By Clyde Lewis

Everywhere there's lots of piggies
Living piggy lives. You can see them out for dinner with their piggy wives, Clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon. ĖThe Beatles

Most of the time I enjoy writing my essays that sum up my weekly observations about what may be happening behind the scenes in this wicked world. For me itís a bit therapeutic. Every bogeyman under the bed, every lie, every conspiracy theory falls on to the page and I can freak myself out over some of these oddities.

When you write about what might be and speculate motives and actions you can assure yourself that it is only mind expansion and paranoia and you can sip your coffee and have a good laugh about it all.

There is that part of your brain that says "You are writing a heaping helping of food for thought." There is that other part that also says "Well this food for thought can only be swallowed with a whole lot of salt."

I tell myself that it is just a potpourri of paranoia and I am beginning to wish that I didnít get caught up in a lot of this stuff. The truth is when the world begins to look like one big X-file episode you start to second-guess yourself.

You begin to get a little depressed. You start to wish that it were all one big amusing coincidence.

So you take a deep breath, laugh a nervous little laugh and press onward. You take a small amount of courage and you get on with the mayhem.

Arguably the recent reports of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy or Mad Cow disease and itís variants probably is an issue that really hasnít made that much of an impact in the United States.

The media has tried to downplay the threat of this evil pestilence and so our complacency has been fueled.

It is obvious why it has been downplayed. The Beef Industry is powerful in the United States. They are also more than willing use "food libel" laws as a tool for protection. Anyone reporting these stories must tread lightly or be hit with a huge lawsuit.

Oprah Winfrey attempted to talk openly about Mad Cow disease on her talk show and faced a lawsuit. A federal jury dismissed the lawsuit brought by ranchers who claimed that the show drove down beef prices. The cattlemen failed to prove that Winfrey knowingly gave misleading information about the beef industry.

She merely said that she would never eat another hamburger again after her guest Howard Lyman, a former rancher spoke openly about the threat of a variant of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE). Lyman was also sued.

Cattleman Paul Engler filed the lawsuit against Howard Lyman, in 1996. He basically claimed that Lyman's statements about Mad Cow disease went beyond all possible bounds of decency and was intolerable and irresponsible.

Less than a month after the April 16th broadcast news out of the U.K. blew wide open the story of a strange form of dementia in cattle. It was BSE and another report spoke of itís fatal variant in humans Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease.

This disease is a ruthless and unforgiving killer. It levels its victims by filling their brains with microscopic spongy holes.

The process is gradual. The victim suffers from dementia and eventually loses all control of the body. They eventually lapse into a coma and die.

My grandmother was stricken with Spongiform Encephalopathy.

While the media has not focused on those who contracted it before Europe came to grips with their denial, my family lives with the pain of having to watch a woman who traveled the world, managed a water company, and was the matriarch of seven children and many more grand children deteriorate into vegetative state.

In the early 1980ís when she passed away at the age of 60 from the disease, doctors could only determine that she was infected with the disease through a bite. Perhaps it was a mosquito or another farm animal. There is also the possibility that in her world travels she may have eaten some meat that was tainted with the disease.

When the Mad Cow discussion is opened it attracts all kinds of people with agendas to push. You talk about how meat can pose a risk and soon there are many people who think you are aligning yourself with groups like PETA and ALF and somehow the discussion begins to deteriorate into animal rights, straight edge, and vegan dogmas.

I guess you can understand why the cattlemen are paranoid. When the media reported the use of ALAR on apples, their sales plummeted.

Before you start to think that I am about to be a spokesman against the eating of animals let me make it perfectly clear that I eat meat. I come from a family that has its roots in farming. My grandfather raised sheep and cows, and my uncle grows potatoes, and raises cattle in Idaho.

I have been a meat and potatoes guy my whole life. I lived in Argentina for nearly 3 years. I ate some of the best beef in the world when I lived there. I was spoiled on filet mignon, prime rib, and steaks in Buenos Aries. It literally was cheaper to eat meat there. It was abundant.

This article is not here to arouse hysteria but it is here to demonstrate a few strange parallels and possible explanations as to what is going on behind the scenes of what may become the biggest man made famine in history.

I have already written on several occasions the idea that monsters are made by those in power. The monsters are then released on the unsuspecting public hoping that the public will react. The media is used to set the agenda as to what we should be reacting to. The people, who declare that they are well informed, are merely duped into dancing to the tune of those who are in control.

