariner Project.

The pictures that were sent back showed no signs of life, nothing interesting to scientists...

Until Mariner 9 sent back a picture of what appeared to be a face on Mars in the Cydonia region. Not only was there a face, but also it appeared that there was an entire city of pyramids in the area near the face.

Some scientists, like Carl Sagan, were quick to debunk the findings.

However, life on Mars or not, the face looks suspiciously like the Sphinx in Cairo, Egypt. Ironically, the name "Cairo" is Egyptian for "City of Mars."

Even though science claimed that there was nothing significant about a Mars study, Russia wasn't convinced. In 1988 Russia sent two probes into space; their destination was one of the Martian moons, Phobos.

The reason why they were sent was scientists were saying that the orbital speed of Phobos was accelerating and then slowing down ... as if it were being piloted by remote control.

Science, however, explained that perhaps Phobos was a hollow moon; others suggested that maybe it was artificially constructed.

The first probe dissappeared without a trace. The second probe was destroyed by something strange.

Prior to the destruction of the second probe some very peculiar photos were sent back. There was one photograph in particular that was circulated and then retracted. It was a cigar-shaped shadow cast on Phobos' surface. It was the shadow of something strange in orbit just beyond the probe. Then one last photo was transmitted. That photo was never released to the public. NASA claims that it contains sensitive information.

Whatever the "sensitive information" was, it was shared with the Russians.

Another probe was scheduled for launch in 1992. NASA was pressured to investiage the Cydonia region to see if it was all just an illusion.

The Mars Observer was fired into space and just before it entered into Martian orbit it stopped working.

After 1993, all information documents regarding the Mars Observer will remain classified.

It is rumored that the documents contain information regarding evidence of alien artifacts found on the Moon, alien dwellings observed on Mars, and possible findings from Venus.

Several years ago The Associated Press reported that Congressional investigators uncovered a two-page set of 1instructions that tell NASA how to handle fringe inquiries regarding the Cydonia region and an extraterrestrial connection.

If the wreckage or litter was discovered on Mars, it would only be policy for NASA to immediately say that this wreckage is the residual metal from the landing system of the Pathfinder. While the chances of the metal being that of the downed probes is a longshot, should it be investigated? Could we be seeing the remains of an ancient extraterrestrial craft?

Remember, there are documents that clearly state that if there are any inquiries about subject matter that would be considered "fringe,' there is to be no information given regarding anything that may be extraterrestrial or sensitive to the progress of the space program. All the data is not in, and we await all of the findings of the Mars Global Surveyor. It is now flying 234 miles above the Martian surface. This Surveyor is now mapping out places on the planet that Pathfinder will never see.

We anxiously await the new photos of the Cydonia region and we will update this page when the news comes in. That is if they decided to reveal anything regarding the mysterious face that may show us an ancient civilization lived on the planet.

I am sure that the information will remain classified if it poses a threat to religious organizations that have power on Earth. If we find out that life began out there, religious powers may lose their grip.

We will probably never know the truth. Would NASA risk a leak of this information to the general public? After what we have revealed on this page, I seriously doubt it.

Remember - this is a theory and you are challenged to decide for yourself. The truth will be found if you remain at Ground Zero.


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