By Clyde Lewis

The Men in Black are not cartoons. I have seen them. I have been a recipient of their harassment. I even interviewed some one who claimed to be a part of a PsyOps organization that is part of what he says is the stereotype for the Men in Black. He claimed that you know that you are one of them from the time you are born. They are a special breed who are born to be the custodians of the earth. They eliminate anyone who wishes to thwart the preordained history of the planet.

You may think that they are government henchmen, G-men or CIA operatives. It may or may not be true. They are a secretive group. Actually they use secret names. They are involved with secret rituals not unlike the masons. They use symbols and tokens to identify each other. They are part of a secretive shadow organization made up of Counter Intelligence and PsyOps-trained, operatives.

Many at one time had normal lives but somewhere inside of them a voice or an inner force convinced them that they are custodians with the responsibility of pushing society to it's next logical level.

How do I know this?

I actually interviewed a man whom I feel is definitely a genuine "Man in Black."

You can roll your eyes and snicker if you feel that it is necessary but you will understand that this account was very real and the statements made in this article will make you stop and wonder.

He was a very pale and slender man. He was bald and wore a black fedora. He had very cold eyes and spikes that protruded from his lips. He had a Baphomet on his lapel and he carried a briefcase. He would not let me snap a photograph and he asked that his microphone be turned down to a lower volume so that everyone listening on the radio would have to either turn up the speakers or move closer to them. His voice was very soft.

"My name in Mr. "N'. He told me.

I asked what the N stood for.

He said that the N was short for Nyarlathotep. A familiar name to those who were readers of H.P. Lovecraft.

"Nyarlathotep... the crawling chaos... I am the last... I will tell the audient void...

The name sent a chill down my spine.

He spoke very quietly and with a cold deliberateness.

I tried very hard not to show that I was a little frightened.

He could tell that I was nervous and he looked through me and then said

"The name is a point of venture for those who know of who he is."

I then asked who is he?

" A dark messenger sent to proclaim a coming." If people have a hard time saying the name, they can call me Mr. "N."

"And it was then that Nyarlathotep came out of Egypt. Who he was, none could tell, but he was of the old native blood and looked like a Pharaoh. The fellahin knelt when they saw him, yet could not say why. He said he had risen up out of the blackness of twenty-seven centuries, and that he had heard messages from places not on this planet.

Into the lands of civilization came Nyarlathotep, swarthy, slender, and sinister, always buying strange instruments of glass and metal and combining them into instruments yet stranger. He spoke much of the sciences of electricity and psychology and gave exhibitions of power which sent his spectators away speechless, yet which swelled his fame to exceeding magnitude.

Men advised one another to see Nyarlathotep, and shuddered. And where Nyarlathotep went, rest vanished, for the small hours were rent with the screams of nightmare. Never before had the screams of nightmare been such a public problem; now the wise men almost wished they could forbid sleep in the small hours, that the shrieks of cities might less horribly disturb the pale, pitying moon as it glimmered on green waters gliding under bridges, and old steeples crumbling against a sickly sky." -- H. P. Lovecraft

Mr. N acknowledged that he had ties to PSYOPS and that the group that he worked with was involved in manipulating every level of existence.

He claimed that the easiest tool used to manipulate man would be the Seeing Eye stone known as the television.

He referred to most humans as animals, sheeple and monkey's.

However he said that certain humans are ready for an evolutionary leap and that the job of his kind is to find these individuals and help them make that leap into the next level of existence.

He talked about a great shift in attitude will take place soon and that some people will be enlightened and others will be killed off and left behind when the coming of the enlightenment is fulfilled. He said that the enlightened would populate the New World. Their seed will continue on in a New World and the others will perish.

He said that the ones who are selected for this task are being contacted, or they have been contacted and they are informed that they were born for this very purpose.

Mr. N continued that the clever shall dominate the strong, the weak will perish, and those of the weaker mind will crumble because they will not be able to withstand the darkness that will consume the earth in the very near future.

"Our plan" said Mr. N, " is to give society that push towards change using any means necessary without conscience remorse or delusions of morality."

He stated that all men should know their bestial nature and that society is being groomed towards this goal. He claims that many are falling in line according to plan and that certain civilizations are being gathered up and manipulated or groomed for the purpose of slaughtering the weak, and the uneducated.

"Victims should always know who they are, predators know their role, as do the prey, it is better to be used than to be useless." -Mr. "N'

Mr. "N" had much to say about black magic, the number 13, the rune of death, the Nazis and how the number 13 is significant to what he called their fraternal Order of dark or Black Operations.