How is this accomplished?

The media uses various experts who owe their lively hood, to a sponsor or to a powerful lobbying group, or the government. The news unwittingly becomes the tool used for self-serving propaganda.

The anchorperson in the news chair has to be careful and usually yields to what is best for the network. Itís more or less a controlled circus. A forum that appears to be out of control, but is very much in control and is methodical in itís attempt to carry the intended agenda. They take great pains to not rock the boat or stir any real controversy.

That job of course is left to the maligned investigators, who are called kooks and conspiracy theorists.

So now it is my job to give you all of the strange coincidences and stories that go unreported because someone might be offended or hurt by the truth.

I know the truth about BSE. I have seen itís handy work and I know that the threat is real.

You wonít see it now. You wonít feel it when you eat meat. You wonít even know that itís there. If you have it, it will reveal itself in a few years, maybe a few decades. That is why it goes ignored. A mass outbreak hasnít occurred yet. Itís not affecting a large portion of the populace and so it really is not important in everyoneís daily lives. It will just be another one of those issues that will go ignored for 30 years and by the time people start having tremors, dementia, and eventually drop dead it will be too late.

It will be too late to say I am sorry.

Mad cow disease belongs to a class of spongy brain diseases known as "transmissible spongiform encephalopathies" (TSE) which can take even longer to incubate than AIDS.

No TSE had ever been documented in the European Bovine until the mid-1980s,. and scientists agree that most were infected during the period when the British government was lying straight faced to the world claiming that the number of confirmed cases of TSE were minute.

It has been determined that feeding protein derived from rendered cattle back to other cows may have triggered the disease in the Bovine population.

It is interesting to note that similar TSE known as KURU took 40 years to incubate in Papua New Guinea. KURU also known as "Laughing death" is more macabre of all the TSEís because it is contracted from eating human flesh. Tribes were known to hold ceremonies where they would eat their dead. The ritual even included the eating of a KURU infected corpse.

KURU like BSE and CJD produced the microscopic holes in the brain, and the victims could not walk, talk or even eat. It caused its victims to have fits of teeth gnashing which made them appear to be laughing.

At the risk of sounding dogmatic the very term "gnashing of teeth" is a trigger word from my days when I studied the bible. With Easter on the way itís only logical to quote Jesus in these uncertain times. After all it is no secret that Jesus was far more interesting to examine as a seer than Nostradamus is.

It was a prophetic parable that Jesus delivered to his disciples which I consider more frightening than anything spoken of in the pages of the final apocalypse of St. John the Revelator.

It is the passage in the bible where the disciples asked Jesus when the end of the world would take place.

Jesus of course told them that there would be many portents and harbingers signifying that the earth and itís inhabitants were edging closer to destruction.

Some of them include:

  • The beginning of sorrows. People will become depressed and unhappy.

  • Nation will rise up against nation and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes.

  • He also gives warning to mothers who give birth and talks about all kinds of horrible destruction and chaos. The end of his sermon talks about much willing and "gnashing of teeth."
I recently received an e-mail from activist and freelance reporter of emerging diseases Patricia Doyle Ph.D. She has been following the outbreaks of TSEís in the U.K. and the recent TSE scare in Vermont. The stories are significant mainly because the stories we have been focusing on have eerily fallen into place and every piece seems to coincidentally mimic the parable spoken of in Mathew 24.

"I have learned about a growing practice in the UK, and some parts of Europe. New mothers are cooking and feeding the placental afterbirth of their newborns for themselves and their families. In practice, this is a form of cannibalism. Could this practice be the missing link that resulted in some 94 nvCJD deaths? Does this practice qualify as human consumption of humans?

The practice is so repulsing that mainstream science has chosen to ignore it. If we are going to learn the origin of nvCJD in humans, then science needs to put aside the taboo, and commence an epidemiological study following the health of those engage and who have engaged in the practice, dating back to 1980 onward."óPatricia Doyle Ph.D.

I must tell you that I am not doing this on purpose. This is all synchronicity and accidental. All of these puzzle pieces are fitting into this template and I am wondering if it is truly this easy to fit them all together.

I wish not to dwell in covered territory but a quick reminder that the Parable or sermon quoted by Mathew talks about Wars, and rumors of wars. We are at a time where war or the threat of war looms daily. Famine, pestilence and earthquakes have all been covered ad nauseam from seers such as Ed dames, Gordon Michael Scallion, and futurist Sean David Morton.

