By Clyde Lewis

"If Christian people work together, they can succeed during this decade in winning back control of the institutions that have been taken from them over the past 70 years. Expect confrontations that will be not only unpleasant but at times physically bloody. This decade will not be for the faint of heart, but the resolute. Institutions will be plunged into wrenching change. We will be living through one of the most tumultuous periods of human history. When it is over, I am convinced God's people will emerge victorious." - Pat Robertson 1992

God and his "people" have taken over. They are lurking in the shadows, they manipulate the masses they have the media eating out of their hands. Any logical thinking person will tell you that these "people" are not really Godís people.

But no matter.

Lights, Camera, Action.

God is on the TV; he is in your breakfast cereal. He is in the movies. He is on three or four channels on cable. He is on your money, and in your pledge of allegiance. God blesses this country. God knows no other place on earth except the country that gives us Disneyland.

God has blessed this land with its Lord and savior.

George W. Bush.

Donít believe me? Say that Bush is something other than the man of God he has been made out to be and see how popular you are.

Say to everyone that this new found Armageddon is a Hollywood movie bought and paid for by the new AC/DC messiah and they will tell you that you are bitter, and anti American.

Turn your back on the flag. Turn your back on God. Turn your back on the war and you will not only meet the wrath of god but the wrath of his followers that have been manipulated into believing that Government and God are one and the same.

God has been waiting a good six thousand years. He has sat upon his huge throne looking over the earth. He has looked every landmass and body of water. He has counted and numbered the fauna and flora and has given man dominion over the beasts and the fishes. He has commanded man and woman to multiply and replenish the earth for millennia.

According to the Christians God sent his only begotten Son Jesus Christ to save the world.

When that didnít work Artificial Christians have this silly belief that he sent George W. Bush.

Bush believes with every fiber of his being that God has called him to wage war against evil. He believes that God gave him the ability to kick his drinking problems so that he could leave the bar and land in the Oval office to wage its first unprovoked attack in U.S. history against an "Evil" regime that has not attacked us, but might attack us.

A war based on hypothetical what ifs. A war that is Subjunctive. However with all of the manipulations and propaganda the imaginary scenarios are believed to be very real and the biblical gerrymandering using biblical metaphor to get a response is wearing thin on those who know that they are being manipulated.

As I was sitting in the studio preparing my notes for the Rick Emerson appearance I do every week I was noticing a report on CNN regarding the new super weapon called the "Mother of All Bombs" or the "Massive ordinance Air Blast " bomb. I about choked on my coffee. First of all the acronym for the bomb is MOAB. This struck me as odd for two reasons. The obvious reason at first was that I was born in Utah. My parents often would take us on trips to Moab Utah and area in Utahís color country where red rocks, and landscapes are often shown in John Wayne movies. National Parks and points of interest are peppered all over the Moab area.

A lot of places in Utah are named after religious areas because of the Mormon settlers who believed they were the chosen people and that Utah was a chosen land that had the topography of the Holy land. The Mormon church is a messianic church that believes that they are the only true faith, or the faith closest to the one that was practiced by Jesus Christ on earth.

They have a prophet that leads the church and Mormons believe that their prophet makes decisions for the entire earth. As with all groups that have delusions of divinity it has become somewhat of an irritant to some people to see these groups take names from the holy land and borrow them for their own amusement parks, temples and compounds.

Even David Koresh called his compound Mt. Carmel, named after the spiritual mount near Haifa Israel.
It is very odd however that Moab Utah and the area of Jordan near the Dead Sea known as Moab have a commonality that if you blink you may miss.

If you pull out the maps of both Utah and Israel you begin to see a strange coincidence.

The topography of both areas has a similar make up. It is almost by design that both areas are considered religious centers. Both areas have a large freshwater lake that pours into a Salt-water lake. Both rivers are named Jordan. Both areas have cities named Moab. In the early days of Mormonism I am sure that it appeared to the pioneers that they had reached a place that resembled the Holy Land. With the right kind of propaganda I am sure the Mormon prophet Brigham Young could convince Mormons that Utah was the promised land.

