By Clyde Lewis

"You have shown me a strange image, and they are strange prisoners. And they see only their own shadows, or the shadows of one another, much like ourselves."-Plato

The final curtain is falling on the movie series that has been the subject of many philosophical debates on hidden meanings and eschatology. The Matrix films have been a heavy subject for me because of everything that I have talked about in the past.

My shows always seem to fuse together religious and philosophical themes, technology, and spiritual discovery that may create more questions than answers.

As the character Trinity says to Neo, It is the question that drives us. Sometimes it is fear that entertains us or perhaps the chaos that seems to be everywhere and appearing to be in need for the control being enforced by a system that seems to be like a Machine.

In the movie series it is technology that enslaves us. If one envelops themselves in all of the back story we learn that the world embraces technology and then rejects it and begins to become annoyed by it's omnipotence.

Humans need machines to work for them; they simply do not want to become workers for the system or the machine because to do so means the ultimate enslavement.

The rebellion begins and man makes a horrible mistake and scorches the sky.

The machines learn that they can create an illusory world that unquestioning humans live in. They are able to provide them with all of the comforts that a normal person would enjoy.

They are told that their freedom consists of the first cup of coffee, the kiss on the cheek from their significant others, the drive to work, and the return home to a cold beer and a football game.

These are simple things that are wonderful experiences but simulated and artificial nonetheless. Morpheus tells Neo in the first film that when he takes part in the rituals of the day, when he pays his bills, and consumes he is powering the machines and giving them more power.

There are freedom fighters who awaken and gather up an army that live in the "real" world and are out to unplug those who are blindly following the technological dystopia provided buy the system that is run by machines.

The whole movie is an object lesson in enslavement by hidden controllers who don't want us to know the reality. They only want us to see shadows of the reality and not the awful truth within the reality.

The reality may not be all that great but at least it is the truth right?

The Matrix borrows from many philosophical allegories and ideas. There of course is the allegory of Plato's Cave. While in Greece the philosopher envisioned a cave where people were enslaved from the time they were born and placed in a Cave where all they could make of reality were shadows on a wall.

The idea that Plato tried to convey was something that to me resembles television or a computer. People shackled in a cave with a fire behind them watching the wall as puppeteers make shadows on the wall and telling their captives that this is reality and that they are not to look back and see the real thing, or else something horrible will happen to them.

Enlightenment always comes with a price, and in this brave new world there is a toll that has to be paid if one wants to remain enlightened. In order to do so you draw all kinds of attention to yourself creating a cult of personality or in Neo's case you become a Messiah.

Some people don't like it when the charade is revealed to be less than perfect. Some people think that the simple solution is not always the right answer.

When Jesus Christ gave simple rules of conduct there were many that thought the idea of love and peace were not the answer. They rebelled against their messiah and killed him.

Such is the story of the fallen Messiah.

We as a fearful people on this planet have always participated in one of the oldest conspiracies known to man and that is the rebellion against anything and everything, this rebellion includes the rebellion against those who are here to protect us, or even save us. This includes the sacrifice of a messiah.

We now live in times with so many messengers and so many cults of personality that it is hard to keep tabs on who may have the solutions for enlightenment. When there is a bombardment of messages it is easy for those who don't have the time to sit down and evaluate the messages they receive to be lulled into complacency.

This may be the consequence of mass technology and it's fast forward information without verification or meditation.

We receive information from television, radios and Internet. Many would rather form their opinion using these tools than pick up a book or even read a periodical. We rely on interpretations provided by the journalist, or the photojournalist. Many are looking through his or her eye, jaundiced or otherwise and providing us convenient illusory reality where people rush to make their opinions and are willing to voice them on a television opinion poll or in a voting booth.

It doesn't matter that they are being manipulated. They think that there is no ulterior motive to technology. They are in denial about how technology in the wrong hands can be our own undoing.

Let's face it, if you left the theater after seeing the first two Matrix Films angry that the "others" will only see it as an action film, then obviously the movie is more than just a movie to you.

It touched something in you and triggered some thoughts that you didn't know you had.

Obviously it challenged your thinking and expanded your mind in a direction that made you an unwilling philosopher. It is hard to be a meek philosopher in a world where technology fuels a system run amuck. You understand that you are the battery that powers that out of control system and you suddenly realize how stupid you have been before you have been awakened.

I view the Matrix movies as a mental exercise, where the puzzles that it creates allows for some interesting thinking and recall of mythologies that have been "modernized."

In the recent Matrix Revolutions there was so much gun fighting and action in the film that critics had stated that there was no hidden philosophy or meaning in the film.

I disagree.

The overall message of the film was love and sacrifice. This of course was the final act of the messiah, the final act of the hero. It may be that the entire saga of Neo could have been taken from the Gospels. Yet I have pointed out that this epic of the messianic king has been a story that has been told long before the emergence of the Christ.

It has been an act that has been carried out in many dispensations.

I especially was impressed with the scenes that were carried out in the subway and the metaphor of "The train man." Neo is accidentally caught between two worlds and he is in the realm of "The train man." Neo is speaking with a family about where he is and who he is. There is a sign at the subway station. The sign spells out "Mobil" Avenue.