Even me.

My expertise lies in mysteriously connecting the events that happen now and speculating on where they will take us in the future.

We are seeing all of these stories unfold so quickly that it is blatantly obvious that either they are fulfilled prophecy, or someone is using these tidbits as triggers. I have often said that Governments can use these things as silent weapons and psychological warfare to deceive. They can also use them as scapegoats to bring about their own corrupt undertakings.

Another coincidence in the TSE scares that are developing is that perhaps someone may have been tipped off about the possibility of an infestation of TSE and foot and mouth disease that is now plaguing the European union.

Three months before Britain's foot-and-mouth disease outbreak, health officials in the United States, Mexico and Canada tested their ability to respond to a similar epidemic. The results weren't promising. Within four days of a simulated detection of the virus in a small, south Texas Pig herd, the virus would have spread through 15 Texas counties and Mexico, a scenario eerily similar to the way a real epidemic now is playing out in Europe. The British government found itself caught between efforts to control its outbreak and farmers angry that hundreds of thousands of healthy animals are to be slaughtered.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals joined opposition to the slaughter, which calls for healthy sheep and pigs to be destroyed within 2 miles of infected sites in northern England and southern Scotland. Plans for the expanded slaughter have divided farmers.

The National Farmers' Union supports the move, but the lobbying group Farmers For Action said it would take legal action to stop the cull.

Patricia Doyle shakes her head and says that this is either a stroke of Bad Luck or a Coincidence.

"There has not been an outbreak in the US since 1929, yet, 3 months before the UK outbreak, the US holds simulations." ĖPatricia Doyle Ph.D

It could be bad luck, but more and more it seems that greed and Negligence are the probable reason for such an outbreak.

Argentina recently levied a blow saying that their meat supply is now being plagued by foot and mouth disease. How long before countries acknowledge that their cattle may also have TSE?

The Argentine Government confirmed that Argentine authorities were aware of the outbreak by the end of last year and, largely in agreement with the meat industry, hid the problem to avoid the panic sweeping Europe over mad-cow disease.

So now we must conclude that Argentina lied about the problem because they were afraid they would lose money, The U.K. lied about TSE findings, and the United States carried out simulations.

Did some one know that this was going to happen? Could these outbreaks be the result of a controlled cull? Could it have been a Biological hit?

Well there is no way to prove definitively that it was. However the events that have been happening since the Foot and Mouth Hysteria have caused red flags to raise.

Consider the current UK outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease in the context given in the US Department of Agriculture report on Bio-terrorism, in the light of Biological Weapons programs pursued by non-friendly governments. . It is not inconceivable that the UK is the first casualty of a Biological attack as depicted in a USDA report.

According to the report:

Foot and Mouth Disease is one of the 15 animal agents that have potential Biological Warfare applications. In contrast, according to figures supplied by the US Department of Agriculture, the cost of developing an effective Economic Biological Warfare weapon (targeting the enemyís agricultural system) runs staggeringly low Ė perhaps as low as $10 million.

The USDA says that a terrorist group wishing to show the weakness of the United States could target our agricultural industry to demonstrate the vulnerability of the United States to a BW attack. The terrorist group can use FMD because of its ease of availability around the world. FMD is a highly contagious viral infection that easily spreads by:

1. Direct or indirect contact with infected animals

2. Feeding Spread of aerosol from infected animals

3. Animals contaminated garbage

4. Animal contact with contaminated objects

5. Artificial insemination

6. Contaminated biologicals.

Although the direct impact on human health would be minimal to none, its affect on the animal industry would be severe due to the control measures that would be necessary to contain it:

1. Stop movement of animal and animal products in the area affected

2. Slaughter infected animals

3. Destroy carcasses

4. Disinfect vehicles leaving the infected areas

5. Mass vaccination campaign.

Early in February, an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease started in Northumberland in Northeastern England. According to veterinarians consulted at the time, it was a strain of the disease essentially similar to a strain native to Asia. In the next few weeks, through the process of normal livestock sales, the disease spread extensively throughout the UK livestock business.

The last outbreak of Foot and Mouth in the UK occurred in 1967, and was limited to North West England, and involved over a thousand cases of the disease during the winter and spring.