The question to ponder is whether or not our leaders created the Acronym of MOAB to be a religious trigger or that it is an accident. I have pointed out many times in past articles that George Bush has been creating a messianic leadership. Even Newsweek took on the idea that The Bush Administration has invoked God so many times that people are being mesmerized into following him.

Many people who have criticized Bush have been labeled anti American and others have been called anti-Christian because many alleged Christian Right have mistakenly accused people of kicking the president because of his Christian values.

Falling for someone who claims to be a man of god has often led people into voluntary entrapment.

Once again we can point to Salt Lake City as the news is breaking regarding the abduction of Elizabeth Smart. Elizabeth may have been brainwashed into following the suspect. The strange thing about the suspect, Brian David Mitchell is that I had a chance to speak with him. Four years ago Mitchell would be known to walk around the streets of Salt Lake City.

He had the appearance of Jesus Christ. One day as I was standing at a Bus Stop near Social Hall Avenue I spoke with Mitchell. He said to me that He was Emanuel a son of God. He had told me that he was finding followers. I had considered bringing him on my radio show to ask him questions but he seemed too aloof to be a guest but an oddity still the same.

He would ask for money and people would give it to him. I asked many people why they gave him money and many people would tell me that he looks like Christ. One other person on the street told me "what if it really was Jesus and he was in Salt Lake and the pious Mormons were looking away?"

A television Station in Utah has published photos of Mitchell showing that he did have the appearance of Jesus. Here is another photo as I remembered him.

Here is a Photo of Brian David Mitchell a.k.a. "Jesus" or "Emanuel." I met him on the streets of Salt Lake City. He looked a lot like Jesus and quoted Scripture. He obviously had a messianic complex. He would only wear his turban occasionally and he would wear similar robes and other apparel that gave him the appearance of Ghandi or Moses. The unfortunate thing is that the major media has avoided these pictures and have ran the pictures that make him look like a dirty crazed loner.

I can see that perhaps Elizabeth Smart could have been lured into thinking that Mitchell was some sort of religious prophet. She of course was raised in a Mormon family that is used to following men who claim to be in direct contact with God. Many so-called prophets have come and gone in horrible ways in the state of Utah.

A coincidental story from 1978 still echoes in my mind today and coincidentally the name Emanuel comes up again. Emanuel David was a bearded man who also believed he was God killed himself because the FBI was investigating his cult. After his body was found in Salt lake City his wife Rachel David took her seven Children to the 11th floor of the International Hotel In Salt lake City and threw them one by one out the window. The children would fight and she would smash their fingers as the tried to cling on to what little life they had left. They knew they were doomed. The other children didnít care.

They went willingly.

Then she jumped.

The tragedy was one of the biggest murder suicides in Utah History. But the tragedy did not end on that August morning in 1978.

One of the daughters survived the fall.

She is now severely disabled and members of the David Family cult still exist and many believe that Emanuel David is still God. Emanuel David's followers in Spokane and Denver say they believe their God is about to return, and they're preparing for his Second Coming.

So the question is how does it all begin?

How is it that people wind up believing that certain people are prophets or otherwise divine?

I have pointed out in a previous article how strange triggers can be intentionally set to subtly manipulate the herd.

After I had published my article Strange Simulacrum I received a number of pictures from listeners that pointed out that there are many people who may see themselves as messianic figures, or figures with a martyr complex.

One of the first pictures that came to me was a picture of Michael Jackson.

Long before we heard of Michael Jacksonís persecution this picture was made. It definitely shows Michael holding his arms out like Christ and appearing to heal lost children. I saw the picture and set out to find a picture of Christ with the children. I looked for the painting "Suffer the little Children," and I found an uncanny coincidental picture of Christ and the Children. The image is eerily similar.