If one were to look at the scenes at face value without knowledge of mythology and religion they would say that the scene had no genius behind it. The Train arrives and out comes this scraggly, unkempt man with long hair and rotten teeth.

He obviously represents Charon the Ferryman. Another riddle is presented and the answer is as simple as an anagram.

"Limbo" is an anagram of "Mobil."

Neo is in Limbo.

Later in the film we realize that Neo represents the human consciousness and how there has to be at least one person who believes that human life is worth saving. That perhaps it is time to apply love to stop the madness.

The metaphor that is being presented is that the human spirit is in limbo. Someone is waiting for us to make a transition to another world. The Train man or the ferry man comes and many are frightened to pay him and so they are doomed to wander the shores of the river "Styx" or even perhaps "Mobil" avenue.

The problem is also the conundrum that what you were witnessing is yet another shadow. Images and philosophies that have you wrapped up in the questions that drive you and you continue to play these "shadows" or images in your mind trying to find the solution and eventually you reach an unsatisfactory conclusion that sometimes the questions may always be unanswered.

The ultimate truth is just outside our reach and so we continue to find temporary answers until our minds are expanded to yet another level.

It is another part of the evolutionary process.

The Matrix shows us an elaborate computer program meant to lull people into powering the system.

"Your life is the sum of the remainder of an unbalanced equation inherent to the programming of the Matrix. You are the eventuality of an anomaly which is systemic, creating fluctuations in even the most simplistic equations."-The Architect in The Matrix Reloaded

The characters are merely props placed strategically in a backdrop created by a system that has been in existence from time ad infinitum. The controllers are the very machines that only give us sneak peeks to what is to come and sometimes they don't even give us what it is we need to give us comfort from the thought of our nonexistence.

No religion or government has given us exact solutions to the great question. They merely admonish us to have faith. If we can't find faith in ourselves then perhaps it would give some more comfort to have faith in them and their agendas that they tell us are for our own good, when they are merely for the good of the machines.

With the manipulation of both computers and television there is a moral conflict when fantasy and reality blur. However when the manufactured image or reality can be artificially placed in the brain there will be an evolution that will be artificial.

In the Matrix humans are forced to connect directly into the artificial world created by the machines. Somehow revolutionaries are recruited to "plug in" and thwart the efforts of the machines.

Off the screen and into the real world our "system" is out to convince you that war, bloodshed and madness are the answer to some illusory problem in the world. The crisis and the terrorism are products of both blurred reality and the earnest efforts by the information networks to divide us philosophically.

They divide us over political loyalty, religious loyalty, and the morality of slaughtering innocent people for the agendas of a few controllers who act like machines and demand your servitude to power their vision of "freedom."

Those who support the system of the machines have been lulled into complacency through technological terror. There are a few who are trying to get out the truth behind the illusion and they are met with "agents" that seem to be multiplying at an alarming rate.

The Modus Operandi of the Machine is to convince the serf that it is God.

Deus Ex Machina.

I have pointed out on numerous occasions that there are simulations and synchronicities pointing to the manipulation of the people by the media to get you to unlock he memes hidden in you brain and see the machines as gods.

The manipulations continue and they seem to be intentional, rather than coincidental.

God says that war has been declared. Those that are plugged in support the war without question and the machines use their mental controls to keep those who are plugged in pacified and told that they have no reason to fear because they have everything under control.

Of course they do.

Because they are sure that you will want to remain plugged in and follow like a good little copper top.

What the machine neglects to tell you is that you have a choice. You have the choice to allow madness to continue or to declare an end to it all. You have a choice to follow the machines or you can choose to think independently of them.

The evil that I see is that there are many that do not have the courage to take a leap of faith and declare that they are tired of the system bending our belief systems through their cooked up agendas.

Agendas that are wrapped in fallacies, in order to sell you on their haphazard and distorted ideas. Yes, it is easier to just walk lock step behind the system like a good automaton, but freedom and liberty are never easy to maintain when the machines are using illusion to manipulate and fool you.

It sometimes can play hob with your perception of what you think morality is, or what you think love is.

As the Middle Eastern man on Mobil Avenue tells Neo, Love is just a word, how you apply it is the important thing.

Aside from the mountains of loud ammo, blood and all of the other special effects there is a message hidden secretly in he Matrix. It's all about love, sacrifice and bending the rules a bit to get back on track so that we will not remain in misery traveling along the same Mobius strip.

All three movies feature a number of triggers and hints to stimulate both good and bad depending on your point of view. This knowledge is in place as a key to thwart the system of the Mechanized and robotic political climate of the new Millennium.

It is in the Matrix System where the shadows are giving us the metaphors for our lives and with this valuable cyber punk story we learn that the human existence is wrapped around metaphors and archetypes that teach us that there are many rules and lessons and as always there very well may be no answers that will be clearly mapped out to you and drawn up with Pie charts and graphs.