He said that there were 13 years remaining and that by 2013 the world will be a more established order. A worldwide utopia for the new powerful man.

The hunter will embrace his role, and the hunted will embrace their roles.

"In 2013 we will see the culmination of the great experiment."-Mr. "N'

Mr. "N' then laid down the caveat.

"Mr. Lewis you listen with great interest all of the things I am saying because I am peeling away at you like an onion. The skin is very thin and I know what you feel and you secretly feel as though the world is out of control. You bring me on your radio show trusting that what I am delivering to you and your audience is the truth. Let me assure you that I could be lying."

The frightening part is that Mr. "N" told me before he left that the change would happen after great chaos. It would be as if fire would rise from a great city and incinerate the inhabitants. He claimed that it would be then that everyone would know his or her role. All would embrace their various roles and the beastly hearts of men will want blood on their hands.

Needless to say Mr. "N' was a very frightening man. He was not the first Man in Black that I have encountered, but he the only one I ever had a chance to talk with. I actually felt as though he was drawing everything out of me and then spitting it back in my face to see how I would react.

To sum up the Men in Black in one article is probably the most difficult task I can think of. Lately I have been thinking about them mainly because I am seeing previews of the eagerly awaited sequel to the hit movie M.I.B. that pitted well dressed men in black suits and ties rounding up and destroying the scum alien horde of the universe.

Not to rain on the parade of people who love a funny story but the Men in Black in my opinion are far from the comic book heroes that Hollywood wants you to warm up to.

Many listeners to the show, those who have been the die hards that have been around since 1995 know that I have a respect for the men in black, if not respect then call it a subtle fear.

The only exposure the consensus reality has to the MIB's is the sanitized movie version. However the MIB's are far from comical, or stylish. They function in ways that no one really can put a finger on.

My first encounter with the alleged Men in Black happened in 1996. I was toying with the idea of reporting UFO's and the paranormal for Ground Zero. The show of course was never supposed to be what it is now. It was supposed to be a comical view of the stuff I was hearing on late night radio. I was a comic book geek who wanted to have a radio show that had the same type of feel as the late great FLUX magazine or FAMOUS MONSTERS, DEEP RED, or FANGORIA. However I got snared into the UFO trap with a publicity stunt that landed me into some hot water with a few "serious" investigators. It also got the attention of a few people that I didn't count on, the infamous Men in Black.

The General manager of the radio station where I worked somehow talked an insurance company into putting up a $10 Million Dollar Insurance policy for undeniable proof of a flying saucer from outside of this world. The criteria was absolutely absurd and it was painfully obvious that even if someone showed up with a full fledged alien transport, they would have a lot of tests that they would have to run in order to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

I painted a UFO landing site in the station parking lot and set up a table with coffee and bagels. We gathered on the first day of spring hoping that someone would show up with a flatbed truck and a Flying Saucer in tow.

People came and both Todd Herman, the morning show host, and myself did a live Morning show broadcast.

During one of the segments Todd noticed that two men in black overcoats were standing next to a black Ford Taurus. Todd laughed and in a half joking manner said "Wow you guys look official maybe you are from some secret organization or the government"

Both men didn't crack a smile.

Todd asked where the men were from and they said "from one of those organizations that you spoke of."

They immediately got in their car and drove off.

It seemed to be the classic Man in Black appearance.

After they left it started to snow.

People were packing up their things and leaving.

One man stayed behind. He wanted to speak with me about a picture that he took. He showed me what appeared to be an alien sitting in the middle of a gully.

I asked him where he shot it and he told be that he took the picture near Dugway Proving Grounds.

I was excited about the picture because I thought that perhaps it was the picture I needed to get people to look at my website. I asked if we could scan it and then ask if anyone could see the alien in the picture.

We successfully placed the picture on the website. It was there for a few weeks before anyone took notice of it. I believe Linda Moulten Howe inquired about it but for some reason didn't want to write about it or bring it up on the Art Bell show.

Michael Corbin of Paranet UFO Continuum talked about the picture. I thought all of this UFO stuff was funny anyway.

That is when I got my rude awakening.

One afternoon Kaye the station receptionist asked if I could come to the front of the building with my program director. I said sure.

I walked up to the front and standing there was an older gentleman. He wore a black overcoat, black suit and tie and black shoes. He appeared to be like a gumshoe. He had this demeanor of an old 1950's film noir investigator.

He asked me my name and I told him. He said that he wanted to record something off of the air. He claimed that a local official was worried that someone had said something threatening on a talk show and that it needed to be investigated.