Just after the publication of these photographs every network was focusing on Michael Jackson and his obsession with Peter Pan. It only figures that the story is a hedonistic tale that somehow is fitting of the man child who somehow sees himself as a god like entity who will rescue children from their bad parents and spoil them in a promised land called "never land."

Is it any wonder that people are blind to the manipulations of people who want you to fall for cult like grooming in order to get them to either give up oneís freedom, or perhaps oneís life for a cause or perhaps for some other reason.

Like Jesus, God or any religious belief.

Let us now go back to the subject of George Bush and his Jesus Christ pose. Every time Bush speaks, every time he is depicted in the media it is becoming more and more evident that this is not an administration run by a president, it is an administration run by a prophet. A prophet who believes that he is destined by God to save the world from the perils of evil regimes and evil dictators.

"We Americans have faith in ourselves but not in ourselves alone. We do not claim to know all the ways of Providence, yet we can trust in them, placing our confidence in the loving God behind all of life, and all of history."óGeorge W. Bush

While the words give most Christians a warm and fuzzy feeling it has to be noted that Satan himself can quote scripture and did so in the Bible when he was attempting the tempt Christ when he was in the wilderness.

"Then Satan carried Jesus to the top of the temple in Jerusalem and said, If you are the Son of God jump, for the scripture says, 'God will give your care into the hands of the angels and they shall carry you so that you won't even stub your foot on a stone." The Bible.

Christ knew what the devil was doing.

His blind followers somehow are not figuring it out yet.

George Bush is becoming an American Ayatollah rather than the American president.

Bush does not have supporters but followers. He has gathered the flock together with religious zeal to destroy the heathen, the evil antichrists out to destroy the beliefs of those who pledge allegiance to a government that has allegedly been established by God using the tenants of right wing Christianity.

I have often compared the state of the nation to the legendary Pequod spoken of in the book "Moby Dick." The ship was manned by a maniac captain with loyal men. When Melville wrote it over 100 years ago it was told over and over again as a cautionary tale about vengeance, and maniacal messiah figures hell bent on destroying that which they perceive is against everything they stand for. No longer does Captain Ahab want the whale for money.

He wants retribution.

Retribution for his leg that was bitten off by the whale.

Ahab manipulates his crew to go after the whale with him. He canít let on that the hunt is for revenge. He has to remind them constantly about the hunt and why they are there or else the men will forget. Ahab tell the crew you are either with me or against me and the men take an oath to hunt the whale.

The ship sinks.

Everyone dies.

All but the one left to narrate the tale.

Manical and charismatic leaders have used all kinds of manipulations in the past.

If you look at the Histories of Charles Manson, David Koresh, Jim Jones, and Marshall Appelwhite, you can see that each one had a mission to right the wrongs of their persecutors.

Manson hated the system and recruited his followers to kill. Koresh hid away from civilization and manipulated his flock into believing that he was a messiah. Marshall Applewhite felt the earth was about to come to an end and escaped the end by convincing his flock to commit suicide.

Jim Jones and the Peopleís temple seems to be the cell in history that most resembles a metaphor of a maniacal captain with loyal followers who kill themselves for the cause.

Take a society of people who feel they are happy and free. Give them leaders they trust. Then introduce drugs into the society. Take from them that, which they hold dear, give them a reason to start feeling paranoid, demonize those who rebel, watch the breakdown begin. The final solution is deadly.

Revolt, mass murder, chaos, and a final mop up slaughter.

Yes it is depressing, but not if you are aware how all of this Jesus posing is destroying the spirit of the American people.

Using this from of manipulation is a horrendous sin.

Many uninformed Christians believe that when Moses allegedly received the ten commandments the commandment that forbids the taking of the name of the lord in vain means that you should not use the word God as a blasphemous curse word.

This is far from the truth.

The admonition to not take the name of God in vain was an exhortation to avoid using God as a means to get gain, in politics and business. Equally using a graven image for that purpose was also a sin.