There is no blue print attached to your toe when you come out of the womb. You have to develop an attitude for those things that make you happy. Because life is a struggle, a death camp disguised as an amusement park.

You see it as a beautiful place, while it is in reality a wasteland. Like those who live in Zion see their mundane world as a beautiful home. They know that the illusion is there but they choose the wasteland. That is why we must understand that just because we think our way of life is better than someone else's we shouldn't be foolhardy in trying to force someone into living the way we live. Those who we look down upon may not be able to handle the lifestyle that we have been gradually drawn into.

It has taken many years of conditioning to end up they way we are. There are countries outside of our matrix that see their desert as a land of milk and honey.

Who are we to tell them otherwise?

That is why I laugh when I hear that we are liberating the Middle East. If anything we are creating new problems for them.

Of course there are ignorant Agents that are cheering on the rule of the system. There will always be "Machines" that are determined to rule and abuse us rather than govern us or anyone else in our reality in a just manner.

I can also see that the "system" in place is determined to try and create a savior that will tell you that he can deliver you from your problems. His way is through servitude and without choice.

Granted there are some people who are trying to tell you that Machines are creating a show, but are you willing to listen no matter how peculiar it sounds? There are many in the world that don't want to be unplugged from the machine because they are enjoying their illusion.

They have put all of their trust in the system. They have plugged into the illusion, and they are becoming one with the machine. How interesting that this phenomena has taken place when it is obvious that the "system" has decided that they do not trust us and so they keep us tied down or shackled to our compulsion to make enough money to survive.

The Machine wants us to believe that there are others out there that are out to destroy us and so they develop a war that can also be controlled.

It can be said that the system can tell you that the mission is accomplished when it isn't. The system will tell you to eat your food, watch Joe Millionaire, raise the kids even though you may not have time to do it, go to church, and believe in a Judeo Christian God and then get back to work. They will then tell you that this is freedom. Many are convinced that it is, and yet they are unhappy and they feel as though they are missing out on something more real, more warm and satisfying.

That is why we see the abuses of drugs and alcohol in our society. If freedom is so wonderful then why are we trying to escape? Are we trying to escape this technological prison we have constructed as a collective consciousness? Are we looking for a way to evolve, or are we looking to horizon for the coming of a new messiah to show us the way?

We have become vulnerable for virtual takeover by the system, and it's "messiah." The illusion is already there to convince you that the new messiah is the real deal.

The system will tell you not worry about the hidden meaning of it all. They want to keep you in limbo, going around in circles, on the runaway train. The machines don't think. They don't want you to think about whether or not what is going on is moral, or smart just do your job, and be a good little power source or "battery" to keep the machine working. They recruit their agents of deceit and they perform the missionary effort and do all the cheerleading so the oblivious can cheer on Armageddon.

More and more the agents are duplicating themselves, they are average people who are volunteering and willingly giving into the system's desires because they are worried about whether or not they are patriotic enough or religious enough for the machine. Some feel as though they do not measure up and so they swirl around trying to find a reason to force someone else into their misery. They regroup and duplicate in order to lead the frightened sheep ever closer to the whirlwind.

The struggle that challenges Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity, is that their cause is against the machine and even within Zion there seems to a rift between those who believe Neo is the Messiah and others who feel that Neo is a dangerous concept.

They know that paying some sort of obedience to a Savior is one more way of being shackled.

In our reality we should open our eyes and realize there will soon be a sacrifice and that sacrifice will be the great stabilizer and a signal to all of our cultures that we have all gone too far. That the loss of a mountain of lives or even the one life will be a signal that we haven't learned that the ruling of a Messiah either positive or negative never works.

People yearn for liberty and not servitude, to Kings presidents, rulers or messiahs. This why Messiahs are killed, This is why those who think they are Messiahs are sacrificed eventually.

This is why a government infused with religion is not a good idea.

They are both systems used for control. They are both emotional traps that divide us. They are both used to turn your thoughts against you. They manipulate every aspect of your life, from your innermost fears, to the future and the goals and desires that your heart truly wishes to fulfill. They infiltrate your day to day routine to the tiniest detail.

They attempt to turn you into a puppet and play you for their will.

But you must understand that you have a choice to do as they say or to move forward and evolve away from the madness that they have create through the abuse of technological illusion.

"I believe deep down, we both want this world to change. I believe that the Matrix can remain our cage or it can become our chrysalis, that's what you helped me to understand. That to be free, truly free, you cannot change your cage. You have to change yourself. When I used to look out at this world, all I could see was its edges, its boundaries, its rules and controls, its leaders and laws. But now, I see another world. A different world where all things are possible. A world of hope. Of peace. I can't tell you how to get there, but I know if you can free our mind, you'll find the way."-Original last monologue of Neo, ending the Matrix.

The war is over if you choose it to be. Let love rule your life, live and let live, be at peace and restore the earth to it's paradisiacal state.

Let a healthy consciousness prevail and fight off the urge to be lured into a comfortable trap and illusion by the machines.

All things that have a beginning must have an end.

The war ends soon, only if you wish it so, make it your prayer, and seal it with human kindness and tolerance.


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