The disease was deemed to have been controlled due to the less developed livestock transport system. The virus which spreads this disease has proven particularly virulent in the current outbreak, and has been spread widely due to large-scale transportation of animals throughout the UK and Europe (some see this as an indication of the effect of globalism on the agri-business).

Despite closing down the entire livestock transportation system at all levels, the virus has spread massively despite UK Ministry of Agriculture measures to limit its spread. Precisely how Foot and Mouth disease started in the UK remains debatable.

According to initial reports, the farm that originated the initial outbreak in Northumberland fed waste food to its animals, which might have contained infectious agents carrying the disease. How this might occur cannot be verified, but outbreaks are ongoing in Argentina and other parts of the world. It would not be impossible for meat infected with Foot and Mouth to be imported due to bad practice in checking food imports Ė the imported food products being sold on from the catering industry to agriculture, apparently a widely-spread practice at pig farms.

How can it happen? How fast can it spread?

Here is a simple theory of how a terrorist can infect the cattle, pigs and sheep. ∑ I have italicized the theory to show how it could be implemented.

A member of a terrorist group travels to Asia (possible China) to obtain scabs or fluid from infected animal Terrorists infect a small herd of swine to act as a incubator.

Samples are collected from herd and buffered at a pH between 6.5 and 11 to maintain viability and are placed in aerosol atomizer canisters.

Members of the terrorist group travel to major livestock center in the United States like Texas.

Members of the terrorist group gain access to major livestock markets throughout the United States ∑ Members spray aerosolized FMD into pens of cattle and swine in sale barns, and trucks.

Animals are then dispersed to different parts of the country.

Some animals begin to develop symptoms as early as 12 hours after exposure, but initially are attributed to shipping stress.

After initially exposed animals have been moved out, the pens and grounds are contaminated and posed to infect the next group of animals to enter the livestock market.

There you have it the biologic economic warfare cycle has begun.

The scary part is that before FMD can be initially diagnosed, it has already spread beyond the initial confines of the livestock markets. Trucks hauling animals from market are dispersing the agent around the country.

After the initial diagnosis, herds are being quarantined around the country. USDA personnel are responding to multiple reported suspect herds, and resources are being spread thin.

The news media has picked-up on the news of possible FMD outbreaks, and the public is becoming concerned. Disinformation concerning the Food and Mouth Disease in animals, and Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease in children is causing public panic. After the FMD stereotype has been determined and linked to Asia, the source will not be determined and the possibility of a BW attack will begin to be considered.

The question that we all should be asking ourselves is whether or not these diseases are incubating in the United States.

With all of the hysteria surrounding the outbreaks and all of the lying and money to be lost in the slaughter of animals it could be possible, if the greedy track record continues.

However there is also another diabolical scenario that could be playing out.

This could be an Eco-war. A Blatant attack on the food supply to gouge consumers.

No conspiracy theorist worth his weight would not try and sneak in a Machiavellian scheme. One that has an implied relationship with some circumstantial factoids that may need to be looked at.

Knowing the track record of George W. Bush a conspiracy theory ripe for the picking is in the works. A speculative gem that only the devious could forge.

He's delivered plenty of Texas State tax money to his donors and business colleagues, including $135 million of new sales tax money that went directly into the pockets of his friends and associates.

Bush and his staff intervened to protect a huge funeral home company that gave lots of money to Bush and his dad (the former president), and Bush has lied under oath to avoid testifying in the whistleblower lawsuit that resulted. The Funeral home was under investigation after complaints filed were charging that unlicensed apprentices were embalming corpses. The funeral homes were fined $450,000.

Our Collective memory may escape us but we need to also remember that George W. Bush conveniently profited from insider stock sale just before his dad launched the Gulf War.

He also took advantage of the Energy Crisis in California by saying that its time to start drilling for Oil and mining for coal in Alaska. Not that George W. has any interests in Oil.

I am also sure that Georgeís pals in Texas could benefit greatly by exporting beef to the European Union.

Where else are they going to get it?

Besides if it were infected with any nasty TSEís the incubation period would be 20-30 years?

By then, anyone who sold the tainted beef would probably be dead. Even so any who still remained alive could plea plausible deniability, leaving the perpetrators without any responsibility.

Oh, but that would be evil wouldnít it?

The very evil that would cause the wailing of souls and the gnashing of teeth.

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