He asked to see my program director.

He met with him privately for a few minutes and then they came out of the room.

The gentleman then asked, "Mr Lewis, may I see your website I believe you have a picture that I need to see.

I knew that he was talking about the "west desert alien" and I also believed that the man who was asking was most definitely a "man in black."

I asked him if he was with the government and he said told me no.

I then thought why should I show it to this guy and then I realized he wasn't going to leave until he saw it.

I finally got it up on the monitor and he said "Well, well that sure looks like what I came to see."

I said "who are you with-- and is it an alien?"

He said "I'm not at liberty to say and if you were wise you would take that off your Internet."

I of course thought that it was my right as an American to keep it up. It was freedom of speech and obviously some old fart in an overcoat is not going to bully me.

I continued to leave it on my website.

It was later that I found out that whoever this guy was he meant business.

It was a bitter cold morning. I had to be out the door of my house at 4:00 AM in order to be on the air with news at 5:00AM.

I got in my little Hyundai and started it up. I let it idle for a little while in order for it to warm up. As I backed up, the car conked out. I then gave it a little gas and then tried to start it again.

I looked at the dash and coming at me in what appeared to be slow motion was a flash and a ball of fire. I thought I had blown the engine.

However the hood of the car began to sizzle and the pressure was building. The glass had shattered and the fire had engulfed the steering wheel. I tried to push the car out into the middle of the carport so that it wouldn't catch other cars on fire.

I ran to my apartment feeling helpless. I pounded on the door to try and awaken my wife to call the fire department. By now the entire front of the car exploded into a fireball. The horn on the car started honking!

It honked as if it was screaming in agony as the paint began to liquefy and the tires began to melt.

The fire department arrived and put the car fire out.

The investigator asked me if I wanted to file a police report. I told him no because the insurance on the car had lapsed and I didn't want a fine. He told me that the car went up quick because he believed that there was a magnesium pack attached to the carburetor. He said that whoever sabotaged my car did so by cutting the fuel tube. The gas in the carburetor was enough to allow the car to idle and then shut down. When I hit the gas pedal I shot gas into the sparkplugs igniting the magnesium pack and causing a hotter than normal fire.

The fireman asked if there was anyone that I knew of that wished any harm on me.

At the time I couldn't think of anyone.

I was thinking that maybe a gang was responsible. My boss asked me if I had offended anyone or if I had said or done anything on the air to warrant an attack by an obsessed fan, or enemy.

I still could not think of anyone.

Some time passed and there was a knock at my door.

A tall man with hollow cheeks and a very low voice said that he wanted to video tape me talking about the car and the fire. He wore a black jacket and a black shirt. I asked if he was with a television station. He said he was with an insurance agency. When I told him that I did not file a claim he told me that he was with the Apartment complex's Insurance agency and that they wanted to hear my story for their records.

I agreed to be video taped.

Looking over the wreckage of the car I realized just how lucky I was to come out unscathed. It was a little therapeutic to tell the story. After it was over the man pushed an eject switch and out popped a videotape. He handed it to me and I looked at him puzzled.

I asked "don't you need it for insurance?"

He said "no actually you need it for insurance."

I still didn't understand.

He said "this will insure that the next time someone tells you to do something you will do it. Watch this tape, realize how lucky you are to be alive and be carefu.l Next time you will know better than to open your mouth."

I was so shocked that I just stood there as he got into a black suburban and drove off.

I had told my experience to a colleague of mine and he suggested that what had happened was that I was visited by the notorious Men in Black.

I had heard about them in UFO lore and knew that there was a movie coming out about them but I had never even thought about the possibility. Then I read about them and how they are quite dark and very creepy.

I was then convinced that I had an encounter with the so-called Men in Black. One tried to warn me about posting the picture of what appeared to be an alien on my website.

I did not listen.

It was later determined that the picture was not an alien at all.

It was a soldier wearing a new camouflage suit that used bags of water to reflect desert surroundings.

Maybe it was top secret.

I'll never know.

I do not know what happened to the picture of the West Desert alien or the videotape.

In typical Man in Black fashion they just disappeared.

The man who took the pictures is no longer on the Internet. I have ran search after search and still can't find him.

If anyone remembers the west desert alien photo, or has a copy of it I would like to see it again.

There was even a television report about the photo.

I would love to dig up the story again-I still wonder about what really happened back then.

It all happened so fast and it may have been nothing more than hysteria.

Maybe seeing it again I could jar my memory and find out what really happened.

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