However we clamor for the use of God in the pledge and we want to use holy land names for bombs. Our President invokes God at every Opportunity like a scoundrel and pictures show up everywhere making him look God Like.

Coincidence or Intentional? Bush Appears with Bill Clinton. Note the cross Below Bush. It is as if it stands out at you, subtly hinting that Bush is a man of God.

President Lincoln kept his religion to himself. In fact it was believed that he belonged to no denomination. Contrary to popular belief Lincoln had some very healthy views in separating Church and State.

Lincoln was asked why he refused to belong to any church. He responded, in a letter to a Mrs. Rankin, the mother of his colleague Henry Rankin, Lincoln said:

"I do not see that I am more astray though perhaps in a different direction than many others whose points of view differ widely from each other in the sectarian denominations. They all claim to be Christian and interpret their several creeds as infallible ones. Yet they differ and discuss these questionable subjects without settling them with any mutual satisfaction among themselves.

I doubt the possibility, or propriety, of settling the religion of Jesus Christ in the models of man-made creeds and dogmas. It was a spirit in the life he laid stress on and taught, if I read aright. I know I see it to be so with me.

The fundamental truths reported in the four gospels as from the lips of Jesus Christ and that I first heard from the lips of my mother are settled and fixed moral precepts with me. I have concluded to dismiss from my mind the debatable wrangles that once perplexed me with distractions that stirred up, but never absolutely settled anything. I have tossed them aside with the doubtful differences which divide denominations sweeping them all out of my mind among the non-essentials. I have ceased to follow such discussions or be interested in them.

I cannot without mental reservations assent to long and complicated creeds and catechisms. If the church would ask simply for assent to the Saviorís statement of the substance of the law: 'Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and thy neighbor as thyself,í that church would I gladly unite with"-- Abraham Lincoln.

Thomas Jefferson warned against using God as means to gain confidence of the people.

Bush breaks every rule.

Not only does Bush Invoke God, encourage God, dedicated his presidency to God, he thinks he is God.

Look at the pictures that the media churns out making him look as if he is a man that God has chosen to save the earth.






George W. Bush has been depicted in several pictures in the news as being Godlike. From Halos, to light in the hand to blatant religious iconography behind him. It is no secret that he aligns himself with God for his own benefit. When one criticizes the President for his stance on war it seems to be similar to spitting on the Bible. The Pope and several people from his own Church have told him to use prudence and avoid the war. So far Bush has ignored them.

Listen to his words. Pay attention to the division that has erupted between Christians and non-Christians. Listen to the hate and intolerance this man has engendered in the entire country.

Bush and his handlers have applied the grooming necessary to turn America in to an Americult.

How is it done?

You must keep the heard busy so that they have no time to stop and hear a new idea. Seeing the world for what it is must be kept as a luxury. Keep the herd working and being busy so they have no time to feel.

You must manufacture a series of "us and them" devices. Like borders, colors, creeds, income classes, athletic abilities, religious affiliation, political affiliation, and social status.

You must tell the herd that your system is the only true system, to question the system means a horrible consequence, such as hell, lawsuits, prison, isolation, inadequacy.

Patriotism is questioned.

Devotion is questioned.

You must demonize those in the herd that try to give out ideas that may undermine the manipulation set in motion. We hear that these people are seditionists, conspiracy theorists, and traitors.

Kill any and all of the ideas of those who do not fit into the agenda you are pushing.

Rescue the needy. They will not question those who give them everything they could ask for. Groom the children and the mentally challenged. Raise them to see you as a person of wisdom.

Give them confusing laws so you can police them. Disarm them so that they have to rely on the protection of the very group that will imprison them.

Imprison a few so that you can show what happens to those who disobey.

If all of this fails, then you must kill them.

The destructive mental manipulations are in place and the evidence of what is happening is overwhelming.

If you want documentation for the result, just be patient you will have more evidence.

It will arrive in body bags.


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